Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/7/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/7/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Bo reenacts EJ’s shooting with salt and pepper shakers. There were three shooters that night--Roman, Kate, and Marlena. Hope nods. Three guns, three shots. Two landed in the altar, and one in EJ’s back. Bo reminds her Roman never got a shot off. Bo says his new theory is centering around Kate’s gun. The serial number was filed off, so it must have been obtained illegally. They asked her where she got it from, but she can’t tell them. Hope muses. She must be hiding something. Bo agrees. Whatever she’s hiding could lead them to someone or something they’ve overlooked.

At his office, Phillip runs on a treadmill and flashes back to Fantasy Belle telling him that she left Shawn because she and Phillip belong together. Kate walks in and interrupts his reverie. She snaps, “I'm so glad you're not letting it worry you that your mother could be rotting away in jail.” Phillip rolls his eyes. Her lawyers informed him that she had made bail. Phillip asks if she wants breakfast, but she says she already had it with Lucas. They’re making amends. Kate says she is willing to do anything to earn his forgiveness. She hopes Phillip feels the same way. Phillip scoffs. He didn’t do anything to Lucas. Kate gets nasty. No, he only sold his own mother down the river for Belle. Phillip groans. He can’t believe she is bringing that up again. Kate really hopes he lost the gun on accident. Either way, it was his carelessness that got her arrested in the first place. Phillip is doing what he can for her. What more does she want? Kate wants justice. She didn’t gun down EJ, and Kate will be damned if she takes the fall while SHE walks.

At her place, Marlena calls her secretary and cancels her appointments for the next week. Roman shows up. She has been expecting him. Roman asks if she knows why he’s here. She sighs. She does. He is here to arrest her.

In her room, Chelsea sobs as Stephanie soothes her. She killed Ford; she just knows it. Stephanie says it was just an accident. Chelsea shudders. No one is going to believe that. Max pipes up. He is going to get rid of the body. No one is going to know about this except him and the sisters. Chelsea turns on Stephanie. They swore to take this secret to their grave. What is Max doing here? Max says they need to dig a grave for Ford first, but he’s glad that Stephanie called him. There is no way he’s going to let any of them go down for Ford Decker. Stephanie asks him to go make coffee and he complies. Stephanie apologizes for telling Max, but she knew she couldn’t handle this alone. Chelsea asks about the others. Stephanie says she sent them off to class. She begs Chelsea not to worry. They can trust Max. Everything will be ok. Chelsea flashes back to Ford’s roll down the stairs. She cries. Nothing is going to be ok ever again.

Hope agrees with Bo. Kate isn’t talking because someone close to her is involved. Hope thinks and comes up with Lucas. Bo nods. Lucas was pretty jumpy when Bo questioned him. Hope sighs. She hopes Lucas isn’t the third shooter. Bo hopes not either. The third shooter is the one they really want, since both Marlena and Kate missed. Ballistics showed the second bullet from the altar matched Marlena’s gun. Hope asks if she will be arrested for attempted murder. Bo doesn’t see that there’s a choice in the matter, but then again, it isn’t up to him.

Marlena tells Roman she will go get her coat. She is so grateful for the time to get her affairs in order. She has been expecting him ever since she handed her gun over to Hope. She doesn’t want Roman to be upset. She knows he is just doing his job. Roman stops her. They sent her gun to ballistics and she didn’t shoot EJ. Her bullet was found in the altar, over ten feet away. Marlena thinks. Perhaps she didn’t aim. Roman knows she didn’t, unless she was trying to kill the altar. Marlena huffs. Maybe she is just a terrible shot. Marlena knows he still has to arrest her for attempted murder. She went to the church with a gun and fired. Why does he look so pained. Nothing else can be done. Roman sighs. Actually, that’s not completely true.

Phillip asks Kate if Marlena was out for EJ’s blood, too. Kate fumes. She was at the church, she had a gun, and she used it. The police are protecting her-- namely Roman Brady. Kate is facing jail time and Marlena hasn’t even been charged. Phillip wonders how she knows all of this. Kate flashes back to hearing Roman take the ballistics report from another officer. Roman tells him to never use Marlena’s name. Kate scoffs. She tells Phillip she overheard Roman talking about how one of the bullets matched Marlena’s gun. Roman told him to destroy the evidence-- Mr. “by-the-book” himself. Kate asked him for help but her flatly refused. Phillip reminds her that Marlena is his ex-wife. Kate nukes. So is she! Phillip snorts. They were married for what, five minutes? Phillip thinks she is taking this too personally, but she can always rat him out to her lawyers, if she wants. Kate grins. She’s going to take care of this herself. If Roman thinks he can protect Marlena by selling her to the wolves, he has another thing coming.

Max comes back with coffee and Stephanie thanks him. She thinks she calmed Chelsea down a bit. She went to take a shower. Max tells her she may as well do the same. He’s going to go downstairs and take care of their “guest.” Stephanie sighs. She is so sorry for dragging him into something this serious. He can walk out now if he wants. Max tells her there’s no way he’s going to let anything happen to her--to any of them. Max starts to go downstairs. He’s going to get rid of the body. Once he’s gone, it will be like none of this ever happened.

Kate found a bunch of clothes in Phillip’s office and asks him about them. He tells her that he has been working late a lot. Kate thinks that if he had a woman to come home to he wouldn’t work so late. Besides, Belle isn’t the only woman in the world. Phillip brushes her off. He couldn’t agree more. Does she need any help? Kate nods. This times she wants him to play the good Samaritan and call the D.A.’s office. She’s sure they would be interested in hearing all about the cover-up at the Salem P.D.

Phillip isn’t sure they will believe him, but she suggests he drop an anonymous tip. They’ll investigate, an Roman will have to arrest Marlena if he diastoles his job. Phillip thinks this is vindictive. Kate agrees. She asks him to wait to call until he hears word from her. She has to take care of something first. Phillip asks if this will get him back in her good graces. Kate smiles, “Maybe.” She leaves.

Roman tells Marlena that he has thought about this a lot. He has run through every scenario to try to help her out of this. Marlena knows Roman cares about her, but he is also a man of courage and honor. That’s why he has to do the right thing. Roman intends to. He takes the gun out of his jacket, along with the ballistic reports. He has the original, and all the copies. Marlena protests. That’s all evidence. Roman knows, but not if it doesn’t exist. No evidence, no gun--no charges.

Chelsea groans and sips her coffee. She feels like she got hit by a truck, and the coffee tastes horrible to boot. Stephanie smiles ruefully. Max is better at making drinks than coffee. Stephanie tells her he’s down in the basement with the body. Chelsea wonders how all of this happened. Stephanie fills her in. Chelsea got a double dose of the drug after Ford slipped pills into her drink. Chelsea nods. She remembers him chasing her up the stairs. Stephanie nods. They ran after him, and then he tripped and fell. Chelsea moans. This is all because of her and her brilliant plan. Even though they all went along with it, they all thought it was a bad idea. She pushed Ford too far. Stephanie soothes her. She was right. Ford would have kept attacking other girls. It was right of her to want to fight back. Chelsea knows it’s her fault all of the sisters are in this mess. They have to find a way to get them out of it. Stephanie sighs. There is no way out. They just have to stick together and see this through until the end. Chelsea hangs her head. Not if she turns herself in.

Bo gets off the phone with Abe and tells her they’re trying to retrieve the missing serial numbers from Kate’s gun so it can be traced. Hope asks if there’s any word on Roman and Marlena. Bo says no. Roman has more integrity than anyone he knows. Hope interrupts. They both know Roman has never gotten over Marlena. She’s the love of his life. But would Roman step outside the law to protect her? Bo thinks if he would do it for anyone, it would be for her.

Marlena tells Roman to take all of it back to the evidence room. He can’t do this. Roman can’t. he has really tried to come up with another solution, but couldn’t. Even if her lawyers plead her down to a firearms violation, it still won’t look good. People will find out. She could lose her job, or even her medical license. She has been through enough, and Roman understands how people can snap when they’ve been pushed too far. Marlena protests. He cannot steal evidence. Bo and Abe will find out and be forced to come after him. Roman doesn’t think they will say anything. The point is that she fired without meaning to, and she never hurt anyone. Kate on the other hand, put a hole through Sami’s dress. His gut tells him that she deserves whatever is coming to her, unlike Marlena. Roman wants her to take the gun back and put it away. He’ll tear up the report and that will be that. Kate bursts in, “Well, well. What have we here?”

Stephanie tells Chelsea that she can’t take the blame for this herself. They were all complicit. Chelsea will just tell the cops that he came after her and fell down the stairs. Stephanie reminds her there are drugs in his system. His dad will be all over it. He’ll hire private investigators and experts. He won’t stop until he figures it all out. Chelsea sighs. If she had just listened to them, none of this ever would have happened. Stephanie is the one that should be apologizing. Chelsea was right about Ford. Stephanie just attacked her because he made her feel scared and ashamed. Chelsea shakes her head. She should have known they were in over their heads that day Ford came to Stephanie’s house and verbally assaulted her and Cordy. Stephanie tells her to stop this. She isn’t confessing to anything. Max comes back. Chelsea apologizes for the way she treated him earlier. She’s grateful for his help. Max tells her not to be too thankful yet. They can’t move the body because of the security cameras. They cant just haul him out in a body bag or trash bag. Stephanie suggests stealing one of the tapes. Max thinks it will throw up a red flag. Max can only think of one solution. Ford Decker has to stay here--permanently. The girls gape.

Hope wonders what Abe has to say about all this, but Bo tells her that Abe is mostly concerned with the third shooter--the one that actually hit EJ. Tracing Kate’s gun is really the only lead they have. Abe walks over and tells them they were able to get the serial numbers off of the gun. The firearm was traced to a dealer in Cincinnati named Lee Elroy. Bo asks if Abe gave him a call. Abe did, but Lee told him where to put his badge and his questions. The Lee hung up on him, after a few choice words. Bo agrees to head up to Ohio before the guy disappears. Abe thinks there’s one thing he should know. Lee Elroy is a woman.

Kate says she came to see Marlena, but here Roman is, spoon-feeding an alibi to his ex-wife. Kate smiles wonderingly. She treats him like crap, yet he still returns for more. Marlena snaps. How dare Kate walk into her house unannounced! Kate vows not to take this lying down. Marlena threatens to kill her and attacks. Roman pulls her off of Kate. Marlena glares. Kate tried to kill Sami. Roman said so himself. Kate flatly denies it. She didn’t try to shoot anyone. What about Marlena, though? She knows she took a gun to the church and fired it. At least she has Roman to cover it up for her. Roman doesn’t know why she would think that. Kate rages. He can’t play the innocent act with her. She heard him tell the officer at the station to bury the evidence. Roman says she misunderstood but Kate barrels over him. From what she can see, Marlena hasn’t been arrested yet. She hasn’t been charged with attempted murder either. Kate practically spits, “No, I didn't think so, because I didn't think you'd send your lost lady love to prison, especially not when there's someone else to take the fall.” Roman tells her that her evidence was on record by the time he found out about it. There was nothing he could do. Kate doesn’t buy it. Roman sighs. Why is she here anyway? Kate tosses her hair. She came here to set the record straight. She wants Marlena to turn herself in or else. Roman asks what the ‘else’ entails. Kate takes out her phone and calls Phillip. She tells him to go ahead and call the D.A. about the cover up at the police department.

Bo agrees to go see the foul-mouthed gun dealer. He’ll even bring a bar of soap. Abe thinks he should bring Hope. The woman isn’t too keen on law enforcement, and if her bite is as bad as her bark, then he’ll need backup anyway. Bo agrees to call as soon as he finds anything out. He asks if Abe has heard from Roman. He says no and asks why. Bo shrugs. No reason.

Stephanie searches for burial techniques on the internet. Max tells them that the floor near the water heater is dirt. He figures he can bury Ford there without anyone noticing. It’s best they not tell the sisters either. They’ll just think they took care of it some other way. Max tells them he needs a shovel. Chelsea agrees to go get one from the shed. She’ll hide it in her coat so the cameras won’t pick it up. She leaves. Max asks Stephanie how she is doing. She sighs. Not so well. She wants to forget this ever happened, and now Ford is going to be in the basement forever. Max thinks Ford is going to be rotting in hell. All that’s downstairs will be his bones and some dirt. Stephanie thinks she should help, but Max refuses. Chelsea comes back, and Stephanie goes of to get Max some duct tape and a plastic sheet. He goes down to the basement, leaving Chelsea alone by the fire. She flashes back to luring Ford over to the house and sweet talking him into staying. Stephanie comes back with a grilled cheese, but Chelsea isn’t hungry. Stephanie cant believe she was just at work the night before and everything was normal. They hear a thud from downstairs. They think Max must be finishing up. Stephanie soothes Chelsea. This is finished, and pretty soon they’ll forget it ever happened. The door to the basement swings open. Ford stands there, shovel in hand. The girls scream in unison.

Roman thinks Kate is bluffing. After all her son is an accessory. Kate laughs. The tip will be anonymous, so it doesn’t matter. Phillip asks her if he wants him to make the call. Marlena snatches the phone form Kate and tell Phillip she’ll call him right back. Marlena tells Roman to take her in. Roman wheels on Kate. He let her stay at his house and he worried about her. Is this how she repays him? Kate tells him she is just trying to fight for her own life. Maybe she will save his in the process. She sails out. Roman apologizes to Marlena. He didn’t want it to happen like this. Roman gets her coat and they leave together.

Max tells Chelsea and Stephanie to calm down. He’ wearing Ford’s clothes because he has to. The video cameras have to pick up Ford leaving or they’re done. Max tells Chelsea to say that Ford came over drunk to apologize and she let him crash on he couch all night. Chelsea reminds Max that if he leaves as Ford, then the cameras won’t notice him leave either. Max doesn’t think the cops will care when Max left. They’ll just be looking for Ford. He asks Stephanie how he looks. She says dirty and grimy. He grins and leaves, making sure to hide his face from the cameras.

Kate goes back to Phillip’s office to tell him he’s forgiven. He was wonderful. He grumbles. He didn’t even do anything. He was just a pawn. Kate says she was the pawn, but those days are over for her, Lucas, and Phillip. They’re going to put an end to this losing streak--no matter what it takes.

Hope is glad to go to Ohio and protect Bo from that big, bad lady. Bo smiles. He loves it when she rides shotgun. Hope agrees to arrange for a babysitter. They leave the pub and run into Roman outside. He tells them Marlena was arrested, but he made bail. He took care of it. Bo knew he would do the right thing in the end. Roman smiles sadly. He didn’t have a choice in the end. Bo tells him it isn’t over yet. They’re going to investigate a lead that might blow the case wide open. It’s not over yet.

The other sisters walk in to find Chelsea cleaning the banister. Stephanie tells them they’re cleaning house and trying to make everything look new again. Morgan asks about you-know who. Stephanie tells her she would take care of it, and she did. He’s gone. Chelsea tells them it’s finally over for good. She hugs Cordy.


Lucas asks, "Did you realize the trouble I could be in if they trace that gun back to me?" Kate replies, "They won't!"

Kayla asks Steve, "Do you want to have a baby with me or not?"

A woman points a gun at Bo, "Go away. Get out of here now or I will shoot you dead where you stand." Bo turns and draws a gun on her.

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