Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/17/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/17/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Chez Rouge, Nick discusses a romantic evening he has planned for Chelsea with Maggie. Chelsea walks over and tells him how hot he is. He kisses her and gives her flowers. Maggie takes that as her cue to leave and exits. Chelsea asks what’s going on. She thought they were just getting drinks. Nick pouts. Does he need an excuse for a date? Chelsea sighs. She has a lot of school work to do. Nick smiles. That can wait. This can’t. They kiss.

Stephanie shows up at the sorority house and asks Carmen why Morgan called her with an emergency. Morgan walks over and tells her that Cordy is holed up in her room again. Stephanie thinks she’ll snap out of it. Morgan says she better, because if she cracks, it’s over for all of them. In her room, Cordy flashes back to Ford’s death. She whimpers. Stephanie and Morgan pound on the door. They beg Cordy to let them in. She cries.

At Lucas and Sami’s apartment, Sami stands in the doorway as Lucas tears the delivery service a new one. Sami interrupts him. She wants the truth about what’s in the package. Lucas hems and haws. It’s just a really big check. Sami thinks it’s no big deal. He can get it reissued. She offers to help. Lucas freaks. She can’t. Her name isn’t on the account. Sami folds her arms. She thinks Lucas is full of it. There’s something else in the package, and she needs to know what so she can help him. Lucas sighs. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. Sami asks what it is. Lucas tells her it’s his gun. Sami gapes.

Across the hall, Bo calls EJ. A package service just called letting him know that EJ had acquired a package addressed to Lucas. EJ chuckles. He just signed for it when Lucas was gone like a good neighbor. EJ tells Bo the unopened box is right in front of him. He was getting ready to take it back to Lucas. Bo tells him to hang on to it. He’s on his way. EJ hangs up and slips the gun back into the box.

Cordy opens the door for the girls and crawls back into bed. They want her to come back to the living room, but she refuses. She tells them that Ford is smiling and laughing at her. Morgan and Stephanie soothe her. She was just having a bad dream. Cordy cries. The dream always ends with Ford waking up and grabbing her. Morgan tries to tell her it’s ok, but Cordy snaps. Nothing will ever be ok again. Ford fell and died because of them. They have to call the police and tell them everything.

Nick takes Chelsea’s cell phone from her. He doesn’t want her to have any distractions tonight. Chelsea tastes an appetizer and says she has to get back to the house soon. It’s an emergency. Nick tells her he ordered the whole dinner. He even tried to write a poem, but he’s not very good at it. He proposes a toast. Chelsea flashes back to Ford toasting her the night he died. Nick tells her he wouldn’t trade a second of all the good and the bad times. He interrupts Chelsea’s reverie. Chelsea apologizes. What are they doing, toasting? Nick huffs. Maybe he should shave his legs and join Alpha Chi. Would that get her attention?

Sami doesn’t get it. Who did he give the gun to, and why are they sending it back now? Lucas’ phone rings and Sami snatches it. She sees it’s Kate and rolls her eyes. Why is she not surprised? Sami grills him. Did Kate buy the gun? Who is sending it back now? Lucas huffs. He sent it to himself after EJ was shot. He didn’t want the cops to find it and get suspicious. Sami has to ask him again; is he the one that shot EJ?

EJ hides the package in a drawer and wheels off to answer the door. Stefano is there. He wants to see Johnny, but EJ tells him that the baby is with Sami. Stefano sighs. He thinks EJ is going to regret missing all of these moments. Anyway, he just came by to let EJ know that Rolf cleared him for travel. Stefano has business that he has to take care of. Stefano needs him to keep his promise to rebuild the family in his absence. EJ promises to try. Stefano tells him he’s not the only one who has to deal with difficult women. EJ asks him if this is about his personal problem. Stefano hands him a stack of letters. These will tell him all he needs to know.

Lucas can’t believe Sami would think he would put her in that kind of danger. He stayed at home all night with the twins. He never went to the church. Kate calls Lucas to tell him EJ has the package. Lucas already knows. He tells her he hasn’t gotten it back yet. She tells him she can’t talk long, but she wanted him to know Bo was on his way to EJ’s to pick the gun up. Lucas hangs up and asks Sami to watch the kids. He tells her that EJ has the gun. He must have forged Lucas’ signature to get it. Sami tells him it doesn’t matter. He didn’t shoot EJ, so the gun proves nothing, right?

EJ wonders if the woman is insane for threatening Stefano. He grimaces and tells EJ he plans on taking care of this problem once and for all. EJ groans. Does he really have to take care of this now? Stefano nods. She has vital information that could destroy everything he has worked for. If she makes good on her threat, the DiMera family will be ruined.

Nick orders another round of champagne, but Chelsea has reached her limit. He lets her know he hired a car, so she can drink all she wants. Chelsea leans in. She needs to tell him something, but she wants him to promise he won’t run out the door after she tells him. Nick promises. Chelsea sees Max walk in and changes the subject. She sits in Nick’s lap and tells him she’s just sad that school keeps interfering with their alone time. Nick asks if they can forget about dinner and get dessert to go.

Cordy cries as Stephanie tries to soothe her. Morgan wants to take her to the health clinic, but Cordy refuses. She whines. If she had kept her mouth shut about the rape, none of this would have ever happened. Stephanie tells her how brave she was. She helped all of them by telling the truth. Cordy nukes. Neither of them was raped, so they don’t know how it feels. They don’t even care that Ford died. Billie knocks at the door and Carmen answers. She tells her she needs to talk to all of them about Ford Decker.

Lucas tells Sami that he has to find the gun before Bo shows up and takes it from EJ. He reminds her that she asked him to have faith in her when she married EJ. Now he is asking that she trust his word that he is doing this for their family. She says she’ll try and Lucas leaves. She stops him. She’s going with him. They’re still in this together, right?

Billie asks Carmen to go find the others. Morgan comes out and tells her Cordy is sick, but they’ll all be out in a moment. Morgan rushes back to Cordy’s room and tells them all Billie is here to talk about Ford. They’re busted.

Chelsea apologizes for being distracted. Her phone rings. Morgan is on the other end, flipping out. Chelsea huffs. She is trying to have some alone time with her boyfriend, but she can’t get you-know-who out of her head. Morgan tells her that her mom is there and she wants to talk about Ford. Cordy is losing it, and she won’t come out of her room. Chelsea groans and says she is on her way. She apologizes to Nick again. She has an emergency house meeting. Nick sighs and gives her the strawberries to take to her meeting. She thanks him and swears to make it up to him later.

The girls fret about Billie. Carmen offers to go outside and stall until Chelsea can get there. Cordy whines. She wants to talk to Billie. The girls stop her, but she insists. Ford has a family. They deserve to know what happened to him. They can’t keep this secret. They all know how wrong this is. She heads out. Stephanie physically stops her. The other girls block her exit. Stephanie apologizes, but they can’t let Cordy leave this room.

Max walks over to Nick and admires the food spread out all over the table. Max can’t believe Nick did all this for him. It’s so romantic. Nick grumbles. He isn’t in the mood.

Max tells Professor Nick to listen up and start taking notes. The way Chelsea ran out of here, it looks like he needs them.

Lucas tells Sami that he’s just going to go grab the package and leave. He’ll tear the place apart until he finds it. Sami wants to go with him, but Lucas refuses. Sami insists.

Stefano warns EJ not to let women dictate his life and leaves. A few moments later, Sami and Lucas show up. They say he has something that belongs to them, and they demand that it be returned. EJ smiles and pulls out the package. Lucas nukes. He wants that package back right now. EJ says no. Sami asks what he wants for it. EJ ponders. Well, he was thinking of taking the twins to Italy on vacation. Lucas says no, but Sami agrees to think about it. EJ isn’t sure. He promised Bo that he would hold onto it. Lucas said he told Bo he’d get it back from EJ. A struggle ensues. As the guys fight over the package, Bo walks in. He grins and tells Lucas that he must have spoken with Kate.

Nick tells Max he isn’t in the market for a life coach, but Max persists. He asks Nick how much he spent on this. Nick admits it was a lot. Max sighs. His point is that if Nick had to do all of this to get Chelsea’s attention, then he probably didn’t have it to begin with.

Chelsea walks into the sorority house and greets Billie. Billie gives her an earful about being out alone when a rapist is on the loose. Chelsea smiles guiltily. Billie tells her to go get the others; she needs to talk to them about Ford. Chelsea goes into Cordy’s room to find the girls arguing. Cordy wants to tell the truth. They all try to talk her out of it. Chelsea tells her they are sisters. They have to stick together. Chelsea frets about the security tapes. Carmen and Morgan groan. Ford never left the house. Stephanie says he did. She had to get help with the body, so that someone wore Ford’s clothes and left, pretending to be him. Chelsea considers. This is good, but they still need an excuse for why he stayed the night. Cordy whines. Why are they making up stories and excuses when someone has been murdered? Billie knocks and says she’s coming in if they don’t open up. They let her in and tell her they’re ready to talk, but Cordy is still sick, so she should stay put. Cordy huffs. She’s coming, too.

Max tells Nick that Chelsea just has a lot going on in her life right now. Nick frowns. All she wants to do is hang out with the sorority sisters. He gets up and tells Max he’s going to see what is so important down there. Max tells him to trust him; he needs to go home, take a cold shower, and call Chelsea in the morning. Nick whirls on him furiously. If he’s such a ladies’ man, then why is he here with Nick?

Lucas tells Bo the gun is private property. Bo smiles. He has a warrant. Lucas grumbles and hands it over. Lucas leaves, saying he has to go back and watch the twins. Bo asks Sami what’s in the box. She hesitates, then caves. It’s a gun, but Lucas just bought it for protection. He was home all night with the twins when EJ was shot. Bo tells her Lucas hired a nurse for a while. The agency keeps schedules on file. Bo tells her they’re just going to run some tests on the gun. If it’s clean, Lucas will walk. He leaves. Sami whispers fervently, “God, I know he’s innocent.”

Max sighs. He and Stephanie are in a completely different situation. Nick delivers a low blow, “I might dive in too fast, but at least I'm in the water instead of playing mind games in the kiddie pool.” Max can’t even decide if he wants Stephanie or Morgan. Max frowns. He’s working on it. Nick thinks they should both go to the sorority house. Then Max can have a real conversation with a girl. Max hems and haws, then agrees to drive.

Billie tells them Ford is missing. His father hasn’t reported it because Ford has gone AWOL before, but he never misses lunches with his dad. They know from tapes that Ford was here. Why? Chelsea says he was drunk and they let him sleep it off on the couch. Billie raises an eyebrow. They let a rapist sleep under their roof? The girls all chime in and help tell the story. Ford was really drunk and basically passed out right after he got here. They let him sleep and watched him in shifts. Cordy gets up and starts to walk off. Billie asks if there is anything she would like to add.

Sami asks EJ if he set Lucas up. He swears he had no idea what was in the box. He wanted to look, but then he thought he would try to do right by his wife and son. Sami glares. Lucas is innocent. EJ hopes so for her and Allie’s sakes, because betrayal is horrible, isn’t it? Sami rushes out. EJ groans and lies on the couch.

Sami goes across the hall and lays into Lucas about hiring a nurse the night of the wedding. Lucas changes the subject. He can’t believe she married EJ. Lucas fumes. He really hates EJ, it’s true, but he didn’t try to kill him. He swears he couldn’t have done it. Bo knocks at the door. He needs Lucas’ passport. Lucas protests, but Bo insists. Sami goes off to get it. Lucas sulks and asks where the package is. Bo says it’s on the way to the stations, but tests can’t be run until after the holidays. The most important piece of evidence is still inside the victim. Sami comes back with the passport and Bo thanks her. Bo asks Lucas to call him if he changes his mind about talking. He leaves. Sami glares.

Billie tells the girls to let security know if they see or hear from Ford. Chelsea apologizes for Cordy running off. She’s been sick and finals are coming up. Stephanie fidgets. She thinks Ford probably just went off to the Caribbean or something. Billie hopes so. She leaves, and Stephanie goes of to check on Cordy. The girls fret. They don’t think Billie believed them. They worry someone will see through the ruse of another guy posing as Ford and leaving. Chelsea says that whatever happens, they have to protect each other. Stephanie comes out in a panic. Cordy is gone, and she has a really bad feeling about it.

Sami wants Lucas to give her a rundown of his movements the evening of her wedding, but Lucas rants instead. He knows EJ set him up with the package. Sami says this is about them trusting each other. Lucas takes a cue from Nick and goes for the low blow. He tells Sami that he thought they did trust each other--until she married EJ, that is. Sami just wants him to tell her what happened that night. Lucas relents. He went to the church, but then he lost his nerve and left. He doesn’t want to say any more than that. A baby cries, and Sami rushes off to take care of it. Lucas makes a call. He tells the person on the other end that Bo has the package and his passport. He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold him off.


Morgan tells Max, "I've got a present for you. Something that I've wanted to give you for a long, long time."

Sami tells Marlena, "I am not going to let the people I love get hurt." Marlena replies, "Either we fight back and end this thing now, or it never ends."

Nick asks Chelsea, "What do you mean Cordy's missing? Chelsea, is something else going on here?"

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