Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/18/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/18/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At their penthouse, Steve tells Kayla that the car will be ready tomorrow. He’s having the mechanic put snow tires on as well as fixing the brakes. Kayla comes out in a negligee. She bats her eyes. She has some work that Steve can do around the house today. She knows they were supposed to go to the movies, but she wants to stay in and “entertain” each other. Steve agrees.

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, Johnny screams while Sami tries to distract him. Marlena comes by. Sami wails. Johnny is usually so quiet, but he hasn’t stopped crying lately. Marlena thinks it may be colic. All Sami can do is try to ride it out. Sami is afraid he is reacting to how upset she is. She found out Lucas lied to her about attending her wedding. Not only that, but he showed up with a gun. He swore he never shot EJ. Marlena asks if she believes him. Johnny rages. Sami goes off to put him in the nursery.

Nick and Max show up at the sorority house. Carmen answers and Max asks for Stephanie. Carmen says she is out looking for Cordy, who disappeared. Nick asks if Chelsea went, too. Carmen says no and goes upstairs to get her. Max tells Nick to be cool. If Chelsea doesn’t seem receptive, he shouldn’t push it. Nick nods. Max tells him to take his advice if he wants to get lucky tonight. Nick huffs. He got lucky the night he met Chelsea. Max groans. Where did he get that line from, a card? Chelsea needs more walk and less talk. Nick just wants to be honest with Chelsea, but Max thinks he needs less of that, too. Chelsea comes downstairs and tells Nick her big meeting is over. Did she forget something at the restaurant? Nick tells her she forgot this—and kisses her.

Stephanie bursts into Chez Rouge and asks the hostess if she has seen Cordy. The hostess tells her a girl came in asking to use the bathroom. Stephanie heads for the back. She walks into the restroom and starts flinging doors open. She finds Cordy in the last stall and breathes a sigh of relief. Then she notices the bottle of pills in her hand and flips, “OMG! Cordy! How many did you take?”

Chelsea can’t believe Nick came all this way for a kiss. Nick just wants to let her know that he didn’t care that she bailed on dinner. He just wants to spend time with her, but he knows she’s busy with finals. Chelsea asks to talk to Nick in private—in her bedroom. They head upstairs. Morgan comes down in a negligee and asks Max to stay. She has something that she has wanted to give him for a long, long time. Max gulps. Upstairs, Nick tells Chelsea he heard her say she couldn’t get “him” off her mind. Chelsea tells him she was talking about Ford, who is missing.

Stephanie takes out her phone and threatens to call 911. Cordy stops her. Stephanie just doesn’t understand how bad the nightmares are. Stephanie says she knows, but Cordy won’t listen. No one can possibly know how she feels. Stephanie says she knows, because she has been there. Ford raped her, too. Cordy accuses her of lying. Stephanie doesn’t have time to argue. They have to get her to the hospital. Cordy admits that she hasn’t taken any pills yet. She just ran here after Billie showed up. She didn’t want to die, but she did want to make all the pain go away. How could she be so stupid? Stephanie claims she’s the only one that should be blaming herself. She went to a party to get back at Max. Ford raped her that night. Cordy is so sorry. They both hug and dissolve into tears. Stephanie swears she wanted to tell her. Cordy will never know how much.

Morgan comes downstairs with a Christmas gift, and tells Max he’ll be glad he waited. He opens it to find a signed autograph from a race car driver. It says, “Sorry we never raced against each other, Max. You were one of the best.” Max chokes. How did she get this? Morgan smiles coyly. She has her ways. Max thinks she is really something. Morgan flirts. She’s glad he noticed.

Chelsea fills Nick in on the news Billie brought them about Ford. Nick asks if he skipped town. Chelsea doesn’t think so. His dad doesn’t even know where he is. Nick asks her if there something else going on here. Chelsea says no, but it’s weird that the last place he was seen was leaving their house. Nick nukes. Ford was here? Chelsea soothes him. He kept pounding on the door, wanting to apologize, but he came in drunk and incoherent. He passed out on the couch, and they left him there. They took turns watching him, and he left the next day. That’s all she knows. From downstairs, Carmen lets out an ear-splitting shriek.

Kayla leads Steve back to the bedroom. Steve whistles in admiration. Candles cover every inch of free space. Kayla grins. She figures this setting would be more comfortable than the backseat. Steve sighs. She needs to remember, they can always adopt. Kayla tells him she already got the paperwork. Steve thinks they should fill them out now. Kayla squawks. What’s the matter with him? He just thinks that pregnancy can be risky. Kayla kisses him and asks him not to worry.

Marlena doesn’t think Christmas will be the same without Will. Sami tells her that he wanted to spend the holidays with Carrie and Austin. Sami sighs. She married EJ to stop the violence, but she would have just eloped if she knew everyone she loved would show up at the ceremony with a gun. Marlena asks if she thinks Lucas did it. Sami isn’t sure. She would have called anyone who told her that Marlena would show up with a gun crazy. Marlena thinks love makes people do crazy things. Sami nods. So does hate. And no one hates EJ more than Lucas does. Marlena tells Sami that on of the shooters was Kate. Sami sighs. That means the third shot had to have been from Lucas’ gun. He might go to jail, and it will be all her fault. Sami didn’t mean to betray him. Marlena thinks she means Lucas, but she means EJ. She should have never made him believe she was falling for him.

Carmen tells everyone her shower just turned to ice. That’s why she screamed. Nick thinks it must be the hot water heater and volunteers to check it out. Chelsea notes that it’s in the basement and says Max will do it. Max flashes back to burying Ford and jumps up. He’ll take a look. Nick huffs. He thinks he knows his way around a water heater.

Stephanie recounts her night of horror to Cordy. She just wanted to get back at Max, but then Ford spiked her drink. She tried to tell him to stop, but he wouldn’t. She sobs. Cordy soothes her. Stephanie says she never even passed out. Ford’s smirk while he raped her is still imprinted on her mind. Cordy frowns. Why was she so tough on her about moving on when she was raped herself? Stephanie apologizes for being a hypocrite. She says she was scared. Stephanie is used to living dangerously, and she always loved it, but now she afraid all the time. Cordy hugs her. Ford did that. He did that to both of them. Stephanie apologizes again. She should have stepped up and testified against Ford. Cordy is so glad she finally told the truth. Now she doesn’t feel so alone in all of this. Stephanie huffs. She is a coward and doesn’t deserve Cordy’s forgiveness. Cordy says she forgives her, but Stephanie really needs to forgive herself. Stephanie sniffles.

Max drops a hint that Chelsea hid Nick’s Christmas present in the basement. Chelsea tells Nick they have more important things to take care of in her room, anyway. They head upstairs. Nick tells her not to worry about Ford. He will probably pop up when they least expect him. Chelsea moves in for a kiss. She is sorry about their date. Nick says they can do it another time. Chelsea grins, “How about now?” Nick is confused. Right here and now? Chelsea nods and attacks.

Sami tells Marlena that she told EJ she had feelings for him and let him assume the rest. She had to, so he wouldn’t die. That would have started everything up all over again. Marlena frowns. She can see why Lucas is so concerned, then. Sami quickly explains that Lucas knows it is all an act. Marlena gently reminds her that she is basically telling both men that she loves them, and her relations with the other man is all an act. How are they supposed to know what to believe? Marlena also knows Sami put Lucas through a lot over the years. It’s natural that he should distrust her. Sami sighs. What should she do? Marlena thinks she needs to fight back. She can’t play the game with the DiMeras. She will lose. Sami’s expression hardens. They murdered John. Marlena grimaces. She gets that. It’s time for her to make sure that her husband did not die in vain.

Kayla and Steve sit in bed amongst a pile of papers. Kayla reassures him about pregnancy. Most women her age and their babies turn out fine. If she really thought there was a serious risk, she wouldn’t do it. Steve doesn’t think that sounds like a guarantee. Kayla promises to go get tests run before she gets pregnant. If any of the doctors say there’s a problem, she’ll let it go. Kayla wants to shake on it, but Steve would rather kiss her to seal the deal.

Max fiddles with the water heater, then smoothes Ford’s grave. He hurries back upstairs and tells Morgan that he lit the pilot light again, but the heater is on its last legs. Morgan bats her eyes. Carmen went next door to finish her shower. She was thinking she and Max could save that hot water for a nice, soapy bubble bath. She moves in, but max backs off.

Stephanie tells Cordy that she left all the girls messages letting them know they were both ok, and that she found Cordy. Cordy sighs. She never thought she would ever be the victim of a rapist. That isn’t what she wants to be. Stephanie wishes she had been as brave as Cordy and had come forward. Cordy thinks she was brave. She got rid of Ford’s body. Cordy never could have done it in a million years. Cordy says there is something she needs to do, but she’s scared. She’s hoping Stephanie will come with her. Stephanie says she will help if she can. What’s up? Cordy tells her she wants to go to therapy.

Sami tells Marlena that she can’t take on the DiMeras alone. It’s crazy. Marlena tells her that it’s fight or fold. And she is sick of folding. If Sami truly loves Lucas, then she will get her marriage to EJ annulled right away. Sami says she can’t and asks Marlena to think of her children. Marlena tells her to move on and focus on her family and Lucas. They’ll take care of the rest.

Max thinks Morgan is beautiful, smart and amazing. Her face falls. She knows what that means. They’re not going anywhere, are they? Max thinks he’ll regret this. Morgan smiles. He is definitely going to regret it. The awkwardly exchange Merry Christmases and he leaves. Max runs into Carmen outside, who tells him that Stephanie found Cordy at Chez Rouge. Max thanks her and hurries off.

Kayla wonders how Stephanie will react to her potential pregnancy. Steve doesn’t think she’ll want to imagine her folks making a baby. Kayla smiles. It’s Christmas. They’ll just say it was a miracle. Steve thinks something has been bothering Stephanie lately. Has Kayla noticed? Kayla doesn’t know. She hasn’t said anything to her. Steve sighs. He knows something is wrong.

Stephanie doesn’t think therapy is right for her. Besides, she told Cordy, and talking about with her really helped. Cordy says she isn’t a professional. Stephanie needs to talk to her parents, at least. Stephanie shakes her head. Her dad would flip, and her mom was raped. She doesn’t want her to have to go through those feelings all over again. Cordy thinks she should tell them. Her own parents have been great. If she doesn’t her problem will just get bigger and bigger. Since Stephanie saved her life tonight, Cordy wants to save hers.

Marlena wants Sami to think abut what she said, but Sami snaps. Ending her marriage to EJ is all she ever thinks abut. Marlena tells her that she needs to act on it. They either fight back and end this thing now, or it goes on forever. Marlena has t leave. Sami asks if she will be at Alice’s on Christmas, but Marlena isn’t sure. Sami tells her that her family needs her. Marlena says she’ll let her know and leaves.

Morgan drinks a glass of wine and pouts. Nick comes out buttoning his shirt and asks about Max. Morgan says he left. Nick asks if Stephanie called. Morgan flips. Why? Is he trying to get back together with her? Chelsea saves him. She calls him back to the bedroom. Morgan gives him the wine bottle and Nick sheepishly excuses himself. Nick tells Chelsea that he talked to Morgan, but he thinks she may have gotten dumped. Chelsea sighs. Hit and run Max strikes again. Nick thinks he may want Stephanie back. Chelsea asks him to get back into bed. She needs him. Nick doesn’t know what she’s hiding in that basement, but he bets it couldn’t top this.

Kayla thinks Stephanie will come to them if she needs them. Steve goes of to call Stephanie to arrange lunch. He just wants to talk to her and feel thing out. Kayla doesn’t want him to push. Stephanie doesn’t need them as much as she used to. Steve thinks she needs them more than she thinks she does. And he’s going to be there for her.

Cordy and Stephanie come out of the bathroom and head into the dining room. Cordy says she feels a lot better and thanks Stephanie. She says she feels better, too. Max walks in and sees them. He heads over. Cordy asks Stephanie to promise her that she’ll talk to someone about what happened. It’s too big to handle on her own. Max gapes.


Marlena tells Hope, "When I left Belle's wedding I went straight to Stefano. I told him one day I was going to kill him."

Phillip asks, "What if Ms. Roberts can offer something in return for the DA's leniency?" A woman asks, "Such as?" Phillip says, "Stefano DiMera."

Stefano tells a strange man, "I want you and your army to make sure this enemy disappears."

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