Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/11/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/11/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In their room, Shawn and Belle dress for their high school reunion. She straightens his tie and he talks about how excited he is to tell all of his former classmates about his acceptance into the academy.

Bo and Hope bring Ciara to the pub. They greet Shawn and Belle as they head out. Bo is impressed with Shawn’s outfit. He can’t believe that Shawn has worn a tie twice this month. Shawn chuckles and tells him Belle helped him. As they leave, Abe comes in and tells Bo that he has “it” right here. He pats his pocket.

At his apartment, Lucas tells Kate that everything just hit the fan. The cops traced her gun, and now they’re both in big trouble. He moans. This is all her fault. She never should have gone and cut Steve and Kayla’s brake lines.

Outside the pub, Kayla rages. Who could have done this to their car? Steve thinks it was just kids playing pranks. He opens the door and invited Kayla to join him in the car. They can call a tow truck later. He grins rakishly, “Step into my Bluesmobile, baby.” Kayla huffs. She knows what he’s trying to do. He grins and tells her he loves her.

At EJ’s apartment, Sami comes in to find him struggling with a baby bouncer. He’s been trying to get it put together all afternoon, but he needs a little help. Sami hems and haws. She left her keys at Alice’s so she was actually heading back there to get them. EJ pouts. Why does he feel like she’s avoiding him? Sami huffs. She has just been busy with the twin, that’s all. She leaves.

Abe tells Bo that he was able to get a warrant to search Lucas’ place. Since he obtained the guns illegally, the judge signed off on it. Bo tells him the forensics department has some high-tech device that can pick up the markings on the bullet inside EJ’s body. He frowns. Do they really want to arrest Lucas for shooting a DiMera. Abe understands where he is coming from, but a crime against the DiMeras is still a crime against the public. Their hands are tied.

Kate asks Lucas about the other gun he bought. Lucas tells her it’s on a delivery truck right now, so the cops won’t find it at the apartment. Kate doesn’t’ get it. Where is it going? Lucas flashes back to talking to the delivery man about the mailing the package to himself. He tells her he sent it to the only person he could trust.

EJ puts the bouncer together and flashes back to his conversation with Lucas. Lucas tells him that Sami doesn’t really love him. EJ muses. Does she, or doesn’t she? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Belle and Shawn walk up outside Chez Rouge, where the reunion is being held. Belle tells Shawn how nervous she is as Penny and Susan run up and greet her. Shawn goes inside and meets up with Kevin, who runs his own internet business. He and Shawn make small talk. Shawn tells him about his recent marriage to Belle, and Kevin offers a great deal on a honeymoon. Belle chats with Penny and Susan. Susan is a self-image therapist. She thanks Belle for encouraging her in high school. Cynthia wanders around asking people about Phillip. Right on cue, he enters. Cynthia squeals. It’s her lucky day. Kevin tells Shawn he was hoping Mimi would be there. Shawn fidgets. Jason walks over and starts his introduction, but he sees Chloe and excuses himself. She’s looking hot. Shawn and Kevin roll their eyes. Shawn thinks once a jerk, always a jerk. Jason chats up Chloe. She tells him “ghoul girl” grew up. She eyes him snidely. He should try it. Besides, these days she’s looking to the future. She stares at Phillip longingly. She flashes back to their conversation at the hotel.

Caroline and Hope reminisce about the good old days. They can’t believe Shawn is already attending his reunion. It seems like he was a baby just the other day. Caroline tries to cheer Hope up. At least Shawn picked the right girl to spend the rest of his life with. Hope grimaces, and Caroline picks up on it. Hope brushes her off. She saw Steve’s car outside, but she didn’t see either him or Kayla. She wonders where they are.

Inside Steve’s car, he and Kayla cuddle. He wants to try to make a family in the backseat. She laughs. The windows steam up.

Lucas tells Kate that he sent the package to himself. EJ knocks at the door. Lucas flings it open, grumbling about donating to too many charities. EJ peers up at him meekly. He brought this for Sami, and was hoping Lucas could deliver it for him. Lucas agrees rather snappishly and shuts the door in his face. He sets the package on the table. The camera pans inside. EJ has put a baby monitor inside the box. Kate tells Lucas that he ought to be nicer to EJ, especially if he shot him. He really needs to get hold of that package. EJ listens in on his monitor.

Kayla and Steve romp in the backseat. Kayla doesn’t remember this being so hard years ago. Steve dives in. Kayla takes a cue from Titanic and slams her hand against the foggy glass. Hope comes out of the pub and opens the car door. Her eyes pop out of her skull.

Cynthia comes up behind Phillip and puts her hands over his eyes. She flirtatiously forces him to “guess who.” He does so correctly and they hug. She tells him about working for a magazine, and he tells her he runs Titan. Chloe comes over and tells Cynthia that Phillip is spoken for. She huffs and walks off. Phillip thanks Chloe. She wonders if he minds that she said he was taken. Phillip shrugs. It did the job. Chloe’s face falls. Is that it?

Lucas gets on his phone and calls the delivery service to check up on his package. As he gives them his information, Abe and Bo shows up with the warrant. EJ spies with his monitor. He wonders what Lucas is hiding. Abe and Bo tell Lucas they have to search the apartment for a gun. Lucas pretends to be surprised, but lets them in and tells them to do what they have to do. Kate and Lucas go outside while Abe and Bo search. Bo sighs. The gun isn’t here. Abe nods. Lucas was way too calm to be hiding evidence. They agree to toss the place anyway. EJ listens in. He flashes back to the shooting at the church. He glares, “Lucas?” Meanwhile, Lucas tries to call the delivery service again. Sami comes up and interrupts him. She asks about the police cars outside.

Kayla comes back into the pub, her cheeks burning. Caroline comments on her color, and Kayla claims she went for a walk. Hope comes in and pulls Kayla aside. She apologizes for opening the door on them. Kayla says its ok. She’s really embarrassed. Hope tells her not to be. Her secret is safe with her. Kayla smiles. Hats good. Shed hate to have to strangle Hope. Hope says she pulled her aside to talk about Belle and Phillip. Kayla doesn’t get it. She thought Hope was going to keep mum as long as Belle stayed away from Phillip. Hope grimaces. That’s just it. She didn’t. She was with Phillip the night before the wedding. Kayla thinks it’s time for Hope to tell Shawn the truth.

Chloe flirts with Phillip. She has never forgotten him. He reminds her that she married Brady. She sulks. That’s all over with now. She wants to be friends again. In time, who knows what may happen? Belle interrupts them to say that it’s time for awards to be given out. Phillip heads inside. Chloe wants to know what’s going on between them. Belle says nothing is, but Chloe thinks she’s lying. Belle changes tactics. She thinks Chloe is just accusing her because she’s starting something up with Phillip behind Brady’s back. Chloe sighs. She and Brady are divorced. Belle gapes.

Lucas explains why the cops are in the apartment. Sami rages. This is all Kate’s doing somehow. She storms over to EJ’s. The twins don’t need to be around while the cops are turning their place upside down. She walks in and catches EJ listening to the monitor. He claims that it’s broken and that he is trying to fix it. He asks what’s going on outside, but Sami brushes him off. She has diapers to change. She leaves. Outside, Lucas tries calling the delivery service a third time. Lucas says he wont be at home to pick up his package. He needs to come down to the warehouse. Lucas gives them the tracking number. EJ listens and copies it down.

Chloe tells Bells that things didn’t work out between her and Brady. Belle nukes. She cant believe she is hitting on men so soon. Chloe snaps. At least she never strung Brady along and met other men in hotel rooms. Belle gapes. Chloe barrels on. She doesn’t understand what has happened to Belle; she doesn’t even recognize her anymore. Shawn can do a lot better. Inside, Shawn tells Kevin how great things are going. Phillip walks over and winks, “Famous last words.” Chloe walks over and tells Shawn she needs to speak with him privately.

Hope frets. Kayla wants her to tell Shawn, but she fears the news will kill him. Steve interrupts. He tells them that the mechanic said their brake lines were cut. It looks like someone tampered with the car.

Bo and Abe finish searching Lucas’ apartment, but find nothing. Abe wants a tail put in Lucas right away. Outside, Lucas tells Kate the package is at the warehouse. She warns him to get rid of it permanently. Abe comes out with a list of things they’re taking down to the station. He tells Lucas not to leave town. He and Bo leave. Kate tells Lucas that he’ll be the next person the yarest unless he dumps the gun. EJ listens in at his apartment and frowns. He fantasizes about Sami coming home and telling Lucas EJ was shot. Lucas tells her he did it. Sami says she’s going to trick EJ into thinking she loves him. They kiss. EJ comes back to the present and scowls. Sami comes out of the bedroom and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that he doesn’t trust her.

Chloe tells Shawn that she ran into Belle coming out of Phillip’s hotel room. She doesn’t want to be nosy, but she felt like she had to tell him. Shawn storms up to Belle and asks her if she’s sleeping with Phillip. Belle gasps. The principal announces that Shawn and Belle have won an award for being high school sweethearts that are still together. The camera pans to Chloe, Phillip, and a fuming Shawn.


Kayla asks Hope, Steve, and Bo, "So why would they cut the brake lines and empty out the gas"? Bo replies, "Sounds like the DiMeras could be up to their old tricks."

Sami asks EJ, "You think I don't want to find out who shot you?" He replies, "I don't believe that you're not involved."

Lucas tells Billie, "Would my life be easier if he was dead? It would. But I am not the one who shot EJ."

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