Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/19/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/19/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Chez Rouge, Max overhears Cordy pleading with Stephanie to talk to someone about what happened to her. She leaves, and promises to call Stephanie to let her know she got home ok. Max walks over and Stephanie fills him in on what happened with Cordy. She ran off after Billie asked her if she wanted to talk about Ford. Max is worried that Cordy might have spilled the beans, but Stephanie assures him she didn’t. Max seems concerned about Stephanie, and asks if she’s going to be alright.

At his office, Phillip waits with Kate for the assistant D.A. Kate flashes back to Phillip warning her about Roman and she grimaces. The assistant district attorney comes in and gives them the D.A’s regards. Kate scoffs. Jill tells them that since Kate and Phillip have agreed to cooperate, they’re prepared to offer Kate a plea agreement.

At Marlena’s place, Hope helps Marlena sort through some of John’s things. Hope tries to offer Marlena consolation, but she continues to worry about her arrest for EJ’s attempted murder. She tells Hope that Stefano has to be stopped. She went there after Sami’s wedding and promised to kill him. As God is her witness, she vows to do it.

At Stefano’s mansion, Alessandro Chavez waits for Stefano with impatience. Stefano rushes in and profusely apologizes for the hold up. Chavez rages. He is the leader of a country, a president. How dare Stefano treat a man such as himself with such disrespect? Stefano quietly reminds him that without DiMera assistance, his family would not have wealth or power. He deserves his gratitude. A mollified Chavez asks what Stefano wants. He tells him an old enemy has resurfaced. He needs Chavez and his army to make sure this enemy disappears.

Stephanie huffs. She doesn’t have to tell Max anything. Her conversation with Cordy was private. Max knows that Cordy thinks she should talk to someone, but Stephanie swears it’s no big deal. Stephanie flashes back to telling Cordy about her rape. Stephanie tries to leave, but Max presses her. He doesn’t think she’s anything like the girl that jumped out of a plane or danced with him. Stephanie sneers. So they share some moments together and she’s supposed to fall in his arms? Sorry, but she didn’t get a copy of his playbook. Max rolls his eyes and starts to stomp off, but Stephanie stops him this time. She has more to tell him.

Phillip tries to feed Jill a line about Kate’s being a pillar of the community, but she isn’t buying it. The deal is non-negotiable. The D.A. is agreeing to drop the attempted murder charges, but Kate will be charged with making terrorist threats. She won’t do much time--just about eighteen months or so. Kate nukes. She is NOT going to prison.

Hope frets about Marlena threatening Stefano. She fears Stefano will come after her. Marlena frowns. She hopes he does.

Stephanie opens up to Max at the bar. She has really been on edge lately. Max takes her hand and tries to soothe her, but Stephanie yanks away like he’s on fire. She tells him about finding Cordy getting ready to overdose. Just then, she gets a text message from Cordy saying that’s she’s gotten home safely. Max smiles. He thinks Cordy is ok right now because of what Stephanie did. Stephanie rolls her eyes. She may be Wonder Woman, alright, but it’s clear to her that Max is just another guy looking to get laid.

Kate explodes. She absolutely refuses to go to jail. Phillip attempts to intercede on her behalf. Kate needs her tirade and apologies. Jill shrugs. With good behavior, she could be out in three months. Kate moans. Phillip tells her the deal is off. She tries to explain that Kate could do seven years if prosecuted, but Phillip insists. They have no deal.

Marlena and Hope start packing up some of John’s clothes. Marlena is taking them to the midnight mission that bears his name on the wall. Marlena talks about how much she misses John, and Hope attempts to soothe her. Marlena sighs. John used to come to her in her dreams while he was in a coma, but he doesn’t anymore.

Stefano shows Alessandro the threatening notes. He is almost positive the author is taking refuge in his country. Stefano needs him to lead him to this woman. Alessandro isn’t impressed with Stefano’s posturing. Besides, he isn’t Stefano’s personal servant. Stefano’s polite mask falls away. His face twists. He smashes his glass on the floor. Alessandro is what he says he is. And if he refuses to listen, Stefano will close the mines and watch his people sweep him away. A frightened Alessandro laughs and claims it was all a joke. Stefano frowns. He wants a complete dossier on the woman as soon as possible. He threatens the man once more for good measure, then excuses him.

Max takes offense. Does Stephanie actually believe that he came back here to get laid? Max huffs. He buried a dead body for her. Isn’t that enough? Stephanie wants to know if it’s possible for him to just be friends with a girl without expecting the hero treatment. Max thinks they are just friends, which sets Stephanie off. She yells that a real hero is nothing like him or Jeremy? Max glowers and tells her to never, ever compare him to Jeremy.

Marlena and Hope continue to talk about how difficult his loss has been. Marlena finds the clothes John was wearing the night of the accident. Hope promises to take car of them, but finds an envelope amongst the articles. She wonders what’s in it.

Jill gets snooty and tells Kate she’ll see her in court, but Phillip has one final ace up his sleeve. He tells the D.A. that he has intercepted a few e-mails between Roman Brady and the D.A. concerning Marlena Evans’ case. It seems Roman has been making a back-door plea agreement to get Marlena’s charges dropped. If Jill can’t find Kate some wiggle room, then Phillip will have no choice but to turn these e-mails over to the proper authorities.

Max cannot believe Stephanie would ever compare him with Jeremy. She thinks they both treat girls the same way-- they’re supposed to dress up, look out, and then put out. She helped Cordy with a little makeover before her date with Ford. Her outfit screamed “come and get it” and that’s exactly what Ford did. Max soothes her. He tells her that was no one’s fault but Ford’s. He didn’t mean to upset her. If she just wants to be friends, then that’s what they’ll be.

Jill agrees a different agreement would be appropriate. She dickers with Phillip and offers five years probation, no time served. Phillip refuses. He wants a misdemeanor weapons charge. Kate will offer the D.A. something in return for his leniency. Jill asks what that might be. Phillip tells her it’s Stefano DiMera. Kate chokes.

Rolf asks Stefano about the mystery, woman, but he keeps mum about it. All he will say is that she is a dangerous she-devil that is out to destroy him. Stefano asks about their patient. Rolf tells him he is recuperating nicely, so Stefano asks to go see him. He and Rolf head off.

Max apologizes for not being a good friend to her. He was trying to give Nick love advice tonight, but it seems like he is the one that should betaking it from Nick. He thinks maybe he needs to tell a certain woman how he feels.

Kate tells Phillip to forget it. Selling Stefano out is akin to suicide. She’ll take prison over that. Phillip ignores her. Kate has known Stefano for years in several capacities. She would be more than happy to cooperate if the charges are dropped. Jill wants to know if Kate will wear a wire. Kate grumbles. She’d rather burn in hell.

Stefano and Rolf enter Rolf’s lab. He tells Stefano that it’s early yet, but his work is done. Stefano gapes.

Hope has found an envelope addressed to John. Hope opens it with Marlena’s permission and finds a picture of a little boy sitting on a woman’s lap. Her face has been torn from the top of the picture. The back says, “A picture of you and me-- Mama.” Marlena gasps.

Max tells Stephanie that he ahs made a lot of mistakes with women, and a couple of them have basically left town on him. He needs a girl that’s going to stick around. He fidgets. Is Stephanie planning on staying in town, or is she headed somewhere else?

Kate flat out refuses to wear a wire. Phillip wants her to make he deal, but Kate continues to hold out and Jill needs an answer. Phillip asks Jill if she is offering a similar deal to Marlena. Isn’t that the point of this whole thing?

Marlena and Hope talk about the picture they’ve found and whether or not the child could be John. Whatever happens, Marlena says she has to find this “Mama” person.

Stefano asks for time alone with the patient and Rolf obliges. Stefano tells the person every life has a purpose, and it’s time for him/her to realize his/hers. He tells the person that the family goes back generations. Kings and popes are in their ancestry, and even though the family fell into disrepute, his father restored it to its former greatness, and he refuses to see it destroyed by a woman. He asks the patient if it understands.

Stephanie can’t believe Max is coming on to her this way. He claims to be hot for her one minute, but the next he is falling all over Morgan. Max tells her that he explained to Morgan that they weren’t going anywhere just this evening. Stephanie doesn’t know why he think she’d be interested. He moves in for a kiss, but she runs off in tears. She can’t do this!

Kate agrees that she has no choice and caves to the deal. Jill says she’ll be in touch and leaves. Kate paces the room. She’s worried about the position Phillip has placed her in. Phillip promises to make sure that she isn’t around to cooperate if they want her to wear a wire. Late sighs in relief and thanks him. She asks him to do her a favor and help Lucas, too, if he can. Phillip sighs. Nothing is ever enough for her.

Hope doesn’t think it will be easy to find the woman, since her face has been cut off and they have no name. Marlena doesn’t care. She’s excited to learn about the side of John Black that she doesn’t know. She swears to Hope that she will find this woman and learn what she knows about John.

Stefano tells the patient that it will be his greatest soldier. He will destroy his enemy and anyone who tries to stop him will feel the wrath of the DiMeras.


Roman tells Marlena, "I guess she will have to learn from her mistakes just like her mom did." Marlena beams, "You were not a mistake."

Belle says, "I'm going to tell her every day how much Mommy and Daddy love her." Hope whirls around, "And which Daddy might that be?"

Phillip tells Shawn, "You're not going through with your threat. Shawn replies, "As a matter of fact I am. My dad is going to be here any minute."

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