Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/28/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/28/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, the camera pans up from one of the fliers with Ford’s picture on it. Cordy and Stephanie tell Nick and Chelsea about Ford showing up at Stephanie’s. He kicked, and pounded, and even threatened them. Cordy sobs. He called her a whore. She thought all of this would be over if she didn’t testify. Chelsea shakes her head. He’s going to keep doing what he’s doing because he can get away with it. Cordy thinks the fliers were a mistake. Nick thinks they had to figure a creep like this would retaliate. Cordy hopes if they call the whole thing off now, he’ll leave them alone. Chelsea disagrees. These fliers aren’t enough. Ford will never stop unless they stop him first. That’s exactly what they have to do.

At the cabin, O’Hanion tells Bo he thought he was supposed to treat Shawn like anyone else. He never thought Shawn would be so careless and cross the tape. He leaves. Shawn swears he never crossed the tape. Bo asks if he ruined the footprint. Shawn hangs his head. He did. Bo sighs. Crime scenes are fragile, and this could be the only evidence they have. Shawn screwed up, and when a cop screws up, he owns up.

At her house, Marlena stokes her fire and flashes back to Hope telling her about Belle and Phillip. Belle calls out for her and Marlena comes back to the present. They hug and talk about how they both miss John. Marlena wants to know all about Belle’s married life. She changes the subject. She was really worried when Marlena didn’t show up to the reception. Marlena apologizes. But how are things with Shawn? Belle says they are great. Marlena wants her to know it’s ok if everything isn’t perfect. Sometimes engaged couples think that getting married will solve all of their problems, but it doesn’t. Belle is suspicious. What is Marlena really trying to ask her? She wants to know if Belle is happy or if she wished she had married someone else. Belle blinks. Who else would she marry? Marlena suggests Phillip. Belle says she has been there and done that. They are just friends. Marlena tells her that no friendship or relationship should come before her marriage. Belle rages. Hope said something to her, didn’t she? Doesn’t she think Marlena is going through enough right now? Marlena wants to know if it is true. Does Hope have some reason to be concerned about her and Phillip?

Shawn knows he made a mistake, but he thinks the detective overreacted. Bo doesn’t give a damn if he did or didn’t. Does Shawn know how many strings Bo had to pull to get him on this scene? At this point, he is just a clerical worker. He does what he is told without question, and he takes advice and even abuse, if he has to. You learn your lessons and move on. Shawn nods sorrowfully.

Cordy and Chelsea argue. Cordy tells Chelsea hoe scary Ford has become. She wants to stop putting fliers up. Chelsea insists. She knows Ford will keep hurting people if they don’t do something. Cordy wails. Those posters just remind her of what happened. They’re all just making everything worse. Chelsea apologizes to Cordy, but she doesn‘t think Ford will try anything. Too many people are watching him. Stephanie offers to take her back to the sorority house. Cordy tearfully agrees, and they leave. Chelsea sighs. She didn’t mean to make things harder for Cordy. She jus wants to find a way to fight back--for everyone on campus. Nick asks about her plans for the evening. Chelsea wants to do something private. Nick gets excited too soon. His face falls as she adds that it might be illegal. She wants to break into Ford’s room. Nick thinks it’s a bad idea. Ford will mess up eventually, and the police will get him. Chelsea wonders how many more women have to be raped before that happens. The dean just wants this to go away. Nick didn’t see how he treated Morgan after she testified. Chelsea thinks they have to get into that room and find some kind of evidence that he is a rapist. She needs his help. Nick refuses.

Bo continues lecturing Shawn. Messing up evidence like that could result in a killer walking free. They all have to work together here, but whoever is in charge of the scene always has the last word. Does Shawn understand? He does. Bo really wants this to work out. He thinks Shawn has great instincts, but he has to always watch his step--literally and figuratively. When someone chews him out, right or wrong, he has to suck it up. Shawn understands. Bo nods. He knows Shawn doesn’t want to ruin a good thing.

Belle continues her tirade. She knows the old cliché about mother-in-laws, nut this is ridiculous. Marlena asks if Hope has reason to think she slept with Phillip. Belle huffs. Hope just doesn’t think she is good enough for Shawn. Marlena knows that isn’t true. Belle whines. Then why is Hope trying to ruin people’s opinion of her. Marlena presses her for answers. Did she sleep with Phillip? Belle fidgets. She knows it looked bad, but Hope just assumed the worst. She probably just doesn’t like that her and Phillip are friends. Marlena has known Hope a long time. She isn’t perfect, but she also isn’t a liar. Belle huffs. Hope accused her of sleeping with Phillip. She had no proof, and she wouldn’t believe that she was wrong. Belle only admitted it because Hope wouldn’t believe the truth. She and Phillip are just friends. Marlena tells Belle she is really sad and disappointed with her now. She has things to do, so Belle can leave. Belle interrupts and asks her to wait a minute.

Chelsea pleads with Nick. She needs his help. Nick intelligently notes that illegally obtained evidence is not admissible in court. She can’t break in and use anything she steals. Chelsea is persistent. They can send it to her dad anonymously. Nick refuses. Chelsea plays the if-you-care-about-me-you’ll-do-this card. Nick doesn’t bite. He lost his job the last time he did something like this for her. Besides, he’s a teacher. If he’s caught, he’ll go to jail. Chelsea apologizes. She wasn’t thinking. She gets up to leave. Nick asks where she’s going. She says she’s going to stake out Ford’s room. When he leaves, she’s breaking in somehow. Nick tells her to wait.

Shawn knows he has a lot to learn. He’s not trying to be a jerk. Shawn sighs. If he had gotten into the academy, he could have been making his mistakes in the classroom. Instead, he has to make them out here in the field for everyone to see. Bo softens. He knows Shawn is doing his best. He’ll get in the academy in January. Shawn sighs. If only Belle’s letter--he meant Phillip’s letter hadn’t messed up his chances. Bo picks up on the slip. Who wrote that letter, Belle, or Phillip? Shawn admits that Belle is the one that sent the letter and ruined his chances of getting into the academy.

Belle blubbers. It really hurts that her mom doesn’t believe her. Marlena knows Hope doesn’t usually jump to conclusions, and Belle isn’t usually this evasive. Marlena urges her to talk. She really wants to help Belle. She is completely on her side. Belle pouts. It seems like she’s on Hope’s side. Marlena says it’s the same side. They both want her marriage to Shawn to work. Hope could have told Shawn the truth, but she decided to give Belle a second chance. Does she really want to throw that away? Belle fumes. What makes Marlena so sure that she is lying? Marlena tells her about Phillip’s message. Belle nukes. She can’t believe Hope invaded her privacy. Marlena tells they both know she was with Phillip the night before her wedding. Marlena begs Belle to let her help her. Belle breaks down. Marlena holds her and soothes her.

Nick chases Chelsea outside and tells her to hold on. He can’t let her do this. She puts her hands on her hips. How does he plan to stop her? He wants to appeal to her sense of reason. She stares blankly. Her trying to stop Ford from raping anyone else is about as reasonable as it gets. Nick frets. Ford is dangerous. Chelsea knows. She swears she will be careful. Nick asks her what she’ll do if she gets caught. She tells him he can have all of her CDs. Nick muses. Staking out Ford’s room could take them all night. They’ll need sandwiches. Does Chelsea like white or rye? She beams.

Bo can’t believe Belle wrote that letter. She undermined his career. Shawn knows. She really feels terrible about it. Her dad had just died, and she was afraid Shawn would die, too, if he became a cop. She regretted sending it right away. Bo thinks Belle’s apology is a little late. She betrayed him. A sorry doesn’t cut it. Bo asks if Shawn forgave Belle just like that. Shawn said he did. He couldn’t have married her otherwise. Bo fumes. He wonders if Shawn trusts Belle.

Belle wails as Marlena comforts her. Phillip said this would happen. He knew Hope would tell everyone in town, and he was right. Now everyone will look at her and judge her. How could Hope check her private messages? Marlena knows she went to Phillip’s office the night before the wedding. Belle huffs. She went there because of Hope. When she found out she told Kayla, she was upset and needed a friend to talk to. Marlena asks if she is sure that’s all it was. She is. Marlena thinks she needs to go to her husband from now on, even when she needs a friend. Belle bawls. She can’t talk to Shawn about this. He can never know. Marlena asks her if she wants her marriage to work. She does, so Marlena advises her to make a choice. It is noble to want to remain friends with Phillip, but it isn’t possible. She and Phillip have shown that they cant be trusted together. Belle whimpers. She just made a mistake. Marlena tells her she has to give him up for good, long-time friend or no. She has to get him out of her mind and out f her heart.

Nick packs his backpack full of food as Chelsea looks on. He tells her he wants to stop by the drugstore for a disposable camera. Maybe they’ll be able to take pictures of what they find. If they take evidence away from there, it will have been tampered with, and probably unusable. Chelsea thinks he’s smart. Nick grumbles. If he were, he wouldn’t be doing this. Chelsea reminds him that they can take pictures with her phone. Nick thinks that’s a good idea. Maybe Bo can issue a search warrant based on pictures alone. Chelsea loves the way he thinks. He wonders hoe a good guy like him ended up with such a bad girl like her. She thinks he’s just lucky. She laughs and heads outside. Nick follows.

Shawn takes offense. Of course he trusts Belle. He couldn’t have married her if he didn’t. Shawn is suspicious. What is Bo not telling him? Bo fidgets. He says nothing. Shawn doesn’t get it. Bo has always loved Belle, but ever since him and his mom found out he and Belle were getting married, they have both acted unhappy. What’s going on? Bo is just surprised Belle went behind his back like that. It’s a pretty major betrayal. Shawn doesn’t think it’s that serious. She just made a mistake. Bo shakes his head. This isn’t the Belle he knows he thought he knew. She has changed. She stabbed him in the back and let someone else take the blame. Doesn’t Shawn think that’s pretty selfish? Shawn stops him. He doesn’t know what Bo’s problem is, but Belle is Shawn’s wife now. And he does happen to trust her. Bo sighs. He hopes his feelings about her are wrong, then.

Marlena tells Belle that she understands about marriage and commitment. It’s about making a choice and sticking to it. Belle tells her she made her choice. She chose Shawn. It’s just that sometimes--She breaks off. Marlena tries to finish for her. Does she sometimes wish Shawn were someone else? Belle says no. She just wants him to be more confident. He is sweet and hopeful. He always tries to better himself, and he grows constantly. Belle loves that about him. Phillip makes her feel different. Maybe because he was a soldier or because he owns a company. Belle struggles. Marlena encourages her to go on. She says Shawn would do anything for her, and she knows he needs her, but Phillip takes care of her. And that feels really good. Marlena understands, but she cannot have both of them. She can’t have two men.

Shawn glares. Bo is wrong about Belle. Roman interrupts. He wants Shawn to know that Bo hasn’t always been perfect himself. Shawn knows he made a mistake. He wants to apologize to Detective O’Hanion. Bo says it isn’t a good idea. Roman tells them he got a call from Caroline. Pop Shawn isn’t feeling well, so she wants Shawn to go down to the pub and tend bar for a while. Roman dismisses him and thanks him. Shawn leaves. Bo frets. If Shawn gets written up, his application for the academy could be in jeopardy. Roman agrees to talk to the detective. Bo says no. Shawn has to take his lumps, just like everyone else. If word gets around that his dad and uncle are helping him out, he’ll never have a chance with the guys on the force. Roman says he gets Bo’s point. Bo sighs. He knows what tough love is like. It will do Shawn some good. Roman knows that Shawn is a good kid. He has guts and standards. Bo grumbles. He also has a problem with authority. Roman chuckles. There’s no telling where he got that from. Roman knows Shawn will figure out how to tread lightly, just like Bo did. They just have to give him time. Detective O’Hanion walks up. They found some shell casings. Roman whistles. They may have caught a small break here.

Marlena reminds Belle that she spent years caught between two men. It doesn’t work. She had to stop this before people get hurt. Marlena understands why she did this. John was so strong, and when he died, it left them all feeling vulnerable. She is sure Phillip’s strength was hard to resist. She wish she had talked to Marlena about this sooner, but it’s ok. She loves Shawn. Nothing will ever change that. Marlena doesn’t think she can think clearly with Phillip still in the picture. She has to honor Shawn and decide soon. She is not the kind of girl that sneaks around and lies. Marlena knows how wrong this is, so she wants Belle to make up her mind before she tears herself apart. Belle agrees to do so. In the interim, she asks Marlena not to say anything about this to Hope. She’s not sure of a lot of things right now, but she knows she can’t trust her. Marlena tells her to make her decision. That is the most important thing. She has to do it before she loses everything.

Nick and Chelsea sit in Nick’s car and spy on Ford. Chelsea peers through a pair if binoculars. Nick can tell he is inside by his shadow on the curtain. Chelsea grows impatient. When is he leaving? He’s not exactly the stay inside and study type of guy. Nick tells her he turned the light off. They duck and wait for Ford to leave. Chelsea breathes a sigh of relief. Chelsea asks if Nick can pick a lock. He points to a tree outside Ford’s window. That’s their ticket inside.

Roman and Bo examine the casings. Bo grins. Someone was camping out here for sure. They even did a little practice shooting. He wishes they could compare these casings to the slug in Junior’s spine. Roman reminds him it’s a moot point. Who could have known about this cabin? Bo doesn’t see Kate as the outdoors type. Roman looks around. He thinks it look’s like a kid’s hangout, where someone might bring a girl and a six pack and hope to get lucky. Bo stares down at a stained mattress and grimaces. Roman thinks whoever came here knew nothing about guns. Otherwise, they would have cleaned up the shell casings. Bo can’t see Kate being here at all. They both sigh. Who could have been using this place to practice?

Belle walks into the pub and greets Shawn. They exchange pleasantries and he tells her about what happened earlier at the cabin. Belle thinks it’s no big deal, but Shawn feels differently. His dad seemed really disappointed--like he had lost faith in him or something. Belle knows this is all her fault. He would be in the academy right now if it weren’t for her. Shawn tells her not to worry. He will work extra hard and fix all of this somehow. He tells Belle that Claire is upstairs with Caroline. She agrees to go up, but she left something in her car that she has to get first She walks outside and calls Phillip. If he can guarantee that he can help Shawn’s career, shell give him what he wants--one night alone with her. Belle smiles.


Chelsea says, “I found something.” Nick asks, “What?” Chelsea gapes.

Bo tells Hope, “You know, I promised John I'd protect his family. Looks like I'm going to have to arrest his widow.”

Phillip says, “No matter what we do, someone will get hurt.” He and Belle kiss passionately.

As two policemen look on, Roman tells Kate, “Kate, do not say another word.“

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