Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/30/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/30/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the pub, Chelsea and Nick look over the photographs from the previous night. Nick thinks they have great detail. Does she think it’s enough to arrest Ford? Chelsea thinks it will be enough to get Bo to want to arrest him. Nick wants to go inside, but Chelsea promised to meet Stephanie and Cordy outside. Nick can’t wait to see Bo march Ford out of his room and into a jail cell. Chelsea can’t wait to show the pictures to Cordy. He really freaked her out, and she wants her to finally have some power over him.

At the pub, Bo and Steve relax with a couple of beers. Shawn walks over and jokes that Bo better be off duty. Steve chuckles. Shawn blows the case wide open and he suddenly turns into super cop. Bo tells Shawn they found a match for the gun. Bullets from the church match and the fingerprints on the gun belong to Kate Roberts. Shawn gapes. He busted Phillip’s mom? Steve excuses himself as Shawn asks if Bo thinks Kate shot EJ. Bo knows she tried. He congratulates Shawn. His application for the academy just got fast tracked. Shawn can’t wait to tell Belle, but Bo isn’t sure she will be thrilled. After all, she worked pretty hard to keep him out of the academy.

Outside Phillip’s hotel room, Belle tells Chloe she had no idea she was in town. Chloe tells Belle she returned for their high school reunion, but Brady isn’t with her. Belle forgot about the reunion. She and Shawn have been really busy lately. Chloe apologizes for missing the wedding. Belle says it’s ok and shifts uncomfortably. Chloe wonders whose idea it was to honeymoon at an airport hotel. Belle changes the subject. She has to go pick up Claire. Chloe raises an eyebrow. Is Shawn staying here alone tonight? Belle has to go. Chloe stops her. Belle is jumping out of her skin. Is Shawn really in there, or does Chloe have to knock and see who’s in room 1026?

At the police station, Roman stares at Kate incredulously. She’s turning down legal representation? Kate huffs. She needs to talk to Phillip first. He was the last one to see the gun, so he can tell Roman all about it. Roman wants to hear the story from her. Besides, her prints were all over the gun. Kate pleads the fifth. Roman scoffs. She can’t do that until she gets to court. Roman tells her to go ahead and call Phillip. He wants to know how this gun ended up on the streets of Salem.

Shawn sighs. He and Belle have already worked through that issue. Bo frowns. Being a cop is hard, and he needs support from his family. Shawn knows Belle is behind him. She was so proud when he took the gun off that creep in the alley. Steve walks up with a bottle of champagne and tells Shawn to go find Belle and celebrate. Shawn objects, since it’s one of Pop Shawn’s nicest bottles, but Steve says he put money in the till to cover it. Shawn hesitates, but Steve says he and Bo have the bar covered. Shawn needs to go give Belle a reason to leave the study group. Steve winks. Any idiot can open champagne. Don’t let the fun stop there. Shawn grins and heads off to call Belle. Bo sulks. Steve doesn’t get it. Shawn is on top of his game. Why isn’t he happy about it?

Belle fidgets. She’s sorry she doesn’t have time to catch up. Everything is just a little crazy right now. Shawn calls Belle’s cell and she takes it. She tells him she is on her way home. He tells her he has a big surprise for her. Chloe hops around. Is that Shawn? Can she say hello? Belle hangs up and apologizes. Shawn was really busy tending bar, so he had to go. Belle wants the three of them to get together for dinner before the reunion, though. Chloe suggests the four of them go to dinner. She’s been dying to see him again. Belle chokes.

Kate tells Roman she couldn’t reach Phillip. She left him several messages. She pleads with him. She didn’t try to kill anyone. Roma frowns. He has a gun, a slug, and a hole in his daughter’s wedding dress that speaks otherwise. Kate huffs. She’s not going to jail. Roman tells her not to rule it out with the way her luck is going.

Stephanie walks up to Nick and Chelsea and tells them Cordy couldn’t make it. Chelsea thinks that’s too bad. Stephanie wonders what’s going on, but Chelsea wants to show her instead. They go inside the pub and greet Bo and Steve. Chelsea tells Bo they got some evidence on Ford. They took lots of pictures, and she’s pretty sure everything Bo needs to arrest him is right here. Stephanie rages. Are they crazy? Why would they do that? Chelsea is confused. Why is she angry? They got him. Steve and Bo peruse the pictures. Nick points out that the pills are illegal. You can see the name on the prescription bottle. Chelsea points out the pictures of the mortar and pestle. You can clearly see he’s been grinding up the pills. Bo asks how they got these pictures. Chelsea fidgets. There was a broken window. Bo frowns. So they busted in and took these pictures? Chelsea tries to change the subject. They also have pictures of his journal, where he lists the girls he raped. Bo sighs. He can’t believe Nick would do this. Stephanie doesn’t think the pictures will help. Bo agrees. They were taken illegally. Steve tells Bo to be cool. Maybe Chelsea didn’t take the pictures. He winks. Maybe they were just dropped off at the station. Chelsea beams. Steve is so cool. Chelsea shows them pictures of the journal. He’s raping and then rating the girls. It’s sick. Steve asks to look at one of the entries. Stephanie flips, “NO!”

At his office, Phillip picks up his cell phone. Kate is on the other line. He asks why she is calling from a blocked number. She fumes. She’s at the police station being arrested for attempted murder. Phillip asks why. Kate rages. Doesn’t he remember a certain gun that he promised to get rid of for her? Roman doesn’t want to hear the details, but Kate barrels on anyway. She certainly isn’t going down alone. Phillip agrees to send one of Titan’s lawyers. She shouldn’t say a word until he gets there. Kate whines. She needs bail. Phillip tells her he is on his way and hangs up.

Belle tells Chloe that Shawn and Phillip aren’t friends anymore. It’s along story, and they can catch up later, but Belle really has to leave now. Chloe asks for Phillip’s number. Belle doesn’t have it, so she suggests calling the mansion. Chloe asks how Phillip looks. Right on cue, Phillip exits the hotel room. He gapes, “Chloe?” Chloe looks at Belle suspiciously. “Speak of the devil.”

Nick tells Bo the drug he’s using is for insomniacs. It’s so strong that it can literally knock a person out. Steve points out the stars and checkmarks in the journals. There may not be names written here, but there is some kind of system going on. Stephanie thinks this is a waste of time. Steve asks Bo about a warrant. Bo thinks they can’t get one. Stephanie huffs. Why don’t they just let Chelsea break in again? Chelsea gets an attitude. It was a good thing they did break in, because Ford brought a girl home. He was fixing her a drink when he noticed the break-in. Stephanie isn’t sure that he was going to rape her. Chelsea snaps. Why doesn’t she try asking Morgan or Cordy? He saw the broken window, and the journal out, so he shooed the girl off. Chelsea tells them two Thetas were assaulted. They know Cordy was one of them, but they don’t know who the other girl was. Stephanie fidgets. Bo thinks he might be able to use these, but Chelsea has to promise to stay away from Ford. Nick promises for her. Bo says they can go in and get the evidence once they get a warrant. Chelsea’s face falls. Ford took all of it with him. Bo sighs. Without evidence, these pictures are meaningless. The case against Ford is no good.

Shawn stands on a stool and changes a light bulb. He thinks it’s time to slip into something a little more fun. He grins.

Phillip asks how Chloe is. They hug. She has prayed for him a lot, and she can see it’s working, because he is more handsome than ever. Phillip tells her he has to run. He has a flight early in the morning, so that’s why he’s staying here. He tells her he will call her. Belle tells Chloe she can find both her and Shawn at the pub. They live there now. Chloe heads off for her own room. Belle freaks. Chloe saw her coming out of Phillip’s room. Phillip promises he will explain everything. He’ll just tell Chloe that he and Belle had to speak about Claire. He swears he won’t let anyone hurt her. Everything will be alright.

Roman asks an officer about the ballistics on Marlena’s gun. The cop says they aren’t in yet. Nearby, Kate and Phillip argue. He wants her to keep her voice down, but she sees no reason to protect him. Phillip hisses. He’s going to be her ticket out of here. The lawyers say the cops don’t have enough evidence to hold her here. Phillip is going to push for an early arraignment, so she’ll be out of here soon. Kate huffs. She just wants a little loyalty. Phillip is sorry about the gun. Kate isn’t buying it. She knows it wasn’t a coincidence that Shawn Brady was the one to find it. If he had gotten rid of it like he was supposed to, she wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Phillip swears he will get her out of this. Kate fumes. He has connections, so he had better find that gun and make sure it disappears—for good this time. Phillip hems and haws. Kate tells him to take care of it. If she goes down, he goes down with her. Kate is his mother, and he should have protected her. She knows what is going on here. She just hopes that whatever Belle gave Phillip was worth selling out his own mother. Phillip huffs off.

Belle arrives home. She tries to flick the light switch, but it isn’t working. Shawn walks over and shines a flashlight in her face. He’s dressed in full police attire. He needs her to back away from the door. She wouldn’t want to interfere with an office doing his duty. Belle simpers. What are the charges? He hears she’s been stealing hearts. He needs to search her person. He holds out a pair of handcuffs. Belle giggles.

Nick reminds Bo that Ford is raping girls and getting away with it. Bo would love to put him away, but there’s no evidence. And Chelsea and Nick better not try to break in again either. Steve soothes her. He knows it isn’t fair, bit coming from the judge’s pint of view, they may just have a grudge against Ford and planted all this stuff to make him look guilty. Stephanie thinks they should just let it go. Chelsea thinks he’s going to keep hurting girls if they stop. Billie’s hands are tied, and the dean won’t do anything. Bo agrees to hand the pictures over to the department. His guys can do a sweep of the area. If Ford was feeling arrogant, it’s possible he dumped the evidence on campus somewhere. Bo reassures them. Ford will make a mistake and get caught. Chelsea huffs. How many more women have to get raped? Steve wants to pay Ford a little visit. Nothing official, of course, just a couple of concerned dads who want to knock him down a few pegs. Stephanie thinks they’ll just make things worse. Bo asks why she is so scared of them talking to Ford. She sighs. When Ford gets mad, he gets even, that’s all. Bo thinks he’ll be looking over his shoulder once he and Steve talk to him. Besides, they can’t go after him legally. They only thing left is the “personal touch.” Steve and Bo leave. Stephanie rages. Doesn’t Chelsea ever think of anyone besides herself? She always has to be the hero, no matter who gets hurt. Cordy doesn’t want to keep reliving what happened to her. No one does.

Roman asks if Kate wants anything from the pub. She scowls. Is he playing good cop now? Roman sighs. He’s trying. Kate snaps. Just like Phillip tried, huh? He couldn’t even get rid of the gun like he promised. Roman rolls his eyes. How many times is she going to implicate him tonight? Anyway, after her lawyer gets here, Roman needs to question her. Kate sulks. She never pulled the trigger. She barely touched the gun and it went off. She’s really scared. Roman comforts her. He knows she is.

Belle and Shawn romp. He asks how she pleads t the charge “concealing information from your husband.” Belle freaks. What is he talking about? Shawn grins. He wants to know how she makes so many great things happen in his life. Doesn’t she have anything she wants to confess to Officer Shawn? Belle fidgets.

Phillip calls Chloe. He’s sorry for the rush earlier. He really wants to catch up with her. Is she free to go out for drinks? He wants to fill her in on everything that’s been happening in Salem since she left.

Roman gets coffee. He asks Kate about her lawyer. Kate huffs. Who knows if Phillip even called him? Roman tells her not to worry. She’ll make bail. Kate sighs. She hates Sami, it’s true, but she would never try to kill her. Besides, she and Sami feel the same way about both Roman and Lucas. At least they have that in common. Roman knows Sami being with Lucas is the problem. Kate nods. That’s why she never would have shot EJ. He was doing her a favor by marrying Sami. Kate thinks they both know there were other armed guests at those wedding— guests who really wanted to see EJ dead. What she needs now is a real friend. A friend that will go down to that evidence room and make sure that gun is never seen again. Is Roman that kind of friend?

Phillip asks about Brady. Chloe tells him they got divorced. Everything went wrong, but they haven’t spread the news because of John’s death. In Vienna, there were so many opera divas that Chloe didn’t stand out. The auditions never worked out, and neither did her marriage. Phillip apologizes. She said something about a reunion? Chloe sighs. She was an ocean away, and heard the news. What is wrong with him and Belle? Phillip tells her everyone has had a lot going on. Chloe heard he and Shawn didn’t get along. Phillip nods. He tries to spend time with Claire, but things are really tense. He sighs. He hopes she doesn’t get the wrong idea about Belle. Chloe asks if that’s because she came out of Phillips’ hotel room and lied about it. Chloe gets it. She can keep a secret.

Nick thinks it’s time for the girls to call a truce. Stephanie sulks. Chelsea just gets too amped up about stuff. Chelsea tells Stephanie this is about rape. It’s serious. Stephanie thinks the fliers are enough. Girls know to stay away from him now. Nick tells Stephanie to tell that to the girl he brought back to his room. Chelsea thinks he’s just going to go off campus if only the sororities shut him out. Stephanie nukes. He’ll end up taking out all his anger for them on some other girl in a different town. She huffs off.

Bo and Steve show up at Ford’s as Salem P.D. They want to chat. Ford tells them to get lost unless they have a warrant. He’s going to call his dad. Steve chuckles. They aren’t here as cops. He guesses Bo shouldn’t have led with the badge comment. Bo tells him he’s Chelsea’s dad. Steve pipes up. He knows his daughter, too. He scared the crap out of her on Thanksgiving. Ford doesn’t remember any of that. Bo is going to help him remember. They’re going to have a little chat about their daughters and Alpha Chi Theta.

Ford needs to sit down, and that is not a request.

Chloe thanks Phillip for the drink, and he explains why Belle was in his room. They have to meet on neutral ground. Claire bonded with Phillip, and she sees him as more of a father than Shawn. Shawn is obviously upset, so meeting like this just makes it easier for everyone. Chloe wonders why Belle lied. Phillip thinks she knew how it looked. She probably didn’t run over her whole life story with Chloe right then and there. Phillip asks how long she is in town. She doesn’t know. A few weeks, months, or maybe the rest of her life. Things seem a lot more interesting on this side of the ocean.

Belle scowls. Shawn says he was kidding. Officer Shawn would never doubt his best suspect. Bell doesn’t want to have any secrets. Neither does Shawn. He wanted to let her know that the gun he found belonged to Kate Roberts. Belle seems confused. So Kate shot EJ? Shawn says it seems that way. Anyway, the evidence made him a shoo-in for the academy in January. Belle is so glad. Shawn moves in and sentences her to a lifetime of kisses.

Phillip thanks Chloe for not asking too many questions. Her eyes widen. He meant about the war and his leg and that kind of stuff. He’s sorry they lost touch. Chloe really wants the four of them to get together. Phillip sighs. Shawn doesn’t get that. Phillip isn’t trying to take what’s his, he just wants to hold on to what little he has left. Chloe hopes they can all get some of the magic back. They say their goodbyes.

Ford doesn’t even know a Chelsea Brady. Bo says she knows him, and so does the girl he raped, Cordy. Ford scoffs. This is harassment. Bo threatens. If Ford goes anywhere near that sorority house or their daughters, Ford will lose a very valuable body part. He doesn’t care who his dad is; he won’t recognize Ford’s pretty face the next time he sees him when Bo is through. Bo punches Ford. Steve tells him to feel free to call the dean. They have some nice photos of Ford’s journal and of his stash. They leave. Ford wheezes.

Chelsea doesn’t get it. Why is Stephanie mad at her and not Ford? She wants to call her, but Nick thinks she should give it a little time. Nicks knows it’s impossible to stay mad at Chelsea. She wants Nick to agree to help her stay on Ford. Nick will. It’s his job to protect her. Chelsea warns him. What if she has a crazy idea? He doesn’t care what it is, he’ll help. Chelsea grins, “Good.”

Roman tells Kate he’s sorry, but he’s a cop. He can’t tamper with the evidence. He agrees to forget she even asked him to do so. An officer walks up with the results from the ballistics report on the gun. He and Roman leave the office. Kate peeks out of the door and spies on them. The officer says it is a match for Marlena Evans. Roman tells him not to use her name, ever. Not even with him. Roman tells the officer that he’ll take it from here. Kate raises an eyebrow.


Stephanie asks Max, "What you said about Morgan earlier... is that true? That it was nice to have a break from her?"

Carmen asks, "Can't the police do something?" Chelsea replies, "No, and that's why we have to go after Ford ourselves."

Lucas and Sami kiss on the couch, but a knock interrupts them. Stefano stands at the door with EJ in a wheelchair. EJ says, "Hello, darling. You're husband's home."

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