Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/14/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/14/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe comes up to Phillip at Chez Rouge. She asks if he wants to buy her a drink and talk about old times. Phillip just wants to forget high school, but Chloe drags him over to the bar by an elbow. She just wants him to buy her a drink.

Across the room, Kate gasps as Bo and Hope look on. Her son could go to jail? What did Phillip do? Bo snarls. They’re talking about Lucas and she knows it. Hope tells Bo that she’s going to check on Ciara and leaves. Bo sits down and tells Kate that Lucas is hiding a gun involved in criminal activity. Bo wants to know where that gun is. Kate doesn’t think Lucas would own a gun. Bo explodes. He knows he has at least two guns. He gave one to Kate, but he kept the other. Kate gets nasty. She doesn’t have a detective badge, so Bo will have to find it by himself. Bo doesn’t believe her. Kate brushes him off. He needs to go find a grassy knoll somewhere. She’s sick of these conspiracy theories. Bo tells her that Lucas lied about the gun and being at the church. Now he’s chasing a package all around town. Bo bets that that package has the gun in it.

Sami tries to calm a raging Lucas. She swears no one delivered anything. Lucas runs his hands through his hair and paces. When he went to the warehouse, they told him the package was delivered here. Someone actually signed for it, too. Sami says it didn’t come to their apartment. Lucas grows desperate. She must be joking. She says she isn’t. Lucas throws a fit. Where is that package? Across the hall, EJ shakes the package and smiles. He doesn’t think he did too badly in a night’s work.

Phillip tells Chloe that he has to go home and get some rest. He has a big day tomorrow. Chloe sulks. He must be mad at her. Phillip sighs. This isn’t high school anymore. Fun and games have consequences. Chloe gets snide. She is surprised to hear that from a guy sleeping with his former best friend’s wife. Phillip doesn’t think she knows anything about him, but Chloe claims to know that he wants Belle. Phillip reminds Chloe that she’s married. Chloe thinks he needs to change his focus.

Bo fills Kate in. He left the package warehouse empty-handed, and then he rushed here to meet her. Kate huffs. She didn’t plan on meeting him. They just happened to run into each other. Bo knows she gave Lucas her car keys, so she can cut the crap. He was clearly trying to lose his “tail.” Kate smiles sweetly. She can’t believe Bo is having her son followed. Bo tells her she has already been arrested for attempted murder. Maybe they could arrange some kind of pleas bargain with the D.A. Kate is not going to use her son as a bargaining chip. She wonders how Bo sleeps at night. Bo repeats his question. Why does Lucas want that package so badly? What’s in it? Kate has no clue, but agrees to ask Lucas later. Bo hands over his phone. Now would be a good time.

Sami thinks there must have been some kind of mix-up. They must have delivered the package to the wrong address. Lucas fumes. The company told him he signed for it. Sami shrugs. It could have been lost. Lucas explodes. It isn’t lost, and he has to find it right now. Sami wants to know what’s in it. He is making it seem like a life or death matter.

EJ admires Lucas’ package. He imitates Sean Connery. He thinks he’ll be knighted for this. He laughs and starts to open the package, but there’s a knock at the door. The delivery guy is back. EJ hobbles over to the door. They man says he needs the package back. He knows EJ isn’t Lucas Horton. EJ tells him he gave the package to Lucas already. He was just doing Lucas a favor, so he wouldn’t have to go back to the warehouse. The guy wants to check with Lucas, but EJ warns him not to. He’s a big mean guy, and besides, he’s out to dinner with his ex-wife. The man grumbles and leaves without talking to Lucas. EJ struggles back over to his chair and sits down with a grunt. He chuckles.

Chloe thinks she and Phillip have always shared a special connection, but Phillip says he has moved on. Chloe jokes that it’s time to go back to the future, but Phillip stonewalls her. He isn’t interested in a trip down memory lane. Chloe sighs. Even if Belle were to leave Shawn, that’s no guarantee that she’ll run back to Phillip. Chloe wants him to forget the fantasy and see what’s in front of him. Hope interrupts and greets Chloe. She asks about Brady. Chloe fidgets. He’s taking care of some business in Europe. Hope wants her to come see Ciara sometime, but in the meantime, she needs a word alone with Phillip. Chloe leaves. Phillip asks what he can do for Hope. She glares. He can leave Shawn alone, for starters.

Kate tries to call Lucas, but he doesn’t answer. Roman calls Bo over. They checked back with the delivery company. Supposedly, the package was delivered to Lucas, but the tail says he hasn’t received anything. Bo suggests that Lucas may have signed for the package and then sent it off again. Roman shakes his head. Lucas was frantic when he left the restaurant. Roman is going to check with the delivery guy, and he asks Bo to keep working on Kate. She knows something. Bo sighs. Hopefully the package will lead them to the shooter.

EJ goes to open the package again, but another knock interrupts him. It’s Sandy Coulter, his physical therapist. EJ tries to get her to come back later, but she insists on starting their work today. She can’t imagine anything being more important than learning to walk again. She tells him she took a look at the x-rays, and she thinks he’s one lucky guy. EJ sighs. Doesn’t he know it.

Lucas continues to freak. Sami is apologetic. The package just isn’t here, unless Johnny or Allie managed to sign for it. Sami thinks someone could have just made a mistake and accidentally signed for it. Can’t he get copies of the papers? Lucas sighs. He can’t, and unless he closes this deal, he’ll be up a creek. Sami glares. Is he working for Mythic again? He says no. This is a side deal. He’s doing it for their future. Sami is sorry, but it’s not here. She has to go return the things EJ bought for the twins. While she’s next door, she asks Lucas not to stress. He agrees, but frantically starts searching as soon as she walks out.

Hope sighs. Shawn and Phillip used to be as close as brothers. Phillip tells her things change, but he hasn’t forgotten that they were like a second family to him. He misses the good times, but he and Shawn were just kids back then. They’ve grown up. Hope says that doesn’t mean they have to grow apart. Phillip tells her about the reunion and the awards he and Shawn and Belle won. He smiles sorrowfully. He came home from war a changed man. Hope thinks he hasn’t changed that much. He and Shawn still have a connection. Phillip says they did until they both fell for the same woman. Hope frowns. Belle as made her choice. If Phillip truly cares about Belle, he will leave her and Shawn alone.

Bo asks Roman to keep an eye on Kate for him. Roman groans. He and Kate haven’t been close ever since Marlena was implicated in EJ’s shooting. Bo chuckles. He guesses they’ll just have to cut her loose until Roman gets everything straightened out with his exes. Roman agrees to sit with her, but if he gives a signal, he’ll need Bo to bail him out. Bo agrees, and Roman heads over to Kate. He asks how she is and she tells him to go to hell.

Sandy exercises EJ’s legs. She thinks his legs are pretty strong for a guy with a spinal injury. Sandy wants him to try to walk, but EJ refuses. She encourages him. She promises to support him so he won’t fall. EJ hesitates. Sami bursts through the door, waving the baby monitor. She asks EJ if he thought he could get away with spying on them.

Chloe sits near Hope and Phillip and orders another round. Hope asks Phillip about meeting Belle the night before her wedding. Phillip says that meeting was just to wish her well and nothing more. Shawn’s jealousy is just out of control. Besides, he and Belle were once married. They both bonded over Claire. Hope knows he did a good job raising her, but it’s time to move on. Phillip snorts. Shawn just can’t handle Belle being close friends with another man. Hope knows they’re actually too close. Isn’t he the least bit ashamed? Phillip says he isn’t, and he doesn’t care who knows. She can tell Shawn if she wishes, but he knows she won’t do that. Phillip wonders why Hope didn’t tell Shawn before the wedding. If she tells him now, he’ll never forgive her. Hope knows Shawn is very forgiving. He may even forgive Phillip. Phillip raises his eyebrows, “If you say so.” He walks off. Bo walks over and asks how things went. Hope says she tried to remind Phillip of how close he and Shawn used to be. She can’t believe how cold and cynical he has become. She thinks he’s going to make trouble, and Belle is terrified. Bo sighs. Secrets and lies are never a good idea in a marriage.

Roman thought he would brighten Kate’s day by letting her know that Marlena had been arraigned for attempted murder. She even took a leave of absence from work so that the hospital wouldn’t suffer because of her arrest. Kate thinks house arrest must be nice for her. Roman explodes. Marlena might lose her job, and he already lost her husband. Isn’t that enough? There was a time when she had a heart. He grimaces. This side of her is very unattractive. Kate nukes. She is sick of this Brady brand of justice. Roman asks her what she wants out of him. Kate just wants him to treat her the same way he treats Marlena.

EJ introduces Sandy to Sami. She wonders if they’re newlyweds. EJ smiles. Their terms of endearment have given them away. Sandy tells Sami that she and EJ were just getting ready to try his legs. She gapes. He can walk? EJ says no. He really doesn’t want to overdo this tonight. Sandy relents and helps him back into his chair. She goes off for coffee and says shell be back later for her equipment. Sami asks about the session. EJ said he thought he felt something during the workout, but it could have just been Sandy’s optimism. She came over here to talk about the monitors. EJ tells her that he bought her a new set. She wants to know where the other half is. She saw him playing with it the other day. He admits he worked on it, but it’s now in her apartment. Sami huffs. She knows its here and she’s going to tear the apartment apart until she finds it.

Bo thinks Belle will see through Phillip. He clearly doesn’t give a damn about her or her family. Hope frets. Phillip is very smooth. She doesn’t know if Belle can see past that. Bo hopes Marlena has spoken with her, but Hope hasn’t heard from her since her arrest. Hope sighs. It’s been a rough month for her, but at least they know she didn’t shoot EJ.

Kate knows that Roman would use any excuse in the world to protect Marlena. Roman admits he has a soft spot for Marlena, but he has one for Kate, too. She just makes it damn near impossible to feel sorry for her. She always puts herself first, and “What’s in it for me?” has always been her mantra. Besides, he knows Marlena shot EJ because she was grieving. For all he knows, Kate wanted to shoot Sami so she could have Lucas to herself. Kate scoffs. So Marlena is ridding the town of vermin, but Kate is just a heartless assassin working her own angle? There was a time when he was much more forgiving of her faults. She remembers him knocking at her door late at night. He needs to remember just how sweet that was.

The camera pans onto Sami and Lucas frantically tearing the two apartments apart. EJ swears that he put the other monitor in the package, but Sami doesn’t buy it. She plans on doing some more redecorating if he doesn’t hand it over. EJ protests. Sami launches couch pillows at him, and finds the monitor under one of them. EJ points out that it was turned off. Sami says she knows he was listening in. She stalks off. EJ smiles and picks up the package. He may have lost the battle, but this little beauty will win him the war. He looks around at the mess and rolls his eyes, “Women.”

Phillip tells Chloe that Hope just wanted to reminisce. She asks if Shawn and Belle’s marriage survived the reunion. Phillip has no idea. Chloe will have to nose that one out for herself. Phillip doesn’t understand why she would want either of them to be unhappy, after how supportive they have been of her. Chloe huffs. She just thinks Shawn deserves to know the truth. She asks if they can change the subject.

Hope goes off to call Marlena and tells Bo she will see him at home. Roman walks over and asks Bo why they call women the fair sex. Bo assumes Kate gave him a hard time. Roman nods. All he got out of her was attitude. Bo goes over and tries his luck. Kate tells him they’re done, but Bo reminds her he can bring her down to the station any time because of her arrest. And she’ll stew in jail as long as he wants her to. Lucas calls Kate’s phone. She tells him that Bo is there and asking about the package. Lucas rants. Someone else signed for it, and he has no idea where it might be. Kate hangs up and tells Bo that Lucas said, “What package?” Bo frowns.

Bo lays into the representative from the delivery service. They tell him a neighbor signed for the package, but they don’t know which one. He initially told the driver he was Lucas. Lucas rages. Why don’t they try checking I.D? He screams, “Moron! Idiot!” He whirls around to find Sami standing in the doorway. She tells him to cut the bogus investment papers story. She wants to know what was in that package, and she wants to know NOW.

Phillip smiles and asks Chloe if she wants to go bust up Shawn and Belle’s marriage. She says she wants them to live happily ever after. Phillip snorts. Why, so Phillip will turn his attention on her? She swears his attention is already with her. Phillip suggests another round. Chloe flirts. She’s worth a martini. Phillip thinks she’s worth a lot more than that, so he’s willing to see where this goes. She seems convinced they have a connection. Now is her chance to prove that. She kisses him. Phillip responds.

Kate huffs. Did they browbeat Marlena this way? Bo says they didn’t have to. She volunteered information. She has a conscience. Maybe Kate should try listening to hers. Bo tells her Lucas is in a hell of a lot of trouble. Kate promises to relay the message. Bo’s phone rings. He gets off and tells Kate that she lost her chance. He has located the package, and she’ll never guess who has it.

EJ opens the package and takes out the gun. He laughs merrily, “Oh, bang, bang, Lucas. Bang, bang.”


Stephanie calls out, "Cordy, it's Steph. Open up." Cordy opens her eyes and then closes them again. Stephanie tells Morgan, "She'll snap out of it." Morgan replies, "If she cracks, it's over for all of us."

Sami tells Lucas, "I think you are lying to me and I want you to tell me the truth." He replies, "It's my gun."

EJ tells Stefano, "Tell me a little bit more about it." Stefano replies, "Read these letters. They'll tell you everything you want to know."

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