Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/27/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, Belle gushes over the twins. She doesn’t know how Lucas and Sami manage with two babies. Belle though Claire was a handful all by herself. Lucas tells her Sami helps—when she’s around. Belle asks when she’ll be coming home. Lucas sighs. She should be back soon. Belle wants to hang out for a while. She’s waiting to go get her cell phone from Bo and Hope’s house, but they aren’t answering their phone. Lucas is happy for her to stay. Belle picks up a stuffed animal and comments on how cute it is. Lucas scowls. It’s a gift from EJ. Belle drops it like a hot potato. She tells Lucas that life never works out like it is supposed to. You think all of your dreams will fit together, but then something always comes along to mess it up. Lucas tells her he can deal with it. He reminds her that her own wedding was yesterday. Shouldn’t she be with Shawn, or is the honeymoon already over?

At the pub, Phillip walks up to Shawn, who’s tending bar. Shawn growls, “You break it, you buy it.” Phillip chuckles. He isn’t here for a rematch. Shawn tells him that in that case, Belle isn’t here. Phillip is surprised Shawn is. What about a honeymoon? Shawn and Belle couldn’t find time to get away. Phillip grins. At least Belle showed up for the ceremony. He thought for sure that she would back out. Shawn scowls. He didn’t doubt Belle for one second, and now she’s his wife. Phillip congratulates him. He won, and as an officer and a gentleman, Phillip is backing off. He extends his hand to shake with Shawn. Shawn glares.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Bo tells Marlena that he knows she was at Sami and EJ’s wedding. What he doesn’t know is if she put a bullet in Junior’s spine. Marlena flatly denies it. She wasn’t there at all. She was babysitting Claire at the time. She spoke with Roman while at home during the ceremony. Bo agrees to check the phone records to confirm it. Marlena doesn’t think Roman would approve of Bo accusing her of attempted murder. Hope grins and excuses herself and Bo. She drags him off and asks him what he thinks he’s doing. Bo tells her he has a witness testifying to a woman dressed in black at the wedding. Bo thinks it was Marlena. Hope doesn’t care. Marlena is one of their good friends. Maybe she was just trying to make a statement. Sami herself dressed in black that day. Bo just wants to ask Marlena some questions. Hope thinks he could be wrong. Bo hopes he is. Bo heads back to Marlena. She wonders why he assumes she was the woman dressed in black. It wasn’t her, so he can cross her off her list.

In his hospital room, EJ tells Sami that it’s time Stefano met his grandson. He’d like Sami to take Johnny to the mansion as soon as possible. Sami refuses. Is EJ becoming delusional or something? She is too busy right now. She is raising two newborns and now she has to deal with her ex-husband filing for custody. EJ snorts. Lucas can’t do that. He has no right. Sami meant he’s fighting for custody of Ali. EJ thinks that is just ridiculous. Sami ignores him. On top of all of that, someone tried to kill the both of them at their wedding. So if Stefano wants an audience with her son, he can get in line. EJ snorts. That isn’t acceptable.

Belle tells Lucas everything is fine, but she and Shawn aren’t attached at the hip. They can’t afford a honeymoon right now, so they postponed it. Lucas sighs. She’s really lucky anyway. Belle asks him if things are worse than she thought. He sighs. Everyone knows about his situation with Sami. It’s a nightmare. He feels like he’s just a pit stop between EJ and the twins. How would Belle feel if Shawn was off seeing another woman? Or better yet, how would Shawn feel if he found out she was seeing another man? Belle chokes.

Phillip tells Shawn that he just wants offer his best wishes. They used to be great friends. Shawn grumbles. That’s in the past, and he prefers the present with Claire and Belle. There is no going back. Shawn has moved on, and he thinks it’s best if Phillip does the same.

Belle recovers. She is sure Lucas’ situation is difficult. She doesn’t know what she would do in his place. Lucas tells her he has a lot of good things going on now. Spending so much time with the twins has been good for them. He has gotten to see them each developing their own distinct personalities. Ali is quiet, and Johnny is strong—he flails about and kicks his legs a lot. He sighs. He just wishes they could grow up together. Belle asks what’s going to happen when Sami moves in with EJ. Lucas tells her Sami wants the twins raised together, but Lucas worries Ali will end up being the poor relation. Belle knows Sami would never let that happen. She’s a real hell-raiser when it comes to her children. Lucas isn’t sure. He fears Sami is falling in love with EJ.

Sami refuses to let Stefano sink his fangs into her son. EJ groans. Family is very important to his father. Sometimes his passion leads him down the wrong path, but she must know that Stefano would never harm their child. Sami knows that she will eventually have to introduce Stefano to Johnny. Now, however, is not the right time. She is too busy trying not to have a nervous breakdown. EJ sighs. He is sorry he has been so useless to her. Sami just wants him to try and get better. As for Stefano, she’d like her son to learn reading and writing before he learns how to cast the evil eye. EJ tells her that’s not possible.

Bo just wants to ask Marlena a few questions. Marlena lays a guilt trip on him. Today is the first day she felt like getting out of bed. She came here looking for comfort and Bo wants to interrogate her. Hope soothes her. She thinks Bo can do this another time. Bo tries to explain to Marlena that he is doing this because they’re friends, but she won’t have it. She did not go to that wedding. Bo asks her if she owns a black dress. Marlena looks at him incredulously. He knows she does. She wore it to John’s funeral. Does he really think she would try to kill EJ? Bo needs her to prove she didn’t. She huffs. He needs to show her a search warrant. Until then, she agrees not to leave town. Marlena storms out. Hope sighs. He doesn’t really suspect Marlena, right? Bo thinks she has a motive, and besides, she was very uncooperative. That’s not like her. Hope reminds him Marlena is going through a difficult time right now. Hope thinks she may have shown up at the church to make a statement. Bo isn’t sure why she would lie about that. It wasn’t illegal. Bo was just trying to work her up enough to get her to go home and dispose of evidence. Then, Bo can catch her in the act.

Marlena goes home and leans against her door, sobbing. She whispers, “Oh, John. My love. I need you so.”

Belle says there’s no way Sami loves EJ after everything he has done to her. Lucas thinks it’s obvious that Sami cares for him. Belle thinks that’s a far cry for love, but Lucas reminds her they had a thing for each other in the past. Belle reassures him. That was in the past, and she loves Lucas now. She just married EJ to protect her family. Lucas frowns. It seems as if she and EJ have some secret between them. Besides, if she just married the guy to save her family, then why is she by his side now? He’s paralyzed from the waist down, yet Sami is at the hospital playing the perfect wife. Belle begs him not to give up on Sami, but Lucas is worried about the twins. He has to protect them, and Sami would rather spend most of her time with EJ. Lucas has to keep his children away from all the DiMeras—and that includes Sami.

EJ thinks family is a funny thing. They all have to make concessions sometimes. Sami has made every concession she is going to make, especially where Stefano is concerned. EJ tells her that Stefano won’t be patient much longer. He has already showed deference towards Sami by waiting this long for an invitation from her. Sami huffs. If Stefano doesn’t like her terms, that’s tough. That goes for EJ, too. Right on cue, EJ doubles over in pain.

Belle doesn’t think Lucas needs to protect Allie from Sami, but Lucas isn’t so sure. All bets are off now that’s married to EJ. Belle knows Sami loves him. Lucas knows Shawn loves Belle, but that doesn’t make Shawn superhuman or free from temptation. Belle knows Shawn would never cheat on her. Lucas says they both know that Sami is one for keeping secrets. Belle thinks everyone has secrets. Lucas doesn’t think most of them would destroy a family. Belle flashes back to sleeping with Phillip. Belle thinks Sami might be a bit lost, like Shawn will always be there for her. Lucas looks confused. She said ‘Shawn.’ Belle laughs uncomfortably. She was just thinking about him, that’s all. Belle starts to leave. She needs to go get her phone. Lucas hopes his bad mood didn’t rub off on her. She says it didn’t and then asks if he has heard from Brady. She left him a bunch of messages, but she hasn’t heard back from him. Lucas hasn’t heard anything. Belle tells him to hang in there and leaves.

Roman shows up at Bo and Hope’s house. He tells Bo that his men have been searching a two-mile radius around the church. They found a cabin--more like a shack, really. The SWAT team is already up there. Bo looks at Hope pleadingly. She promises to run “that errand” for him, and he rushes off with Roman.

Sami wants to go get EJ something for pain, but he refuses. He just wishes he could walk out of here. Sami thinks he will be able to, one day. EJ beams. Her being here means the world to him. He can’t wait to go home and be with her and Johnny. Sami switches gears. EJ needs to talk to Stefano. If they don’t lay down the law now, he’ll explode every time he doesn’t get his way. Stefano needs to know that she and EJ decide what his best for their son. EJ doesn’t understand. She married him out of fear of Stefano, andn ow she is willing to cross him again? Sami huffs. EJ needs to grow a spine. Stefano comes in. He wants to have a little talk--della famiglia.

Marlena takes a silver pistol out of a drawer and puts it into a trash bag. She opens her front door, meaning to leave, but Hope is there. She asks if Marlena needs a hand with the trash. Marlena frowns. Bo put a tail on her, huh? Hope nods. He thought she might try to dispose of some evidence. Marlena sighs. Is the posse outside now? Hope is apologetic. She knows this feels like an ambush, but no one knows anything except her and Bo. She needs to know that they want to help. The last thing Bo wants is to have to take Marlena in. Marlena weeps. She wants Bo to know that’s she sorry she didn’t trust him, but she’s not sorry for what she did. Hope soothes her. They’ll go in, have tea, and Marlena will tell her the whole story from the beginning.

Back at the pub, Phillip tosses a note from hand to hand. Belle walks in, passes him, and coughs.

Stefano compliments Sami on her radiant appearance and asks for baby pictures. Sami doesn’t have any with her. Stefano thinks she ought to bring Gianni to his house. He’ll hire a photographer. Sami rolls her eyes. That’s what she was afraid of. EJ defends her. He tells Stefano that Sami has been under a lot of stress lately. She needs her rest, so she’ll bring Johnny over to the house some other time. Stefano glowers. Clearly, EJ hasn’t told Samantha about the DiMera tradition of raising male heirs. Sami huffs. Stefano is never going to tell her how to raise her child. EJ interrupts their tirades. He wants this to wait until he gets out of the hospital. Stefano barrels on, anyway. Sami doesn’t understand that the boy needs to spend time with his male relative. They are the ones to shape and guide his future. Sami rages. There is no way she’ll let him mold her son or influence him in any way. Stefano can’t believe his ears. Surely EJ would never allow her to speak this way. EJ turns on Sami. She Isn’t the only one with a say. The DiMeras have a rich and noble culture, and he wants his son to grow up with their values. Stefano nods emphatically. Finally, his son is back. EJ snaps. He is actually on Sami’s side. Now is not the right time for this discussion. Stefano leaves in a huff. He is very disappointed, but if that is their decision, so be it. Sami thanks EJ profusely. She knows Johnny will have to meet Stefano, but she wants to put that off a little longer. She hopes Stefano doesn’t have anything under-handed planned. EJ doesn’t think so. Sami says she has to get back home. EJ wants her to give both of the twins a kiss for him. He assures her Stefano won’t try to hurt anyone. Sami muses. She wants EJ to remember her family has its own values and traditions. She won’t hand her son over to be raised by the DiMeras--at least not in this lifetime.

Marlena tells Hope that John loved a book called Stranger in a Strange Land. That’s how she feels--like being pulled along with the tide. Her daughters have married men completely unworthy of them. Sami is married to that monster EJ, and the most important relationship in Belle’s life may be ruined by Phillip. Hope knows this is all hard for her. Marlena sighs. Life goes on, no matter how hard you try to stop it. Hope leans in, “Is that what you did? Did you try to stop it?”

Phillip hands Belle the note. He tells her he left her a message. She peruses the note and tells him she left her phone at Bo and Hope’s. She went by, but they weren’t home. Phillip wonders if she wants to know what he said. Belle says no and tells him not to call her again. Phillip snidely asks where her new husband is. She tells him the note says Shawn is shadowing his dad on a case. It looks like he has another chance to join the academy. Phillip wonders if she wants to do something to help Shawn get in, since she sabotaged his first chance. Phillip tells her a piece of evidence has come into his possession that could blow the DiMera case out of the water. If that evidence were to be turned over, Shawn could look like a super cop. He’d get into the academy for sure. Belle is smart enough to be suspicious. What’s in it for Phillip? He leers, “An evening alone with you.”

Bo and Roman arrive at the cabin and discuss how long it would take to get there from the church on foot. As they walk up, they hear a detective yelling at someone for messing up his crime scene. Bo chuckles. Someone is getting their you-know-what handed to them. His face falls when he sees Shawn apologizing to the detective.

Marlena tells Hope that Sami has always been stubborn. Her best intentions always lead to the worst disasters, and then she married the man that shot John. Marlena was so angry with her, that she could barely grieve. Hope wonders how she knew about the wedding. Marlena sighs. Roman tried to keep it from her, of course, but she found out anyway. She took Claire over to a neighbor’s, dressed in black, and headed to the church. Marlena hoped Sami would come to her senses. Hope nods. They all did. Marlena tells Hope flatly that she shot EJ. She aimed, and then heard the first shot. It startled her so badly, that she pulled the trigger of her gun. Then she heard a third shot. She heard someone running, but didn’t see them. Hope doesn’t think Marlena can know that she shot EJ. She shrugs. It doesn’t matter. She meant to do it, and she pulled the trigger. She laughs. And for what? Sami married him, anyway. Now they all have to pay for it.

Sami rushes into the apartment to find Lucas staring her down. He tells her she missed two feedings. All the milk she left is gone. Sami says she is sorry, but Lucas brushes her off. Maybe they should switch to formula if she’s going to be late like this all the time. She swears it will never happen again. Lucas says he needs to go get some rest. He tells her Belle stopped by, and will call her later. Sami stops him. Does he still love her?

Marlena tells Hope that she just wanted to help Sami. She wanted to do something courageous to avenge John’s death, but she just ruined everything. She begs Hope for a little time. She wants to put her affairs in order, and say goodbye to her children and grandchildren. She weeps. Hope soothes her. They have no idea if her bullet hit EJ. Besides, they will all do everything they can to keep her out of prison. Marlena grows calm. She shot a man and killed them. What can anyone possibly do for her?

Bo rushes up the detective. He apologizes for going off on his son, but Shawn treated the scene like he owned the place. He smashed the only clean footprint they had. Roman tells him to take it easy. It isn’t as if a footprint will make or break the case at this point. Shawn hangs his head. He didn’t mean it. His dad told him to get up here, so that’s what he did. The detective groans. He wants Bo to tell Shawn the rules of a crime scene.

Belle scoffs. A night alone with Phillip? Is he kidding? Phillip tells her to get her mind out of the gutter, but Belle ignores him. He can take his evidence, his proposal, and his watch and all of them. Phillip plays innocent. What watch? Belle explodes. If he wanted her to remember him on her wedding day, dead roses would have made a more apt choice. Phillip thinks he only needs one more night to prove they’re not done. If she doesn’t agree afterwards, he’ll be out of her life for good. Belle huffs. He’s using this to coerce her into going to bed with her. Phillip smiles sadly. It’s not like that. He just wants to talk and share things with her. He misses her being a part of his life. Doesn’t she miss that, too? Belle considers. No strings attached? Phillip agrees, but Belle backs off. She can’t do it. Phillip tells her she has his number. She should call if she changes her mind.

Lucas wonders how Sami can even ask him if he loves her. He’s not the one that wanted the marriage annulled, or the one that wanted to fly to the Dominican Republic for a divorce. He’s also the not the one running back and forth all the time. Sami frowns. He knows the deal. Yeah, Lucas knows the deal. And he hates it. He and the twins need her here. EJ shows up all of a sudden, and everything changes. He misses Sami. He misses holding her and kissing her. Sami breaks down. She hugs Lucas and swears she will spend more time at home. The twins squawk and Sami heads into their room. She says her babies need her. Lucas whispers, “We all do.”

Stefano comes back into EJ’s room and tells him he is disappointed. He expects women to be emotional, but he expects his son to behave differently. Samantha can not call the shots. EJ is the boy’s father, after all. EJ sighs. Sami is riding on hormones and hysteria. she’ll come around in time, but EJ refuses to put any pressure on her--yet. Stefano hopes he does so soon. If not, Stefano will--in his own way.


As Nick looks on, Chelsea tells Stephanie, “Ford's never going to stop-- unless we stop him first.”

Bo tells Shawn, “You screwed up, man. And when a cop screws up, he owns up.”

Marlena tells Belle, “I'm trying to ask you if you're happy or if you wish you had married somebody else.”

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