Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/3/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/3/08


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At her place, Marlena asks Belle how well she slept the night before. Belle said every time she closed her eyes she saw Shawn’s face. Why did she ever think she could tell Shawn about Phillip? She must have been crazy. She thought they have could have a new start, but instead she just destroyed everything. Marlena says there is nothing that can’t be forgiven. Shawn loves her. Now that this is all out in the open, Belle will see that, too. The doorbell rings and Marlena answers. Shawn stands there with Claire (who is now played by Alina Foley). Marlena thinks this is a nice surprise. She invites them both inside.

Down at the police station, Phillip asks Lucas if he told the police anything. Lucas says he didn’t. Lucas tells Phillip not to bother with a fancy lawyer. They ballistics report shows the bullet in EJ’s back came from his gun. He bought it illegally and they can prove it. Phillip scoffs. Anybody could have shot that gun. Lucas sulks. It was him, though. Phillip tells him to keep his mouth shut. He has to let a legal team fight this. He owes to Sami and his kids. Lucas doesn’t think Sami cares if he ends up in jail. Phillip tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. He shot a guy that deserved it. He did what he had to do. In Phillip’s book, that makes him a hero.

At her apartment, Sami grumpily opens the door to find EJ knocking. He guesses it’s a bad time. Sami opens the floodgates. Lucas just got arrested for EJ’s attempted murder. She’s the one that has to call Will and tell him, but she just can’t. EJ wants to help her call. He wants to be there for her. Sami scoffs. Why does he think she would accept his help? EJ says Stefano will never forgive an attempt on his son’s life. Lucas is likely in considerable danger.

At the mansion, Stefano barks into the phone. He asks if Lucas’ arrest is official. He tells the person he will take care of what comes next himself. He hangs up and yells for Carmine, who lumbers over. Stefano tells him there is something he needs to do right away.

Belle tells Claire that she missed her the night before. Claire says she missed her, too. Belle wants to speak to Shawn, but he says he doesn’t have a minute and bolts. Belle sighs and asks Claire if she had sweet dreams. Marlena soothes her. She will have them again, soon, too. Shawn just needs some time and space. Belle frets. He might want space permanently. What if she never earns his trust back?

Lucas tells Phillip that Sami’s definition of trust is different from Phillip’s. She thinks he is responsible for ruining their lives. Phillip tells him to forget about Sami and think about himself, unless he thinks he looks good in orange. He has got to find the strength that he used to shoot EJ and use it to take back control of his life. Lucas scoffs. How can he be in control? Phillip vows to help him. If he fights, Phillip will do whatever it takes, but he has to want it. He looks encouragingly at Lucas. What will it be? Fight or fold?

Sami tells EJ he’s doing a hell of a job if he’s trying to scare her. EJ sighs. They both know full-well that Stefano’s view on life is “an eye for an eye.” Sami huffs. She believes in “innocent until proven guilty.” Lucas has not yet been convicted. EJ knows, but he and Stefano are not exactly on the same page. In fact, he already made it clear to him that he has no say in how they raise their son. Sami can’t believe he finally stood up to his father. She doesn’t know how EJ will get him to listen…unless he has some kind of leverage. She gapes. What does EJ have on Stefano?

Stefano tells Rolf that his time with their houseguest has come to an end. Rolf protests. The patient has not yet adjusted, and the time frame he offered Stefano was only an estimate. Stefano shakes his head. Rolf has fallen further and further behind every day. Stefano needs a man who can communicate and is ready and willing to follow his orders. Rolf promises their guest will be ready. Stefano doesn’t want any more promises. Rolf must do what he has to. If he cannot, then Stefano must do it by himself.

Back at the pub, Hope asks Shawn how things went with Belle. Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it. Belle cheated on him in their bed. What more is there to say? Hope sighs. She can tell when he doesn’t want to talk and she doesn’t want to push him. There is something else he needs to know, and it can’t wait. Hope knew about Belle and Phillip. She saw Belle right after she cheated. Shawn nukes. She went all of these months and never said anything to him? Hope hangs her head. She didn’t know what to say. She apologizes and Shawn glares. She should have told him. Hope encourages him to let his anger out. Shawn grumbles. She doesn’t have to worry about him doing anything stupid, like driving a car through a building. He just wishes he could go through life without always having to feel upset and disappointed. He is not going to let Belle and her stupid decisions mess up everything he has worked for. This is the last time he’ll allow her to screw up his life.

Marlena knows Belle feels guilty, but she ought to feel guiltier about what she did to her marriage than what she did to Claire. She knows how it feels to be in love with two men. It makes everyone you love hurt. Belle knows, but Marlena went with her heart, and it was the right choice. Belle already made her choice, so why did she throw it away? She could have told Phillip ‘no,’ but she didn’t. She wanted to feel safe and loved. Marlena tells her understanding why she did what she did is a big first step. Belle sighs. Maybe if she understands this, she can explain it to Shawn. Belle really thinks they can move on from here, but Marlena isn’t so sure. She wonders if Belle’s feelings have really changed, or if she has she always been in love with Phillip.

Lucas agrees with Phillip. He has to fight if he wants to be free. Phillip tells him the next step is to get a lawyer. Then Lucas will plead ‘not guilty’ and they’ll request bail be set. Lucas doesn’t think it will work. They may have let Kate and Marlena off the hook, but not Lucas. He actually shot the guy. He has to pay. That’s how it works. Phillip has a question for Lucas. Why is he so damn determined to pay?

EJ says he has nothing on Stefano—except for the fact that he is his favorite son. Stefano knows he’ll destroy their relationship if he interferes in Johnny’s upbringing. Sami is still suspicious about EJ offering to help with Lucas’ arrest. EJ tells her that he wants to help her. He doesn’t give a flying fig what happens to Lucas. Sami appreciates all of this, but Lucas has Kate. She has probably cooked up some scheme, but Sami doesn’t even care. She is fed up with the both of them. EJ suggests they discuss this at another time. EJ promises to go talk to Stefano and do what he can. He leaves. Sami stares at a picture of herself, Will, and Lucas. Johnny wails and she goes off to check on him.

Belle sighs. Some people don’t believe you can love two men. It’s true that she still as feelings for Phillip, but Shawn is her soul mate and husband. Marlena thinks Shawn feels the same way. He loves Belle, but he just can’t talk about it right now. Soul mates are so special. It’s as if you’re bonded to another person. Belle smiles. Like her and Daddy, right? Marlena agrees. He is always in her thoughts. Belle starts to wish something but Marlena interrupts. She knows she wishes her Daddy were here with outstretched arms. Marlena hugs her. She wishes for that with all of her heart.

Shawn groans. Why didn’t he see this coming? Hope says it isn’t his fault. He trusted Belle. He loved her. Shawn sighs. Yeah, and then she made a fool out of him. He thought that everything they had been through had permanently bonded them. He guesses he was wrong. Hope thinks they’ll be able to talk this through once he calms down. Shawn shakes his head. He has said everything he wants to say. He asked Belle for a divorce.

Marlena thinks Belle just needs to be patient and give Shawn some time. Belle thinks she has to push Shawn to get him to open up. Besides, he already asked for a divorce. What more does she have to lose? Marlena thinks Belle should take Claire and go see Sami. She could use some cheering up too. They arrested Lucas last night for EJ’s attempted murder. Belle agrees and collects Claire. Roman shows up wanting to talk about Crystal, but Marlena holds off until Belle leaves. She thinks she has enough on her plate for right now.

Phillip thinks Lucas needs to stop thinking he’s going to jail. Lucas just wants to prepare himself—boy-scout style—just in case the worst comes to pass. Phillip tells him not to worry about it. They can’t prove he fired that gun. Even if the judge refuses bail, they will just petition the court for a different judge. Lucas scowls. Judges in his pockets, eh? Phillip says there’s no point in having money if you can’t spend it. Phillip tells Lucas to stay strong and leaves. Outside he makes a call and tells the person on the other end to get down to the courthouse and bring the whole firm if he has to. He needs that little legal problem they talked about taken care of—now.

Belle shows up to find Sami thrilled to see her. Belle and Claire can keep her company. She ushers them inside. Crystal sneaks around outside the door and gets on her cell phone. She tells the person she found her at her sister’s apartment. She’ll wait for him there.

Hope thinks divorce is a major decision. Shawn nukes. He has already thought all he needs to about this. Belle cheated on him in their own bed. It’s over. Right on cue, Phillip shows up. Shawn grins woodenly. He just made a big mistake showing up here. Phillip sighs. This is the last place he wants to be right now. He just came by to tell Shawn that Belle is in danger.

Sami and Belle talk about how good it is to see one another. Belle wishes it were under better circumstances. She’s sorry about Lucas. Sami says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She’d rather talk about Belle. Belle sighs. Shawn asked for a divorce. She told him that she left with Phillip. She just couldn’t live with the guilt again. She knew it was a huge mistake and now her marriage might be over. Sami thinks Shawn will forgive her, if that is what she wants. Belle swears she loves him with all of her heart. Phillip is out of her system. She knows what she wants. Sami thinks everything will turn out ok, but Belle isn’t so sure. After all, Sami never cheated on Lucas. Sami says she did marry EJ and Lucas didn’t understand that. If he did, then why did he shoot EJ? Belle gapes.

Phillip tells Shawn he is just repeating what Chloe told him. He tried to tell Belle, but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Shawn feels the same way. Phillip groans. His wife is in danger. Shawn needs to talk to her. Shawn tells him Belle is all his and tells him to get out. Phillip tries to apologize, but to no avail. Hope and Shawn kick him out of the pub. Outside, he calls Marlena and tells her that he needs to talk to Belle about Claire’s records at school. Marlena tells him that Belle is at Sami’s and Phillip heads off.

EJ pounds at the door of the mansion with his cane. Rolf opens up and tells him that Stefano is too busy to see him right now. A bloodcurdling scream comes from inside the house. EJ demands to know who it was.

Marlena asks for news on Crystal. Roman says there isn’t any news, but he did find out some more information about the medallion on the woman pictured with John. Marlena thinks it’s John’s mother, not just some woman. Roma sighs. In any case, the jewelry is of Celtic design and is the mark of a warrior woman. They still aren’t sure who made it yet. Marlena thanks him profusely. Roman has a question. Why is it so important for her to track down this psychic? Marlena huffs. How does he explain her knowing about the picture she and Hope found? No one knew about that. Roman tells her she would be surprised at what a good con woman can pull off.

Sami tells Belle that Lucas admitted that he lied. She feels like she doesn’t even know him anymore. Belle freaks. She bets that is exactly how Shawn feels. When she told him, he looked at her like she was a total stranger. Maybe she is. Who goes and sleeps with their ex-husband? Sami chuckles and says she could tally a list of everything horrible she has done, but they would be there all day. Belle shouldn’t be so hard on herself. She made a mistake. Its actually kind of nice to know that she isn’t perfect. Crystal knocks at the door and interrupts them. She tells Sami that a silver car is parked in her parking space. Belle says it’s hers and says she needs to go anyway. Her and Sami hug and Belle and Claire leave with Crystal. Crystal turns to Belle. She can’t explain right now. But both her and Claire need to come with them. Belle freaks. She pounds on Sami’s door and starts screaming. Suddenly, she turns to find that Crystal has vanished. Instead, Phillip is standing in the hall looking bewildered. Belle sobs, “OMG!” Phillip tells her everything is fine. She’s safe now.

EJ muscles his way past Rolf and strides into the living room. He asks Rolf if the scream was from their houseguest. He isn’t deaf. What’s going on? Stefano comes in and asks if there is a problem. Their guest is trying to rest. EJ has to restrict himself to the living room. EJ wants to know what’s going on. Stefano is enigmatic. He just says he has a project he’s working on. Stefano turns to Rolf and tells him that this is no longer any of EJ’s concern. He asks EJ if he is there to apologize for refusing to share his son. EJ says he is welcome to see Johnny whenever he wishes--just not alone. EJ came because Lucas has been arrested. He wants Stefano’s word that Lucas will not be killed before he comes to trial.

Hope comes back to the pub to tell Shawn she hated how they left things. She would never do anything to intentionally hurt him. She just wanted to protect him. She can’t stand to see him in so much pain. He is her only son, after all. Shawn understands. He says the old Shawn wouldn’t, and he’d be angry. But it’s a new year, and he needs to stop blaming others for his problems. He’s just going to have to deal with all of this. Hope puts a hand on his shoulder. He smiles. But he needs to do this on his own.

Belle sobs in Sami’s apartment as both Sami and Phillip look on. Belle says she didn’t get the woman’s name, but Sami saw her. Johnny wails. Belle tells Sami to go get him. Sami walks off. Phillip scolds Belle. He told her she was in danger. The guys that took Brady are after her, too. Phillip isn’t sure what they want but he is driving her back to Marlena’s himself. He also wants Belle to get a bodyguard. Belle huffs. The last thing she needs is another strange man in her life. They leave. Sami comes out with Johnny and looks around at the empty apartment in bewilderment. The phone rings and Sami’s voicemail picks up. It’s Lucas. He tells her he loves and misses her. He wants her to always remember that.

Stefano nukes. Allow Lucas to live after shooting EJ? Never! EJ thinks Lucas’ fate should be his decision. Stefano scoffs. EJ wants to make some grand gesture as a gift to Samantha. EJ snaps. He does as he wishes. This is his decision. He does not subscribe to this way of life. Stefano rages. So he should just turn his back on his own code and familial honor all so EJ can pretend to be less than he is? Besides, it’s too late. EJ glares. What does he mean? Stefano tells him the wheels are already in motion. EJ storms out.

Carmine exercises in a jail cell. An officer brings Lucas over and lets him in. He thinks that was the fastest arraignment he ever saw. Lucas eyes Carmine. Carmine stares at Lucas.

Marlena agrees that Crystal is up to something, but she doesn’t thinks she is a con artist. Roman sighs. He has an easy answer for all of this-the picture, Crystal--but Marlena won’t like it. She huffs. She knows he will say Stefano, but she doesn’t think he is behind this. Roman tells her to let him know if she sees this woman again. He says he has some more checking up to do and leaves. Marlena takes out her phone and takes a call. Down in Rolf’s lab, the phone rings. Stefano’s guest opens the cell phone. Marlena says, “Hello? Hello, is someone there? I'm looking for Stefano. Would you say that Dr. Evans is calling, please? What's happening? Who is this? Answer me. Hello?” The guest closes the phone. Marlena stares.


Stefano yells into his phone, "Lucas must pay for what he did to my son!"

EJ says, "Officer, I understand that, but if I don't see him he's going to be in serious danger."

Sami says, "If I hadn't married EJ, none of this would have happened. And now who knows what the DiMeras have planned for Lucas." Carmine approaches Lucas from behind.

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