Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/12/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/12/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the high school reunion, Chloe tells Shawn that she saw Belle coming out of Phillip’s hotel room. Shawn stalks over to Belle and asks if it’s true. The principal announces the Belle and Shawn as the winners of the high school sweethearts’ award. Shawn demands to know if Belle is cheating. Belle fidgets. She doesn’t want to do this right now. She’ll explain everything later. Chloe takes the mike and tells everyone that Shawn and Belle are so much in love that they’re oblivious to everything else. Shawn and Belle head onstage as Chloe cheers them on. She smiles at the crowd. Shawn and Belle—always and forever, right?

At the pub, Steve tells Kayla that and Hope that the brake lines were cut, but the car was also completely out of gas. Kayla knows she filled it yesterday, so someone must have drained the tank. Hope doesn’t think that makes sense. Lucas calls Steve. Steve tells him about the car. Lucas is sorry. He hopes they’re both alright. Steve grumbles. They are, except for the fact that someone wanted to make them road kill. Lucas wonders who could have done this. Steve has an idea. He thinks Lucas does, too. Lucas tells him what he called about can wait and hangs up. Bo walks into the pub. Bo thinks the DiMeras are up to their old tricks. Steve doesn’t think they can be taught any new ones.

At EJ’s apartment, EJ asks Sami if he can trust her. Sami doesn’t know where all of this is coming from, but they need to start relying on each other as husband and wife. EJ gets the impression that Sami is trying to distract him. In fact, he thinks she knows who shot him. Sami pales. EJ demands to know who she is protecting.

Steve tells Bo he saw the guy. He was small and dressed head to toe in black, like a ninja. Hope doesn’t get it. She thought the vendetta was over. Steve reminds her that he held a gun to the guy’s head. Bo frowns. Stefano dropped all the charges. He swore he wouldn’t come after Steve as a favor to Benjy. Bo wants to go take a look at the car. He tells Hope to call Billie and have her meet him down here. Lucas’ apartment was clean, but he wants to talk to her about his whereabouts the night of the shooting.

Chloe congratulates Shawn and Belle. She smiles sweetly. No one is more deserving of this award than they are. The principal asks Shawn what it feels like to be married to Belle. He clenches his teeth. Words cannot describe what he’s feeling right now. Chloe turns and asks Belle a question. The camera pans over to Cynthia, who’s putting the moves on Phillip. She thinks his divorce must have been brutal. Phillip grunts. Cynthia giggles and hiccups. He was right to get out of that marriage. Belle was only after one thing anyway. She hoped he signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Phillip snaps, “Don't talk about Belle like that.” Cynthia smirks. He’s clearly still hot for her. Chloe coos about Shawn and Belle’s wedding. A thanksgiving wedding is so appropriate, especially since Belle has so much to be thankful for. Belle blinks back tears and talks about her wedding and how fun it is to be married to her best friend. The audience applauds. Shawn glares.

Sami snorts. What, is she psychic now? EJ knows she isn’t, but she is more protective of Lucas than he would like. Sami sighs. Of course Lucas had a motive, but EJ has to understand how hard it was for him to accept that Sami’s feelings for EJ were real, and not just faked to end the vendetta. EJ grumps. She still hasn’t answered the question. She tells him she doesn’t know who shot him, and that she doesn’t think Lucas did it. EJ is still suspicious. When he sees Lucas, he doesn’t see a man resigned to move on without her. In fact, EJ wonders just how far Lucas will go to keep her.

Outside his apartment door, Lucas talks to Kate. He called to let her know Steve and Kayla are fine. Kate starts berating him and Lucas yells that he’s going to get rid of the gun. Billie walks up behind him and asks if this is a bad time. Lucas says it is and hangs up. Billie doesn’t care. She just got a call from Bo and he wants to know where Lucas was the night EJ was shot. Does Lucas know why?

Sloppy Cynthia whines. What is so special about Belle? Did she memorize the Kama Sutra? The principal presents Belle and Shawn with an award. Belle thinks Claire will love it. She tells everyone their daughter is a real Daddy’s girl. Shawn warms up a bit and agrees, except she won’t eat her vegetables. Belle hopes she grows up to be a cop just like her dad. The principal thinks Shawn and Belle have the perfect family. Shawn glowers. The crowd applauds.

EJ thinks it’s pretty simple. Whoever shot him either hates him or loves Sami. Lucas fits those criteria to a tee. Sami doesn’t think Lucas would do this, knowing he would be the number one suspect. Besides, whoever shot at him put a bullet hole through her dress. She wants to find out who did this as much as he does. EJ tells her his family has their own investigators looking into it. EJ is questioning her because he doesn’t believe that she’s not involved.

Lucas wants Billie to put Bo off for a few days, but she says she’s heading over there soon. Lucas sighs. It’s all over then. Bo knows what’s going on. He knows Billie was here that night. Billie sighs. If Bo asks her if Lucas was at the church, she has no choice but to tell him the truth. Lucas rages. So that’s it? She’s going to sell out her own brother? Billie huffs. She doesn’t know what happened that night, but Lucas has no right to make himself out to be the victim here. Lucas vents. He lost his wife, and his son moved halfway across the planet. Sure, his life would be easier if EJ died, but he didn’t do it. Someone else must have shot EJ.

Sami and EJ continue arguing about her knowledge of the shooting and her feelings for EJ. He thinks she just might feel guilty over what happened to him, so that’s why she thinks she loves him. Sami says they won’t have any kind of marriage if he doesn’t trust her. EJ doesn’t know what kind they have now. Every time he goes next door, she and Lucas are half-naked. EJ says she is free to walk out the door right now, but if she really wants this marriage, then she has to come live with him. Sami sighs. Her and Lucas go back a long way. She appreciates that he is trying to set up the nursery, but she doesn’t want to separate Lucas from Allie, or the twins from each other. What can they do? EJ thinks she can live here and redecorate however she wants. He smiles. He would do anything for her. He just asks that she not make a fool of him.

Penny snaps pictures of the happy couple. A disgruntled Shawn tells Belle he’s going outside for air. Belle tries to stop him, but he brushes her off. Penny soothes her. If she ever needs to talk, Penny is really good at listening. Jason chats with Phillip about the marquee at the school. It hasn’t looked like that since hell week. Penny comes over, but Jason has forgotten who she was. She tries to jog his memory by reminding him of the stink bomb he put in her locker, but Jason is at a loss. He does need to borrow her camera. Some of the guys rearranged the letters on the marquee, and he has to get a shot of it. She agrees and he saunters off. Meanwhile, Shawn fumes and flashes back to his fight with Phillip at the pub. Phillip tells Shawn that Belle is unhappy. Shawn attacks and fists fly. Cynthia interrupts his reverie to ask about Belle. She wonders if she’s off shining her goody two-shoes. Belle comes over and Cynthia snootily excuses herself. Belle tries the tried and true “It’s not what you think” line, but Shawn isn’t buying it. Her excuse better be good, or she’s going to be keeping their trophy as a memento of their very short marriage. Inside, Kevin wins “Most Likely to Succeed.” Chloe walks up to Phillip and asks how he is. He sighs. This reunion wasn’t what he expected. Chloe thinks it turned out alright. At least no one got pig’s blood dumped on them. He starts to leave, but Chloe tells him that she told Shawn about Belle and the hotel room. She’s sorry, but she had to do it. The principal calls Phillip up to the stage for his own award.

Bo and Steve inspect the car. Bo pulls something out from the undercarriage and notes that whoever cut the brake lines left a gas sieve behind. That’s pretty sloppy work for a DiMera. Steve knows Stefano would use a professional. Bo agrees. Who would have wanted it to look like the DiMeras are back in business?

Lucas swears that he didn’t shoot EJ. Does Billie really think he would go through that again after what happened to Franco Kelly? Billie doesn’t understand why she has to lie if he really has nothing to hide. Lucas sighs. He is their prime suspect. Can’t she just do this one favor for him? Billie refuses. Not only is Bo a friend; he’s also a cop. She won’t lie to him. She could be held liable as an accomplice and lose her job, or even serve time. Lucas grumbles. He is sorry he asked her. Billie tries to soothe him. As long as he didn’t shoot EJ, everything will turn out fine. She tells him she has to go, but she thinks everything will be ok.

Sami cannot believe EJ is doubting her feelings. He is the one that noticed them, even before she did. EJ urges her to move in. The place really needs a woman’s touch. Sami hems and haws. She’s exhausted. She needs to go home and care for the twins. Besides, all of the baby things are set up next door. EJ doesn’t want to pressure her; he just wants her to think of his place as home from now on. Sami groans. He does always get what he wants, doesn’t he? EJ just wants to be able to hold her in bed as a complete man. He knows it will take along time for her to trust him enough to allow him to do so. She apologizes. EJ says it’s ok. There’s an honesty and intimacy in bed that can’t be faked. That’s how he’ll one day know how she really feels. EJ moves in for a kiss, but a knock on the door interrupts them. Lucas tells Sami that everyone is gone next door. Sami tells him she needs to talk with him about something. She tells EJ she will be right back and leaves with Lucas. EJ scowls.

Shawn tells Belle that she has three seconds to tell him the truth, or he’s walking. Belle sighs. She and Phillip planted the gun he found behind the alley. She just felt horrible about the letter she sent to the academy, so she wanted to make up for it. Shawn doesn’t get it. How did they get their hands on it? Belle tells him Phillip had the gun all along. Shawn fumes. He can’t believe she lied to him. She whines. She just thought finding the gun would make him a shoo-in for the academy. She swears they both just wanted to help him. Shawn wonders what Phillip wanted in return. Belle hangs her head. He just wanted some alone time with her. Shawn rages. He bets he did. She swears nothing happened, but Shawn doesn’t believe her. She has already lied about so much. Belle sulks. She never would have done this if she thought he would get this mad. Shawn wonders if she thinks he is a total loser. Is that was this is really about? Inside, Phillip receives an award for being a military hero. Sloppy Cynthia tries to put the moves on Kevin, but he says he’s engaged. Phillip thanks everyone for the award, but there were others more heroic than him. The principal smiles. He thinks everyone here knows that Phillip has always been a winner. Belle tells Shawn that she doesn’t think he’s a loser. Shawn shakes his head. When is she going to learn to stop interfering? This is the third time she’s done so in regards to his career. He wants her to butt out and let him make his own mistakes. Belle apologizes. Shawn fumes. Phillip is the one that should be sorry. They gun he had was used in an attempted murder. It isn’t as if the cops will let that slide.

Bo and Steve come back to the pub to tell Hope and Kayla about what they have found. It was pretty clear Stefano had nothing to do with this. It was clearly an amateur job. Hope tells Bo that Billie is on her way. Kayla asks what he has to talk to her about. Bo says they have to have a chat about her brother Lucas.

Sami doesn’t understand why Bo and Abe were looking for a gun at the house. They don’t own one because they have children. Lucas fidgets. Sami cries. Why? He tells her he had one for protection in case the DiMeras got out of line. He kept it locked up, though. Sami can’t believe he didn’t consult her opinion. Lucas rages. She married EJ without caring for his opinion. Sami explains herself for the thousandth time. She just wants to know why the police think he shot EJ. He tells her that they think he was at the church. Sami is confused. He was here all night watching the twins, wasn’t he? Lucas admits that’s true. He would never have tried to kill EJ. He wants to see his kids grow up. He wouldn’t take the chance of going to jail over EJ DiMera. EJ listens in on his baby monitor. He believes that Sami doesn’t know who shot him. He’s not so sure about Lucas, though.

Hope offers to give Steve and Kayla a ride home. She asks Bo to wait for her after he talks to Billie. She needs to talk to him about Shawn and Belle. Bo sighs. He thought they were going to let the kids handle this themselves. Hope says she just needs to talk. He agrees and she leaves with Steve and Kayla.

Phillip accepts his award and thanks the principal. Jason wants him to go to the bar for a game of beer pong, but Phillip declines. Chloe walks over and he asks what she told Shawn. She says she filled him in about the hotel situation. Phillip doesn’t get it. Why would she do that? She thinks she owes Shawn. He pushed her out of the way of the pig’s blood at the Last Blast. She was treated badly in high school and she didn’t want to see Shawn treated that way. Phillip huffs. He has to find Belle. He walks off. Penny wants to get a shot of Chloe with some of her classmates. Kevin suggests they go find Shawn and Belle, but Chloe thinks that’s a bad idea. Meanwhile, Belle begs Shawn not to tell his dad about the gun. Shawn refuses. He is not going to take credit for this. If he plays along and pretends to be the hero, he’ll be in debt to Phillip until the day he dies. Belle pleads. Phillip won’t expect anything. If he tells, Phillip could go to jail. Shawn doesn’t give a damn. Shawn picks up the phone to call Bo. Phillip interrupts. If Shawn implicates Phillip, then Belle can be arrested as an accessory. Is that what Shawn really wants?

Billie shows up at the pub. Bo wants her to let him know if they get any evidence on Ford Decker. Bo is ready to bury the kid. Billie says she will, but she thought he wanted to talk about Lucas. Bo says Lucas is lying about the night EJ was shot.

Lucas tells Sami that he has to leave, but warns her to be careful with EJ. He has to go pick up a package at the warehouse. Sami doesn’t see why it can’t wait until the next day, but Lucas says its time-sensitive business contracts. He has to go tonight. EJ listens in and is suspicious of the investment papers. EJ calls the delivery service. While he’s on hold, he practices his American accent. When a representative picks up, EJ tells them that he is Lucas Horton.


Hope asks Shawn, "What did Phillip do that's got you so worked up?"

Bo asks Billie, "Did Lucas stay at his apartment that entire night or did he take a little trip over to the church?"

EJ tells Sami, "I don't see why I have to live up to all the promises when all you do is lie to me."

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