Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/31/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/31/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Belle and Shawn decorate for the new year and chat about how quickly time goes by. Shawn tells her this past Christmas was the best of his life. The best part was when she got up in Phillip’s face at Chez Rouge and told him where to go. Belle think she completely lost it, but Shawn is glad. She was the only one that had the nerve to call him out on the real reason he was there. And she did it in front of the whole world. Shawn can’t tell her how good that felt for him. Shawn says he has one resolution for this year he won’t break-- he’ll trust his beautiful wife completely, because she deserves it. They hug. Belle flashes back to cheating with Phillip.

Outside, Phillip watches Shawn and Belle through the window. Chloe calls in a panic. She needs his help. Someone has been following her. She’s pretty sure it’s the police, and they’re about to arrest her.

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, EJ walks around and with Allie and soothes her. Stefano knocks at the door. He has a baby carriage and the hugest guy I’ve ever seen with him. He has come to take Johnny for a walk.

At the airport, Sami catches up with Lucas and Kate and begs Lucas not to go. Lucas sighs. He explained everything in the letter. He has to go now. Sami asks for five minutes. She needs to tell him how much she loves and needs him. She believes that he’s innocent--that he didn’t do it.

Chloe apologizes for bothering Phillip, but she has no one else to turn to. Phillip thinks she is just overreacting and imagining things. Chloe frets. She knows someone is following her. Phillip gets sarcastic. Wow, all of this over an expired visa? Those Austrians sure are hell on wheels, huh? He really doesn’t have time for this, and if the police are after her, there’s nothing he can do anyway. She says he can do anything. Phillip tells her to call him if she gets busted. He can recommend a great lawyer. Chloe huffs. Phillip stares at Shawn and Belle.

Shawn tells Belle they’ve had a hell of a hard year, but it’s time to put all of that behind them. They need to let all of mistakes and regrets go and start over with a clean slate. Caroline comes in and asks for Shawn’s help carrying cases of champagne. She compliments Belle on the decorations. Shawn tells Belle to remember that this is a new year and a new start. He goes off to help Caroline. Belle sighs and repeats, “New start.” Phillip comes inside. Belle asks him what he’s doing there. He has to leave. Phillip smiles. He just came by to wish her a happy new year…and to talk about their future.

Stefano tells EJ that he just wants to take Johnny for a walk and show him off. Ej looks Stefano’s companion up and down suspiciously. Stefano explains that this is Carmine, his bodyguard. There are people in town weary of the DiMera name, so he is just taking precautions--for himself and his grandson. Stefano makes a grab for Allie, but EJ backs away into the living room. Stefano and Carmine come in. Stefano rages. EJ tells him this is Allie Horton, Lucas and Sami’s daughter. Stefano chuckles at the mistake and asks EJ to go get Gianni. EJ doesn’t think it’s a good idea. The baby is sleeping.

Sami tells Lucas that they will find a way to prove him innocent. He doesn’t have to run. Kate tells Lucas that he doesn’t have time for this. The driver won’t wait forever. Sami huffs. Driver? She thought he was getting on a plane. He tells her the less she knows the better. He asks Kate to give them a moment alone. She huffs and agrees to go stall the driver. Lucas tells Sami that his mind is made up. Sami apologizes. She should have never been so stupid as to think she could end this vendetta on her own. She took him for granted, and that was wrong. It’s ok that he didn’t trust her with this, but now that she know, they need to try to work through it. Lucas says it’s too late for all of that. He has done something that neither one of them can undo--something he has to pay for.

Belle tells Phillip that they have no future, so there’s nothing to talk about. Phillip huffs. He knows she needs time, and he’s willing to wait. Belle asks him calmly if he’s out of his mind. She made her feelings quite clear the other night. He needs to get out, now. Phillip needs a little more convincing that she meant what she said at Chez Rouge. Phillip knows what happens every time they get close to one another. It’s something she can’t deny. Belle moans. She asks him to stop. She told him this was over, and he isn’t being fair. Phillip just wants the truth. Was that speech meant to impress him--or the Bradys?

Stefano doesn’t understand why him taking a walk with his grandson is a bad idea. Is the child ill? EJ tells him Samantha isn’t here. Stefano says he knows. He saw her running out of here with that crazed look. She was probably going after Lucas and EJ let her. EJ acquiesces. Stefano knows Samantha is Giovanni’s mother, but EJ is his father, so he can make decisions about where the child goes. EJ snaps. And then what? Will Stefano whisk him away on some airplane? Will Sami and EJ ever see him again afterwards? What is Stefano’s real plan?

Lucas tells Sami that he was out of his mind. It was too much for the both of them. They had finally gotten married, and were happy, and then it all slipped away. He tried to stop her from marrying EJ, but it didn’t work. When he granted her the divorce, he practically handed her over to the man that raped her. Sami insists that it wasn’t his fault, but Lucas disagrees. They kept telling themselves that it was al just temporary, but he knew better. He knew when she walked out that door that she would never come back. She doesn’t get it. What is he trying to say? Lucas knows that she knows about the gun. She stammers. She knows it was used the night of the shooting, but he swore he didn’t do it. Lucas tells her he lied. He did it. He was the one that put a bullet in EJ’s back.

Stefano sighs. EJ’s obsession with this woman is clouding his thoughts. EJ says he has never seen things more clearly. He finally knows what he wants out of life. Stefano grumps. He is being controlled and manipulated. EJ snaps. The only person that did that to him was Stefano. Stefano knows Samantha is the one behind EJ not letting him see Gianni. He cannot believe the son he raised has turned into this--no better than a paid babysitter. EJ tells him this is his decision. He believes that if Stefano takes Johnny, he won’t bring him back. That’s not acceptable, so Stefano needs to take his pram and leave. There’s nothing for him here.

Lucas apologizes for lying to Sami. He was trying to protect her, which is what he should have done from the very beginning. Sami shakes her head. This can’t be happening. Lucas would never lie about something so important. Lucas says he just knew that she and her family would never be safe while EJ was alive. It isn’t as if he planned this. When she left for the wedding, something inside him snapped. He knew he had to stop her. That’s when he remembered the gun he bought to protect them from the DiMeras. Then he changed his mind and put the gun back. He wanted to end the wedding without violence. Sami doesn’t get it. Then why didn’t he? Lucas explains that he thought he had no other choice. So he took the gun, went to the church, and pulled the trigger. His only regret is that EJ didn’t die.

Belle is sorry to burst Phillip’s bubble, but her speech was no act. Shawn’s going to back any minute, so he has to leave. He’s caused enough trouble as it is. Phillip snorts. He is just trying to get her to see the truth. This is her life, and she only has one shot, so she’s got to stop living it for other people. Belle says that she wants Shawn. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him, and even have more children in the future. She wants safety and stability, for Claire as well as herself. Phillip thinks she knows that he can offer them those things more readily than Shawn can. He loves her way too much to let her throw her life away. Belle groans. Marrying Shawn wasn’t some snap decision she made. She considered it carefully beforehand. Phillip takes her hand and places it on his own, heat, then places both of their hands over hers. Does she feel that? Her heart is beating as fast as is his. She needs to look for answers there, not in her head. Belle admits that she is attracted to him, but Phillip thinks it’s more than that. He thinks she chose Shawn because he is Claire’s father, and because she’s afraid of what her friends and family will think if she picks Phillip. She says she doesn’t care about that. Phillip tells her to stop pretending. It’s just him and her right now. She says she heard him out, and now he has to listen to her. She loves Shawn, and she loves the way his hands feel all over her body. Philip isn’t the only man that can get her heart going. She tells him to get out and stay away from her. Phillip huffs. This isn’t over. She isn’t fooling him. Shawn walks in and asks Phillip what the hell he’s doing there.

Stefano hopes that EJ will eventually come to his senses. EJ snaps. He already has. Stefano clucks his tongue. Such disrespect is ill-advised. EJ quails. Is Stefano threatening him? Kate calls EJ and demands to know if he was the one that pointed out their whereabouts to Sami. Kate thinks he’s a fool. She was so close to getting Lucas out of the country. He could have had Sami all to himself. Instead she’s here talking Lucas out of leaving. What the hell is wrong with EJ? EJ says this isn’t a good time. He’s watching the twins. He hangs up. He turns to Stefano and asks what he was saying. Stefano rages. He counted on EJ to be a good soldier. He was willing to overlook his shortcomings and chalk them up to youthful caprice, but the time has come for EJ to make some hard decisions. He can either devote himself to the DiMera cause or become the enemy. There is no in-between.

Sami asks Lucas if he realizes what he has done. He has started a whole new war with the DiMeras by shooting EJ. Lucas sulks. He did what he had to do. Sami explodes. Did he think he was protecting them? He just put her and the kids in even more danger. Lucas thinks they’ll just come after him, but Sami knows that isn’t how the DiMeras operate. They’ll try to hurt everyone connected to Lucas. Lucas swears they won’t. He tries to embrace her. He loves her. He did this for her. She pushes him away and tells him not to touch her.

Shawn tells Phillip that he thought Belle was quite clear about her feelings the other night. She doesn’t want him around. Phillip snorts. Belle is complicated. She wants a lot of things. Belle says there’s nothing complicated about it. She is married, and she loves her husband. If he won’t respect that, then she will file a restraining order. Shawn tells Phillip to get out before he throws him out. Phillip leaves. Belle apologizes. Shawn doesn’t think she did anything wrong, but Belle disagrees. In fact, this is all her fault.

Outside, Phillip takes a call from Chloe. It seems she is down at the police station. He tells her to keep her mouth shut. He’s on his way.

EJ doesn’t understand why he has to be the enemy. He is just concerned for his son’s welfare. Stefano says he wants to see his grandson now. It’s EJ’s last chance. EJ snaps. What will Stefano do if he doesn’t comply? Stefano sighs. He would never hurt his son. EJ doesn’t know that. Will Stefano do to him what he did to the Bradys, to Tony--to Renée? How far is he willing to go to get what he wants?

Sami tells Lucas that he can’t put his arms around her and make it better this time. Nothing can make this better. Kate rushes up and tells Lucas they have to go or they will lose their ride. The driver is getting nervous. Lucas can’t throw everything away for a woman who is always going to need another man in her life. Lucas tells Kate to stay out of it, but she barrels on. EJ was the one that helped Sami find them. He tracked her company car. Sami huffs. That have anything to do with this. Kate glares. EJ is also back at Lucas’ apartment, babysitting his daughter. Sami turns to Lucas pleadingly. She had no choice but to leave the twins with EJ. If it weren’t for Lucas, they would both be at home, happy right now.

Phillip arrives at the police department and Roman leads him to Abe’s office, where Chloe is being held for questioning. Chloe swears she doesn’t know anything. Phillip growls at her to keep her mouth shut. Roman introduces Phillip to Inspector Clockner from the Austrian consulate. He’s here to arrest Chloe on behalf of the Viennese police.

Shawn tells Belle she has nothing to feel guilty about. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Belle says she has. She made a big mistake. Shawn says they both have. But now they’re going to put the past behind them and move on. Belle says she has to get this out in the open, or they can’t move forward. There’s something she needs to tell him. She should have told him weeks ago. Now he has to hear it.

EJ urges Stefano to tell him what will happen if he refuses to cooperate. Stefano sighs. This is a dark day. He never foresaw in his wildest dreams that Elvis would one day turn on him. His other children, maybe, but never him. What has he done to deserve this? Has he not been a good father? EJ nods. In many ways, he was a wonderful father. Stefano stomps. Then why is doing everything he can to keep him away from his grandson? EJ insists he is just being careful. He won’t let see Stefano without his supervision. It isn’t up for discussion. Stefano is sorry they have come to such an impasse. It hurts him, but when the chips are down, EJ had better watch out. He intends to win. But EJ may keep the pram as a gift. EJ knows their family has a lot of secrets. But Stefano had better not take his son. Does he understand that?

Sami sobs and screams. How could Lucas do this to her? How could he shoot EJ behind her back? They can never fix this or go back to the way it was before. Sirens wail in the distance. Kate tells Lucas the police are on their way, so he needs to make up his mind. It’s now or never. Sami scoffs. Oh sure, he should listen to Mommy and take the easy way out. That will make his son proud.

Stefano laughs. Now who is making threats? EJ is an ingrate and a turncoat. EJ smiles. Stefano raised him as a DiMera, and as he knows, that makes for a very dangerous enemy. Stefano stalks out with his bodyguard. EJ exhales sharply.

Sami apologizes. She thinks Kate is right. She tells Lucas to go ahead and get out of there. Lucas doesn’t want to lose her. Kate tugs on his arm. Roman pulls up with several other officers. Kate begs him for ten minutes and a running start, but Roman refuses. He’s sorry, but he has no choice. Lucas tells her to forget it. The whole thing is over now. Roman apologizes to Lucas. He hates to do this. He cuffs Lucas and reads him his rights.

Phillip and Chloe are left alone in Abe’s office. Phillip demands to know why she was arrested. He knows she said she and Brady got in a fight and he walked out. She yells Phillip it didn’t happen exactly that way. Some men broke into their apartment while they were sleeping and tied Brady up. They left her alone, though. Later, there was a struggle, Brady cut his hand on some glass, and bled all over the apartment. She tried to help him, but failed. Then they left and took Brady with them. Phillip nods. And then she called the cops. Chloe shakes her head. She couldn’t. Their recent fights had been quite violent. She feared that if they showed up and found blood everywhere and no Brady, then she would be accused of harming him. Phillip frowns. So she was protecting herself. Nice. Chloe insists that she is trying to help Brady now. She had to lie before because she received a warning. She had been looking for him, showing his picture from door to door-that kind of thing-when she returned home one day to find a note. It said she should back off and stop asking questions or she would never see her husband alive again. She had no idea what to do. She was scared, but she didn’t want to go to the police if it resulted in Brady’s death. She came here because she could only think of one person to help her-- Phillip. He thinks this is a police matter. Chloe knows they’re jus going to throw her in jail, not help her. She begs him. He has to help her. She’ll do anything he wants. Phillip considers. Maybe there is something she can do for him.

Shawn asks Belle what this is all about. Belle says she should have told him right away. He deserved to know before the wedding, but she just didn’t have the guts to say it. She was afraid to lose him, so she just told herself that it didn’t matter because it only happened one time. Shawn stops her. Whatever it is, she just needs to come out and tell him. Belle sobs. She cheated on him. She slept with Phillip.


Phillip tells Chloe, "I'm hoping a woman who’d hide her husband's disappearance wouldn’t have a problem with what I have in mind to secure her freedom."

Belle sobs to Shawn, "We can get past this if you'll just forgive me."

Marlena tells John's picture, "I made a promise that I would put this family back together, and God help anybody who tries to stop me."

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