Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/29/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/29/07


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Outside Ford’s room, Chelsea breaks a window and she and Nick creep in. Nick moans, “Now it’s really breaking and entering.” Chelsea tells him not to worry. They just have to find something that will link Ford to the rapes. Nick gestures at Ford’s webcam and Chelsea heads across the room to get it. Nick urges her to hurry. They have to get out of here.

At the pub, Belle flashes back to Phillip telling her he’ll jump start Shawn’s career if she’ll agree to spend the night with him. Shawn interrupts her daydreams and brings her a cup of tea. He phone rings. Shawn wants Belle to get rid of the caller, but Belle says it’s Marlena. She takes the call and Shawn heads over to the bar. Phillip is on the other end. Phillip tells her everything is done. All she has to do is make sure Shawn shows up in the alley behind the pub. Belle thanks him. Phillip tells her to thank him by showing up at the hotel after it’s all over. Belle says, “Love you too, mom,” and hangs up. She heads over to the bar to see Shawn. They smooch. She wants to take the garbage out for him, but he refuses. She needs to study. He’ll be back in a little while to bother her. More kissing ensues.

In his office, Phillip tells someone on the other end of the phone that Brady should be in the alley any second. He needs to know when it’s done. Kate walks in. He hangs up and thanks her for coming. They’ve run into a little problem with that gun. Kate pales. “What kind of problem?” Phillip tells her it’s gone.

At the cabin, Bo and Roman go through garbage and bag it. Bo grumbles. At least garbage men don’t have to sift through this stuff. Roman jokes, “Police work. All glamour, all the time.” Bo muses. Those shell casings show that whoever did this planned it out. They were serious about shooting EJ. It’s funny that he lived after all the practicing the shooter did. Roman heard at the hospital that EJ was lucky to have made it. Bo sighs. Why do the good guys die and the bad ones live? Roman doesn’t have an answer for that. Bo cheers up. The shell casings were a godsend. Now they just have to find the gun that fired them.

In the alley behind the pub, Shawn dumps the garbage and overhears two men talking. He ducks down and listens. The two men argue about the price of a gun. The seller tells the buyer the gun has no serial markings. It can’t be traced. Unless he has all the money, the seller is leaving. Shawn narrows his eyes.

Chelsea sees that Ford’s computer is off, so she’s sure he’s not spying on the room via webcam. Chelsea and Nick start rifling through Ford’s drawers. Chelsea twists her ankle. Nick rushes to the rescue, but she urges him to keep looking. He finds a journal in Ford’s nightstand. They journal is written in code, with Greek symbols and stars. Chelsea figures out that the symbols stand for sororities on campus. She flips to the night of Ford and Cordy’s date, and sees an entry for a Theta. Nick gulps. Ford is keeping a record of all the girls he rapes. Chelsea gasps. He’s rating them, too. It’s sick. Nick flips through the pages and takes pictures. It looks like Ford raped another Theta sister the night Chelsea was kidnapped. She must have been too scared to come forward after what happened to Cordy. Chelsea keeps searching the room as Nick takes pictures of the journal pages. She finds a bottle of sleeping pills. She finds another bottle full of finely ground powder. Nick thinks he ground up the pills so that they would dissolve quickly in a drink. Chelsea is confused. So Ford isn’t using roofies? Nick shakes his head. He’s using legal, prescription drugs to rape these girls.

Roman has to head back to the police station, so Bo agrees to stay at the cabin and keep looking for evidence. Roman swears they’re going to catch a break. Bo nods. Roman hopes he knows Shawn is going to make a great cop one day. He leaves. Bo flashes back to lecturing Shawn about crime scene etiquette. Hope shows up. She went to see Marlena, and she gave her the veil, the gun, and the dress she wore to the wedding. Hope waves a garbage bag. She has them all right here. Bo groans. So Marlena shot EJ? Hope shakes her head. She isn’t sure. She got a shot off, alright, but her hand was shaking so badly that she has no way of knowing if she hit EJ or not. Bo muses. So Kate is one of the shooters, and so is Marlena. Now they just need to pin down the third shooter. Bo frowns. He just cannot believe Marlena is guilty of attempted murder. He has to get this evidence down to the station. He told John he would protect his family. Now he has to arrest his widow.

Kate rages. Phillip promised to get rid of the gun. He explains. Every time he tried to throw it in the river, a car would drive by, and it wouldn’t feel right, so he kept it stashed in the car. It was stolen a few days ago. He would have told her sooner, but he was trying to figure out who took it. He’s been unsuccessful, but he doesn’t think Kate has anything to worry about. There’s no way the gun can be traced to her. Besides, it’s probably changed hands hundreds of times and is out of state by now. She has to believe him. There’s no reason for concern. Kate frets.

Shawn hides and watches the two men bicker. The seller tells the potential buyer that he stole it from a car behind the Titan building. The seller only wants to pay half the asking price. The gun is dirty. He leaves. Shawn pops out from behind the dumpster. He wrestles the guy into submission and demands the gun.

Kate flashes back to telling Phillip about the gun. He tells her he’ll take care of it. She glares at the Phillip in the present. She counted on him to get rid of the gun. Phillip thinks whoever stole the gun will sell it for a quick buck. Whoever ends up with it will have no connection to either him or Kate. There are thousands of illegal guns confiscated every day. There is nothing special about this one. Kate worries. This one was used in an attempted murder. Phillip soothes her. There’s nothing to worry about. It won’t be a problem. She just has to trust him.

The man insists there’s no gun, but clever Shawn pulls it out of his pocket and brandishes it. What does he call this? The man struggles with Shawn and breaks free. He runs away. Belle comes out and sees Shawn with the gun. He tells her a guy was trying to sell it to someone in the alley. Belle frets. He could have really been hurt. Shawn sighs. He just wishes he could have held onto the guy until the cops showed up. Belle is glad he got the gun, at least. Shawn nods. He has to hand this over to his dad right away.

Hope asks Bo if any prints have been lifted. He says no, but they know someone was holed up here. The shell casings are a great find, but they don’t do any good without the gun they came from. Hope asks what will happen if Marlena’s gun matches the casings. Bo frowns. He doesn’t want to think about that yet. He’s waiting on ballistics, but there’s no rush. Bo is in no hurry to pin this on her. If she had wanted to flee, she would have done so already. Hope knows one of the shells will match her gun. Marlena admitted to firing. Bo tells her the bullet that hit its mark is still inside EJ, so if Marlena’s gun matches one of the bullets found at the church, she’ll be exonerated. Hope sighs. What does he think? Bo thinks three people they know went to the church that day planning to commit murder.

Chelsea roots around under Ford’s bed and comes up with a mortar and pestle. There’s pill residue inside, so Nick thinks he’s been using it to grind up the sleeping pills. As Nick takes pictures, they hear Ford approaching outside with a female guest. Chelsea and Nick dive into the closet as Ford comes inside. The girl isn’t sure she wants to stay. She only met him a few hours ago. Ford plies her with alcohol. She accepts the drink. Chelsea hisses, “Nick, we have to do something.”

Hope and Bo run over a list of suspects, including Steve and Lucas. Hope rubs Bo’s shoulders. She thinks he needs a bath to relieve tension. He wants to take one together. She chuckles, then get serious. He’s going to have to tell Roman about Marlena eventually. Bo sighs. He can’t blame her for going after EJ. Everyone has their breaking point. Hope rubs his shoulders and Bo groans. This case hits a little too close to home, and Shawn isn’t helping either. He tells Hope about the footprint Shawn botched earlier. Bo complains about Shawn being impulsive and headstrong. Hope thinks Shawn is just like Bo, but Bo reminds her he has always had her to keep him grounded. Hope tells him that Shawn has Belle to do that. Bo frowns. Does he?

Shawn heard that the gun was stolen from the Titan parking lot. Phillip parks there. Belle fidgets. So do a lot of other people. Shawn thinks she’s right. The gun is illegal anyway, so it was most likely used in a crime. Belle is so proud of him for stopping that guy before he got away. Shawn has to go take the gun to Bo, so he asks Belle to tell Caroline he had to run out. He leaves. Belle calls Phillip, and he puts her on hold while he gets rid of Kate. He tells her he will take care of everything. Kate whines. She is still on the top of the suspect list. Phillip tells her to quit panicking. If they come after her, she’ll have the Kiriakis money and influence behind her. Kate walks out. She tells him if she’s implicated, she’ll name him as an accessory. Phillip rolls his eyes. There’s the mother he knows and loves. Phillip gets back on the line with Belle and she tells him everything went as planned. Phillip tells her to meet him at the Longfellow Hotel in a few minutes. Belle agrees. The seller and buyer of the gun from earlier in the show crowd into Phillip’s office. One of them complains that Shawn nearly broke his arm. Phillip throws a wad of cash at them and tells them to never contact him again.

Chelsea tells Nick he has to think fast before Ford rapes that girl. Before they can do anything, Ford notices his broken window and the journal Nick and Chelsea left out. Ford checks his computer equipment. Maybe they scared the intruder off. Either way, his gues has to leave now. She walks out, and Ford stuffs all the evidence into his backpack. He takes off. Chelsea and Nick emerge. She freaks over the evidence disappearing. They have to get that journal. Nick tells her they have to get out of here before they get caught. They head out the window and climb down the tree.

A breathless Shawn rushes up to Bo and Hope. He hands Bo the gun. He caught a guy behind the alley trying to sell it. Bo asks if he touched it. Shawn didn’t have to. It was already bagged up. They guy said he stole it from a car parked at Titan. Shawn thinks the gun may be tied to the DiMera shooting. Bo says it will blow the investigation wide open if it is.

Belle shows up at the hotel. Phillip invites her inside, and tries to make small talk but Belle stops him. She bawls. She can’t do this. She knows he held up his end of the bargain, but she can’t cheat on Shawn again. Phillip says that’s alright. He just wants to talk, anyway. He’s sorry for the way he came off before the wedding. He sounded like a jerk. Belle huffs. Hope heard the message he left for her. Now she knows they were together the night before her wedding. The she told Marlena. Phillip sighs. She should go. He never should have asked her to spend time with him in exchange for helping Shawn. Belle hesitates. She asked for help. He knows that, but this doesn’t feel right. He didn’t help Shawn just to get her into bed. Belle backpedals. She should have known that. She just overreacted. She thanks him and starts to go. Phillip wonders if it will be as hard for her to leave as it is for him to see her go.

Bo agrees to take the gun down to ballistics for testing. He heads out, and Hope and Shawn chat. She wonders why Shawn risked so much to get this gun. Shawn knew Bo would never back down in this situation, so he couldn’t either. Hope tells him he doesn’t have to try so hard, but Shawn thinks he has to try even harder. He has to this for Belle and Claire. They’re the main reason he wants this so badly.

Belle tells Phillip that he is rich and successful. He can have any girl he wants. Phillip sighs. He knows that, but he is really bad at letting go. Look at Claire, for example. Belle really wanted to hate him when he chased them around the world, but now she knows he only did it because he loved them. She remembers when he took Claire up on the boat to see the stars. She had forgotten how gentle he could be. Phillip wants her to go home, but Belle isn’t ready yet. Belle tells him that fairy tales lie. You can love two people with your whole heart. The thought of never seeing him again scares her more than even everyone in town knowing abut their affair. Phillip moves in for a kiss, but breaks it off after a few moments. This is wrong. Belle married Shawn, and she loves him. Belle says she loves him, too. He wanted the truth, so she had to tell him. Phillip sighs. No matter what they do, someone will get hurt. He won’t let that person be her. He kisses her forehead and walks her to the door. Belle steps outside and sighs.

Hope knows Bo is proud of Shawn, but Shawn isn’t so sure. He jumps in his case every chance he gets. Hope just thinks that Bo doesn’t want Shawn to make the same mistakes he did. Bo comes over and tells Shawn he dropped the gun off at ballistics. One of the guys at the scene that night thinks there’s a good chance of matching the gun to some of the casings they found. Bo claps Shawn on the shoulder. He did good work tonight. Shawn beams.

Chelsea and Nick decide it’s a good idea to examine their photo evidence outside of Ford’s dorm instead of leaving. Chelsea admires the photos they took. Ford comes up and asks them if they had a good time rifling through his stuff. Chelsea feigns innocence. Nick thinks Ford should call campus security if he’s been robbed. Chelsea insists they haven’t been to his room at all. Ford glares. She’s playing with fire. Nick gets nasty. He tells Ford not to threaten Chelsea. Ford chuckles. Is he serious? They need to stay away from his room, unless Chelsea wants to come by invitation. Chelsea chokes. Ford walks off. She tells Nick they have to get these pictures to her dad right away. Nick isn’t sure. They took them illegally. Chelsea doesn’t care. They have to stop Ford. She hauls Nick off.

Shawn walks into the pub and asks one of the waitresses about Belle. She tells him she had an emergency study meeting. She should be back soon. Why? Did he win the lottery? Shawn beams. Not exactly, but he has some news he can’t wait for Belle to hear.

Belle waits for the elevator. When it opens, Chloe Lane steps out. They exchange hugs. Belle thought she was in Vienna. Chloe thought she was on her honeymoon. She wants to hear all about the wedding. Is Shawn here, too? She wants to say hello, unless they’re in the middle of something. Belle fidgets.

Bo is so proud of Shawn. He followed his gut instinct, and he was right. Hope thinks his behavior was risky, but Bo thinks it’s alright. Nothing happened, after all. Bo gets a call from the station. He tells Hope they matched the gun to one of the bullets at the church. It looks like they have prints, too. Hope asks if there is enough to make an arrest. Bo says, “Definitely.”

Kate shows up at someone’s office and asks to leave a note. Roman comes up behind her. He tells her they’ve found her gun, and it matches a bullet taken from the church. She says she didn’t shoot EJ. Roman tells her to keep quiet. She can call her lawyer later and they’ll get through this somehow. An officer goes to handcuff her, and she protests. Roman apologizes. It has to be done. Roman reads her her rights as Kate denies the accusation. He asks her if she understands her rights. She practically spits, “Yeah, I understand.”


Chelsea and Nick show Stephanie the evidence they photographed. Chelsea says, “We, um, found some evidence on Ford Decker. Everything you need to arrest him is right here.” Stephanie nukes, “Are you crazy? Why would you do that?”

Bo tells Steve and Shawn, “We got a match for the bullet, and the fingerprints -- Kate Roberts.” Shawn gapes, “I busted Phillip’s mom?”

Phillip comes out of his room and runs into Belle and Chloe. Chloe looks suspicious, and Belle looks guilty. Phillip gulps, “Chloe?”

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