Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/27/07


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At the DiMera mansion, EJ struggles with his key, which isn’t working. Rolf opens the door and EJ asks him if the locks were changed. Rolf says they were, but Stefano didn’t say why. Anyway, he isn’t here. EJ offers to wait in the living room, but Rolf tells him no one is allowed inside. He shuts the door in EJ’s face.

At her apartment, Sami flashes back to reading Lucas’ goodbye note. Roman knocks and interrupts her reverie. She rushes to hug him. She cannot believe Lucas did this to the, on Christmas. Roman asks where he went, but Sami doesn’t know. He just said he had to leave to protect his family. Roman sighs. He put an APB out on both Lucas and Kate. Sami doesn’t get it. What does Kate have to do with anything? Roman tells her that Lucas is with his mother.

At Steve and Kayla’s place, Stephanie flashes back to rejecting Max the day before. She sighs, and someone knocks on the door. It’s Max of course, and he threatens to stay out there until she opens up. Max was hoping they could go get some bagels and coffee before work today. Stephanie grimaces. She’s not really all that hungry. He also wanted to talk. Stephanie groans. She thought they already decided they would just be friends. Max says that isn’t what he wants to talk about. She pushed him away when he tried to touch her yesterday. Stephanie fidgets. He just caught her off guard. Max sighs. He knows it is something more than that. He wishes she would just confide in him. Stephanie flashes back to being raped by Ford. She bursts into tears and throws herself in the arms of a surprised Max.

At the sorority house, Chelsea lazes on the couch while Nick brings her a cup of coffee. He wants to start another fire, but Chelsea is interested in letting him warm her up in a different way. Last night was pretty perfect. Nick beams and stutters. So, she wants to….Chelsea stops him. It’s ok; he can say the word “sex.” Nick fidgets. Max gave him some tips and told him he shouldn’t be talking about sex. Chelsea groans. Max is the one that needs to be taking pointers from Nick. They kiss. A knock interrupts them. Nick answers to find Ford’s father, Crawford, who rudely demands to see Chelsea. He pushes past Nick and starts berating her, “Where is my son?”

Sami grimaces. So Lucas is with Kate? Roman nods. They think so. Her neighbors saw her packing suitcases into her car the night before. Sami bawls. He promised her he wouldn’t leave. He was just supposed to be going to see Will in Zurich. Roman frowns. He lied. It looks like Kate and Lucas could be leaving the country, anyway. It’s certainly possible with her resources. Roman soothes her. They already have an APB out on them, so hopefully they can bring them both in. And when they do, they’ll have to arrest Lucas for attempted murder.

EJ sneaks into the mansion via the balcony. He remembers Stefano telling him that Giovanni will be well taken care of. He rifles through a drawer and wonders what Stefano is up to. Someone comes up behind EJ and bashes him over the head. EJ slumps to the ground, unconscious.

Stephanie apologizes to Max for acting like such a head case. It says it’s alright. He knows Ford’s death and the aftermath was very traumatic for her. She sighs and agrees. She is still having nightmares about it. Max sighs. It was an accident, and the girls had to protect themselves. She has to stop beating herself up about this. She tells him it helps to think of what he took from Cordy. She used to never be afraid of men, but now she thinks they’re all predators like Ford. Max understands. As soon as they get close, she pushes them away—just like Stephanie did with him the day before. She gulps.

Crawford demands to know where his son is. Nick tries to apologize for their loss, but Crawford brushes him off. He knows Chelsea organized the local witch hunt against his son. He’s heard the rumors. Nick snaps. They weren’t rumors. Everything that was said was true. Chelsea nods. She is sorry, but his son was a rapist. She had no choice but to warn others. Crawford pounces. What does she mean, he WAS a rapist? What happened to Ford? Chelsea flashes back to Ford’s death scene. Nick tells Ford’s father to back off, or he is calling security. Crawford muses. He knows Chelsea’s mother heads up security. He would actually love to talk to her. Chelsea sighs and runs through the events of the night for him. Ford came over drunk, and they let him sleep it off on their couch. He left early the next morning. Crawford thinks they took matters into their own hands after their failed attempt to accuse him before. Nick quietly makes a call and tells Chelsea that Billie is on her way. Crawford heads upstairs. He’s going to search this place. If Ford is here, he’ll find him. Chelsea freaks and hisses at Nick. They can’t let him do this. Nick assures her. He isn’t going to find anything so it won’t hurt to let him look around, right? Chelsea fidgets and agrees that he won’t find anything.

Stephanie sighs. She knows she has been acting strangely. She’s all over him one minute, and pushing him away the next. She has also been really worried about how Cordy is handling all of this. She still blames herself. Max has a feeling they aren’t talking about Cordy anymore. Did Ford hurt Stephanie? She stares.

Sami begs Roman not to arrest Lucas. He tells her they have no choice. Ballistics confirmed that the bullet in EJ’s back matches markings from the barrel of the gun Lucas purchased. The gun has his prints all over it, and he also concealed evidence. Sami huffs. She knows Lucas did not do this. Roman would like to think that, but after all that happened with EJ and Sami, it’s possible. If that’s not enough to drive a man to desperation, Roman doesn’t know what will.

Stefano helps EJ off of the floor and tells him not to drink before lunch. EJ winces and stands. Someone hit him. Stefano nods gravely. He knows. It was his houseguest. He should have checked with Stefano before he came in. What was EJ looking for anyway? Unfortunately, the houseguest has been thorough. EJ scowls. A man stands outside the door and listens in. EJ wants to know who it is, but Stefano is reticent. He’ll tell him later. EJ came by looking for information. He knew Stefano said that Gianni would be well taken care of, so he wanted to know what that meant. Stefano says he just meant that the boy would be raised in the DiMera tradition, but EJ isn’t having it. He and Samantha will raise the child in the way they see fit. Stefano shakes his head. He thinks EJ is making a grave mistake. Rolf comes in and tells Stefano that his guest wandered outside. Rolf was able to get him back into the house. Stefano nukes. Rolf is supposed to watching him! Does Stefano need to remind him what will happen if their guest gets out? EJ raises his eyebrows.

Roman vows to find Lucas. Sami wants to come help, but Roman refuses. This is a police matter, and besides, Lucas may contact her at home, so she needs to stay in. Roman promises to send a car for her as soon as they find her husband. She begs him not to let Lucas get hurt. He promises her and leaves. Sami frets.

Nick tells Chelsea that Billie should be here any minute. She’ll be able to handle this. Chelsea stands there, stunned and thinking furiously. Nick goes to check for Billie. Chelsea flashes back to her and Stephanie discussing Ford’s burial in the basement with Max. She remembers that Max put on Ford’s clothes and pretended to leave the house as Ford.

Max presses Stephanie for information. Did Ford hurt her? Her phone rings. It’s Chelsea telling her that Ford’s dad is at the house, looking through everyone’s stuff. She and Max have to get over there right away. Stephanie thinks it will look suspicious, but Chelsea doesn’t have time to argue. She hangs up.

Crawford asks Chelsea where their cellar is. Chelsea stalls. They don’t have a wine cellar. Crawford rolls his eyes. He meant a basement. Chelsea tells him there’s nothing down there except for a water heater. Billie rushes in and tells him to stop right there. She asks Nick if Ford is here. Nick says no. She wheels around and tells Crawford that he will have to leave. He flatly refuses. He’s searching the whole house. Billie gets snippy. If he takes one more step, she’s arresting him for trespassing. Crawford whines. Does she have any idea what it feels like to not know where her child is? Billie actually does know what it feels like, but he still isn’t searching a single building on this campus without a warrant. Crawford explodes. She is just protecting Chelsea, just like that time she pretended she hit Zach Brady to cover for her. Billie tells him she’ll ignore his offensive comment and show him the security tapes. They show Ford leaving the sorority house. Crawford sulks and stares at the tape. The boy is covering his face. He can’t even tell if that’s Ford. Crawford thinks this tape would get laughed right out of a courtroom. Chelsea nukes. There is no way he can prove that isn’t Ford. Crawford lays into her. He demands answers. Billie threatens to arrest him. He tells her she’ll be back out on the streets if she tries. Billie gapes.

Max groans. This is not good. They cannot let Ford’s dad see that basement. Max frets. Hopefully Billie can stall him until they figure something else out. Stephanie sobs. If Crawford figures out the truth, they’ll all go to jail. Max thinks he might realize what kind of son he had, but Stephanie nixes the idea. For people like the Deckers, it’s all about image. They could care less if Ford was really a rapist. Stephanie fears Crawford will make their sorority look like a group of psycho women who run around murdering men. Max sighs. What are they going to do? Stephanie considers coming clean with her uncle Bo.

EJ spies at the door as Stefano lectures his guest. If the guest refuses to comply, Stefano will have to sedate him. No one can see his face, or he will get hurt. Stefano comes back inside the living room. EJ wants to know who the guest is, but Stefano refuses to tell just yet. He wanted to let EJ know that he will respect EJ’s request to raise his son the way he wishes. Stefano wants to drink on it. EJ agrees. Rolf rushes in. A warrant has been issued for Lucas Roberts’ arrest. They think he shot Elvis. Stefano and EJ gape. Rolf barrels on. Apparently, Lucas fled before he could be captured. Stefano snorts. For EJ’s sake, he hopes Samantha wasn’t stupid enough to flee with his son. EJ swears she wouldn’t do that, but rushes headlong out the door to check, anyway.

Nick demands that Crawford apologize to Billie right away. He refuses. Chelsea huffs. She sees why Ford turned out the way he did. Crawford rages. It is clear to him that this is all some kind of cover-up. His son came here that night to make amends, but the girls decided to get back at him instead. Billie snorts. He saw the video. Crawford starts to head down to the basement, claiming that cameras lie. Chelsea stops him. He can’t go down there without a warrant. Crawford agrees to leave—for now. He’ll be back, and God help them all if they hurt his son.

EJ bursts into Sami’s apartment, relieved that she’s still there. She notices his decided lack of a wheelchair and notes that he finally decided to stop faking his paralysis. EJ sighs. He promised he wouldn’t lie anymore. Yes, he was playing up his injury a bit, but he didn’t fake it. She can talk to his doctors if she doesn’t believe him. Lucas shot him. Sami snaps. Lucas did no such thing. In fact, Stefano and EJ probably set him up themselves. EJ snorts. He was with her when he was shot, and there is no way his father would chance such a catastrophic outcome for Sami’s sake. EJ wants to help Sami find Lucas, and he will even agree not to turn him into the police. Sami grimaces. In exchange for what, sex? EJ wants her forgiveness and one other thing. He wants her to give Johnny the chance to form his own opinion about his father. This is EJ’s one chance at unconditional love, and he wants to prove to Johnny that he is able to earn that love.

Billie warns Chelsea that things will get a lot worse with Ford’s father before they get better. Chelsea sobs. Why does he have to be such a horrible person? Billie soothes her. Things will blow over once Ford comes back home. Billie asks her if she wants to tell her anything else about that night, but Chelsea says no. Billie thinks he’ll be back with a search warrant soon. They should probably go get something to eat so they aren’t here when he comes back. Nick agrees to take Chelsea out and Billie leaves. Nick takes a phone call from a student, and Chelsea calls Stephanie in a panic. Crawford is coming back with a search warrant. They have to move Ford’s body before he returns.

Rolf rushes downstairs and accosts Stefano. He has looked everywhere. Their patient has disappeared. Stefano gapes.

Sami rehashes the conversation from a moment ago. So EJ will help her find Lucas as long as she promises not to tell Johnny what his father is really capable of? EJ sighs. He will help her regardless of the promise. He asks her if Kate and Lucas were together when they left. Sami isn’t sure, but that is what the police think. EJ nods. So they just have to find Lucas before the police do. He takes out his phone and starts dialing. He pleads with a suspicious Sami. He is trying, so she has to try with him.

Stephanie gasps. Where are they going to move the body to? Chelsea huffs. She has no idea, but they need to get over there so they can all figure it out. Stephanie hangs up and fills Max in. It’s a huge mess. Max promises they will get through it. They leave.


Sami tells EJ, "If you do anything that hurts my children, you will live to regret it."

Kate attacks Lucas, "How the hell are you going to protect your son when you're lying in a jail cell with a knife in your back?"

Rolf tells Stefano, "It seems out houseguest could be very dangerous." Stefano chuckles, "I am counting on it, Rolf. I am counting on it."

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