Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/28/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/28/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Marlena sips coffee and flashes back to John’s accident and eventual death at the hospital. Hope interrupts her reverie and asks if she would like some company. Everyone really missed her at Alice’s for Christmas. Marlena sighs. She just couldn’t make it. Besides, she got a call from the dry cleaner, who was threatening to throw away John’s suits. When she showed up, the place was closed. Then a woman from the shop next door came out and told her that John was still alive.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf tells Stefano that their guest has escaped. Rolf thinks he used the tunnel to do so. Stefano rages. How did he find out about the tunnel? Rolf has no idea. Stefano chucks his glass across the room. They have to find him right away.

In an alley, a hooded figure, presumably Stefano’s guest, plays with a soccer ball. A kid runs up and starts to take it, but he takes one look at the face under the hood and backs up. He tells the guy to keep it and starts to run off, but the hooded figure hands over the soccer ball.

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, EJ shows Sami a GPS tracking system he has. Mythic uses these to track their company cars, so if Kate and Lucas took her car, EJ can find it and pinpoint their exact location. EJ sighs and starts the device up. Hopefully they can get to them before the police do.

Kate sits in her car and answers her phone. It’s Lucas, begging her to let him out of the trunk. He’s freezing. Kate tells him she just wanted to make sure no one was following them. She gets out of the car, pops the trunk, and lets Lucas out. He jumps in the front seat and cranks the heat up. He notices they’re near the airport and freaks. He can’t take a plane. He thought he was getting on a boat. Kate hushes him. Phillip is sending a truck, and then they’ll be off for Mexico. Lucas thinks Mexico sounds fine, but what did she mean by “they”?

Max and Stephanie show up at the sorority house to find a panicking Chelsea. Ford’s dad is gone, but he’s coming back with a search warrant. He saw the surveillance video, but he couldn’t see Ford’s face, so it didn’t satisfy him. Max sighs with relief. So they don’t know Max was leaving and just pretending to be Ford? Chelsea says no, but they’ll figure it all out if they find that body down in the basement.

Hope questions Marlena about the woman. She tells Hope that she was a psychic named Crystal. Hope scoffs. She was clearly trying to prey on Marlena’s loss. How much did she ask for? Marlena says she asked for nothing. She probably just felt sorry for her. Hope knows John’s death made headlines, so the woman probably knew he died from those. Marlena shakes her head. She knew other things, too, like the fact that John went by the name Forrest for a while, and that his name came from a plaque. Hope thinks she may have an inside source, but Marlena disagrees. She thinks John is still alive.

Sami is suspicious of EJ’s intentions. Why does he want to help Lucas so badly? EJ grins. He isn’t helping Lucas. He’s helping her.

Max calms Stephanie and assures her that everything will be fine. He sends Chelsea off to call Billie about the warrant. They’ll need a heads-up as to when Ford’s dad is coming back. Stephanie apologizes once again for dragging Max into this mess. Max is glad she did. Now he knows that she trusts him enough to divulge this kind of information to him. He wants Stephanie to let him take care of this. Chelsea comes back and tells them that the cops are coming as soon as the warrant is issued. Billie will come with him. Max gives them both some words of encouragement and tells them they have to get moving.

Kate tells Lucas she is going with him. She loves him and she would do anything to keep him safe. Besides, her Mexican contacts refuse to deal with anyone except her. Lucas grins. Apparently, the peso talks. Kate tells him this is important. Getting him out of the country is the only thing keeping him out of jail. Lucas frets. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to come back once he leaves. Kate comforts him. Sami will be able to join him with the twins once he’s settled in. Lucas grumps and complains. Kate sighs. Phillip is doing everything he can. Once everything is settled, Lucas will be able to come home with no worries. Until then, Sami can visit. Lucas scowls. She’s going to hate him after what he did to her.

EJ’s GPS device beeps and he tells Sami he has located Lucas and Kate. Her car is at the airport. He tells her the car is parked on a north access road. Sami groans. What is Lucas thinking? The airport is crawling with cops. EJ thinks she needs to get down there and see Lucas. She wants to call Marlena to baby-sit, but EJ insists he’ll do it. She can’t afford to waste time waiting on Marlena.

Max tells the girls they have to move fast. They’ll have to dig up Ford and move him before Crawford, Billie, and the cops show up. Stephanie cries. She can’t do it. She can’t go look at his body. Max tells her it’s fine. She can be the lookout. He and Chelsea head downstairs to dig up the corpse.

Hope thinks the call from the closed dry cleaners proves that all of this was a set up. Marlena insists that the woman seemed genuine. Hope sighs. She understands that Marlena is grieving. Maybe she just needs to hold on to the hope that John is alive. Marlena shakes her head. John promised he would come to her in her dreams. Perhaps John can only reach her through this medium. Hope scoffs. Maybe the woman isn’t your average con artist. She could be working for the DiMeras.

Stefano and Rolf offer the soccer-playing kid from earlier a wad of crisp green bills. The kid points out the direction their house guest went in, and Stefano and Rolf rush off.

Sami asks why she should trust EJ with her kids. He could run off with them anytime he wanted. Besides, she knows he has some plan cooked up with Stefano to send Johnny to Italy. EJ sighs. He has already explained to his father that Johnny is to stay with Samantha, no matter what. Sami doesn’t believe this, of course, and lays into him. EJ finally gives up and suggests tiredly that she call Marlena. Then she can go look for Lucas afterwards.

Chelsea and Max head into the basement with a flashlight. Chelsea whimpers. Her knees are knocking together. Max turns on a light and sees a new water heater next to the old unit. Chelsea tells him it’s supposed to be installed after the holidays. That gives Max an idea and he starts digging. Upstairs, Stephanie chews her nails. The doorbell rings.

Sami says she has no reason to believe EJ has changed. He insists that he just wants to be a good father. He knows that Johnny will see him the way Sami sees him, so he wants to look good in her eyes. EJ wants to stop Lucas from messing up his own life and the lives of others. That would be doing a good thing, and not following in his father’s footsteps is something he wants to do.

Kate tries to comfort by telling Lucas that he was justified in shooting EJ. Lucas groans. He does not want to talk about this. In fact, he’d like to scrap the whole getaway plan at this point. Kate rolls her eyes. Everything is already set up. It’s too late, and besides, it isn’t as if he has unlimited options here. Lucas doesn’t want to end up some outlaw swatting flies and missing his wife and kids. Kate thinks it will be fun. They’ll go to Paris, museums--there’ll be shopping and good food. Lucas grumps. He hates Paris, museums, and good food. He is going to just turn himself in to Bo and Roman, do his time, and then spend his life with Sami. Kate bursts his bubble. If he does even one night in jail, the DiMeras will make sure he never comes home.

Stephanie lets Billie and Officer Dodd in the house. Billie says they’ve come with a warrant. Dodd heads upstairs to search. Billie assures Stephanie that the warrant does not allow Crawford to search, so she has nothing to worry about. She asks about Chelsea and Stephanie panics. She finally says they’re in the garden. Billie raises her eyebrows. Its freezing outside. Stephanie shrugs. Billie heads upstairs and tells Stephanie to tell Chelsea she needs to speak with her.

Chelsea complains about the awful stench. Max assures her he’ll sprinkle lime around once the job is finished to eliminate the odor. Max tells Chelsea that he’s going to put Ford in the old water heater, since it has to go to the dump anyway. Then Max can install the new one, so no one has to know. Chelsea thinks. She wonders how Max will get the water heater past the security camera. Max has that figured out, too. Chelsea will call maintenance and tell them there’s a wiring problem with the porch light. When the repairman comes, he’ll block the camera looking at the light. They’ll carry the water heater out then. Chelsea thinks he’s making this up as he goes along. Max admits it’s true and pushes her up the stairs to call maintenance.

Hope thinks the DiMeras have a good reason to go after Marlena. After all, her daughter Sami is the only person standing between Stefano and full access to his grandson. The psychic comes along, distracts her with John, and meanwhile, Sami is all alone with Stefano waiting in the wings. Marlena isn’t sure. The woman seemed trustworthy to her. Hope sighs. John died in a hospital, surrounded by his loved ones. Marlena knows that. He’s gone. Marlena flashes back to her conversation with Crystal about John. Hope breaks her reverie. She suggests they both go see Crystal and see if she is for real.

EJ assures Sami she has nothing to fear from him. He could have taken Johnny time and time again, but he didn’t. Sami is still suspicious, so he again suggests she call a babysitter. But she better hurry, because her time to get to Lucas before he flees is running out. Sami huffs and tells him the bottles are in the ‘fridge. He wonders what made her change her mind. She doesn’t know. But if he hurts her children, he won’t live to regret it. Sami rushes out.

Chelsea comes upstairs and Stephanie accosts her. Her mom and a cop are upstairs searching right now. Chelsea tells her that everything will be fine, but she has to help a little. Chelsea called maintenance. When the guy gets here, Stephanie needs to get the guy up on a ladder to look at the porch light. The she has to stall him as long as possible. Stephanie is worried, but Chelsea reassure her. She heads back to the basement and tells Stephanie to warn her when her mom and the cop make their way downstairs.

Stefano and Rolf search a cabin with no success. Rolf sighs. They’ve searched everywhere, and there is no sign of their guest. Stefano frets. They have to find him before he shows his face.

Marlena and Hope arrive at the psychic’s place. They pound and knock to no avail. A man walks over and asks if he can help. When they tell him who they’re looking for, the man shakes his head. No one works in that building. It’s been condemned for months. Marlena gapes.

Lucas folds his arms. He’s not scared of Stefano. Kate scoffs. He should be. Lucas doesn’t think anything will happen. What are they going to do, walk up to Sami at his funeral and take Johnny? Besides, Kate has made Stefano mad any number of times, and she’s still breathing. Kate knows Stefano’s emotions are like the tides, but Lucas shooting EJ pretty much wiped the slate clean. How the hell will he protect his son in a jail cell with a knife in his back? Lucas begrudgingly agrees. He won’t so his family any good if he’s dead. The truck arrives for Kate and Lucas. The driver tells Kate that Phillip sent him. She tells Lucas to get the luggage.

Billie asks Stephanie for the key to the attic. Stephanie tells her it’s behind The Killers poster. Billie jumps out of her skin, but Stephanie wanly smiles and adds that The Killers are a rock band. Billie chuckles and heads off to get the key. The maintenance guy shows up and Stephanie explains to him that the porch light is on the fritz. He complains about the cold, and she offers to go make coffee. Stephanie watches him climb the ladder and head off to tell Max and Chelsea. Once they find out, they drag the water heater out of the basement and over to the door. As they drag it outside, we get a shot from the security camera. The maintenance worker completely blocks the view. Billie comes downstairs with Dodd and tells Stephanie that they are ready to search the basement.

Marlena turns to Hope helplessly. She saw this woman. How can they explain this? Hope frowns. She thinks someone is playing a cruel joke on Marlena. Hope thinks they need to figure out who is behind it, but Marlena is hesitant to drag Hope into it. Besides, Bo wouldn’t want it. Hope knows Bo would do anything he could if he knew someone was preying on Marlena this way. She smiles gratefully. Hope is such a good friend. Hope thinks they need to put their heads together and put a stop to this right away. They head off. Crystal comes out from around a corner and slinks off after them.

Back at the mansion, Stefano yells at Rolf. He wants all of his men on the street searching for his house guest. If he isn’t found, heads will roll. The houseguest strolls into the living room. Stefano rushes over to him. They’ve been going crazy looking for him! The guest takes off. Stefano groans. He hands Rolf a taser and tells him to block off all of the exits. He tells him to use the needle, if necessary. Rolf sighs. Has Stefano considered having their guest guarded? He could be very dangerous. Stefano chuckles. He’s counting on that.

Kate urges Lucas to hurry as he struggles with their bags. Sami rushes up and begs him not to go.

Stephanie shows Billie and Dodd the basement door as Chelsea comes back inside. Chelsea tells them it’s fine to look, but it is a little messy, as they just had a new water heater installed. They head down. Chelsea and Stephanie stare at each other, wide-eyed. Stephanie thinks she might have a panic attack. Chelsea hugs her and reassures her. Downstairs, Billie and Dodd poke around. He inspects the dirt near the water heater. Billie asks him if he’s found anything. Dodd says he isn’t sure.


Phillip tells Belle, "I just came by to wish you a happy new year and to talk about our future."

Sami asks Lucas, "Why is it too late?" He replies, "Because I've done something neither one of us can undo; something I've got to pay for."

EJ tells Stefano, "Finish your threat. Are you going to do to me what you did to Renée?"

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