Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/4/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/4/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At his office, Phillip sleeps on his desk. Belle walks in, dressed in red and looking glamorous. She tells Phillip that she finally did it—she left Shawn.

In Shawn and Belle’s room, however, the real Belle is getting a massage from Shawn. She tells him that she thinks this is better than sex. Shawn feigns anger. Belle was just kidding. Seriously though, if she had known it was this great, she would have married him a lot sooner. Shawn apologizes for ever doubting Belle. He loves her. Belle says there’s no need to apologize, he just needs to keep massaging. Shawn grins. Her wish is his command.

Bo walks into his bedroom and tells Hope he had to read Ciara three stories tonight to get her to sleep. Hope asks about his day. He says it wasn’t bad. They guys at the station were really impressed with Shawn. Ballistics matched the gun to a bullet found in the altar. Not only that, but Kate’s fingerprints were all over it. What really got the guys talking was the fact that Shawn had to wrestle the gun out of the guy’s hand. Hope’s not crazy about that, but she has no choice but to accept that Shawn is a cop. Hope sighs. At least Shawn will definitely get into the academy now—provided Phillip doesn’t try to sabotage it again. Bo tells her that Phillip didn’t send that letter. Belle did. Hope gapes.

In EJ’s apartment, EJ tells Sami he doesn’t need a nurse because he has her. He pulls her onto his lap and nibbles at her neck. She laughs and tries to push him away. Lucas bursts in. What the hell is going on here? Sami tries to soothe him, but Lucas won’t have it. He should kill EJ right now.

Chelsea walks into the sorority house and tells the girls that operation: make Ford pay is underway. She got the rope, duct tape, baby monitors, and sleeping pills from her mom’s house. They’ll just return them afterwards so Billie never knows what happened. Morgan wants to go over the plan one more time. She tells Slone to offer Ford a spiked drink as soon as he gets here. As soon as he’s unconscious, they’ll tie him up and duct tape his mouth shut. Cordy pipes up. They’re not going to hurt him, right? Chelsea just wants to scare him, like they all agreed. Slone doesn’t think she can do this. She doesn’t want to be alone with Ford. Chelsea sighs. She won’t be alone. They’ll be in the next room, listening in. That’s what the baby monitors are for. Stephanie huffs. Ford is strong. How are they going to protect her? Chelsea reminds her there are several of them. No matter how strong Ford is, he won’t be a match for all the girls. Chelsea knows they are all nervous, but if they work together, she promises they can teach Ford a lesson he will never forget. The camera pans in on Ford dressing to go out.

Lucas attacks EJ. Sami freaks and pulls them apart. EJ says he is fine, but Sami thinks it’s obvious he’s in pain. She asks Lucas what he’s thinking. The guy is paralyzed for goodness’ sake. Sami wants EJ to go back to the hospital, but he refuses. He just needs a painkiller. Lucas asks what’s going on. Sami can’t have been ok with EJ putting his hands all over her like that. She was in his lap. Sami huffs. She just fell and EJ caught her. That’s all. Lucas nukes. What, is she lying for the guy now? EJ interrupts. No, she’s actually lying for Lucas. EJ thinks Sami ought to go ahead and tell Lucas the truth. Lucas scowls. What truth? What’s going on?

Chelsea pulls Stephanie aside and asks her what’s going on. Stephanie says she is just worried about Slone, but Chelsea doesn’t buy it. She acted this way around their dads, too. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to stop Ford. Stephanie huffs. She is just worried about how they will protect Slone. Ford is dangerous, and it’s about time Chelsea realized it. Chelsea knows the plan will work. If it doesn’t, they’ll just come up with something else. Stephanie thinks they need to forget about Ford before he attacks all of them. This is way too risky. Morgan walks up and agrees with Stephanie. Ford is on a major power trip right now. Chelsea huffs. That is exactly why it will work. Ford will never expect to be bested by a bunch of girls. Besides, Ford is on his way over, so they can’t back out now anyway. Morgan nods. She thinks it’s worth the risk. Chelsea addresses the group. Any questions? Carmen wonders what they’re going to do when they let him go. Slone pipes up. He’s going to want revenge. How will they protect themselves? Carmen muses. They are going to let him go, right?

Hope can’t believe Belle wrote that letter. Why would she do something like that? Bo tells her that she and Shawn already talked it out. Apparently, she was afraid of him becoming a cop. Hope softens. She can understand that, but why did Belle go behind Shawn’s back? She should have talked it through with him. Bo says it was right after John died. Shawn says she regretted it right away. Hope asks if Shawn has forgiven her. Bo says Shawn understands why she did it. Hope sighs. This going behind Shawn’s back thing seems to be a habit with Belle. She is starting to think Bo was right. They should have told Shawn about Belle’s affair. Bo is confused. Because of the letter? Hope grimaces. No, actually, it’s for another reason entirely.

Shawn and Belle kiss and roll around in bed. Shawn wonders how he ever got so lucky. He doesn’t deserve her. She says she doesn’t deserve him. Shawn tells her not to say that, but Belle barrels on. There’s something she needs to tell him.

Fantasy Belle skulks over to Phillip and tells him that she finally told Shawn the truth. She’s in love with Phillip. Phillip asks how Shawn took the news. She says he was devastated, but she had to tell him. Divorcing Phillip was the biggest mistake she ever made. They’re soul mates. They belong together. Phillip and Belle move in for a kiss.

EJ tells Lucas that Samantha is falling in love with him. She admitted as much at the hospital. Sami groans. He knows that isn’t what she said. Lucas growls. EJ is delusional. Sami hates him. EJ huffs. If Lucas doesn’t believe him, then he should ask Sami herself. Lucas doesn’t need to ask Sami, because he already knows what she’s going to say. Lucas turns to Sami and asks her what’s going on anyway.

Ford looks over his pill stash and calls Slone. He hopes she’s ready, because he’ll be over in just a few minutes. Chelsea wants to get his drink, but Stephanie stops her. Slone is shaking. Chelsea tries to encourage her, but she’s scared. Stephanie thinks they need to call the whole thing off. Ford is going to see Slone shaking and know this is all a set up. Slone apologizes. She thought she could do this, but she can’t stand up to him this time. Stephanie thinks they should call Ford and cancel. Chelsea nixes the idea. They are going to make sure Ford pays. If Slone can’t do it, then Chelsea will just do it herself.

Hope tells Bo that she heard one of Belle’s messages the day of the wedding. She found out that Belle and Phillip were together the night before the wedding. Bo nukes. She cheated on Shawn again? Hope isn’t sure, but it’s a possibility. Bo rages. She swore she would cut all ties with Phillip. Bo has to tell Shawn about this. Hope wants to talk to Marlena first, but Bo refuses. Shawn needs to know now.

Belle tells Shawn that she isn’t the woman he thinks she is. Shawn grins. He knows. When he brought out the handcuffs, she really liked it. Belle is serious. She has made a lot of mistakes, and she’s just afraid that he still sees her as the innocent girl she used to be. Shawn doesn’t. He sees her as the grown woman he loves now. She might not be perfect, but she’s perfect for him.

Meanwhile, Fantasy Belle tries to convince Phillip that she ditched Shawn for him. Phillip shakes his head. She has lied so much lately that he’s going to need some proof. Belle waves a bloody knife in the air. She killed Shawn just like Phillip asked. Phillip scowls. He never asked Belle to murder Shawn. Belle smiles. Of course he did. Maybe not directly, but the disrespect he showed Shawn and the way he pursued her said it all. Now they can be together. Phillip is aghast. How could she kill Shawn? Belle smiles sweetly. It was easy. She did it for him.

Slone is so sorry she backed out. Stephanie soothes her. It was a bad idea to begin with. Chelsea huffs. It’s a great idea, and by God, she’s going to make sure Ford has his drink. Stephanie tells her not to be foolish. Ford is never going to hang out with her, let alone take a drink from her. Carmen agrees. Ford already knows Chelsea is behind all of the fliers being put up. Stephanie urges her to call and cancel. Right on cue, a knock sounds at the door. Chelsea insists on going through with this. She has to do it for everyone Ford has ever hurt. She shoos them out of the room and tells them not to forget the baby monitor. Chelsea answers the door to a scowling Ford. What is she doing here? Chelsea bats her eyes and simpers, “What do you think?”

Bo asks what Phillip’s message said. Hope tells him that Phillip said he could tell Belle was in love with him and he knew it when he held her in his arms. Whatever the meeting was about, she must have ended it by telling him she was marrying Shawn anyway. Bo scoffs. Yeah, while she was in his arms, no less. He wonders how Hope heard the message. She fidgets. Being the detective she is, she was suspicious when Belle told her Mimi called right before the wedding. So after the ceremony, she found Belle’s phone upstairs. She listened to her messages. Hope spoke with Marlena, and she agreed to speak with Belle. She didn’t believe it at first, but Hope convinced her it was the truth. Bo grumps. He is sick of lying to Shawn about his wife. Hope is sick of it, too, but she thinks they need to talk to Marlena before they talk to Shawn. Bo thinks that a girl that lies to her husband won’t stop at lying to her mother. Shawn is a grown man, and it’s about time they tell him the truth and let him make his own decision about the matter.

Sami tells Lucas to drop it for now. Lucas barrels on. Is EJ telling the truth? Sami fidgets. EJ smiles soothingly. He tells Sami it’s alright. She can tell Lucas the truth. Lucas rages. Never mind then, because he already knows the answer. He storms out.

Ford wonders what’s going on. Chelsea tells him that Slone is out with the other sisters. Chelsea had her invite Ford over because she wanted to talk to him alone. She knew he wouldn’t speak to her after everything she has done. Ford says she’s right. He starts to leave, but Chelsea stops him. She wanted to apologize. Cordy finally told her the truth. Ford is suspicious, but Chelsea soothes him. Cordy admitted that Ford didn’t rape her. She lied before. In the bedroom, Cordy jumps as if shocked. Chelsea reminds Cordy that Chelsea is just playing Ford. She doesn’t mean what she’s saying. Chelsea is sorry she believed her. Ford asks about Morgan. She’s a liar, too. He never tried to rape her, either. Chelsea says she and Morgan got into a huge fight. They aren’t speaking anymore. Ford smiles and seems more at ease. He asks about Chelsea’s boyfriend. Chelsea sighs. He’s not her type. The Human Genome project isn’t a turn-on for her. She actually thinks she and Ford are a lot alike. He wanders around and approaches Cordy’s room. Chelsea asks what he’s doing. The girls inside shake and shiver with fear. Ford shakes his head. Chelsea must think he is stupid. He knows exactly what is going on here.

Sami turns on EJ, furious. Why did he do that? EJ is stung. He thought Sami would be happy that they don’t have to hide their feelings anymore. Sami sighs. If this so-called marriage to work, he can’t keep doing things without considering her feelings. Did he even consider her children? Lucas is furious. She needs to go over there and smooth things over. EJ doesn’t get it. Lucas can never take custody from her. What is the big deal? She seems too concerned with Lucas’ feelings. Sami huffs. She just doesn’t want to have to go to court over this. EJ isn’t buying it. Was Lucas right? Should he be suspicious of Sami?

Ford thinks Chelsea is making nice to avoid being sued for defamation. Chelsea admits she doesn’t want to be sued, but she wasn’t thinking about that when she invited him over. Ford struts. He wasn’t thinking about suing just her. He’s suing the whole sorority. When he’s finished, he’ll own this place. Chelsea chokes. She wanted to apologize, but she also really just wanted to hang out with Ford. She has been really attracted to him for a while. Ford smirks. So that is why she is trashing his name from one end of campus to the other. Chelsea grins sheepishly. She believed Cordy, and she guesses that she was also scared, because her feelings for Ford were so intense. She’s sorry he doesn’t trust her. She shows him the door. Ford stops her. He isn’t going anywhere. Slone can’t believe he went for it. Morgan smiles. Chelsea was right. His ego is out of control. Ford tells Chelsea he won’t sue if she makes a public apology. Chelsea readily agrees. Ford decides to stick around for a drink and asks for bourbon. Chelsea goes to fix the drink. The girls crowd around and help spike it. Chelsea repeats a mantra to remind herself which drink is for Ford and which is hers. She brings the drinks out and Ford asks her to put on some music. Of course, he spikes her drink while she’s gone. When he comes back, he asks for a toast. But first, he wants Chelsea to taste his drink.

Hope sighs. If Shawn finds out Belle is cheating, God knows what will happen. Hope begs him to wait a little while. She just wants to find out what happened between Belle and Marlena before they proceed. She hates being in this position. Bo sighs. He does, too. Hope says she hates only one thing more—what finding out Belle cheated on him will do to their son.

Belle stares out the window as Shawn sleeps. He wakes up and asks her to come back to bed. Belle stares some more.

Outside Phillip’s window, Fantasy Belle is dressed in white. The wind blows her dress and hair around.

Sami wonders how EJ can ask her that. Of course she cares for him. EH sulks. If that’s true, then she would stay the night here and not with Lucas. She knows Lucas well, and she knows she has to resolve this tonight. She’s just thinking of Allie and Johnny. She has to get along with Lucas for their sakes. EJ begs her to stay. She asks him not to make her choose between him and her children. Besides, if she puts this off until tomorrow, she’ll just be worried all night about the confrontation with Lucas. It’s best if she just gets it out of the way now. She turns to go and tells EJ to call of he has any problems with Johnny. They say goodnight and Sami leaves. EJ grimaces.

Ford says he may be paranoid, but he doesn’t drink anything he didn’t pour himself. Chelsea swears she didn’t poison it. He tells her to humor him and taste it. She obliges, to a resounding chorus of gasps from Cordy’s bedroom. Chelsea grins. Is he satisfied? Ford leers. Not yet, but he will be soon. Chelsea proposes her own toast. She toasts to getting what they both want and deserve. They both drink.

Sami pleads with Lucas not to be angry. Nothing EJ said was true. He was wrong. She only loves Lucas, so how could she fall in love with EJ? Lucas sulks. He thinks she needs to go back to her husband. He doesn’t even want her here. She needs to leave, now. Sami rushes on. He has to know that she loves him after everything they have been through. Stefano threatened her family, so she had to say whatever it took to save EJ. She just did this for them and their kids. Can’t he understand that?

Bo thinks Shawn is tough. He can handle the truth. Besides, whatever happens, he can’t lose Claire. At least that’s something. Hope disagrees and extracts a promise from him not to say anything to Shawn until they hear from Marlena. He says all bets are off if he finds out Belle lied to Shawn about anything else. Bo is tired of talking about Shawn’s problems. He wants to focus on Hope. He moves in for a kiss.

Shawn and Belle kiss. They head back to the bed. Romping ensues.

Phillip wakes up with a start and stares at a picture of Belle and Claire. He moans softly.

An inebriated Chelsea smiles woozily. Ford is so glad she was here instead of Slone. With everything she did to him, she deserved everything she is going to get. Ford jumps on her. Chelsea screams at him to stop. Ford leers. He knows she wants it. The sisters burst out of Cordy’s room, with Stephanie in the lead. She screams at Ford to stop.


Lucas tells Sami, "You got your new marriage bed. You made it. Sleep in it."

EJ says, "Father would never hurt her." Tony replies, "You hold onto that very misguided thought and one day you will suffer for it as will your beautiful little innocent son."

Stefano tells Rolf, "My old nemesis is alive. This time it's not going to end until one of us is dead.”

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