Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/26/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/26/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Sami walks into EJ’s hospital room. He playfully chucks something at her, but misses. She wonders what’s going on. What happened to him? He chuckles. She happened to him. She is the best medicine that a man can get.

Stefano walks into the pub and greets Bo. He’s just the man he wants to see. Bo doesn’t have anything to say, but Stefano does. He wants to know why no one has been arrested for EJ’s shooting. Bo grumbles. The investigation is ongoing. Stefano rages. They aren’t even trying. He bets the police force doesn’t care that someone tried to kill his son. Bo says that’s true enough, but the department is doing its job. Stefano brings up Kate. He reminds Bo that she threatened EJ with a gun. Bo tells him she has not yet been eliminated from suspicion. Stefano groans. She had motive and opportunity. What else do they need? Bo sighs. There was more than one shot fired, so several suspects are being investigated at this point. Stefano smirks. He can think of one suspect who is being entirely overlooked.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Marlena sits on the couch and accepts a cup of tea from Hope. She knows Belle’s wedding must have been hard for Marlena without John. Hope noticed she disappeared after the ceremony. Marlena fidgets. She had an emergency involving a disturbed patient. Marlena tells Hope that Max has already emailed her some pictures of the reception. She pulls one out of her wallet. She thinks Shawn and Belle look very happy. Marlena says that Shawn reminds her of John. She’s sure Belle made a great choice when she married Shawn. Hope isn’t sure that Belle has made a choice at all. That’s why she called Marlena over here. They need to talk about Belle. She and Phillip are still seeing each other. They’re still in a relationship. Marlena gapes.

Shawn and Belle wake up in bed. He smiles. She looks a lot like his wife. She stretches and grins. She can’t believe they are finally married. She loves him and never wants to lose him. Shawn kisses her. That’s one thing she never has to worry about. They kiss passionately. The camera pans to Phillip’s watch on the nightstand.

Marlena doesn’t understand. She thinks Phillip was just concerned about Claire. Is this about Shawn being uncomfortable with Belle and Phillip’s relationship? Hope tells her that Belle and Phillip are much more than friends. Marlena narrows her eyes. She can’t believe Hope would repeat such nasty, vicious gossip. Hope shakes her head. It’s not gossip. Belle admitted that she slept with Phillip right before she and Shawn set their wedding date. Belle promised Hope that she would cut Phillip out of her life. Marlena muses. Perhaps Belle was telling the truth. She’s married to Shawn now. Perhaps she just made a mistake. Hope frowns. If that were the case, they wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. It’s not over. Belle lied.

Sami is in shock that she had that much of an effect on EJ. He tells her it could have been Nurse Bertha’s sponge bath earlier. She’s quite a hardy girl. Sami reminds him how weak he was the last time she saw him. He didn’t even have the will to live. He clears his throat. That was before he knew she cared for him. Sami scoffs. That couldn’t have made that big of a difference. Did Bertha get him to eat too? EJ smiles. That was all Sami, too. She is the reason he isn’t dead right now.

Bo sighs. He’ll bite. Who is this new suspect? Stefano won’t give him a name like he did with Kate Roberts. Bo can figure this one out on his own. It’s right under his nose. Bo scoffs. He thought Stefano wanted them to find the shooter. Stefano does, but he doesn’t think the police will find the person. Bo grunts. He’s tired of playing these games with Stefano. Maybe he can tell him why he put out a hit on John. Stefano says he did no such thing. He is looking for justice for the innocent. Bo laughs. He’s not sure about justice, but he’ll find the shooter, whoever he is. Stefano thinks he means “she.” He’ll give Bo a clue. The church was practically empty, so the woman in the back stood out. Bo asks him what woman he means. Stefano tells him she wore a veil and was dressed all in black.

Shawn rolls over and tells Belle he’s in the mood for breakfast. She laughs. How romantic. He tells her it’s her fault he worked up such an appetite, but he’s going to cook them both breakfast anyway. Belle says she’ll call Doug and Julie and check on Claire while he’s downstairs. She hunts around and asks Shawn if he has seen her phone. Shawn says he hasn’t. Did she leave it somewhere?

Hope holds up Belle’s cell phone. This is how she knows she’s lying. Belle left it here after the wedding, but she wishes she hadn’t. Now everything is complicated. Marlena thinks Hope needs to start at the beginning. Hope does so. She tells her Belle begged her to keep her secret, so she agreed. Hope made the condition that she must never see Phillip again, and Belle agreed. She told Hope she didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Hope just isn’t sure that agreeing to keep the secret is the right thing to do. That’s why she called Marlena over. She needs advice. Marlena is glad Hope came to her first. Hope fidgets. Marlena leans forward. She is the first person that Hope has told about this, right?

Bo snorts. A woman in black? That’s Stefano’s clue? Stefano shrugs. He’s be happy to provide more information if he had any. Stefano tells Bo that EJ was concerned about her presence, but Stefano pushed his worry aside. He’s sorry now. Bo asks if she left after the shot. Stefano isn’t sure. His concern was with EJ and no one else. Bo asks who Stefano thought it was. Stefano shakes his head. He doesn’t want to make a mistake and cause the wrong person to be punished. Bo sighs. They sure don’t have a hell of a lot to go on here. Stefano wants him to think about the fact that the woman was dressed in mourning. Who would be mourning for the bride? Bo tells him it could be anyone in Sami’s family. Stefano nods. Exactly. He leaves.

Hope sighs. She tells Marlena she already confided in Bo and Kayla. They agreed that telling Shawn would have done more harm than good, but that was before Hope found out Belle had lied to her. Belle left her phone, and Hope listened to her messages. She isn’t proud of it, but she couldn’t help it. Does Marlena remember when Belle’s phone rang before the ceremony? Belle hung up, but the person called right back. Belle said it was Mimi. She was lying. The person on the other end was Phillip. He called back at some point and left a message. In that message, he made it clear that he and Belle were still seeing each other. Hope agonized over whether or not to tell Marlena at all. Marlena frowns. Hope didn’t even think twice about violating her daughter’s privacy. That just isn’t right.

Sami sighs heavily. EJ asks her what’s wrong. She doesn’t want to talk, but EJ reminds her she is his wife. Her problems are his problems. She tells him Lucas sent Will off to Switzerland without telling her. Then to top it all off, he named their daughter without consulting her. EJ thinks Lucas is being quite cold and manipulative. He hopes Lucas isn’t trying to play games. Sami nukes. Lucas is a wonderful man and father. EJ has no right to speak ill of anyone else. She doesn’t want to hear him do it again. EJ asks about the name. Sami tells him Lucas named her Alice Caroline. She thinks the name is perfect, but it’s the principle of the thing. She feels like she is being pushed out of her children’s lives. Sami sobs. EJ takes her hand. He promises everything will be alright.

Marlena thinks Hope needs to leave Shawn and Belle alone to work out their problems. They don’t need their parents interfering. Hope thinks Phillip needs to hear that, too. Marlena agrees to talk to Belle, but she’ll do so without judgment or criticism. Hope gets sarcastic. Of course, they wouldn’t want Belle to think that she has done anything wrong. Marlena sighs. She isn’t defending Belle’s behavior. She has been through a lot lately. Hope frowns. They all have. That does not give Belle the right to betray her son or make him look like a fool. If she thinks her father’s death excuses her behavior, she is sadly mistaken.

Belle tears through the room, hunting for her phone. Shawn asks her where she had it last. Belle thinks, and gasps. It’s at his parent’s house. She spoke to Mimi before the ceremony, and must have left her phone upstairs. Shawn says that’s alright. His mom probably found it. He bets she’ll bring it by later. Belle laughs uneasily. She needs her phone now. She has to call Doug and Julie and check on Claire. Shawn wants her to relax and enjoy their time together. It’s bad enough they had to postpone their honeymoon. He’s going to make it up to her by making her breakfast. She smiles. She is so happy she married him. She never wants him to forget that. He tells her to get back in bed and let him spoil his bride a little. She deserves it. Belle stares guiltily at Phillip’s watch.

Marlena thinks Hope is overreacting. Belle is not a person who lies and sneaks around. Hope tells her the message was clear. She and Phillip are still involved. He said he knows she still loves him, because he held her in his arms the night before the wedding. Marlena sighs. Belle must just be confused. She has been torn between the two men for a while now, but Marlena knows that Shawn is the one Belle loves. Hope grumbles. If that’s true, then she needs to say goodbye to Phillip. Marlena makes more excuses. Belle just said goodbye to her father. Perhaps she found it too hard to say another goodbye.

Sami thinks EJ is being uncharacteristically understanding of her situation. EJ tells her that she and Johnny are to blame. They have changed him from a selfish, dashing rake to a dull family man. He hopes she doesn’t prefer the former. Sami doesn’t know what she wants. Her life is a mess. EJ thinks she needs to go home, take care of Johnny and Ali, and get some rest. Sami thinks he needs her here. EJ chuckles. He has Bertha, so no ‘buts.’ She needs to go home.

Belle picks up Phillip’s watch and stares.

Hope apologizes. She knows both Belle and Marlena are grieving. She never should have brought this up. Marlena waves her off. They need to figure out a way to help Belle and Shawn. Hope is so happy to hear her say that. She didn’t know where to turn for help. Hope thinks Belle might be having some kind of emotional crisis. Either way, they have to help their kids through this. Marlena is going to start by getting some answers from Belle. She won’t tell her about Hope listening to her messages. Hope says it’s ok if she has to. She takes full responsibility. Hope just wants Belle to know that she went to Marlena instead of Shawn because she wants their marriage to succeed. Marlena sighs. She wishes John were here. He would know what to say to Belle and he would know how to reach her. Hope thinks Marlena does too, but she isn’t so sure. It feels like her life is spinning out of control.

Sami wants to know what the catch is. EJ has spent the last year of her life trying to control her, and now he wants her to go home? It doesn’t make sense. EJ tells her that becoming a father has given him a sense of purpose. He just feels the weight of responsibility more than ever before. EJ tells her that when she held him in her arms and admitted all of those feelings she had for him, it truly changed him. Bo bursts into the room. He needs to talk to Sami for a moment. She leaves, but promises EJ to come back and say goodbye before she leaves. Bo drags her outside and asks her about the veiled woman at her wedding. Sami remembers. It seemed as if she was dressed for a funeral, not a wedding. Bo wants her to think hard. Was there anything about the woman that seemed familiar? Sami thinks. She just remembers the woman seemed like a widow. Sami gasps, “OMG! Mom!” Bo nods soberly.

Belle shoves Phillip’s watch into a drawer as Shawn comes upstairs with breakfast. He admits Caroline had started the pancakes, but he flipped them himself. Belle beams. Everything looks delicious. Shawn also has a gift for Belle. She objects at first, but opens it to find a photo album. She is so pleased. They can fill it with pictures from their wedding. Shawn tells her he already started. He wants to fill the album with lots of pictures—not just wedding ones. They deserve a happy life. They have had to overcome so many obstacles, but they are finally a family. Belle flips through and gushes over pictures of Claire from last Christmas. Shawn smiles. Belle just needs to remember that nothing can stop them now.

Stefano walks into EJ’s room and compliments his progress. He appears to be growing stronger every day. EJ tells him to thank Samantha. Stefano just missed her. Stefano saw her talking to Bo. He can only imagine the subject of their conversation. EJ isn’t bothered by it. He and Samantha are closer than ever before, although she is still a bit too attached to Lucas for his liking. He thinks that will pass with time, however. Stefano doesn’t have the patience to wait. Does EJ know that Stefano has not yet even seen his grandson? EJ tells him to relax. Johnny is a newborn. Stefano rages. He won’t relax. The boy should be here, bonding with his father at the very least. EJ tells him infants are not allowed in the ICU. Samantha won’t allow him to come, because she is being protective. EJ approves of that sentiment. Stefano thinks he needs to nip this in the bud right now. EJ cannot allow Sami to keep calling all the shots. EJ needs to tell her to bring his child here right away. EJ doesn’t think she will listen, but Stefano urges him not to take no for an answer. Sami walks in and EJ fidgets.

Shawn looks forlornly at Belle’s plate. She must not like the pancakes. She barely touched them. Belle assures him she is just too excited about being married to eat. Shawn hunts around for the watch Victor gave him. Has Belle seen it? She fidgets and blinks innocently. She has no idea where it could be.

Hope sighs. Just when you think your kids don’t need you anymore, something like this happens. Marlena thinks they do, especially when they only have one parent. Bo walks in. He’s glad to see Marlena out and about. She is glad to see him, too, but she really has to run. He really needs to talk to her if she has a moment. He knows she was at Sami and EJ’s wedding. What he doesn’t know is if Marlena was the one that but a bullet in Junior’s spine.

Stefano is going to leave EJ and Sami alone, but he tells Sami to bring him his grandson. He doesn’t want to hear any more excuses. He storms out. EJ apologizes. He thinks it’s time that Johnny was introduced to his grandfather. He wants Sami to take the baby over to see Stefano. The sooner, the better. Sami balks. Absolutely not.


Phillip tells Shawn, “As an officer and a gentleman, I'm backing off. Put her there, pal.” Shawn glares.

Bo tells Marlena, “I have a witness who said there was a woman at the church.” She scoffs, “And you assume that was me because...” Bo interrupts, “Was it?”

Sami tells EJ, “If Stefano wants an audience with my son, he can get in line.” EJ frowns, “That's not acceptable.”

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