Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/5/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/5/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the mansion, Stefano sips a drink and reads a note. It says, “The truth is coming for you, Stefano.” He frowns.

At his apartment, EJ coos and gushes over Johnny. He is so handsome. EJ, Johnny, and his mom are going to make such a beautiful family. She just needs to make a clean break from her past and from Lucas. If EJ isn’t mistaken, she is taking care of that right now.

At their apartment, Lucas and Sami argue over whether or not she really loves EJ. Sami wants to end the vendetta. Lucas doesn’t buy it. Sami should want EJ dead, anyway. Lucas sighs. He just can’t tell who Sami is lying to. Maybe she has lied so much in the past that she doesn’t know what the truth is. Sami whines. She loves Lucas, and she has a plan to protect her family. Lucas snorts. She’s destroying the family. She isn’t even fighting for Johnny. She is sacrificing the baby just like everyone else. Sami can’t believe he would say that. Lucas has more to say. It’s pretty clear that he will be nothing but second best from now on. They’re not married; in fact, they’re nothing to each other. She made her marriage bed. Now she needs to go lie in it.

At the sorority house, Ford attacks Chelsea. Stephanie and the others run out of Cordy’s room. Stephanie yells at Ford to stop and calls him an SOB. Ford turns around, shocked, and Chelsea makes a run for it. Ford pushes Stephanie violently and gives chase after Chelsea. He catches her running up the stairs and resumes the attack. Morgan yells at him to stop. Ford grins. What is she going to do about it?

Stefano sighs. A decidedly bloody Dr. Rolf enters wearing a surgical gown. He sees the note and asks Stefano if he has received another threat. Stefano says he gets one every day. He doesn’t even know why he bothers opening them. They all say the same thing. Rolf suggests a crank. Stefano shakes his head. His old nemesis is alive and returning to exact vengeance. This time it won’t end until one of them is dead.

Tony and Anna stop by EJ’s apartment to see the baby. They are going on an extended vacation and they wanted to meet a DiMera with a spotless conscience before they left. They comment on how beautiful he is. Anna goes off to change his diaper and leaves EJ and Tony to talk privately. Tony tells EJ he thought he would share some fraternal advice. EJ doesn’t get it. Advice about what? Tony gets serious, “Protecting your son.”

Sami huffs. She isn’t going anywhere. Lucas throws his hands up. Fine. She always gets her way anyway. He starts to head off to the bedroom and tells her to shut the door behind her when she gets bored. Sami whines. Their entire future is at stake. They need to talk. Lucas wants her out of here right now. She is EJ’s wife, and as long as she is, she can’t come back over here.

Ford grins and asks Chelsea if she is enjoying their little game. She struggles and breaks free. Ford chases her up the stairs, trips and rolls down them. He bashes his head against the floor, tries to get up, and falls down. The other girls watch in horror as he slowly crawls toward them. He collapses. Morgan walks over and calls his name. She checks him and steps back quickly. She tells the sisters that he isn’t breathing.

EJ chuckles. He tells Tony his son is a DiMera. What more protection could he need? Tony tells him he needs protection from his own grandfather most of all. EJ thinks he can handle Stefano, but Tony tells him to try exile for twenty years. EJ fidgets. He doesn’t know Tony all that well, but he knows Stefano’s reasons for ending him away have nothing to do with him or his son. Tony chuckles. If he keeps holding onto that misguided thought, both he and his innocent son will suffer for it. Can EJ imagine leaving his son to die—far away from his friends and family? EJ shifts uncomfortably. Stefano’s reaction may have been extreme, but he is sure he had his reasons. Tony sighs. What it boils down to is that Stefano gets what he wants when he wants. If EJ really loves his son, he needs to get him as far away from Stefano as possible.

Sami huffs. He can’t kick her out. Her name is on the lease. Lucas deals a low-blow, “I don’t know about that. No DiMeras on our lease.” Sami grumbles. He can’t make her leave. Lucas sighs. If she won’t leave, then he will. She understands how he feels. But she also knows he loves her. Nothing can ever change that. Lucas says she’s wrong. He will prove to her that he can cut her out of his life. Sami shakes her head. That isn’t possible. Lucas says he has to make it possible for their kids’ sake. Sami tries another tactic. She moves in on Lucas. He rejects her and tells her to leave. She turns to go, then wheels around and attacks him with kisses a second time. Lucas’ resistance is futile.

The girls crowd around Ford and gape. Morgan asks if anyone knows CPR. Slone does, and she begins chest compressions. Carmen frowns. Maybe someone should try mouth to mouth. Morgan grimaces. Be her guest. Stephanie asks Chelsea how she’s feeling. Chelsea groans. Not so well. Morgan urges Ford to wake up. He still isn’t breathing, so Carmen suggests they call 911. Slone stands up. It’s too late for that. Morgan agrees somberly. She’s right. Ford is dead.

EJ tells Tony that he knows he still loves Stefano, despite all of his miserable traits. Deep down, Tony knows that everything Stefano does is for blood and family. Tony scoffs. He’s the gardener’s bastard. Is EJ saying he isn’t part of the family because he isn’t blood-related? EJ is just saying that Stefano will never hurt Johnny. Tony smiles. He never realized how naïve EJ really is.

Stefano frowns. His nemesis has picked a bad time to crawl out from under a rock. His grandson’s future is not yet secure. Stefano is also concerned about Elvis. He is stronger than Tony, but he also has many of Tony’s weaknesses. Rolf nods. He wants to be loved. Stefano sighs. Samantha is going to be the poison that saps his strength. Rolf isn’t so sure, but Stefano insists it’s so. EJ stood by quietly while Samantha snatched his grandson from his arms. Stefano was disgusted and ashamed. At any rate, Gianni’s future cannot be left up to chance. Rolf agrees. What should he do? Stefano tells him to continue as instructed. He has already notified all of their soldiers. He should have gotten ridden of his nemesis when he had the chance. He’ll be sure not to make the same mistake twice.

Sami smothers Lucas with kisses. He is hers and will always be hers, too. Lucas tries to fend her off, but Sami pulls him down to the couch. There going to do what they always do. Lucas responds to her come-ons.

Chelsea rushes over to Ford and starts smacking his face. She screams at him to breathe. The girls pull her off. Stephanie thinks Chelsea is being affected by the drug Ford put in her drink. Morgan frowns. Ford won’t be though. Stephanie says it’s ok. None of them meant for this to happen. Carmen thinks they need to get campus security here right away. Stephanie asks her if she’s crazy. They’ll be arrested for murder. Is that what she wants?

Tony tells EJ that there is no one that Stefano loves more than himself. EJ needs to realize that quickly before Stefano cuts him down for not doing exactly as he wishes. EJ sighs. They both want what’s best for his son. Tony asks him what will happen when they don’t agree. Stefano had no problem cutting both Benjy and Renee down. Why would Johnny fare any differently? EJ knows that Stefano isn’t going to live much longer. If he wants Johnny raised as a DiMera, he’s going to have to do it through EJ. Tony sighs. He was raised in the DiMera tradition, too, and he regrets that culture of brutality and violence every day. EJ grimaces. He makes it sound like some kind of genetic disorder. Tony wants him to become a better man that Stefano is. He needs to do what’s right for himself and his son.

Sami and Lucas finish up on the couch. They hold each other and talk. Sami promises that EJ will get nothing but lies from her. She had to lie to get him to trust her. That’s the only thing keeping Stefano away from her and her family. She is doing this for their future. Lucas doesn’t buy it. As long as she is married to EJ, they have no future. Sami tells him she will never stop fighting for him, because there is nothing for her without him.

Carmen scoffs. They didn’t murder Ford. He fell down the stairs. Stephanie chuckles. He fell down the stairs because they called him over here and drugged him. That’s premeditation. Carmen grimaces. It was still an accident. Nobody wanted him to die. Stephanie thinks they will all go to jail even if they do tell the truth. They’ll at least find them all guilty of negligent homicide. Morgan nods sorrowfully. And that’s even if the cops believe their story. Slone doesn’t get it. Why wouldn’t they. Morgan sighs. They were the ones accusing Ford of being a rapist. They put all the fliers up. All the cops are going to see is that they were determined to punish him, and he died in the process. Slone still thinks they should call the police. Carmen jumps on the negative bandwagon. She doesn’t think anyone will believe them either. Stephanie adds that they might even get the death penalty. Morgan moans. His dad crucified her in the dean’s office. Imagine what he’ll do about this. Stephanie asks Slone if she willing to spend her life in jail over what happened to a rapist. Slone grumbles. He was still a human being. Cordy shrieks, “No, he wasn’t!”

Lucas knows that Sami is one hell of a liar, but EJ is a world-class one. It will be really hard to fool him. Sami scoffs. She can handle EJ. He was willing himself to die, and after a few visits from her in the hospital, he’s already home. EJ will believe what he wants to believe, and that puts Sami in control of the situation. Lucas doesn’t know if he’s willing to wait for her. Sami moves in on him. Maybe she can convince him otherwise. A second romp-fest is interrupted by a knock at the door. Lucas groans. He knows it’s EJ. He’s right. EJ is at the door with Johnny. He smiles innocently. Is he interrupting something?

Dr. Rolf comes downstairs and tells Stefano that the surgery was a complete success. The patient is recovering, and will be at his disposal soon. Stefano is pleased. The patient will need his fighting strength. Stefano has every confidence in Rolf. He takes out the note from earlier and burns it. When the patient is ready, he’ll be sure to take care of this chronic nuisance once and for all.

Cordy tells them that Ford didn’t have a human bone in his body. Morgan still thinks he died because of them, though. Cordy disagrees. He dies because of what he did, and she is glad. Now he can’t hurt anyone else. Morgan agrees, but they still have to deal with this. Cordy puts her foot down. She’s not going to jail for him. Stephanie asks if anyone wants to throw their lives away for the rapist. None of them does. Carmen reminds them all that they are all equally guilty. Every one of them added drugs to his drink. Morgan sighs. So they all agree that they don’t want to get the police involved. What are they going to do with his body? Slone says they can’t carry him out because of the security cameras. Stephanie suggests the basement. They all wrinkle their noses. That’s too disgusting. Stephanie says it’s just temporary but they can’t leave him in the hall until they figure out what to do. Does anyone else have a better plan? The sisters stare.

Tony and Anna show up at the DiMera mansion. Stefano scoffs. He thought Tony was long gone by now. Tony came by to ask one last favor. It’s the least Stefano can do after so many years of torment. He wants Stefano to leave Elvis’ son alone. Stefano chuckles. Not a chance. He is the heir to the DiMera throne. Tony thinks he is forgetting something. He is underestimating Elvis, and Tony happens to be on his side. Stefano laughs. Tony rages. If Stefano wants his last days to be peaceful, then he had better leave Elvis and his son alone. If he tries to take his son away, he’ll have a war on his hands that he could easily lose. If he really wants the boy to be an heir, then he needs to go back to Tuscany and leave Elvis alone.

Lucas gets sarcastic. Sami is EJ’s wife. What could he possibly be interrupting? EJ coughs. He thinks Sami was right. Johnny needs to be with his sister. Lucas gets all screamy. There is no way Allie is walking out of here with EJ. He tells Lucas to keep his voice down. He meant that he wanted the twins together over here. That’s why he brought Johnny over. Lucas asks about the catch. EJ says there is no catch. The twins need each other, and they come first. It’s that simple. They need a strong, supportive, and quiet environment like this. Lucas rolls his eyes. Are they supposed to believe that? EJ sighs. If doing this gets them any closer to ending the anger and animosity between them, then he’s done the right thing. He says good night and leaves.

The sisters surround Ford’s body. Morgan flashes back to Ford tricking her, then raping her. Cordy flashes back to Ford threatening both her and Stephanie at the penthouse. Stephanie flashes back to her rape as well.

Lucas asks Sami if she thinks EJ meant anything he said. Sami does. She asks if she can help. Lucas tells her when he puts Johnny down, Allie will probably wake up hungry. She can stay if she wants. It’s up to her. Sami decides to stick around.

EJ stares in the mirror and remembers what Tony told him, “Why don't you just be a better man than Stefano could ever be? Ah, little brother... do what you know is right... for yourself, for your future, and for your son.”

Tony won’t leave until Stefano agrees. Stefano tells him he can stay, but the conversation is over. He leaves. Tony growls. EJ and Stefano are both the same--stubborn and self-centered. Anna knows Stefano is a lost cause, but she has hope for EJ. He may have really heard Tony today. Tony hopes so. Anna sighs. The only person that could ever get through to Stefano is someone just as ruthless as he is. Tony muses.

Stephanie and the others get ready to move the body to the basement. First, she makes them all swear never to tell anyone, not even a priest. They all swear, even the woozy Chelsea. Slone and Cordy take Chelsea upstairs to bed. Stephanie, Morgan, and Carmen get ready to move Ford’s body. Stephanie wants to get this over with. Carmen says it’s just beginning. They all look at each other with frightened faces. They drag Ford away, revealing the Alpha Chi Theta logo on the rug.


Caroline tells Max, "There must be somebody special you've got your eye on."

Stephanie makes a call, "I'm in big trouble I need your help right now."

Sami asks, "What if you are the one who shot him?" Marlena replies, "Well, then I will go to prison for that for attempted murder." Sami freaks, "You won't make it to prison. Stefano will see to that.”

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