Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/26/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/26/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Alice’s house, the camera pans out from photos of Tom, Alice, and the Horton family. Hope and Chelsea work on decorating the tree as Julie passes hot apple cider around. Bo tells everyone he chopped the tree down himself. Chelsea pulls out Zach’s ornament and spaces out. She sees a ghostly image of Ford outside. He leers, “Gee, another year, another victim. You know, they say it gets easier after the second one.” Chelsea gasps and drops the ornament. Bo rushes over and catches it before it smashes on the floor. He asks if she’s alright. Hope wonders if she saw someone outside. Chelsea apologizes and insists she’s just a klutz.

At the hospital, Max and Nick chat with a group of kids waiting on Santa. After a barrage of questions about Santa, Nick sends them off with candy canes. Max sure hopes “Santa Steve” gets here soon. Nick thinks Stephanie might know where he is. Max sighs. He and Stephanie are definitely not in sync right now.

Marlena knocks at the door of a dry cleaning store. She gives up after a few moments and vents. Of course no one is there. It’s Christmas for Heaven’s sake. Why did she even come here? A girl named Crystal walks up behind her. She knows why Marlena is here.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ shows up to Stefano’s surprise. He thought he would be spending the holidays with his wife and son. EJ has some good and bad news for Stefano, actually. The bad news is that Samantha has left him for Lucas. Stefano snorts. That’s unacceptable. She’ll pay dearly for this decision. EJ also has good news. With a struggle, he stands on his own. Stefano beams. This is wonderful news.

Sami shows up at Alice’s with Johnny. Maggie wishes her a Merry Christmas and asks about Lucas. Sami tells her he had a few things to take care of, so he’ll be along shortly.

At Lucas and Sami’s apartment, Lucas looks longingly at a bottle of alcohol. Kate picks it up and glares. She asks Lucas what he’s doing. Lucas sighs.

Abe shows up at the hospital and greets Nick and Max. Roman tells him, Steve and Caroline that Marlena said she would be here, but she hasn’t shown up yet. Caroline thinks Lexie may have seen her, since she is volunteering at the cancer ward. Steve, Abe, and Roman all go off to hunt for her. Max pulls Kayla aside and tells her he hoped Stephanie would be here today. Kayla tells him she decided to stay home, but Cordy is coming by. Max frowns. He had a present to give her. Kayla thanks Max for always being so good to Stephanie. He sighs. Lately she has been giving him the brush-off, like he did something wrong. If she has a problem with their family connection, then why doesn’t she just say so? Kayla fidgets.

Hope asks Chelsea if something is wrong. She tells her she just misses Zach. It’s all her fault that he is gone and can’t spend another Christmas with his family. She tells Hope that she is going to leave. She bursts into tears and runs outside. Hope tells Bo that she thinks seeing Zach’s ornament set Chelsea off. Bo goes outside to talk to her. Chelsea tells him that she had had a really lousy year. Bo comforts her. They’ve had their ups and downs, but they made it through. She sighs. No they didn’t. Ford Decker—Bo interrupts. The girls did everything that they could to stop him. Bo is proud of them, and Chelsea should be, too. He hugs her. Chelsea stares.

Lucas takes the bottle from Kate and pours it down the drain. She asks where he got it, but he says it doesn’t matter. It’s gone now. Kate berates him. IS he still going to his meetings? Lucas scowls. Of course he is. He wasn’t really going to drink, anyway. Kate knows he’s under a lot of stress right now. It’s a long, lonely road out there. Can he handle it? Lucas bounces Allie in his lap. He says he has a lot to stay sober for. Lucas tells Allie that Daddy has to go away for a while, but she has lots of loving relatives that will make sure she is well taken care of. Billie and Phillip show up. Billie takes one look at Lucas’s suitcase and declares that something is wrong. One of them had better start talking.

Stefano thinks EJ’s gift is the best one he could have received. EJ smiles. He actually has another gift as well. He gives Stefano a framed photo of himself and Johnny. Stefano promises to treasure it always and sits it on a nearby table. EJ says it’s hard to shop for a man that has everything. Stefano smiles ruefully. He has an empty house and children that don’t call him. EJ thinks he has a lot to celebrate. He has his health and a new grandson. This will be a banner year for the DiMeras. Stefano sighs. That is all contingent on one thing---whether or not the Bradys finally reap their just rewards.

Marlena tells Crystal that she received a call saying her dry cleaning was ready, but it must have been a mistake. Crystal thinks fate brought her here. She invites Marlena inside her business, a place for psychic readings. Marlena politely declines. Crystal asks her if she believes in the spirit world. Marlena hems and haws. She has a friend that’s actually into that kind of stuff. Marlena doesn’t believe you can contact people that are no longer of this world, though. Crystal thinks that’s a shame, since it’s clear that Marlena is so lost and lonely. She leans in confidentially. She has a secret. She can bring him to Marlena. Marlena’s eyes widen.

Belle and Shawn show up at Alice’s and Sami lets them in. As Shawn goes off to distribute their presents, Belle tells Sami how excited she is that she left EJ and went back to Lucas. Belle asks if everyone is there. Sami tells her they’re still waiting on Marlena and Lucas. Bo is checking up on Marlena, as she should have been here by now. Sami has no idea what is keeping Lucas. She fidgets.

Lucas tells Billie that the suitcase belongs to Sami. She has been moving her things out of EJ’s apartment. Lucas’ phone rings. He checks the number and says he will call the person back later. Billie stamps. She demands to know what is going on here. Lucas promises to fill her in later. Right now, she has a job to do as Allie’s godmother. Billie says they need to get going. She was supposed to be over at Alice’s half an hour ago. Lucas reminds her to keep the baby’s ears covered. Billie assures him she’ll be fine, although she wishes she could say the same for her father. Kate promises to keep an eye on Lucas. Billie tells them she’ll be back around eight. Phillip offers to walk her downstairs. Lucas kisses Allie tearfully and tells her she’s in good hands.

Nick tells the kids that Santa is on his way and does a magic trick to distract them. Nearby, Kayla begs Max not to give up on Stephanie. He thinks she needs space and that he ought to respect that. Kayla thinks that would be a big mistake. Max starts. Is there something she knows that he doesn’t? Kayla just thinks Stephanie needs Max more than she realizes. Abe and Steve walk over and Kayla asks about Marlena. Abe tells her that Lexie spoke with her and Marlena was headed for the dry cleaners. Caroline pipes up. That’s troubling, since they aren’t open today. Steve nods. They fear Marlena could be walking into a trap. Abe thinks Stefano might try something since Sami left EJ the day before. Steve, Abe and roman agree to split up and search. Steve apologizes for not being able to play Santa. Nick sees him leaving and flips. Who will play Santa? Kayla says she has already found a replacement. Max comes out in the Santa suit. Nick guffaws. He thinks Max looks ridiculous. Max grins. He has a little surprise for Nick. He holds up a pair of pointy ears. For every Santa, there’s an elf. Nick is going to play that elf, too. Max and Nick head out to the kids and gather them around for the traditional Christmas story. The camera pans to Lucas packing hurriedly. Once the story is through, another little girl asks for a Hanukkah story. Another little girl wants to hear a story about Kwanzaa. Max stammers as the kids talk excitedly over each other.

Back at Alice’s, Maggie discovers that Jeremy’s ornament is broken. Alice soothes her. They’ll get another one for next year.

Nick saves the day with the kids. He explains that no matter what you call the celebration, the story they just heard was about one thing—hope. Stephanie comes over and listens. Max blushes. He tells the kids they could be Jewish, Christian, or even a transformer from Cybertron—today is about hope and peace. He stares at Stephanie. But it’s mostly about love.

Marlena thinks Crystal should be ashamed with herself for telling her she could communicate with the dead. Crystal cuts her off. She sees a man in a forest, reading a plaque with his name on it. Marlena blinks. John? His name was Forrest for a while. Crystal focuses and shouts, “Black!” Marlena jumps. Crystal sees that the man is wearing long, dark robes. Marlena admits that he was a priest once, but he died two months ago. Crystal shakes her head. This man is not dead. In fact, he is very much alive. Marlena gasps.

Lucas leaves a note for Sami and tells Kate he needs to get out of here before she returns. Kate tells him they’ll meet later at the place they agreed on. Lucas takes a last look around and leaves. Phillip intercepts him in the hallway. He knows what’s going on here. Hoe can he walk away from his family? Leaving Belle was the biggest mistake of his life. He urges Lucas not to make the same mistake. Lucas hugs him and wishes him a Merry Christmas. He asks Phillip to take care of their mom.

Marlena doesn’t get it. She held John in her arms and watched him die. Crystal huffs. Maybe she shouldn’t always believe what she sees. Her husband is still out there, and they will be together again. Steve rushes over and asks if she is alright. She had everyone very worried. She tells him about the dry cleaning and the strange woman she met, who has since disappeared. Steve grimaces. She went to a psychic? Marlena swears they were just talking. Steve asks if the woman bothered her. Marlena shakes her head. She actually gave her hope.

Billie shows up at Alice’s and Sami greets her and Allie. She asks where Lucas is. Billie sighs. He couldn’t make it and asked her to bring Allie by. Last night, he said something odd. He told Billie he wanted to make sure Allie was taken care of in case something happened. Sami tells Billie that Lucas promised not to leave. Billie tells her he had a suitcase packed. Sami asks her to stay with the twins and rushes out.

Kayla, Nick, and Max are back at Alice’s. Kayla hands out presents. Nick hugs Chelsea and picks up on her foul mood. She apologizes and tells him this hasn’t been her best Christmas. Nick drags her off. He thinks a little elf-loving will cheer her right up. Max asks Stephanie about Cordy. She tells him her parents picked her up earlier. Stephanie thinks it was really nice of him to play Santa for the kids. He looks...jolly. She sighs. She knows things have been tense between them lately, but she wanted him to know that she recognizes that that is her fault. Max has been nothing but a good friend to herm especially during this whole Ford debacle. Max reddens. That’s because he cares about her. He would do anything for her. He strokes her hair. Stephanie brushes him off of her.

Sami bursts into her apartment to find Kate and Phillip. She goggles at them. Kate hands her the note from Lucas and Sami reads it aloud. Lucas asks her to remember that she always told him that sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do to protect your family. He didn’t understand that at first, but he does now. He hopes she understands what he has to do now. He’ll do anything to protect his family, even if it means saying goodbye. Sami sobs.

Max sighs. He is having a very hard time figuring out what’s acceptable for Stephanie. She tells him not to make this harder on himself. It’s not him; it’s just that it is never going to work out for them. Max insists he won’t leave until he tells Stephanie how he feels. If she would just give him a chance, she’d see he is in this a hundred percent. Stephanie apologizes and runs off. Max groans.

Nick shows Chelsea a slideshow of pictures of them on his computer. Chelsea squeals with excitement. How did he do this? He tells her about a cool new feature on Walgreen’s website that lets you manipulate photos. Chelsea thanks him for the best Christmas present ever. She loves him, pointy ears and all. They hug. Ford watches. He wonders who Chelsea’s next victim will be. He disappears.

Stefano reminisces about their family trips to Cortina. EJ used to always try to catch snowflakes on his tongue. EJ wishes him a Merry Christmas and shuffles off lamely. Rolf comes in and tells Stefano the patient is prepared. Stefano smiles. He wants to put the finishing touches on himself.

Steve offers Marlena a ride over to Alice’s place. If they hurry, they can get there in time for Christmas dinner. Marlena stares at some snowflakes, transfixed. Steve knows the first Christmas without a loved one is always the hardest. He’s been thinking a lot about both Benjy and John. Marlena starts to tell him John isn’t gone, but she breaks off and insists that he lives on in her heart.

Back at Alice’s, Doug sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The camera pans in on several scenes. Steve comforts Marlena. Sami collapses with the note from Lucas in her hands. She sobs. Kayla embraces a tearful Stephanie. Abe helps Theo hang an ornament on the tree. Shawn and Belle hold Claire. Alice looks at a picture of Tom and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

Rolf hands Stefano a hypodermic needle and tells him that everything is ready. Stefano takes it and whispers, “A new life for a new year.” He jams the needle into the patient’s chest. The monitor nearby starts to beep. The patient’s eye opens. Stefano chuckles, “Welcome home.”


Ford’s father asks Chelsea, “Where is my son?”

Sami tells Roman, "I just want you to help me find him." Roman replies, "We're going to have to arrest Lucas for attempted murder."

EJ rifles through a drawer. Someone comes up behind him and hits him over the head. EJ crumples to the ground.

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