Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/13/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/13/07


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Outside their door, Belle asks Shawn not to walk away from her. He tells her to hand him the keys. He doesn’t feel like arguing tonight. Belle huffs. He doesn’t have his keys, so he will just have to listen to her. She swears she didn’t do anything wrong that night. Shawn snaps. Is that supposed to make it ok that she may have destroyed his career before it even started?

At the pub, Bo tells Billie that he has come to the conclusion that Lucas is lying to him. Billie reminds him that Lucas wasn’t the only one that wanted EJ dead. Bo says she’s right. There were at least four guns at the church that night. Billie tells Bo she went over to Lucas’ to let him know about the shooting. He told her he heard on the radio. Bo tells her he’s tired of this little dance. Did Lucas stay at his apartment all night, or did he make a trip to the church?

At their apartment, Lucas tells Sami he has to go pick up an important package full of investment papers. Sami pouts. She can’t believe he is leaving her here. She attempts to seduce him, but he isn’t falling for it this time. Lucas will feel much better once he has the package in his hands. Then he won’t be distracted, and he can devote his full attention to Sami. He leaves, and calls Kate. He tells her he’s on his way to get the package. She needs to stay put until he gets there. As the elevator closes, Salem P.D.’s “tail” follows Lucas. He tells someone on the other end of his ear piece that Lucas just left. In his own apartment, EJ tells the package delivery service that he is Lucas Horton. He wants the package delivered to his apartment today. He gives the tracking number and hangs up. Allie wails. EJ wheels back to the bedroom. He tells her daddy is coming—step-daddy that is.

Shawn rages. He didn’t want Belle’s help, and he certainly didn’t want Phillip’s. He can’t believe she let Phillip use her like that. Belle doesn’t think Phillip used her, but Shawn knows Phillip thought this would mess things up for Shawn. He knew Shawn would take the credit for the find, and then would look like an idiot when the whole thing turned out to be a set up. Belle doesn’t think Shawn should tell the cops anything. Shawn fumes. She shouldn’t have gone along with Phillip’s plan behind her back. When is she going to realize that Phillip wants to break them up? Belle admits he’s right and hands him the keys. Shawn goes inside and tells her he’s going straight to bed. Hope knocks on the door and enters. She asks them if she’s intruding.

Billie flashes back to Lucas asking her to lie to Bo. Billie tells Bo she went straight to Lucas’ place after she heard about the shooting. He was there with the twins. Bo just isn’t sure he was really there all night. He has already caught him in a couple of lies. He hoped that Lucas might confide in his big sister. Billie huffs. Maybe Lucas trusts her because she keeps her mouth shut. Bo smiles. In her business, it’s important to keep a friendly relationship with law enforcement. Billie nukes. Is he threatening her? Bo just wants to be able to count on her when the chips are down. He just needs the truth. Billie sighs. Lucas was with the twins, but he did go out for a while—to the church.

EJ WALKS(yes, really walks) out of the bedroom and soothes Allie. He wishes he could raise her and her brother in Tuscany. He thinks her name should be Alice Caroline DiMera. That sounds much better than Horton, doesn’t it? EJ coos. She looks just like Sami. Sami knocks on the door. She tries it, but the door is locked. EJ rushes over to his chair, sits down, and wheels over and unlocks it. He asks Sami to keep it down, as Allie is asleep. She asks what’s he’s doing with her. How did he get her out of her crib from his wheelchair?

Hope thinks this may be a bad time, but Belle says they are always happy to see her. She leaves Shawn and Hope alone to talk. Claire is staying with Marlena, so she is going to call and check on her. Shawn asks about Steve and Kayla’s car, but Hope wants to talk about the reunion. Shawn tells her it was awful because Phillip showed up. He really doesn’t want to talk about it. He just wants to go to bed. Hope frowns. What has Phillip done that has gotten Shawn so worked up? Shawn flashes back to Belle telling him that she and Phillip planted the gun he took from the guy in the alley. Hope interrupts his reverie, “Shawn?” He grimaces.

Billie tells Bo that Lucas didn’t try to hide the fact that he had been to the church. Lucas hired a babysitter, but Billie never got her name. Bo sighs. He wish Lucas would have been this upfront about his whereabouts that night. Billie thinks Lucas has been through hell. Can’t they give him a break? Bo says they can as long as he didn’t shoot EJ. Billie tells him Lucas swore he didn’t, and she believes him. He said he just went to the church, watched the ceremony, and came home. Bo asks her where Lucas put the gun.

Sami doesn’t want to hear EJ’s explanations. He put her daughter in a great deal of danger. He could have dropped her. EJ said she was crying. He was just trying to comfort her. Sami huffs. She needs to get them home anyway. EJ wants her to stay, but Sami refuses. He promised to give her a little breathing room, remember? EJ doesn’t see why he has to keep his promises when all she does is lie to him all the time.

Hope tries to get more information from Shawn, but Belle comes back with Claire on the phone. Shawn heads out into the hallway to talk to her. Hope presses Belle about the reunion. She tells Hope that Phillip and Shawn got into it, but that’s about it. Hope wants to know what happened in detail. Belle huffs. Chloe found out about her meeting Phillip the night before the wedding, and she blabbed it to Shawn. Hope frowns. Belle rolls her eyes. They just talked, and that’s it. Hope thinks it’s a serious problem. Belle swore she wouldn’t see Phillip anymore. Shawn comes back and says he needs to get some sleep. Hope agrees to leave. Belle tells Shawn she told Hope the reunion wasn’t that great. Shawn fumes. Great. At least she didn’t lie for a change.

Billie can’t believe how Bo has played her this entire time. How did he know about Lucas’ gun? Bo grins. They found out from the dealer in Cincinnati that Lucas purchased the guns from. One of them found its way into Kate’s hands, but the other is still out there somewhere. Billie swears that Lucas never said a word about a gun. Bo sighs. Did Lucas ask her to lie for him? Billie hems and haws. He’s her brother, and the DiMeras have given him a raw deal. Can’t Bo just give him a break? Bo says he’ll try and she leaves. Hope comes downstairs and Bo fills her in on Lucas’ whereabouts the night of the shooting. Since he hired a babysitter that night, Bo wants to go track her down and question her. Bo and Hope leave.

EJ thinks Sami is using her ex-husband as an excuse not to spend time him. Besides, EJ just heard Lucas leave. Why should he be annoyed if EJ spends time with his own wife? Sami glares. He knows why. EJ sighs. He thinks Sami has treated him differently ever since he got home. She is avoiding him and pushing him away. He can sense her reluctance. Sami says she did mean what she said at the hospital, but it’s still hard for her. She explains to him that he isn’t the only one with problems right now. Imagine how Lucas feels. EJ isn’t buying it. She is distant even when they are alone together. She claims she can’t be close to him when she knows how upset Lucas is. EJ explodes. He will continue to be upset as long as she dangles the carrot of them getting back together in front if his face. Sami sighs. She and Lucas have children. She wont put them through the hell of them hating each other again. EJ agrees, but he wants Sami to show him a little affection when they’re alone. It’s not like it can go far anyhow. He doesn’t understand why a woman with supposed feelings for him doesn’t want to be anywhere near him. Sami gulps.

Lucas meets Kate at Chez Rouge and tells her the package went out for delivery before he got there. Kate turns white. Who authorized that? Lucas has no clue, but he has to go. Kate doesn’t think this was a mistake. Someone else did this. Lucas says they would have had to have his tracking number. The police would have just seized it if they knew, so who could have done it? Kate isn’t sure, but he needs to get back to the apartment. Lucas tells her to calm down. Sami will sign for it. Kate frets. She’ll open it, too. She is going to be suspicious of a package Lucas addresses to himself. Lucas agrees. Kate tells him to go take care of it, like he was supposed to do on the night of the wedding.

Sami tells EJ that she wishes they could spend more time together. It’s just that she has the twins, and two new families to juggle. She just needs a little patience from him. She promises things will change soon. EJ says he loves her and kisses her. She laughs and says she has to go. EJ tells her he has an appointment with a physiotherapist. He wants her to stay and encourage him. She promises to come back after she feeds and bathes the twins. EJ beams. She has made him very happy. Sami heads off to get the twins.

Bo calls Lucas’ “tail” and tells him not to lose sight of him. He hangs up and tells Hope that Lucas came out of the warehouse empty-handed, and very upset. Then he went and met Kate at Chez Rouge. Hope thinks he must be desperate. Bo says they’re watching him. They’ll be able to intercept any package Lucas receives.

Lucas rushes up to Kate and tells her he’s being followed. On his way out to his car, he noticed someone following him. He thinks the police are following him, hoping he’ll lead them to the missing gun. Kate doesn’t see why the police would be following him. No one even knows he was at the church. Lucas agrees uneasily. He wants her help. She needs to take out her purse and pass him the keys to her car under the table. He’ll pretend to go to the bathroom and sneak out the back. He’ll leave in Kate’s car and lose the tail. Kate rolls her eyes. She thinks this is a lame plan. Lucas snaps. Does she have a better one?

Belle asks Shawn to come to bed. She wants to talk, but Shawn brushes her off. Belle thinks everything will be fine. Bo can fix it. Shawn blows up. Is she crazy? She and Phillip did a lot more than make him look like a fool. He’s also a criminal. Belle’s smile is frozen in place. Shawn barrels on. When someone withholds information about a crime, they’re also committing a crime. Just like the one she and Phillip committed. Belle feels so stupid. She’s sorry. Shawn shakes his head. If he doesn’t come forward and tell his dad all he knows, he’ll be legally guilty, too.

Lucas and Kate quietly switch keys under the table. Lucas asks her to stay there until he can get out of there. He stands up, clears his throat, and loudly announces that it’s hot and he’s going to the bathroom. He heads off. The tail watches him.

Hope and Bo meet Emily and question her about the night of November 9th. She may have visited Lucas Roberts or Horton. He had new twins. Emily remembers. He had some kind of family emergency. She watched the babies for about an hour. Bo asks how he seemed? She thought a little anxious, but he had an emergency. Bo asks about a gun, but she didn’t see one. She thinks he seemed like a very nice man. She leaves. Bo gets a call from the tail, who tells him Lucas just sped off in Kate’s car. He tells Hope that Kate is involved in this up to her ears. They head off to Chez Rouge to put the screws to her.

Belle wonders if Shawn will have her arrested. Shawn sighs. This is just about doing the right thing. Belle doesn’t think anyone needs to know how he found the gun. Shawn rages. Is he covering this up to protect her, or is she worried about Phillip? No matter where he turns, Phillip is there to push him down and Belle is there to help him. They have talked about this before, and they agreed that Belle and Claire couldn’t see Phillip anymore. She has to choose once and for all. It’s either him or Phillip. She can’t have them both.

Sami looks at the package EJ had sent to the apartment. She finds the baby monitor, but is puzzled. She remembers EJ saying they monitor was broken. She rummages through the package and then remembers EJ hiding the other baby monitor from her at his place. She rages. That bastard has been spying on them! Meanwhile, the delivery guy brings Lucas’ package to EJ’s place. He answers the door, sans wheelchair. EJ tells him he’s Lucas Horton. He then makes small talk about the guy next door being in a wheelchair and takes the package. The delivery guy leaves. EJ groans in pain and falls into his chair.

Belle knows what she did was wrong. Shawn interrupts her. She helped Phillip mess around with his career. Of course it was wrong. He knows she may have been trying to help, but Phillip wasn’t. He’s going to bed. He’s tried of talking about this. She asks if he wants her in his bed, but he isn’t so sure that’s what she wants. He says goodnight. Belle hesitates.

Kate leaves Lucas a frantic message about the package as Bo and Hope show up. Bo asks what’s wrong. Kate claims it’s just business. Bo says he is confused, and hoping she could clear something up for him. Kate huffs. She’s very busy. Bo wonders why she wouldn’t want to keep her son put of prison--for the net 99 years or so.

Sami packs everything back in the box and heads over to EJ’s. Lucas runs into her at the door and asks about the package. The delivery service said they brought it here. Sami says they didn’t. Lucas rages. Someone signed for the thing! Where the hell is that package?

Next door, EJ caresses the box. He thinks big things come in small packages. He can’t help but wonder how big this little beauty is. EJ smiles craftily.


Kate tells Roman, "You know, there was a time that you were a lot more forgiving of my faults. Maybe you need to remember just how sweet that was."

Phillip tells Chloe, "You seem convinced we have this connection. Now is your chance to prove it."

Sami asks Lucas, "What is inside that package you were looking for? I want to know right now."

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