Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/25/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/25/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At her house, Marlena lies in bed and flashes back to John’s accident. After the car strikes him, she comes back to the present and moans. How will she get through Christmas without him? Suddenly, she hears a muffled thump from downstairs. Marlena hurriedly throws on a robe and goes downstairs to investigate.

At Phillip’s office, Chloe meets up with Phillip and starts flirting right away. She wonders where they are going. He sure has enjoyed keeping her guessing. Phillip scowls. She’s the one that likes to keep people guessing. For starters, he knows she isn’t divorced. He did some investigating on his own. She huffs and swears she is really divorced. Phillip hands her a fax and tells her the Viennese want to speak with her. Since the reason why is privileged information, he was hoping she could tell him herself. Chloe stares.

Marlena walks into the darkened living room and asks who’s there. Sami flips on the lights to a Christmas tree she has set up. Marlena gasps with surprise and joyfully embraces Sami. Sami wishes her a merry Christmas.

At Chez Rouge, Cordy frets about joining Stephanie’s family for their Christmas party. Stephanie reassures her and they go over to greet Kayla. Cordy gives her a present and thanks her for letting her stay with them over the holidays. Max comes over and greets Steve and Bo. Stephanie walks off on the pretext of looking for Hope, and Max gives chase. He asks what her problem is. She tells him that when he tried to kiss her, it caught her off guard, that’s all. Stephanie rushes off. Max groans. Steve saunters over and asks what’ s going on.

Across the room, Shawn and Belle crow over the success of the surprise party. Belle nervously asks if Chloe is still around. She tells Shawn that she wanted to ask her about Brady. Shawn tells Belle that she left. He pulls her under some nearby mistletoe. They kiss.

In the bathroom of Chez Rouge, Hope lingers in front of the bathroom stall and flashes back to Chloe and Belle’s conversation about Phillip from yesterday.

Marlena praises Sami on the lovely tree. Sami hands her a gift. She rips it open and finds framed pictures of the twins inside. Marlena tears up instantly. She knows John would have loved this gift. She sobs a little. It’s hard knowing that John will never see the babies, but she ahs to stay strong for her family. Sami sighs. She might sleep a little more easily now. She has decided to leave EJ. Marlena gushes. She is so glad. She knows Sami has made the right decision. She’s sure Lucas is thrilled, too. Sami smiles absently and says Lucas is “adjusting” to having her back at home. Sami asks how things are going and Marlena tells her she is worried about Brady. She has tried all of his contact numbers and can’t get through on any of them. Sami gapes. She doesn’t understand. The numbers don’t work at all? Marlena shakes her head. Sami thinks the situation is serious. She takes out her phone and calls Roman.

Chloe looks over the fax. She swears she had no idea the police were looking for her. She didn’t even know Brady was missing. Phillip jabs at the paper. She’s being named as a person of interest in his disappearance, and now it turns out they aren’t divorced. What is going on? Chloe sighs. She tells Phillip that she and Brady had been fighting for months. She wanted to come home to Salem, and he didn’t want to. So, when the time came to renew her visa, she conveniently “forgot” to renew it. When Brady found out, he was furious, and he walked out on her. She didn’t know what to do, so she came home. Phillip chuckles. That’s a nice story, but it’s a lie. He wants the truth, now.

Max sighs heavily and tells Steve that he isn’t sure what’s wrong with Stephanie. He though they had something going on, but she suddenly shut down on him. At first he thought he did something wrong, but now he thinks that she’s just not into him. Steve shakes his head. He happens to know that Stephanie is crazy about Max.

Cordy pulls Stephanie into the bathroom and asks her if she told anyone else she was raped. Stephanie smiles brightly. She says she didn’t, but she’s doing fine. Cordy knows she isn’t, based on the way she snapped at Max back there. Stephanie sighs and promises to apologize. She just doesn’t want people to find out, especially Max. He will just treat her like a victim for the rest of her life. She makes Cordy swear never to tell anyone that she was raped.

Doug and Julie whirl into the pub and greet Bo and Hope. They tell them all about their recent island vacation. Julie spots Shawn and Belle kissing under the mistletoe and points them out to the rest of the group. Doug smiles and says that reminds him of something. Julie takes one look at him and drags him off to find their own mistletoe. Bo and Hope look at Shawn and Belle, then look at each other and smile.

Marlena fills Roman in on all the details, and he tells her that he already has a detective in Vienna reviewing the case. Marlena frets. Sami tells Roman that she left EJ, and he congratulates her. He only wishes that she had done that before she married him. Roman thinks Marlena should try to get into contact with Chloe. Marlena said she has tried. She even went as far as calling the opera house in Vienna. Sami gasps. She thought Marlena knew, and that’s why she didn’t say anything. Chloe is here-- in Salem-- right now.

Phillip scoffs. He didn’t know Brady well, but he knows enough to know that there is no way he would walk out on Chloe over an expired visa. Chloe huffs. She’s telling the truth. Phillip just doesn’t get it. It wasn’t about the visa, it was about her desire to come home. She tells Phillip that Brady isn’t the same guy he knew. He has changed a lot. Phillip thinks there’s a simple way to straighten this all out. He’ll just call the cops in Vienna. He picks up the phone. Chloe sweats.

Max doesn’t believe that Stephanie really likes him, but Patch assures him it’s so. It’s just like in elementary school. Stephanie may seem to be pushing Max away, but she really likes him. Besides, she’s afraid of getting hurt again. Max nods. After Jeremy, and what happened between him and her the first time, he can understand that fear. Steve wants to let him in on a little secret, if he can keep his mouth shut. Max agrees. Steve leans in. That job at the Cheatin’ Heart didn’t just fall into Stephanie’s lap. Steve set it up for her because she wanted to be closer to Max.

Cordy promises Stephanie that she won’t tell anyone her secret without her permission. Stephanie sobs. She wishes she could stop feeling so--she chokes and breaks off. Cordy grabs her. Did she mean to say “dirty”? Stephanie was the one that convinced her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Ford is the monster here. He is the only one that did anything wrong. She has to realize that she is the same person. What Ford did to them will only destroy them if they let it. Cordy begs Stephanie not to let that creep Ford win. Stephanie smiles through her tears and thanks Cordy. She really needed to hear that.

Shawn and Belle break off their kiss. Shawn thinks the party was a huge hit, and so was Belle’s toast to Hope and Bo. She doesn’t need to worry about them being mad at her. Belle frets.

Hope complains abut Shawn and Belle hogging all of the mistletoe. Bo grabs some garnish off of a plate and dangles it above her head playfully. They kiss.

Marlena rages. She cannot believe that Chloe didn’t contact her when she got back to town. She swears she will find her and figure out where Brady is. Roman tells her that he’ll find her if she has set up new cell phone service; he can check with the phone companies. Sami interrupts and tells them both that it’s not necessary.

Chloe stops Phillip from calling the Viennese police. She admits that she fibbed a bit. She talked to the police once before, but they didn’t understand the situation. She even tried to find Brady herself, but she was unsuccessful. She wants to confide in him, but she promises to do so later. She needs to know she has his trust. Phillip snorts. Why should he trust her? Chloe pouts. She thought they were friends. Phillip swears. She came back to the reunion just so she could use him. Chloe says she just came home because she was scared and had nowhere else to turn. Phillip shakes his head. What the hell did she do, kill Brady? Her phone rings and she gasps. It’s Marlena. She tells Phillip quickly that she didn’t kill Brady and answers. Marlena is icy. She wonders why Chloe didn’t come to see her. Chloe fidgets. She is really sorry about John. She wanted to come by, but things were crazy. Marlena snaps. She has no excuse. She expects to see her within the hour. Chloe hems and haws. She’d like to come by tomorrow. Marlena tells her she wants answers about Brady--now. She hangs up. Chloe looks apologetically at Phillip and heads out the door.

Bo and Hope kiss. He gives her a series of smooches-- one for her birthday, one for their anniversary, one for Christmas, and Kwanzaa. He smiles. Wait until she sees what he has planned for the fourth of July. Shawn and Belle head over to chat with Kayla. Hope sighs and wonders if they will be as happy as she and Bo have been.

Steve hesitates. He knows Max has quite the reputation as the ladies’ man. Max sighs. Those days are over for him. Steve leans in menacingly. That’s very good, because if Max hurts his baby girl, Steve is coming after him with something sharp.

Cordy tells Stephanie that everything ill be alright, but she really thinks she should tell her mom at least. Cordy volunteers to go with a nervous Stephanie. They go out and greet Kayla. Nearby, Steve puts Max into a playful headlock. Kayla sees Stephanie’s expression and senses something is wrong. Cordy tells Kayla that something happened, and Stephanie wants to talk to her. She offers to go get Steve, but Stephanie stops her. She shrieks. She does NOT want her dad to know. Kayla hesitates. Stephanie is really scaring her. Stephanie asks her if she remembers the night she came home and told her about her one-night stand. Kayla remembers. Stephanie breaks down. It was all true expect--she didn’t want to have sex. She was raped. She sobs. Kayla embraces her and soothes her.

Roman gets a call from Vienna and takes it in the other room. Chloe shows up and Marlena gives her the third degree. First off, she cannot believe that Chloe could come to town and not visit her. Chloe makes a lame excuse about the reunion taking up her time and Marlena explodes. How dare she use such a trite excuse when John has just died? Chloe hangs her head and admits she has no good reason for staying away. Marlena demands to know where Brady is. Chloe swears she has no idea. Sami breaks in peevishly. How can Chloe not know where her own husband is? Chloe sighs. They had been fighting. One day, they had a huge blow out, and he walked out on her. She hasn’t seen him since. Marlena glares. She knows Chloe is lying.

Stephanie and Kayla hug and bawl. Cordy excuses herself. Stephanie apologizes to Kayla. She knows better than to go home with some random guy. She’s the one to blame. Kayla soothes her. None of this is her fault. She’ll be sure to get Bo and Roman on this investigation right away. Stephanie pales. She tells Kayla she can’t tell anyone--especially Bo and Roman.

Marlena thinks Chloe is lying. She knows her step-son well enough to know that he wouldn’t abandon his wife over one fight. Chloe is sorry, but that is how it happened. She has no idea where Brady went. Marlena scowls. She knows Chloe is hiding something. She wants her to tell her where Brady is and why she can’t reach him, now. Roman interrupts. The Viennese police have some questions for Chloe.

Bo gives Hope an anniversary/birthday present. She opens it and gasps in delight to find a necklace shaped like a fleur-de-lis. It’s a piece from her favorite designer.

Shawn and Belle link arms and try to drink champagne from each others’ glasses. They both give up after a struggle and chuckle. Shawn thinks there’s a reason only newlyweds do this. Belle reminds him they’ve only been married four weeks. They dilly qualify as newlyweds. Shawn swears nothing will ever come between them. Belle agrees.

Roman tells Chloe that according to the Viennese police, they were called out to her apartment several times for noise complaints. Her neighbors reported several loud arguments. Chloe sulks. She said they weren’t getting along. Roman goes on. Another neighbor called right before she left the country. The cops found the place turned upside down with traces of blood. Marlena gasps. Roman tells Chloe that the police obviously have some questions for her.

Stephanie swears Kayla to secrecy. She cant tell anyone-- especially her dad. he’ll flip, and they both know it. Kayla is just so glad that Stephanie came to her, that she’ll promise anything. She swears they will get through this together. She loves Stephanie so much. They hug.

Hope tells Bo how much she loves her present. Julie congratulates Maggie on her restaurants, but Maggie thinks no restaurant can top Doug’s place. Doug brings cake over to celebrate. Bo wants Hope to do the honors. She has kept the family together this year. Hope blushes. He knows that isn’t true. It takes two people to make a relationship--two people that are madly in love and that trust one another. She thanks everyone for joining them to celebrate tonight. The crowd hovers around the cake. Belle pulls Hope aside and tells her she heard everything she said--and she agrees with her. Hope hugs her. She is so glad. Belle gapes over her shoulder. Hope whirls around to find Phillip. He gulps and whispers, “Happy Anniversary.”

Marlena tells Chloe that she’s on notice. She better not have hurt her son. Chloe swears she didn’t. Roman tells her the police in Vienna are faxing their questions over. She needs to come down to the department to answer them. Chloe huffs. What if she refuses? Roman tells her they will then extradite her back to Austria. They’re actually doing her a favor by allowing her questioning to take place here. Chloe swears this is all a big misunderstanding. She loves Brady and Marlena, and she would never hurt either of them. Roman takes Chloe down to the station. Marlena turns to Sami in a huff. She thinks Chloe is flat out lying. Sami tells her not to worry. They will find Brady. Marlena nods. She knows he is. She has lost her husband. She won’t lose anyone else in the family.

Phillip says he came to wish Bo and Hope the best on their anniversary. Belle pipes up. Phillip wasn’t invited. He gapes. Belle barrels on. He isn’t welcome, and he isn’t fooling anyone. He isn’t here because f Bo and Hope; he’s here because of her. He is holding on to some hope for the two of them, but there is none. He has part in Claire’s life, but he ahs no part in hers. Does he understand that? Phillip bows out sadly. He understands, and is sorry if he cause any inconvenience. He wishes them all a merry Christmas. He walks outside and broods.


Kate picks up a booze bottle, "Lucas, what are you doing?"

Chelsea hangs an ornament. Ford stands outside the window and says, "Another year, another victim. You know, they say it gets easier after the second one." Chelsea drops the ornament and it shatters.

Stefano says to EJ, "This will be the year the Bradys will finally reap their just rewards."

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