Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/21/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/21/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Chez Rouge, Shawn and Maggie go through a list of names, whom Shawn says have all confirmed. Maggie can’t wait to see the look on Bo and Hope’s faces when they find out their intimate dinner has become a huge surprise party. Shawn thanks her for everything and she heads off. Chloe comes over and says hi. Shawn gapes. She sighs and asks if this is about the reunion. Shawn shakes his head. She has guts to walk in here after the stunt she pulled.

At the pub, Belle studies medical terms and curses her memory. Phillip walks up and offers encouragement. Belle asks what he’s doing there. Shawn is going to be back any minute, so he needs to leave. Phillip swears that he isn’t the one that betrayed her to the police. Shawn did. Belle says it doesn’t matter because they shouldn’t have done it to begin with. Shawn had to commit a crime to the police. Phillip scoffs. It was some crime. Phillip briefly diverted the gun before turning it over to the police. What’s the harm? He made Belle an accessory. Belle says she made herself an accessory by agreeing to go along with the scheme. Belle tells Phillip to stop causing problems where there aren’t any. She is glad Shawn told the truth. He’s been nothing but loving and forgiving, and God knows she doesn’t deserve it.

At Lucas’ apartment, Billie rushes over asking about the twins. Lucas tells her they are both next door with Sami. Billie frowns. She rushed over here because Lucas said there was an emergency with the babies. Lucas tells her it’s more of a problem than an emergency. Billie breaks down. She’s so sorry she confessed the truth to Bo. She just couldn’t lie. Bo says it’s not about that. It’s about Allie. He needs a huge favor.

At EJ’s apartment, he looks at Sami with horror. She wants out of this marriage? Sami huffs. That’s what she said. She wants a divorce, an annulment; whatever it takes to end this marriage now. EJ thinks it’s a mistake, but she says the only mistake she made was trusting him to keep his word. He promised they’d have separate bedrooms and that she could see Lucas without Stefano knowing. EJ frowns. That was before all these supposed feelings she has for him came up. Sami rages. How dare he accuse her of lying? He is the one faking his paralysis and spying on her and Lucas. She can’t believe he is asking her to have sex with him to keep Lucas out of jail. It is just like the night he raped her. EJ grimaces. That is not what he meant at all. Sami thinks that is exactly what he meant and she is fed up with his threats. She never should have married him in the first place. He needs to call his father and get a pope, bishop, or whoever on the line. They are getting this marriage annulled. She wants out right now.

Phillip wants Belle to talk to him, but she isn’t interested. She wants him to leave. Phillip says he is the only one that really understands what she is going through. He’ll never judge her or hold what he knows against her. Belle sulks. He already did. He told Bo she was an accomplice in having Shawn find Kate’s gun. Phillip denies it. If she doesn’t believe him, she can ask Bo how her name came up. Phillip wonders why she even told Shawn about the gun. Belle says she had to after Chloe spilled the beans about them being together in the hotel room. She couldn’t let Shawn think they were having an affair. Phillip thinks she should tell Shawn the truth. She’s just making herself sick keeping it from him. Belle nukes. Is he crazy? That would be a total disaster.

Chloe rolls her eyes and guesses it’s time to kill the messenger. She is really sorry, but she thought Shawn deserved to know the truth about Belle and Phillip. Shawn thinks her timing was bad. He was getting ready to accept some cheesy award for “best couple.” Anyway, he talked to Belle and she swore she wasn’t cheating. Chloe sighs. She just thought something was going on because Belle looked guilty. Then later, Phillip called and asked her not to say anything. Shawn softens. He would have come to the same conclusion had he been there. Phillip has been going after Belle for months now. He’s sorry for attacking her. He would want to know if Belle was having an affair with Phillip, and he would be furious with anyone who didn’t tell him. Chloe tells him she does have good news. She has a date with Phillip later. Shawn asks her if she’s sure she wants to go that route. He doesn’t really want a friend of his dating Phillip. Chloe considers herself warned, but she thinks this could be good for Shawn. She’ll just do her best to make Phillip forget about Belle. Shawn doesn’t want her dating Phillip just to help him out. Chloe insists that she wants to go out with Phillip because she cares and wants to get closer to him again. Shawn thinks it’s a bad idea. Phillip isn’t the same guy she used to know. She has no idea what she is getting herself into.

EJ blanches. She doesn’t mean that. Sami folds her arms. She means it, alright. EJ doesn’t think she is in any frame of mind to be making such life-altering decisions, let alone one that could affect her family. Sami glares. Is he threatening her again? EJ says no, he just wants to talk about this further once she has calmed down. Sami says she is worried about her family, but she refuses to be raped again just to protect them. EJ rages. He screams at her to get out. He knows she will be back though, because he needs him and wants him.

Lucas asks Billie to be Allie’s godmother. Billie hesitates. Is he sure he doesn’t want someone like Hope or Maggie—someone that has experience with children? Lucas wants Allie to model herself after Billie. Billie is confused. She used to be a drug user. Lucas knows she isn’t that person anymore. He wants Allie to know that she can be anything she wants to be. Billie faced many obstacles, but she always came out on top because she is a strong woman. He wants Allie to be like that, plus he knows she’ll be in good hands with Billie if anything happens to him. Billie says she would be honored to be Allie’s godmother. But she has to wonder, since Bo knows about Lucas being at the church, and all this talk about Allie being taken care of if something happens to Lucas—does that mean he is about to get arrested? Lucas says no. This is actually something that he has been thinking about for a long time. Billie thinks he is obviously worried about something. He claims it’s Will. He belongs here with his family, not in Zurich. He just can’t stop worrying about him. Billie thinks it just comes with being a parent. Lucas knows, and that’s why it is so important he knows Allie has someone she can count on. Billie swears to keep her safe.

EJ knows that what he is saying frightens Sami, but maybe that is because she knows it’s true. Sami smirks. He thinks he knows her so well, but he doesn’t. She understands him, because she used to be selfish and sneaky, just like him. But she outgrew that. She doesn’t think he ever will, so he can go ahead and call Stefano. Tell him to start the vendetta back up. She’s taking her babies and getting out of here. EJ frowns. If she does this, people she loves will die.

Shawn explains to Chloe that Phillip is a lot more ruthless and manipulative than he was in high school. Chloe sighs. She appreciates the warning, but she can take care of herself. Shawn asks why she and Brady divorced. They seemed so happy when they left. Chloe says there were a lot of reasons, but they basically just grew apart. People change sometimes. Shawn says that is what he was saying about Phillip. Chloe thinks she may like the changes in Phillip, however. Shawn insists he is trouble. Chloe huffs. She appreciates Shawn’s concern, but she thinks he needs to stop worrying about her and Phillip and start worrying about Phillip and his wife.

Phillip thinks Shawn will find out about their affair sooner rather than later. Bo and Hope know, and they’ll turn on her if she does something they don’t like. Even Kayla or her mom could let it slip. It’s just better if the news comes from her. Belle thinks it will kill him. Phillip tells her that Shawn will forgive her if he truly loves her. Belle whines. Phillip promised not to say anything! He says he won’t. Belle asks him to leave. On the way out, he tells her he ran into Chloe. Belle hopes he ripped her a new one, but Phillip says he asked her out. Belle pouts. She can think of am million reasons why Phillip shouldn’t date her, one being that she dumped Phillip for Belle’s brother. Phillip says Chloe wants to get back together. Belle warns him it’s just a rebound relationship, and that Chloe is just using him. Phillip scoffs. Maybe he wants to be used. She and Belle have been telling him to get a life for months. He has decided to take their advice. Belle gapes as Phillip leaves.

Shawn insists he can handle Phillip, but Chloe isn’t so sure. Phillip is still in love with Belle. Shawn grumbles. That’s if he even knows what love is. Chloe tells Shawn that Phillip will be here any minute, so Shawn gets up to leave. He warns her one last time about Phillip. She reminds him it’s just one date and thanks him. Shawn leaves.

Lucas tells Billie that he won’t be able to take Allie over to Alice’s this year for Christmas and asks if Billie can do it. Billie nukes. Why won’t he be with the family? Lucas tells her to relax. He will be with Allie earlier in the day. Billie hesitates. Should he run this by Sami? Lucas shakes his head. It will be fine; he just doesn’t want to hang around the Brady clan as the ex-husband all day. Billie sighs and relents. She agrees to call before she comes over. They hug and wish each other a Merry Christmas. Billie leaves.

EJ sneers and tells Sami that if she walks out that door, her family loses all protection it enjoyed. Sami rolls her eyes. His threats don’t work on her anymore. She only married him because she thought he wanted to help her end the vendetta. He kept saying that he had changed and wanted to prove it, but she won’t buy that anymore. She’s taking her kids and getting out of here. EJ thinks she is running because she is afraid. He is very close to being the man he was when they danced on the pier last year. She is here because she has feeling for him. She can’t leave. Sami rages. She’s only still here because she has been waiting to do this. She attacks EJ and tips him out of his chair. He goes rolling across the room and wriggles like an upended turtle. He begs her to help him get up. She thinks it must be hell, lying there and pretending to be helpless. She knows he can walk, so he may as well stand up. Lucas comes over and asks what the commotion is all about. Sami tells him it’s finally over. She’s getting a divorce from EJ. Lucas grins. That works for him. Sami cries. She is so sorry she put him through all of this. She knows now that there must be another way to protect her family. EJ groans. He hates to interrupt the moment, but could someone help him get up? Lucas can see that. EJ won’t get any help from him.

Shawn comes into the pub and Belle asks him if everything is ready for the party. He says it is and she smiles. She thinks his parents will love it. Belle sighs and tells Shawn that Phillip was here. She asked him to leave, but he wanted to see if she was alright after everything that happened at the reunion. She just wanted to tell him so he wouldn’t think she was keeping anything from him. He doesn’t know what to say. Belle wants him to tell her he forgives her, but Shawn can’t do that yet. Belle is so sorry. She didn’t mean to hurt him. Shawn sighs. But she did anyway. The worst part is that his own wife would deceive him without batting an eyelash.

Phillip meets Chloe and tells her how good she looks. She returns the compliment and asks if they are going someplace romantic. He isn’t sure what her definition of romantic is. Phillip takes her hand. Chloe says she is intrigued and tells him to lead the way. Phillip grins. It’s his pleasure.

Belle whines. Does Shawn think it was easy lying to him? She hated it, but she really wanted to get him into the academy. She changed her mind about it, but then after he messed up that crime scene, she thought she had to do it. Shawn snorts. He knows exactly why Phillip did this, and it wasn’t because he wanted Shawn to get into the academy. He just wanted to get closer to Belle. He can’t believe Belle played right into his hands. Belle hangs her head. She is so sorry. Shawn knows she is, but that isn’t good enough. Things have to change around here.

Phillip takes Chloe to his office. He jokes that he wanted to show her where he lives now. He basically runs all of the North American offices from right here. Chloe asks him what he does for fun. He smiles and tells her he sits on boards for seven other corporations and two hospitals Chloe thinks he must be very respected. Phillip nods. People respect power. Of course, he does get accused of being ruthless from time to time. Chloe flirts. She never thought he was ruthless. He always seemed like a big teddy bear to her. Phillip scowls. He’s nobody’s teddy bear.

Lucas grabs a bottle of water from EJ’s fridge. EJ lies on the ground and smirks. He tells Lucas to help himself. Lucas smiles. He wanted to thank EJ for saying whatever he did that caused Sami to want to divorce him. EJ swears it’s only temporary. She’ll be back in his bed before long. Lucas says that will never happen, but EJ tells him to enjoy himself while he can. Once that jury finds him guilty of attempted murder, life won’t be quite so rosy.

Billie shows up at Chez Rouge and tells Maggie that she wants to talk to her about Lucas. Maggie asks her to sit down, so she does. Billie breaks down. Lucas invited her over today to ask her to be Allie’s godmother. Maggie seems confused. She thinks that is just wonderful. Billie thought he seemed like it was an urgent request. It was almost as if he knew he wouldn’t be around to raise her. Something is definitely wrong.

EJ knows Lucas was the one that shot him that night at the church. EJ tells him to go ahead and proclaim his innocence, but Lucas thinks EJ has it all figured out already. EJ nods viciously. He’s surprised Lucas didn’t try to blame this on someone else. EJ tells him to go ahead and help himself to a drink, although he may want to try something a little stronger than water. He knows Lucas quit, but he really ought to take the habit up again. He’ll need it where he is going.

Chloe frowns. She thinks Phillip has changed. He sighs. High school was a lifetime ago. He went to war for Christ’s sake. He has seen and done things that no man should have to. Chloe thinks they all owe him a debt of gratitude. Phillip doesn’t want gratitude. He wants her to know that he isn’t the fun, romantic guy she used to know. She needs to find someone that can love her, and that just isn’t Phillip. Chloe snorts. Is he saying that because she isn’t the one? Phillip says he is just incapable of love. Chloe knows for a fact that isn’t true. She has seen the way he looks at Belle, after all.

Shawn tells her that if they want this marriage to work, then they have to be honest with one another. She knows, and that is why she told him that Phillip had been there. She is really sorry about the whole thing with Kate’s gun. They tell each other they love each other and promise not to keep any more secrets. He wants to make sure they get everything out into the open, so does she have anything else she wants to tell him? She starts to tell him something, but Shawn cuts her off. Is there anything else she hasn’t told him about Phillip. Belle pales and says no. She just wanted to say that she doesn’t know that she wants to have more kids. Shawn sighs. He thought she was going to say something much worse, like she and Phillip paid the academy to get him in. Belle laughs uncomfortably. Shawn tells her it’s ok, and tells her to go get ready. They have to be at Chez Rouge for the party in about half an hour. He smiles and thanks her for being honest. No more secrets, ever, right? She nods and he leaves. Belle bursts into tears.

Phillip scowls. He doesn’t want to talk about Belle. Chloe sighs. Fine, so he isn’t the same guy he was in high school. She isn’t the same girl she was back then, either. These last few months with Brady have made her ghoul-girl days seem like a party. She is tried of being alone. Isn’t he? Chloe moves in for a kiss. Phillip responds and they fall onto the couch.

Maggie wants to call Lucas. What if he is drinking again? Billie insists that isn’t it. She knows better than anyone that alcoholics think they can handle anything. Lucas wouldn’t be worried about caring for Allie if he were hitting the bottle again. Billie just doesn’t know what is wrong. Maggie promises to call her if she hears anything. Billie thanks her. Maggie nods. They all have to look out for Lucas. They can’t let anything happen to him.

Sami comes out and tells Lucas she’s ready to leave. EJ wants to discuss it later, but Sami says there is nothing to discuss. They are leaving. They walk next door and Sami apologizes for all she has put Lucas through lately. She is sorry it took her so long to realize her family was right all along. Lucas flashes back to Kate planning to sneak him out of the country. Sami interrupts his reverie. For the first time in months, she finally feels free and happy, and where she belongs. She hopes he can forgive her. She loves him so much.


Shawn tells Belle, "Merry Christmas Mrs. Brady." Belle replies, "Merry Christmas Mr. Brady."

Phillip and Chloe kiss. She rips open his shirt. Phillip looks at the shirt and yells, “Whoa!”

Sami tells Lucas, "Come on Lucas. It’s the twins first Christmas." Lucas replies, "I won't be home for Christmas."

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