Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/10/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/10/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Steve and Kayla play with Ciara. Caroline tells them that she’s caring for her while Bo and Hope are gone. Kayla offers to help, but Caroline enjoys spending time with her. Caroline leaves with the baby. Kayla smiles. She thinks Ciara is adorable. Steve agrees somewhat reluctantly. He has been thinking. Maybe they shouldn’t have a baby.

In Cincinnati, Bo and Hope roam around a seedy district of town. They pass some garbage on fire and come to Lee Elroy’s known address. Bo knocks on the door while Hope checks out a nearby car. A woman with a hooded sweatshirt comes up and starts throwing index cards into the flaming trash.

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, Kate and Lucas talk about her plan. She wants to fake an attack on Sami so she won’t think Stefano is keeping his word about ending the feud. Lucas thinks it’s a good idea. Kate is pleased. She’ll do anything to get Lucas back into her life. Lucas stops her. Before things go any further, he wants to make sure no one is going to get hurt. Kate sighs. Lucas has to stop being so nice. He fumes. Speaking of nice things he’s done, it was just great that Kate let his gun fall into the hands of the police. If it’s traced back to him, he could be in a lot of trouble. Kate swears they won’t. Lucas changes tactics. He thinks Kate aimed at Sami that day at the church. Kate swears the gun went off accidentally. Lucas frowns. That’s what worries him about this plan. He doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, accidentally or not. Kate grins, “You're cooking with mama now. You want to bake this cake, we got to crack some eggs.”

Bo introduces himself to the woman throwing cards in the fire. He knows she’s Mrs. Elroy. He needs to speak with her about a gun. The woman chucks the box of cards and flees.

Lucas frets about the possibility of harm coming to someone. Kate swears she isn’t violent, but Lucas reminds her that she opened fire at a wedding. Besides, her plan isn’t that great. Who will they get to play the part of a DiMera? Kate says they don’t need a DiMera, per se. Her plan will offer maximum impact and minimal risk. They’ll cut the brake lines on Steve and Kayla’s car.

Kayla thinks they’re ready for a baby. Steve proved what a great father he could be already. Steve isn’t so sure. A guy with a history like his shouldn’t be raising kids at all. If there’s a chance that he turns out anything like his father, then they definitely ought to forget about having one.

Hope returns and Bo fills her in on the woman’s strange behavior. Hope inspects the cards and announces that the woman was burning records of gun sales. She tells Bo the pick up truck is suspicious, too. It’s registered to a man named Lee Elroy, not a woman. Bo decides to enter thee building by force. He breaks the door down. Hope backs him up, gun drawn.

Lucas cannot believe that Kate would consider going through with such a foolish plan. Cutting someone’s brake lines is attempted murder. Kate shakes her head. They’re just going to make it look like attempted murder. Lucas snorts. What is she going to do, line the road with pillows? Kate says she’s going to drain the gas tank as well as cut the brake lines.

Kayla doesn’t think Steve could be anything like his father. He did so well with Stephanie, Benji, and Pocket. Steve says none of them were real lifetime commitments for him. Kayla sighs. His sister came from the same home he did. She has a home and a happy family. Did he only say he wanted another baby because he thought she was pregnant? If he were to put all of his concerns aside, would he want to have a baby or not?

Bo yells for Mrs. Elroy to come out. He just wants some information about a gun used in an attempted murder. If she give him the information, he’ll be on his way. If she doesn’t help him, he may reconsider. No answer. Bo pleads. He just needs five minutes. Lee comes out from around a corner and points her gun at Bo. She tells him to get out of there before she shoots him where he stands. Bo turns quickly and draws his own gun. They both refuse to drop their weapons. Bo notices her safety is on, so he kicks the gun out of her hands and struggles to subdue her. Hope rushes in and covers him. Bo asks the woman who she is, because they know she isn’t Elroy. She tells them Elroy is dead. She was his wife. Her husband left her a houseful of hot guns, and she’s just selling them so her baby won’t starve.

Lucas seems dubious in regards to Kate’s plan. How exactly will it work? Kate thinks. She is pretty sure Steve and Kayla will run out of gas, then a mechanic will come, and he’ll notice the brakes have been tampered with. Lucas shakes his head. Most likely, Steve will go put gas in it himself and drive himself and Kayla into a tree. Lucas doesn’t think this will work at all. Kate should just drop it. Her eyes light up. She’s got it.

Steve tells Kayla that if he thought he would be a good father, he would want a child. Kayla sees the opportunity and jumps on it. She knows he will be a great dad and nothing like his own father. They just have to do the best that they can. Steve knows what a great mother Kayla is. Just look at Stephanie. Kayla wears him down with kisses. Steve relents. They can have a baby. He flashes back to his reunion with Kayla last year. Kayla tells him how happy she is. When he sees that look on her face, he knows he wants to have a baby more than anything else. He is ready to start planning. Kayla beams. She’s ready to start right away.

Kate pushes her plan on Lucas. She tries to convince him that Steve and Kayla will be in no real danger, but Lucas refuses to go along with it. Kate huffs. When did he become such a boy scout? Lucas just doesn’t think Steve and Kayla deserve to be put through something like this. Kate doesn’t understand him. It’s called survival of the fittest. So far, she has had to do all the dirty work whole his hands stayed clean.

Hope and Mrs. Elroy go through the records while Hope tries to ply answers from her. She asks abut Kate, but the woman stays mum. Hope sighs. Hopefully the record they’re looking for wasn’t burned. The woman whines. She doesn’t want to go to jail. Hope hopes she doesn’t have to. Bo comes back and tells Hope the woman’s name is Lindy. She’s impressed that he found that out. Hope stumbles on the record they came for. The serial numbers match. Bo asked who signed the sales record. Hope tells him it was Otis Shockley. Bo frowns. Who the hell is that? He demands answers from Lindy. She quakes. She’ been living in a warehouse. Social services took her kid until she finds a real place to live. Bo hopes they can get some prints off the card. Maybe they need to call the BI in. Lindy suddenly remembers that Lee rigged a camera to take pictures of all the customers. She goes off to get the pictures. Hope asks Bo to cut the woman a little slack.

Kayla frets. She hopes she can still can get pregnant. Steve jokes. He thinks he can remember how to make that happen. And if not, there’s always adoption. He reminisces. The best day in the orphanage was the day Marcus got adopted. He thinks he and Kayla can get on the right lists. And in the meantime, they’ll just keep practicing so they can have one of their own. Steve offers a toast to the new member of the Johnson family. Kayla adds, “However it happens.” They toast.

Lucas snorts. She would be surprised how dirty his hands can get. Kate knows he isn’t up to the task She tells him that everything will be fine and leaves. Out in the hallway, she calls Kayla. She tells her she has gifts for Sami and Lucas that she would like Kayla to deliver for her. Lucas isn’t speaking to her. Kayla agrees and tells her they are at the pub.

Bo tells Hope that he has to confiscate the guns. He can’t leave Lindy with them. Hope knows that, but she was really concerned about her and her child. Bo promises to let Lindy walk. Hope thinks he’s the best. He knows. Lindy comes back with the picture of Otis. Bo takes one look and yells, “LUCAS!”

Kate stands outside the pub and flashes back to explaining her plan to Lucas. She stares at Steve and Kayla and walks off.

Steve and Kayla talk about how excited the are to try to have a baby. They walk outside and Steve gapes. He tells Kayla he just saw some guy crawl out from underneath their car. He rushes after him. Kayla begs him to stop.

Bo shows Hope the picture. He’s confused about one thing. Lucas is shown with a Glock, but Kate’s gun was a Walther. He tells Lindy he wont turn her in, but he does have to confiscate the guns. He goes outside to call Abe and tells him that Lucas bought two guns while he was here. Bo and Hope are on their way back to Salem. Hope meets him and he asks how much money she gave Lindy. She cant believe how well he knows her. They hug and head off.

Steve comes back and tells Kayla that he lost the man. He grabs some tools and pokes around under the car. He emerges after a while and tells Kayla that someone cut their brake lines.

A decidedly greasy Kate goes back to Lucas’ and tells him she succeeded in executing her plan. Lucas rages. He cannot believe she would do such a thing. Kate knew Lucas didn’t want to be involved, so she took care of it herself. Steve chased her, but she got away. It was all worth it, and Lucas will have Sami back soon enough. Lucas takes a call on his cell. He yells at the person on the other end that they promised they wouldn’t tell on him. He hangs up and tells Kate everything just hit the fan. The police traced her gun. They’re both in huge trouble now.


Kayla says, "I thought you just said that you weren't going to say anything as long as Belle stayed away from Phillip." Hope replies, "But she didn't."

Chloe tells Belle, "Belle, what has happened to you? I don't recognize you any more. I think Shawn deserves a lot better."

Shawn asks Belle, "You're sleeping with Phillip?"

Kate tells Lucas, "Get rid of the gun or you’re going to be the next person they arrest."

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