Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/2/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/2/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At her place, Marlena broods as the sounds of New Year’s partygoers fill the apartment. A woman named Rebecca knocks at the door and asks if Marlena will be attending her party tonight. Marlena politely declines. She was thinking of curling up with a good book instead. The woman says goodnight and leaves. Marlena picks up the book and stares at John’s picture. She sighs and tells the picture she gets it. She heads off to dress for the party.

Down at the police station, Bo and Roman eat pizza and talk about Chloe. Bo notes that Brady has been missing for a couple of months. Roman nods. Chloe should have been back here, looking for help from day one. Bo scoffs. What, instead of attending her reunion? Roman thinks Chloe’s priorities are a little strange. A delivery guy brings Bo a note and a garment bag. Bo tips him generously and he leaves. The note is from Hope. It tells him to get his handsome self down to Chez Rouge by midnight. She has plans for his lips. Roman peeks in the bag and grins. Cinderella here has himself a nice gown, too. Bo asks for permission to leave early, and Roman says it’s alright. They wish each other a happy new year and Bo leaves.

At Chez Rouge, Steve and Kayla practice kissing. She thinks he is the most handsome guy in the room. He thinks she’s the most gorgeous woman. Kayla giggles and blushes. Across the room, Maggie tells Bo and Hope she may have to name them “Most Beautiful Couple” of the night. Bo thinks they will blow the competition away. After all, the beautiful woman on his arm has great taste in tuxedos. Maggie asks if Marlena will be there. Hope says it sounded doubtful, but Marlena walks in all smiles. She tells them that John practically insisted she come down here and celebrate and she can never say ‘no’ to him. Marlena, Bo, Steve, Kayla, and Hope all wish each other a happy new year. Bo jokes about how Kayla got Steve to show up in a suit. Steve apologizes to Kayla and says he has to kiss Marlena. He smacks her lips and thanks her for showing up tonight. Bo smiles. The holidays bring out the romantic in all of us. Steve nods. He is feeling pretty romantic. Marlena offers a toast to good friends. They all toast.

At the station, Phillip rehashes Chloe’s story. A bunch of strange men came into her apartment, and kidnapped her husband. She swears she is innocent, but Phillip thinks innocent people call the police. Chloe whines. She didn’t do anything wrong. Phillip tells her she hid a kidnapping and lied by omission. Chloe was afraid he would be harmed if she called the police. The note the kidnappers left for her said so. Phillip asks where the note is, but Chloe says she threw it away. Phillip groans. It was the only evidence that corroborated her story. Chloe really needs his help. She says she’ll do anything. Phillip hopes that a woman that would hide her husband’s disappearance won’t have a problem with what he has in mind to secure her freedom.

At the pub, Belle tells Shawn that she cheated on him with Phillip. She slept with him once, but she was confused right after her dad died. It didn’t mean anything, and it will never happen again. She is sooooo sorry. Shawn gapes and splutters. Belle begs him to talk to her. He snorts and tells her to go talk to Phillip. Isn’t that what she does every time she has a problem? Run to Phillip, and then sleep with him? He asks if it was before or after they got married. She says before and Shawn nukes. Her wedding vows were all a huge lie. Belle sobs. She loves Shawn. He thinks she loves Phillip, too. Belle bawls. She wants to be a family with him. They can get past this if he will just forgive her. She begs him to say he’ll try.

Hope finishes her toast to a decadent girls’ weekend at the spa. Bo proposes one to his beautiful wife and graceful sister. He adds Marlena in the toast too, and thanks her for coming tonight. Steve offers Marlena a dance, but she declines. Kayla drags him out to the floor instead. Kayla tells him she finally made an appointment with a fertility specialist. They’ll have to do some tests, but it’s nothing major. Steve grins. When does class begin? Kayla bats her lashes and says it begins right now. Across the room, Bo asks Marlena how she is holding up. She says she is doing alright, but she feels like she let John down. If he were here, he’d be on a plane to find Brady. Bo soothes her. Both he and Roman are working with the Austrian authorities. They will find him. Marlena swears she is going to find a way to pull their family back together. Bo vows to help her keep that promise. Hope agrees.

Chloe doesn’t have time for games. Phillip tells her she can take or leave his deal, but she’ll get ten to twenty years if she leaves it. In exchange for his help, Phillip wants Chloe to move in on Shawn. Chloe doesn’t understand. Phillip tells her she has to get as close to him as humanly possible. Chloe stares.

Shawn scoffs. She just wants forgiveness, huh? He is just going to up and move past the fact that she cheated on him? Belle knows it will take a lot of time and work to earn his trust back. Shawn rages. He forgave her for the letter she sent to the academy, and the scheming she did with Phillip over Kate’s gun. He doesn’t owe her a damn thing. Belle whines. They have a daughter together. Shawn explodes. Did Claire even cross her mind when she was in bed with Phillip? How dare she drop her guilt on him just to make herself feel better about her bad behavior! Belle says that isn’t why she told him. She knows she can’t take back what she did. Shawn huffs. Why did she even marry him?

Belle says she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She never even wants to see Phillip again. Shawn blames himself. He did everything but hand Phillip the key to their bedroom. Belle swears he didn’t do anything wrong, but he knows he did. He trusted her one too many times. Belle vows not to give up. She loves him too much. Shawn sighs heavily. Those are just words. She doesn’t know how to love anyone. He was just too blind to see it before.

Steve dances and wiggles comically. Kayla laughs and asks what he’s doing. He tells her it’s a special fertility dance. Kayla wishes it were that easy. She tells Steve that all he has to do is go give a sample at the clinic. It’s very easy. Steve agrees to do so. Steve wriggles and tells her to dance with him. Kayla chuckles.

Chloe huffs. Phillip is going to pimp her out for bail and a decent lawyer? Phillip tells her to calm down. He isn’t asking her to proposition Shawn or anything, he just needs some help. Besides, Belle is in love with him. Chloe scoffs. That explains the ring on her finger, then. Phillip thinks Shawn is just Belle’s default mode. Chloe disagrees. Shawn is the love of Belle’s life. She can’t believe Phillip would do this. He and Shawn used to be best friends. Chloe isn’t sure this will work anyway. Shawn is clearly madly in love with Belle. Phillip tells her to take the deal. Then they can say goodbye, and this time it looks like it will be forever.

Belle begs for Shawn’s forgiveness. Shawn rages. Did she sleep with Phillip to keep him around in case she and Shawn didn’t work out? He knows he isn’t perfect, but he did everything he could for both her and Claire. He always provided for them and bent over backwards to make Belle happy. Belle knows what a great father and husband Shawn is. She needs to ask him a question. Does he still love her? After everything she has said? Shawn says he does. Belle sighs with relief. Then they can fix this--as long as he wants to. Shawn glares. What he wants is a divorce. Belle bawls.

Bo and Hope dance. Hope frets about Marlena. She has only seemed to get worse since John’s death. Across the room, Marlena stares at a picture of John and his headless mother (the picture is ripped). A handsome man asks Marlena to dance. She says ‘maybe later.’ The man says he’ll look forward to it and leaves. Marlena sees Crystal from across the room. Crystal rushes off.

Phillip brings Chloe a drink and she asks if he is making peace. Phillip insists that they aren’t at war. Chloe sighs. She just has to seduce Shawn, right? Phillip doesn’t think it needs to go that far. Shawn has just lost confidence. If Chloe can give him some of that Brady swagger back, the rest will take care of itself. Chloe huffs. She is not going to use Shawn. Phillip points to a guy outside. His name is Greer, and he was able to keep a certain magazine fortune heir out of a Thai prison. If she agrees to Phillip’s proposition, Greer will work his magic. Unless of course, Chloe is up for a steady diet of sausage served on dirty metal trays. Chloe gulps. How long until this is all over? Phillip thinks they’ll be able to ring in the new year together. Chloe asks if he’ll be buying. Phillip acquiesces.

Shawn fumes. He knew Phillip was low, but this is insane. He can’t believe he and Belle slept together. Belle cries. She wants to at least try to save their marriage before they get a divorce. Shawn says it won’t be that bad. It isn’t as if they’ll fight for custody of Claire. They will split time with her equally. Shawn knows he will have to pay child support, but he is ok with that. He’ll be a good father to Claire. Belle sobs. It sounds like they are already divorced. Shawn frowns. They never should have gotten married to begin with. He tells her that his parents will be here soon, but he doesn’t want them to know about this. She is obviously a wreck, so she needs to go stay the night at her mom’s place. Belle nods. She tries to hug Shawn, but he shrugs her off and walks away. Belle breaks down.

Bo and Hope chat about their New Year’s resolutions. Hope regrets not spending as much time with Chelsea now that she is in college. She thinks they need to start having the family over on Sundays for dinner. Bo agrees. He also has a New Year’s resolution, but it’s more like a wish. He’ll have to show her later. Hope grins.

Outside, Marlena catches up to Crystal, who insists that she just showed up to help. Marlena thinks it must be about John, but Crystal tells her she is there about his son. Marlena gasps, “Brady!” Does Crystal know where he is?

Phillip and Greer chat and Phillip starts to leave afterwards. Chloe stops him and tells him that she isn’t sure if this means anything, but she heard the guys that kidnapped Brady talking about Belle. They even took a picture of her from the house. Phillip nukes. Why didn’t she say anything before? He rushes off.

Crystal tells Marlena that Brady is in trouble and needs her help. Marlena asks where he is. Crystal tells her that the picture that Marlena just found of John and his mother will guide her. Marlena starts. How did Crystal know about the picture? She says she can’t tell her, but Brady is depending on her. Marlena isn’t buying it. She wants to know who Crystal is, how she knows so much about John, and where Brady is. Crystal runs away, startled by Bo, Hope, Kayla, and Steve walk up. They ask who Crystal is, but Marlena rakes off after her before she answers. The group gapes.

Belle comes downstairs with her bags packed. She asks Shawn if he’s sure he doesn’t want to try to work all of this out. Why won’t he fight for them? Shawn tells her there’s nothing to fight for and turns his back on her. She walks outside and stares longingly in at the window. Phillip rushes up breathlessly. She sulkily informs her that she spilled their secret to Shawn. He asked for a divorce. Phillip is really sorry that it happened like that. Belle explodes. She doesn’t want his sympathy. Phillip says he just came to warn her, anyway. Chloe thinks she might be in danger. Belle tosses her hair. Phillip and Chloe can both go to hell.

Marlena rushes into the police station and demands to see Chloe. Roman tells her Chloe is consulting with her attorney, Mr. Greer. Chloe comes out just then and Marlena snatches at her. She demands to know where Brady is. Chloe’s lawyer huffs and puffs. He threatens to press charges against Marlena for assault. Chloe tells him to forget it. This is her mother-in-law, and she can handle it. Greer leaves. Marlena asks Chloe about Crystal, but Chloe swears she knows nothing about the woman. If Marlena has any more questions, she can direct them to her lawyer. Chloe sails off. Roman calms an enraged Marlena.

Shawn sits silently and sulks as his parents and Steve and Kayla make merry. Bo toasts Shawn. He hopes the new year brings him plenty of peace and happiness.

Belle shows up at Marlena’s place and dissolves into tears. She tells her that she spilled the beans to Shawn, and he kicked her to the curb. She didn’t know where else to go. Marlena soothes her. It’s ok that she thought Shawn would forgive her. We all expect forgiveness from those we love. Marlena stares at John’s picture.

As the clock strikes twelve, Marlena tucks Belle in and kisses her forehead. Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope exchange hugs and best wishes for the new year. Phillip and Chloe smile at each other.

Marlena stands on her balcony and stares while Belle sleeps soundly. Marlena looks at John’s picture as “Auld Lang Syne” starts playing. Shawn grumpily chugs a beer. Steve and Kayla kiss. Marlena strokes Belle’s hair. Then she goes back over to John’s picture and tells him that she made a promise to put this family back together. God help anyone who tries to stop her.


Stefano says, "Carmine!" Carmine replies, "Yes sir!" Stefano says, "There is something I need for you to do for me right away."

EJ tells Sami, "Lucas is likely in some considerable danger."

Phillip asks Lucas, "Let me ask you a question, bro. Why are you so damn determined to pay?"

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