Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/20/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/20/07


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At Marlena’s place, Roman arrives to help take some boxes down to the midnight missions. Marlena apologizes for all the work he has to do. She would have called someone else for help, but thought better of it under the circumstances. Roman asks if she is talking about Belle and Phillip. Marlena pales. How does he know about that? Roman has his ways. He says it’s ok if she wants to talk about it, or even if she doesn’t want to. Marlena frets. She just doesn’t know what to do. Roman asks if she means about Belle. Marlena says no; she doesn’t know what to do about Hope.

Hope walks into the pub to find Belle sorting through new clothes and wrapping gifts. Hope asks about the clothes, and Belle tells her she has been shopping for the twins. Hope decides to join Belle and asks her how things are going with Shawn. Belle tries to be enthusiastic and says things are going great for all of them. She’s going to be sure to let Claire know how much her mom and dad love her every day. Hope turns on her. Which daddy would that be?

Shawn barges into Phillip’s office and tells him he’s going to the police about the gun Phillip planted behind the pub. Phillip scoffs. He knows Shawn is full of it. He won’t go through with his threat. Shawn folds his arms and smirks. Actually, his dad is on his way here right now.

Kate and Lucas chat at Chez Rouge. He frets as he tells her that Bo managed to confiscate his gun. Kate seems distant, and Lucas can’t handle her indifference, so he gets up to leave. Kate apologizes and stops him. There is hope for him. After all, she’s getting a real slap on the wrist with these new misdemeanor charges. Lucas rages. Meanwhile, he’ll rot in jail. Kate tells him to have faith. She knows he will come out of this unscathed. Lucas isn’t so sure. The cops have a way to test the bullet in EJ’s spine. They’ll find out that the bullet matches his gun, because he did it. He shot EJ.

At his apartment, EJ stares out the window as Sami straightens up. He tells her he is in the process of sending out all of their Christmas cards. He even included a little bragging note about the twins. Sami looks at them and grimaces. They can’t send these out. EJ jokes about the grammar being too bad. Sami isn’t in the mood for jokes. She needs to go next door for a little while, but EJ wants to spend some time together. He has great news. At his therapy session this morning, he was almost able to stand on his own. He was thinking they could go in the bedroom and see if they can connect. He kisses the back of her hand and simpers.

Belle groans. She was just trying to make small talk and be nice. Of course Claire knows that Shawn is her father. She told Hope that things were over with Phillip, and she meant it. Hope wants to know why Belle met Phillip shortly before the reunion, then.

Shawn tells Phillip he’ll probably be brought up on charges for obstructing justice. That’s what he deserves for setting this whole thing up. Phillip tells Shawn he and Belle were just trying to help, but Shawn isn’t buying it. Phillip did this to get closer to Belle and he knows it. Phillip knows Shawn is upset Belle met him in his hotel room, but he swears nothing happened. Shawn smirks. That must have been tough for Phillip. He’s not used to people telling him “no.” Phillip sighs and asks Shawn to reconsider. Does he really want to punish Belle?

Marlena thinks Hope is being too tough on Belle. She doesn’t like the idea of Belle and Phillip being together either, but she knows it must be difficult for Belle to juggle two men. Roman chuckles. That must hit pretty close to home for Marlena. She avoids him. Roman guesses Belle will just have to learn from her mistakes just like her mother did. Marlena laughs. Roman was NOT a mistake. Roman excuses himself to take a call from the D.A.

Kate gapes as Lucas nods emphatically. That’s right. He did it, and there’s nothing they can do to fight it. Kate considers. There must be something they can do. She wants to try to win by playing dirty. Lucas refuses. There not going to do any of that. He is going to plead guilty.

Sami can’t believe EJ is already thinking about sex. He sure doesn’t waste any time. EJ just thought it was time to put some romance back into their marriage. Sami thinks he has been faking his injuries. She tries to pull him out of the wheelchair, but fails. She slings a dumbbell around. Were all his therapy sessions fake, too? Sami thinks he has been stringing her along, but EJ swears he is telling the truth. He can prove it, too. Sami can just call and talk to his doctor or therapist—or her lover, the man that put a bullet in his back in the first place.

Marlena frets as Roman speaks with the D.A. He hangs up and tells her that her attempted murder charge has been reduced to a misdemeanor weapons possession. Marlena hugs him, clearly relieved. She knows he was pulling strings behind the scenes to make this happen for her. How can she ever thank him? They hug. Roman tells her that is what ex-husbands are for. And speaking of exes, Kate actually got the same plea agreement that Marlena did. Marlena is confused. Who shot EJ, then? Roman tells her that is the million dollar question.

Kate cannot understand why Lucas would consider pleading guilty. Has he not thought of the consequences? He has to fight for his family. Lucas sighs. He doesn’t want Stefano to go after his children and he doesn’t want to lose them. The sad thing is that he already lost Sami. He thinks it’s pretty ironic that he hated EJ so much that he lost everything through his own hatred.

Sami rages. She knows Lucas is innocent. There is no way EJ could have known that Lucas was at the church that night unless he was snooping with those baby monitors. Sami glares. EJ fidgets.

Belle tells Hope that she and Phillip met to talk about Claire and that’s all. Hope thinks she is being dishonest. After all, were she and Phillip talking about Claire upstairs while they were having sex? Belle bites her lip. She has tried very hard to be respectful of Hope. Hope rages. Talk about respect! What about the respect she should have for her own husband? Belle lays into her. If Hope had any respect for her, she would have kept her mouth shut. It isn’t as if she and Bo haven’t had their share of marriage troubles. Hope thinks she has given Belle plenty of chances, but Belle disagrees. Those weren’t chances, they were tests. And Hope clearly wants her to fail.

Phillip reminds Shawn that if he spills the beans to Bo, then Belle will go down too, as an accessory to the crime. Shawn glares. Phillip glowers. Bo shows up and smiles, oblivious to the tension, “What’s up, guys?”

Kate tries to convince Lucas that he isn’t a murderer, but Lucas won’t have it. Doesn’t she remember Franco Kelly? Kate thinks that was a low point in his life. Surely he wouldn’t make the same mistakes that he made so long ago. Lucas says he could, and he did. He proceeds to fill her in on what happened the night of Sami’s wedding. He tried to relax, but he had to see what was going on, so he hired a nurse to watch the twins and headed for the church. He couldn’t stop himself from trying to kill EJ, but instead of him going down, Lucas’ whole life is over instead. Kate swears they’re going to get through this, but Lucas doesn’t think there’s anything that can be done. Kate thinks there is one thing he can do. Leave the country, immediately.

EJ swears the monitor was broken. He’s said this several times. He grumps. Sometimes talking to Sami is like talking to a brick wall. Sami grumbles. Either way, Lucas is innocent. He swore up and down that he had nothing to do with EJ’s shooting. EJ knows Lucas is lying. The strain of juggling two men must be too much for Sami, or she wouldn’t have bought his line either. Sami gives EJ a meaningful look. That’s all about to end—soon.

Belle tires of Hope’s accusations and tries pointing the blame elsewhere. She only has two words for Hope—Patrick Lockhart. Hope scowls. No one is perfect. Belle doesn’t want to hear it. She is married to Shawn, and that is final. If Hope doesn’t like it, then that is her problem.

Bo thinks it’s strange that they’re having a meeting in Phillip’s office. Shawn explains that he called Bo here to tell him that the gun he found was planted by Phillip. Phillip fidgets and claims the accusation is ridiculous and unfounded. Bo pulls Shawn aside and asks him what Phillip’s motive might be. Shawn starts to tell him, and then hesitates. Bo guesses Belle somehow figures into all of this. Later, Bo and Shawn head for the pub. Shawn worries about implicating Belle. What will happen to her? Bo says he will try to do something for her on his end down at the station. Until then, Shawn needs to have a talk with her.

Belle leaves in a huff to go get Claire as Shawn and Bo enter the pub. Hope pulls Bo aside and tells him she tried to get some information out of Belle about the night she met Phillip, but she was unsuccessful. Bo leans in and starts to tell Hope about the saga with Belle, Phillip, and the planted gun. Shawn comes up behind him and interrupts, “Dad, what do you think you’re doing?”

Lucas tells Kate he can’t leave the country. He refuses to abandon Allie, and besides, Bo confiscated his passport. Kate thinks Stefano will go after him if he stays here. Maybe he should go to Switzerland. Lucas shakes his head. That would be the first place they would look since Will is there with Austin and Carrie.

EJ tells Sami he has another exam today at the police’s request. They took a high-resolution picture of the bullet in his spine. Soon they’ll know for sure if it came from Lucas’ gun. Sami knows the test will show that Lucas is not the shooter. EJ stops her. For argument’s sake, let’s say Lucas did shoot him. He can make her a deal that will guarantee Lucas’ protection if he turns out guilty.

Marlena examines the picture that she and Hope found yesterday. Roman asks about it. Is the little boy John? Marlena thinks it has to be. Otherwise, why would anyone send it to him? She knows the woman isn’t Daphne, but she’s lost other than that. Can Roman help her find out who this woman is?

Shawn pulls Bo aside and begs him not to tell Hope about Belle’s involvement with the planted gun. Belle comes back with Claire and stares worriedly at Shawn. Hope thinks she looks nervous.

Kate tells Lucas she can get him a fake passport, but he isn’t interested in adding ten years to his sentence. Kate ponders. He could book passage on one of the Kiriakis cargo ships. Then he wouldn’t even need a passport. When Stefano dies, they’ll find a way to bring him back here and clear his name. She takes out her phone. Should she go ahead and make the arrangements?

Sami is suspicious. EJ tells her that all he wants is for them to live together exclusively and for her to sleep in his bed. In return, he’ll agree not to press charges and Lucas will go free. Not only that, but he will speak to Stefano and make sure he doesn’t retaliate either. Sami draws back and prepares to wallop EJ across the mouth. EJ stops her and leans in. As their faces inch closer, Sami glares and breathes heavily.

Roman takes a closer look at the picture and states the obvious. He thinks that if this picture is of John, then it must have been taken years before. Marlena is positive it’s John. Roman sighs. He just thinks it will be nearly impossible to find out who the woman in the picture was. Marlena was thinking they could start with her pearl necklace. It shouldn’t be hard for a detective extraordinaire such as Roman. He grins. Flattery will get her everywhere. Roman says he will take a stab at it. What exactly is she looking for? Marlena says she wants to find out more about John’s past. Since his future was lost to her, this is all she has.

Belle hisses at Hope. She is not going to have this conversation in front of her daughter.

Shawn tells Bo that he wants him to keep mum so Hope won’t get upset. Belle comes over with Claire and Bo greets her with pleasure. Belle tries to strike up a conversation, but Bo meets her with cold indifference. Hope comes over and she and Bo leave. Once outside, Bo spills the beans about the gun. Hope wonders what Phillip wanted in return. Bo scowls. He has a pretty good idea.

EJ grabs Sami and pulls her onto his lap. He thinks this agreement will make them both happy. They can spend the rest of their lives together happily, just like it was meant to be. Sami pushes him off of her. She is never sleeping with him—ever again.

Roman asks Marlena if he may keep the picture. He’ll make a copy and try to find something out about the necklace. Roman gets ready to leave, but hopes Marlena can make it to Alice’s for Christmas. She promises to try and make it.

Belle thinks Bo was very distant towards her. She asks Shawn if he knows why. He tells her that he confessed that the gun he found was planted by Phillip with Belle’s help. Belle nukes. Shawn swears he will protect her. He even tried to keep her name out of it, but Phillip refused to cooperate. He excuses himself to go find a camera to take pictures of Claire. Belle calls Phillip in a huff. She asks him what the hell he was thinking, admitting what they did to Bo. Phillip scoffs. He didn’t say anything, Shawn did. Belle frowns. Shawn said he did. Phillip rages. He didn’t betray her. Her husband did. Belle chokes.

Lucas begrudgingly agrees to go along with Kate’s plan—but only if the bullet from EJ’s spine matches his gun. Kate smiles with relief and agrees to make the arrangements before Christmas.

EJ is confused by Sami’s rejection. Don’t husbands routinely make love to their wives? Sami hisses, “Is that what you called it when you raped me?” Sami is sick and tired of his ultimatums. He has done this to her too many times before. EJ sighs. This time is different. They are married, and she supposedly has feelings for him. Sami tells EJ that she’ll save Lucas by herself if he is in trouble. EJ tells her not to be foolish. It’s about time she wised up. Sami glares. She is wising up—finally. This ends right now.


Billie asks Lucas, "Lucas, I want to know – are you about to get arrested?"

Shawn says to Chloe, "You've got some guts to waltz in here after that stunt you pulled."

Phillip tells Belle, "Maybe you should be honest with him." She replies, "It would be a total disaster."

Sami tells EJ, "We are getting this marriage annulled. I want out right now."

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