Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/6/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/6/07


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At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, Sami talks to Allie while Lucas feeds Johnny. Sami asks Lucas if he’s almost done. She needs to run a few errands. Lucas scowls. What kind of errands? Sami wants to go buy some shoes and visit with her mom. Sami asks him if he wants to meet for lunch, but Lucas declines. It’s a bad day for him. Sami sighs. She hopes they are ok. Lucas isn’t sure. Sami wants him to know she only loves him. She knows in her heart they are forever. She leaves and promises to be back soon. EJ spies on them from his apartment. After Sami leaves, he wheels himself over to Lucas’, knocks on the door, and asks to see his son.

At the pub, Max helps Caroline shelve bottles of alcohol. He tells her his time got cut back a little at Adrienne’s. Her son was responsible for a huge cell phone bill, so Adrienne is having him work it off at the bar. Caroline knows he’s still working late and coming in here early to help. He shouldn’t work so hard. Max says he likes to keep busy, but Caroline thinks he’s young. He needs to focus his energies on the fairer sex. Max chuckles. She should know she is the only special woman in his life. Caroline thinks there must be someone special that Max has his eye on.

At the sorority house, Stephanie hands Carmen a cup of tea. Carmen groans. She couldn’t sleep at all last night. She just kept flashing back to Ford falling down the stairs. Stephanie soothes her. He tries to attack Chelsea. He deserved what he got. She flashes back to being raped by Ford and grimaces. He was a twisted pig rapist. Cordy walks up. She’s glad he’s dead. Now he can’t hurt her or any other girl ever again. Upstairs, Morgan tends to Chelsea who wakes up moaning. She wonders how much she drank last night. Morgan soothes her as she falls back asleep. Ford just slipped drugs in her drink. Carmen comes in and asks how she is doing. Morgan doesn’t think Chelsea will remember much. Carmen came to tell her they’re having a meeting about Ford downstairs. They leave the sleeping Chelsea behind and head down. Stephanie reminds them all that there’s a dead guy in the basement. They have to deal with that. Morgan and Carmen flatly refuse to touch Ford again. Stephanie rolls her eyes. He’s only been dead a few hours. Carmen’s eyes widen. What if Slone was wrong? What if Ford wasn’t dead? What if he came to, and is wandering around the house waiting for them? Stephanie tells them to stop being babies. If they want to find out if Ford is really dead, then they have to go to the basement. Who’s with her?

Sami arrives at Marlena’s house and asks how she is . She says she isn’t having a good day. Neither is Sami. Marlena would have asked if she had problems at home, but she doesn’t know where she’s living right now. Sami sighs. She made a big mistake trying to juggle EJ, Lucas, and the babies. Sami tells her about EJ playfully pulling her on his lap and Lucas walking in. It’s ridiculous. EJ is acting like a newlywed. Marlena reminds her he is. Sami tried to explain everything to Lucas, but he won’t believe her. Sami thinks she would understand if she were in his position. Marlena thinks she was quite defensive when she asked her about her feelings for EJ a few months ago. Sami tells her the only thing she feels for EJ is loathing. Marlena asks her if she’s sure.

EJ pleads with Lucas to be reasonable. He did allow Johnny to stay the night her, after all. Lucas begrudgingly allows EJ inside and gives him the baby. Lucas cautions him about holding his head properly. EJ grins. The baby is so perfect and vulnerable. Lucas thinks it must have been quite a blow when EJ found out he was paralyzed. EJ agrees. He was very low, but Samantha changed all that. Lucas scoffs. He knows EJ’s legs are useless, but is he brain-dead too?

Caroline asks Max about Morgan. Max fidgets. She’s just a friend. Max can’t really do anything serious right now. Caroline thinks there’s more to life than just bartending. Max says this is just a stop on the way to his next adventure. When he figures out what that is, he’ll let her know. Caroline smiles. She just doesn’t want to see him let the right girl slip through his fingers.

The girls stand around and argue about who’s going to help Stephanie with the body and how it’s going to be done. Cordy suggests bricking him up in a wall, but Morgan nixes the idea. Stephanie tells them all to forget it. She’ll handle this herself. They can go on to their classes like nothing happened, but they all have to swear they take this secret to their graves. They all do. Morgan isn’t sure. They’re sisters. They shouldn’t make Stephanie do al the dirty work. Stephanie shakes her head. They’re all great, but the less people involved, the better. She can handle this. They all take off. Morgan lingers behind a moment to tell Stephanie how amazing she is.

Max will let Caroline know when he is ready to settle down. Right now he’s happy with the status quo. Caroline warns him to find a girl that doesn’t need a 24 hour rescue service. She knows all her sons have what she call “superman syndrome.” She wants him to find a girl that will take care of him for a change. Max’s phone rings and he excuses himself. It’s Stephanie. She’s in big trouble and she needs his help right now.

Sami sighs. Maybe she does feel a little sympathy for EJ. Marlena is aghast. The man is pure evil. Sami knows that, too. Marlena thinks that Sami should know she might go to jail for shooting EJ. They both know she attended the wedding. Sami nods. She was the woman in black. She tells Sami that her shot was one of the three fired. She felt like she was in a dream the whole time. She doesn’t remember going to the church or standing there or even aiming the gun. But when she squeezed the trigger, it was as if John’s spirit came and kept her from doing it. Then the first sot sounded and her gun went off. She’s pretty sure she didn’t shoot EJ. The police collected two of the bullets that missed EJ. She is pretty sure one of them is hers. Sami freaks. What if one of them isn’t hers? Marlena smiles calmly. The she will go to prison for attempted murder. Sami shakes her head. She’ll never make it there. Stefano will see to that. Sami is so afraid for her. Marlena say it is too late. She already confessed and handed her gun over to Hope. She’s just waiting for Roman to show up and take her in. When Marlena thinks of all the harm the DiMeras have causes, she is just sorry her bullet didn’t finish EJ off.

EJ knows where Lucas is coming from. He thought Sami was being insincere at first, too. Perhaps she was afraid of his father. Lucas nods. That, plus Sami has quite a track record with lying in the past. Ej says this promise was sealed with a kiss--one given freely after she already fulfilled the terms of the bargain. Lucas snorts. Sami married him to get his father off of their backs. She hates EJ, but now that she’s kissed him, then Lucas ought to just throw in the towel? EJ says it’s a nice try, but Lucas can’t get him to doubt his wife. Lucas gets sarcastic. He was just congratulating EJ. He won the fair maiden, so Lucas is bowing out. EJ thinks he seemed upset when Sami was on his lap earlier. Lucas smiles sweetly. He was just worried about EJ. There’s no sense in being a sore loser, right? Sami is happy being Mrs. DiMera--until her father-in-law dies that is. EJ gets it. Lucas thinks she’ll come running back to him when Stefano dies. Lucas laughs. EJ is the love of Sami’s life. Why would she ever do that? Sami knocks at the door. She asks what they’re doing.

Max comes over to the sorority house and Stephanie tells him about what happened the night before. She says they tricked Ford into coming over here and they drugged him, but he drugged Chelsea, too. She’s fine. She’s upstairs sleeping it off. Max starts to leave. He’s going to find Decker and kick his butt. Stephanie stops him. He’s actually still here--in the basement. Max is confused. He’s still drugged? Stephanie shakes her head. He’s dead. Upstairs, someone turns Chelsea’s doorknob. She thinks it’s Stephanie, but it’s Ford. He’s pale and sooty. He stalks over to her bed. He asks her where they left off last night. Chelsea sobs. Downstairs, Stephanie fills Max in on the details. They drugged Ford’s drink, but he drugged Chelsea’s. When he attacked her, she was too doped up to fend him off, so the other girls attacked him. He got away and chased Chelsea upstairs. Then he tripped, fell down the stairs, hit his head, and died. Max asks if she’s sure he’s dead. Upstairs, Ford tells Chelsea they have some unfinished business. He’s been waiting for this for a long time. Chelsea squeals as Ford moves in.

EJ tells Sami he was just visiting Johnny. He’s fast asleep now. Sami takes him and lays him in the crib next to his sister. EJ heads next door to finish his workout. Lucas smirks and tells Sami he was just congratulating EJ on winning her affections. Sami frowns. He was trying to make EJ suspicious. Lucas shakes his head. He thinks EJ ate it up. She tells him to stop. They have to make EJ think she is in love with him. Lucas throws on a coat. He’s going out for some fresh air. Remember when she asked if they were ok? He isn’t sure. He doesn’t know if Sami is in love with EJ, but he’s certainly in love with her. Sami sighs. He will be, as long as Lucas doesn’t make him suspicious. Lucas wags his finger. She needs to be careful. She’s playing with fire. He leaves.

Lucas meets Kate at the pub. This isn’t a social visit; he just came by because he heard she had been arrested for EJ’s attempted murder. Kate snorts. She didn’t shoot EJ and the ballistics prove it. Lucas doesn’t care about EJ. There was a bullet hole found in Sami’s dress. He’s going to ask her one more time, and this time he wants the truth. Was she trying to kill EJ or Sami?

EJ calls Sami and tells her he needs her help. Sami can’t come over. Lucas left and she’s here alone with the twins. EJ begs. It’s an emergency. Sami rushes across the hall and gasps. EJ stares up at her bashfully from the floor. His chair has tipped over and spilled him onto the carpet.

She tells Max they’re sure Ford is dead. He had no pulse, so they dragged him down to the basement and left him there. Max wonders why they didn’t call the cops. She says it’s because they lured him here and drugged him. They may not have meant to hurt him, but he died because of them. They’ll get charged somehow. Max sighs. Not reporting this right away just makes them look worse. Stephanie say they had no choice. It was either that or go to jail. He raped Cordy and nearly raped Morgan and he got off with a slap on the wrist. How many more girls would he have victimized in the months to come? She knows Ford’s dad won’t rest until he’s ruined every last Theta sister. Max muses. So they have to get rid of the body. That’s why she called him. Stephanie nods. So what do they do now? Max has no idea. He’s never done this before. Stephanie sobs. She’s so sorry. She had no one else to call. Max thinks they have to check and make sure Ford is really dead first. Stephanie whines. She’s really scared. What if he isn’t? Upstairs, Chelsea sobs as Ford attacks her. She thought she would teach him a lesson, but he likes being the teacher much better. Her first lesson will be on how to scream bloody murder. Ford dives in. Chelsea cries.

EJ tells Sami that he was working out and lost his balance. Sami struggles to help him right the chair. She really thinks he should get a nurse. EJ snaps. He doesn’t need a nurse. He needs a wife that will spend her time at home instead of next door with her lover.

Kate tells Lucas that her target was EJ. He ratted her out and tried to ruin her relationship with Lucas. Lucas says their relationship was ruined the second he found out she and EJ faked that attack on her. Kate sighs. She did that to keep his family safe. She knew her actions would force Sami to marry EJ, and then the vendetta would be over. She only went to the church because of Lucas. He doesn’t get it. She reminds him that he told her he would forgive her if she stopped the wedding. As much as she despises Sami, she loves Lucas more. Lucas doesn’t want to hear that she would kill for him. Kate just wants him to be happy and know how much she loves him.

Max tells Stephanie this reminds him of the time he was trapped in the basement of that church. Stephanie assures him Ford isn’t nearly that far along. They get ready to head down, but Chelsea’s shrieks send them running upstairs. They find her thrashing in bed and screaming at an invisible attacker to get off of her. Stephanie wakes her up and tells her she just had a bad dream. Chelsea sobs. He was here! Max searches around for Ford.

Sami helps EJ right himself. She still thinks he needs a professional physical therapist. EJ refuses. He doesn’t find strangers inspirational and besides, he can do this himself. Pretty soon hell be taking the kids to the park and dancing with his wife. Sami needs to get back to the twins, but EJ has one last thing to say. He knows she is the reason he is alive today. Now he can be a man--not the one he used to be but the one she needs him to be. The babies cry. EJ kisses Sami’s hand. He will never forget the gift she has given him. Sami leaves.

Kate tells Lucas she wants him back in her life, so she has come up with a plan to help him with Sami. She knows his situation with EJ is ridiculous. Lucas grumbles. What is he supposed to do? Release the brake on his wheelchair and push him down the stairs? Kate shakes her head. They need to make it look like the threat against the Bradys is continuing. Since that is the only reason Sami married EJ, she’ll run straight back to Lucas if she thinks the DiMeras aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. Lucas muses. That just might work. Kate smiles. Is he in, then? Lucas nods. He’s in.

Chelsea tells them Ford was here and he tried to kill her. Stephanie soothes her. It’s all over. Ford cant hurt her or anyone else ever again. Max comes back. He says he went down to the basement. Ford’s dead. Chelsea gasps. OMG! She killed him! Stephanie explains that it was an accident. He fell down the stairs. Max tells them not to worry. He will handle getting rid of the body. When he gets back, they’ll get rid of all the evidence. Stephanie tells him they all vowed to take this secret to their graves. They all put their hands in the middle.


Hope asks Bo, "What's going to happen to Marlena? Is she going to be arrested for attempted murder?"

Marlena says, "Well, you must do the right thing." Roman replies, "And I intend to."

Chelsea cries, "Stephanie, nothing is ever going to be ok again." They hug.

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