Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/3/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/3/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the sorority house, Chelsea hands around the pictures she and Nick took at Ford’s place. Chelsea points out the mortar and pestle and tells the girls he uses it to grind the pills into dissolvable powder. Slone asks what kind of medication he’s using. When Chelsea tells her, she notes that’s a prescription drug. Chelsea snorts. Ford doesn’t seem to have a problem getting it. Morgan looks at the pictures of Ford’s journal and asks about them. Chelsea grimaces. He’s been ranking the girls he rapes. Slone doesn’t get it. Why would he keep a journal? Chelsea thinks he’s a disgusting pig that’s in love with himself. The camera pans to the disgusting pig getting dressed to go out. Cordy asks if Chelsea’s dad is going to do anything. Chelsea sighs. He told her they couldn’t use the photos as evidence against Ford. The police can’t do anything, so they have to go after Ford themselves.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Stephanie shows her last customers the door. Max complains about how all the guys sit in her section. She waves a twenty dollar bill in the air. They just appreciate good service. Max groans. He thinks they need to have ladies’ night. Adrienne comes up in a panic. Joey has a huge Spanish exam tomorrow. She needs to help him, but she has to close. Max offers to do it, but Adrienne thinks it will be too much work. Max isn’t worried. Stephanie will stay and help, right? She grins.

At their apartment, Lucas dives under the couch for a lost bottle while Sami comes out of the bedroom in a negligee. Lucas approves. The only thing missing is a pole. She looks really hot, but us she sure they should be doing this so soon after the twins are born? Sami grins. She is ready to rock his world.

Outside the apartment, Stefano wheels EJ to his door. Stefano thinks EJ should be at the mansion, where Dr. Rolf can monitor him. EJ wants to stop over at Lucas and Sami’s place. He has a surprise for Samantha.

Stephanie says she doesn’t mind sticking around. Adrienne profusely thanks both her and Max and leaves. Max is sorry for roping her into this. She doesn’t have to stay. Stephanie is glad to stay. Max stammers. He sure would like the company, too. He watches Stephanie scrape gum off a table. He knows most girls wouldn’t go near crud like that. Stephanie snorts. Yeah, most girls like Morgan. She wouldn’t want to mess up her manicure. Max is confused. Who said anything about her? Stephanie huffs. He has to admit the girl is high maintenance. Max sighs. She is just used to having things he never had growing up. It is kind of nice to have a night off from Morgan, though. Stephanie smiles slyly.

Slone sighs. What are they supposed to do if the police won’t get involved? Chelsea thinks they have to stick together. Carmen grumbles. They did that at the dean’s office and it was a complete disaster. Chelsea launches into an encouraging speech. They really have to get fired up about this, or they will all have to spend the rest of the year living in fear of Ford. Other girls could be raped. Do they really want to live with that? The camera pans to Ford playing music and setting out wine. A girl walks into his room. Chelsea tells the girls it’s time to take a stand and make Ford the victim for a change.

Lucas and Sami kiss. Clothes fly. Right on cue, a knock sounds at the door. Lucas tries to get Sami to ignore it, but she refuses. She looks through the peephole. It’s Stefano. She has to answer it. What if something happened to EJ? She hisses at Lucas to button his shirt. Lucas refuses. He wants Stefano to know what he was interrupting. Sami rolls her eyes and opens the door. EJ smiles up at her from his wheelchair. “Hello darling. Your husband is home.” Sami gapes.

Slone doesn’t think they should mess with Ford. They could get in serious trouble or even expelled. Chelsea reminds them of all the work that have done for battered women. She is really proud to be a member of this sorority, but now it seems they’re more willing to help perfect strangers than each other. The camera pans to Ford and his date flirting. He secretively spikes her wine with sleeping pills. Carmen sighs. What are they supposed to do? Chelsea has a plan. The one thing Ford can’t get enough of is women. They have to offer themselves up in a package they can’t resist, and then they nail him.

Sami asks EJ what he’s doing out of the hospital. EJ tells her he ahs been released. He obviously couldn’t wait to come home and see his wife. Stefano has come along to see his grandson, Giovanni. Lucas grumbles. His name is Johnny, and he’s asleep. Sami says she can bring him over to EJ’s apartment to meet them later. Lucas wants both of them to leave, now. Stefano refuses to go without seeing his grandson. EJ says he will handle this and Stefano leaves. Lucas frets. If they let Stefano leave with Johnny, he’ll take off for Italy. EJ says that will never happen. He is going to make sure Johnny stays right here with him and his mother. Sami relents and goes off to get the baby. Lucas rages at EJ. He doesn’t want him coming over here unannounced anymore. EJ snorts. Is Lucas suggesting he make an appointment to see his own wife? As of now, Sami lives across the hall in EJ’s apartment. Lucas glares.

Cordy doesn’t think the plan will work, but Chelsea does. Ford is such an egomaniac that he thinks he’s God’s gift to women. They just need to make sure that whoever plays the “bait” pretends to be really drunk. Before things get out of hand, they’ll spike his drink. It’s time Ford learned a lesson on how it feels to be helpless.

Stephanie and Max finish cleaning. Max gets Stephanie a soda and thanks her for helping him and Adrienne out tonight. She says it’s nothing; in fact, she thinks they should do it again some time. Max grins. They do make a hell of a team. Stephanie blushes. Max muses. Has she heard from Jeremy lately?

Sami brings Jonny out to the living room to see EJ and Stefano, who has returned. EJ coos. He has gotten so big. He hands him over to Stefano, who promises the baby a life most people can only dream of. Lucas rolls his eyes and walks away. Sami suggests they take Johnny next door. She wants to come supervise, but EJ wants her to stay with Lucas. He and Stefano leave with Johnny. Lucas rages. This just makes him sick. How the hell is EJ even going to care for the baby? Sami sighs. They’ll have to hire a nurse, of course. She’ll try to be around as much as she can. Lucas grunts. So much for their night to remember. Is this how it will always be? Sami doesn’t know what to say. After all, she is EJ’s wife. Lucas smirks. He doesn’t need to be reminded. Sami knows this isn’t fair, but things are hard because Stefano is pressuring EJ about the baby. Lucas thinks she shouldn’t have let them take Johnny next door. They’re probably over there planning his future. Sami nods and heads out the door. She needs to go over there and set some ground rules.

Stephanie tells Max that Jeremy is definitely out of the picture. She was such a fool for dating that loser. Why didn’t Max ever try to stop her? Max laughs. She just saw the bad boy in Jeremy. All good girls love that. Stephanie isn’t sure. What about Morgan? She went after Max. Max chides her. Is she saying he isn’t bad? Stephanie grins. Either that, or Morgan isn’t as good as everyone thinks under that diamond tiara and fake smile. Max chuckles. She sneaks candy into movie theaters and she even cursed in traffic last week. Stephanie plays the offended maiden aunt and feigns shock. Stephanie needs to ask Max something. Did he mean what he said earlier—is it really nice to have a break from Morgan?

The girls discus what they can do to Ford after he passes out. Carmen wants to write “rapist” across his chest and take pictures. Slone wants to hack into his website. Chelsea says whatever they do, they have to do it together, so they all have to put a little bit of the drug in Ford’s drink. Cordy doesn’t want to do it. Chelsea huffs. She should want to do this more than anyone. Ford has to pay, and this is their chance to make a difference. They’re not going to hurt Ford, they just want to turn the tables on him and show him what it’s like to be on the receiving end. Cordy falters. Are they sure he won’t get hurt? Chelsea promises, so Cordy agrees to help.

EJ tells Stefano that the baby has his eyes. Stefano coos. The baby is the most perfect thing in the world. He tells him he will grow up to be an imposing figure with an intellect to match it. All the girls in Italy are going to come after him because he is so beautiful. Sami interrupts. Stefano isn’t taking her son to Italy or anywhere else. Does he understand?

Cordy whines. Does Chelsea promise they won’t hurt Ford? Chelsea promises again. They just want to do something that will make him think twice before attacking another girl. The camera pans onto Ford, kissing his sluggish and semi-conscious date. She begs him to stop. Chelsea asks the girls if they’re in. Carmen, Slone, Morgan, and Cordy all agree. Ford moves in on his hapless victim. She cries and begs him to stop. Morgan and Chelsea pull Slone aside. They hate to ask her this, but Ford’s journal indicates another Theta was attacked. Slone huffs. They think it was her? Chelsea asks her if it was.

Max thinks Morgan is great and all, but they come from two different worlds. Their first date was the first time she had chili fries. Her favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle. She calls vegetables “crudités.” She talks about the south of France like it’s right down the street. Stephanie chuckles. She vacations there all the time, too. Doesn’t Max? Max sighs. He knows they’re joking around, but he doesn’t want Morgan to know what he said. He really likes her and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Stephanie says his secret is safe with her.

Stefano tells Sami he has no intention on taking the poor boy from his mother. He just wants the three of them to enjoy life from the balcony of his villa in Florence. Sami outs her foot down. They’re not moving to Italy. Stefano wants her to think about the possibilities and opportunities. Giovanni will grow up next door to the Uffizi gallery and the birthplace of the Renaissance. Sami huffs. Her son is American. He is going to join scouts and play baseball. They’re staying in Salem and that is the end of the discussion. Sami goes off to the back to lay Johnny down for his nap. Stefano sighs. Samantha is going to be a big problem. He has told Elvis time and again that if he cannot handle her, Stefano will. He leaves.

Chelsea and Morgan soothe a confused Slone. They say they won’t tell anyone, but she swears Ford never touched her. The camera pans in on Ford, who is lecturing his date. This never happened. She sobs. He leers. She was really great tonight. She sobs, chokes, and runs off. Chelsea is glad Slone wasn’t attacked. She knows Ford has always kind of had a thing for Slone, so she’d like her to be the decoy if she is up to it. Slone isn’t sure. Morgan volunteers, but Chelsea nixes the idea after what happened at the Dean’s office. Slone hesitates, and then agrees to be the “bait,” as long as they don’t leave her alone with the creep. Chelsea swears they won’t let him touch her.

Max and Stephanie move in for a kiss, but the jukebox clicks on and startles them. Max touches Stephanie’s hand. She jerks back, flooded with memories from her rape. Max asks what’s wrong. Stephanie lamely offers up the excuse that he shocked her when he touched her. Max thinks they’ve worked pretty hard tonight. They deserve a little fun. He takes Stephanie’s hand and leads her to the floor. They sway slowly to a song about saving the last dance for someone.

Sami walks out of the bedroom to find EJ unpacking Johnny’s bag. He asks her to hand him the bag with his weights. Sami struggles to do so, and then EJ asks for a glass of water. Sami exhales heavily. A newborn is a lot of work. EJ may be in physical therapy, but he’s not up for this. She thinks Johnny needs to stay the night next door. EJ has a better idea. Why doesn’t she stay here instead?

Stephanie and Max dance. She wonders what Morgan would say if she walked in. Max sighs. She knows he isn’t the right guy for her. If she didn’t, her parents would be sure to set her straight. Stephanie thinks Morgan’s parents are idiots. She thinks he’s smart, ambitious, and a good dancer. He dips her. Stephanie chuckles. What did Caroline and Shawn think of Morgan? Max knows Caroline liked her. Anyway, he always told her she would know which one was “the one” pretty easily. Max will bring that one home for Sunday dinner. Chelsea barges in. Stephanie backs away from Max. Chelsea really needs her back at the house. They finally came up with a plan to destroy Ford and everybody needs to be there. Max tells Stephanie they are finished, so she can leave. Stephanie thanks him for the dance and Chelsea drags her off.

EJ playfully throws stuffed toys at Sami. Is she going to stay the night with her son and husband or what? Sami appreciates the offer, but she has Lucas and Allie to think of, too. EJ thinks she should bring Allie over. Surely Lucas would appreciate a full night’s rest. Sami declines. It really won’t work. EJ seems disappointed but agrees to do it some other time. Sami thinks he may want to consider hiring a nurse to help him bathe and get into bed in the future. EJ doesn’t need one. He has Sami. He pulls her into his lap and nibbles on her neck. Sami giggles and pushes him away. Lucas bursts in. Sami freaks.

The girls quiet down as Slone calls Ford. She tells him she’s bored. Ford smirks. Are all her sisters out putting up fliers? She thinks they’re wrong for doing that. Ford can get any girl he wants. He doesn’t need to rape people. Ford wants to see her, but he’s busy tonight, He promises to clear his schedule for her soon. Slone says she’ll be waiting. Ford’s victim from earlier wanders around outside and sobs. Chelsea gives another speech to the girls. There’s no turning back now. They are all in this together. Stephanie shifts uncomfortably. All the sisters stare at her.


Lucas asks Sami, "What, are you lying for the guy now?" EJ says, "No, actually Lucas, she's lying for you."

Hope tells Bo, "I'm really starting to believe that maybe you are right. Maybe we should have told Shawn about Belle's affair."

Belle tells Phillip, "I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember. We belong together." They move in for a kiss.

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