Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/24/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/24/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Phillip’s office, Chloe and Phillip kiss on the couch. Just as things get hot and heavy, Phillip backs off. He tells Chloe that he thinks this is a mistake.

At Chez Rouge, Shawn and Belle admire the decorations. Shawn can’t believe they were able to squeeze three parties into one. Belle thinks his parents will love their surprise party. Belle sighs. She can’t believe they haven’t thrown her out of the family yet. Bo was pretty mad about what happened with Kate’s gun. Shawn thinks everything will be alright. Shawn notices some mistletoe and pulls Belle in for a kiss, “Merry Christmas Mrs. Brady.” Belle smiles, “Merry Christmas, Mr. Brady.” He is so glad all of their secrets are out in the open. Belle fidgets and agrees. Steve and Kayla come in with an armful of presents. Steve says there are more in the car, so Shawn offers to help him unload them. They head off. Kayla tells Belle that Bo and Hope are really going to appreciate all she has done here. Belle says she mostly did this for Shawn. It’s really important to him. Kayla smiles knowingly. Belle rages. The next time Kayla and Hope compare notes, she wants Kayla to be sure she gets her facts straight.

At their apartment, Sami and Lucas talk about how hard it was to get Allie down for the night. Sami is so glad to be home. It just feels right to be here instead of at EJ’s. She asks Lucas what kind of tree he wants. They have to get one, and some lights and ornaments, too. Lucas tells her to slow down, but Sami barrels on. They can make this happen. Lucas says they can’t. Sami pouts. It’s the twins’ first Christmas, though. Lucas sighs. He won’t be home for Christmas. Sami blinks, “What?”

Across the hall, EJ flashes back to Sami abruptly leaving him. He tries to talk her out of ending their marriage, but she tells him she will find some other way to protect her family. EJ comes back to the present, sighs, and makes a phone call. He wishes the person Merry Christmas and tells them he really needs to talk to them.

Chloe sulks and tells Phillip a girl could get insulted. She thought she was pretty clear about her intentions, but maybe she isn’t his type. Phillips scowls. He doesn’t have a type. Chloe smirks. How about married blondes? Phillip tells her that annoying him wont get her anywhere. She tells him to relax. She is just looking for a little fun, not a lifetime commitment. Phillip dives back in. Chloe rips his shirt open. Phillip jumps back and gasps. That shirt was expensive! Chloe offers to buy him a new one, but Phillip heads to another room to get a new shirt. Chloe scoffs. Does he keep a fresh supply of shirts handy? Phillip explains that he sleeps at the office sometimes. Chloe flirts. Is it that, or are there a string of women ripping his shirts off? Phillip says there are no women. Chloe scowls. Just Belle, right? Phillip rolls his eyes.

Kayla tells Belle that Hope did confide in her, but she isn’t interested in passing judgment. Neither she or Hope are perfect themselves. Belle pouts. Hope makes her feel like she has to be, though. Kayla knows she just made a mistake. She chose to marry Shawn when she could have easily chosen Phillip. Belle says she doesn’t want to be with Phillip. Kayla smiles. Well, then this shouldn’t be complicated at all. Kayla comforts her. She knows that Belle loves her husband, but every marriage is complicated. It’s a long journey that she and Shawn have just started. Belle sighs. How is this advice going to help her with B and Hope? Kayla tells her that they just want their son to be happy. If Belle will just show Shawn how much she loves him, then this will all work out.

Outside Chez Rouge, Bo comforts Hope in regards to their upcoming dinner with Shawn and Belle. They’ll sit, eat, and pretend everything is fine. They head inside and Hope gawks at the feast spread out in the dining room. Did Bo know about this? He shrugs as Kayla pops out, “Surprise!”

Sami asks Lucas where he will be for Christmas. He tells her he talked to Will yesterday, and he seemed down, so Lucas is going to fly out for Christmas to spend time with him. Sami thinks they should all be together. She wants to call Will, explain that she is divorcing EJ, and then have him fly back for the holidays. That is what she wants more than anything for Christmas--for their family to be together, they way they were meant to be.

Shawn asks what Bo and Hope think of the surprise. Hope thinks everything looks beautiful. Steve smiles. He can’t believe they didn’t suspect a thing. He wishes them both a happy anniversary and Hope a happy birthday. Shawn tells them the waiter will be over with drinks soon. Kayla comes over and offers her congratulations. Belle musters up some courage and does the same. She hugs Hope stiffly and offers her some flowers. Hope thanks her. After an uncomfortable silence, Belle heads off to get the waiter to bring over some appetizers.

Chloe grumps. Where is Phillip’s sense of fun? He scowls. It went to war. Chloe wants to help him find it again, but he doesn’t want to be her next project. Chloe huffs. She wants to play a game called “Who is Belle with tonight?” She smiles nastily. It’s Shawn and it always will be. Phillip gets up and opens the door. She frowns. Is he throwing her out? Phillip smiles icily. The correct terms is “showing you the door.” Chloe grins. A few years ago, this would have bruised her ego, but now it just seems like a challenge.

Sami huffs. She just wants to call Will. Once he finds out that she left EJ, he will want to come home. Heck, he’ll probably even want to start talking to her again. Lucas tells her that Will asked him to come alone. Sami sighs. Does he think that Will hates her? Lucas just thinks that Will hated the way they were living. Lucas will go over there and explain that things will be different now. They will have other Christmases to celebrate. Sami asks how he’s going to get to Europe. Uncle Bo confiscated his passport. Lucas grimaces, “Oh yeah.” Sami gasps. This isn’t about Will. This is about the gun he hid from the police and the night EJ was shot.

Hope and Bo watch Belle and Shawn kiss and exchange uncomfortable glances. Kayla comes over. She takes it they didn’t breaks the news to Shawn about Belle cheating. Hope tells her she is hoping for the best right now. Kayla thinks they look happy and Hope agrees. Belle comes over and tells Hope that Steve is ready to give her her gift now. Hope frets. Kayla tells her not to worry. She talked Steve out of doing something crazy that he really wanted to do. Kayla heads off. Hope asks Belle if she will be at Alice’s for Christmas tomorrow. They were hoping she, Shawn, and Claire could make it. Belle says they will be there, and they’ll be together every other Christmas too. Hope is glad to hear that. She and Belle go off to see Steve’s gift to Hope.

Phillip tells Chloe that the open door isn’t a hint. She doesn’t think he wants her to leave. He makes a disparaging comment about her finances. She says she is managing fine. Phillip thought he could put her life under a microscope like she did with both him and Belle. Chloe smiles. Maybe next time. She leaves. Phillip goes over to his computer and pulls up a webpage. It’s a corporate database. Chloe’s name appears under the header. Phillip places a call. He tells the person he needs them there in his office. He’ll fill them in when they get there.

Lucas tells Sami that he has to go for Will’s sake. He is really worried about him. Sami wonders how he will get through security with no passport. He says he’s working on getting a fake one. Sami gasps. Does he know how may laws he’ll be breaking? Lucas frowns. He won’t get caught, alright? He just has to do this for his son’s sake. Sami sulks. She wonders if he is just trying to run out on his family. He can’t believe she is turning this around on him. Everything bad that has happened has happened because she married EJ. Sami huffs. Is that what he thinks? That this is all her fault? Lucas doesn’t think that. He knows it.

EJ wheels inside St. Luke’s and meets Tony. He comments that the church always reminds him of going to mass with Stefano. Tony smiles. Did he ask him here so that they could pray together? EJ tells him he called him because Samantha left him--for good this time. Tony isn’t surprised. EJ scoffs. He is. He offered everything on a silver platter--protection from Stefano and a life full of adventure, away from Salem. Tony doesn’t think he offered the most important thing--his heart. H gave her his obsession, but that isn’t the same thing as his heart. Hell have to dig a little deeper for that. EJ sulks. The only interest Samantha has in his heart is seeing it stop. Tony tells him he can always have Stefano arrange another accident, and bring her into line. Ruining lives is simple. Making them is real hard work. EJ wonders why Tony isn’t bitter after years on a desert island. Tony says he had to choose between life and death, and he chose life. EJ is n his own island now. Will he choose to be Stefano’s soldier, or become his own man? EJ sighs. That is the problem. He cant be his own man and Stefano’s son at once. Tony nods. But he may turn out to be the kind of man that Sami can love.

Lucas apologizes to Sami. He didn’t mean to blame her. Sami huffs. EJ offered to save her life for a price. She paid it, and she is still paying now. She doesn’t want him to go. Lucas has to go be with Will. He has taken the brunt of every bad decision they’ve made. Sami doesn’t think it help Will to have Lucas sneaking out of the country and breaking the law. He begs Sami to tell everyone at Alice’s that he’s sick and couldn’t make the family gathering this year. Sami shakes her head. She is not helping him run. He begs for Will’s sake. She tells him to stop saying this is for Will. She’s not helping him because he is lying to her.

Phillip explains to a private investigator that he needs as much information as possible on Chloe Lane Black. He needs to know who is funding her, and how much money she has. He knows she recently got divorced, so he wants to know where her ex is, too. Phillip tells the investigator he needs a quick turnaround on this, before this little nuisance becomes a big problem.

Maggie, Kayla, Steve, Shawn, Belle, Bo and Hope watch old videos of Bo and Hope together. Hope jokes about Bo’s beard. Maggie proposes a toast to the birthday girl. They all toast, and then Kayla proposes a toast to Bo for always holding the family together. Steve adds “And for having a beautiful sister.” The crowd chuckles. Belle jumps in. She’s like to propose a toast to both Bo and Hope, for teaching them all the meaning of love and forgiveness. They all toast. Bo wants to head off to get cake, but first he has something to say to Hope. She is his wife, and his life. He wants to thank her for being his. They kiss. Chloe walks over and says hi. Shawn asks her to stay. Hope agrees and introduces her to Steve and Kayla. They all insist she stay and have cake. Shawn goes of to get champagne. Chloe glances at Belle and says that she can leave. Belle sighs and says she doesn’t have a problem with Chloe staying. They make uncomfortable small talk about the party. Chloe can’t believe Shawn planned a surprise party. Belle snaps. Shawn isn’t most guys. Nearby, Kayla hands Hope a piece of cake. She thinks Belle’s toast was very nice. Hope nods. It really was. Shawn thanks Steve for the picture of him in his birthday suit. Steve roars with laughter. That was Shawn’s first bath. Chicks really dig that kind of stuff. Belle jumps in and adds that it is her favorite picture of Shawn. Steve laughs. What did he tell Shawn? The guys head off for sodas. Chloe wants to meet Belle in the restroom to talk about Phillip, but Belle isn’t interested. Chloe huffs. It’s important, and it is definitely not for the general public.

Lucas rages. He trusted her when she married EJ and he held everything down here while she was gone. Can’t he just have a little space? Sami wants the truth. Lucas swears he will come home. He doesn’t know when, but he will know more once he talks to Will. He doesn’t want to fight about this. He just wants to get the twins ready and go out to get a tree. Sami says they’re not waking the babies up. Its freezing outside. Lucas agrees to go get the tree by himself. Sami huffs. He better be coming back. Lucas tells her not to worry and leaves. Sami makes a call. She pleads, “Please pick up. Please pick up.”

EJ sighs and wonders what new hell Stefano will create for him. His father was actually good to him after the shooting. He never left his side in the hospital. Tony scoffs. Why does EJ give him credit for meeting minimal parental requirements? If EJ could have one wish for Christmas, what would it be? EJ wants to build a life with Samantha and his son, to love them without conditions, and to have them return that love. Tony thinks he should stand up to Stefano and try to make it happen. After all, he and Sami share a child. That’s a good starting point. Tony thinks denying Stefano can turn bloody, but after all, he may not live long enough to share the life he created anyway. EJ sighs, he wishes there were another way. Stefano’s health is so fragile. Tony doesn’t think he is as fragile as he wants them to believe. Tony thinks are created, not born. Maybe Ej should speak with you-know-who. It may prove helpful. EJ thanks him and offers a hug. They embrace and EJ wishes him a merry Christmas. He wheels off.

Lucas brings in a rather squat tree and tells Sami it’s all they had left. But at least it’s their tree. Sami grins. Charlie Brown would be proud. Lucas draws her into an embrace and apologizes. He didn’t mean to scare her before. She just doesn’t want to lose him. He promises she won’t and asks if they can get started on the decorations. Sami sighs and tells him she called Will after he left. Lucas gapes.

The investigator brings Phillip some information on Chloe. Phillip flips through it and taps his fingers on the desk. There was no divorce or separation, and Chloe and Brady supposedly still share the same address. The investigator tells him they tried all of Brady’s contact numbers and came up empty. The landlord hasn’t seen him in three weeks. Phillip says his favorite part is that Chloe is being sought as a person of interest in the disappearance of her husband, Brady Black. He tells the investigator that he’s done good work.

Belle meets Chloe in the bathroom and tell her to stop playing games. What’s going on with Phillip? Chloe smiles.

EJ tries to pray, but isn’t quite sure how to begin. He loves his father, but he cannot honor his ways. He is sorry for all of the people he has hurt and the terrible things he has done. He wants to be a good father and know what unconditional love is. He also wants to know how it feels to receive that kind of love. He begs for another chance with Samantha. He tells God that he’ll be a changed man if that happens.

Lucas asks Sami what Will said, but she tells him no one answered the phone. Lucas sighs. He doesn’t blame her for doubting him. Sami asks if they an call Will first thing in the morning. Then, if he sounds ok, Lucas won’t have to go to Zurich. Maybe if he seems ok with her leaving EJ, they can fly him home instead. Lucas thinks that sounds perfect. Sami sighs. She just wants them to all be together.

Chloe tells Belle that she has always had a thing for Phillip. Belle scowls. Brady is her brother in case she ahs forgotten. Chloe smiles sweetly. Things didn’t work out between them. Anyway, she went to Phillip’s office and threw herself at him and he wasn’t interested. Belle scoffs. Phillip always did have good taste. Chloe scowls. The man is living like a monk because of her. Belle tosses her head. She cant help what Phillip wants. Chloe thinks this is exactly what Belle wanted to hear. All she has to do is say the word, and Phillip will lay the whole world at her feet. Chloe storms out. Belle sighs.

Outside the bathroom, Chloe takes a call from Phillip. He apologizes for his behavior earlier and asks if she can meet him for a drink. She tells him to meet her at Chez Rouge. Things could get interesting. Phillip wants to meet back at his office. Chloe agrees and Phillip says he can’t wait.

Belle leaves the restroom in a huff. Hope comes out of one of the stalls and stares worriedly.


Patch tells Max, "If you hurt my baby girl, I'll come after you with something sharp."

Kayla asks Stephanie as Cordy looks on, "Can we please go get Steve?" Stephanie yells, "No! Not Dad! I don't want him to know." Kayla frets, "Ok, now you're really scaring me."

Marlena shouts at Chloe, "Stop! Tell me where Brady is... why he's not with you... why I can't reach him."

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