Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/23/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/23/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Bo and Hope’s house, Marlena stares at Shawn and Belle’s wedding invitation. She picks up a picture of herself and John. She sighs and whispers, “You’re supposed to be here.” Maggie walks in and stares.

In the kitchen, Doug tells Shawn, Roman and Max that Bo had to take Shawn, Sr. to the hospital. Shawn wants to call off the wedding, but Doug says it isn’t necessary. Bo and Caroline just wanted him to know that everything is most likely fine. Shawn had some stomach pains, and they just want to be careful. Roman says he’s heading down to the hospital. He was supposed to walk Belle down the aisle, but he has already arranged for it to be taken care of. Doug tells Shawn not to worry. He’s sure his grandfather will be fine.

Upstairs, Belle changes as Sami compliments her dress. Belle calls out for Hope to find her phone. She’s waiting on Brady to call. Marlena comes in. Belle tells her not to peek, but Marlena reminds Belle she has brought her “something new.” Sami smacks her forehead. She completely forgot about that stuff, and it’s her job as the matron of honor. Belle comes out from behind the screen. Everyone loves her dress. Belle opens the box Marlena brought and gasps. Marlena found Shawn and Belle’s purity rings and placed them on a chain for Belle to wear today. Marlena places it around her neck. Today these rings have a new and deeper meaning. They signify the commitment Shawn and Belle have in their lives—love and fidelity until the end of their days. Belle cries and thanks her. Hope looks on and frets.

At the Brady pub, Phillip drains a drink amidst the decorations for Shawn and Belle’s reception. A waitress walks over and tells them they’ll be closing soon for a private function. Phillip sighs. So he heard.

Maggie hands Belle another box. Alice wanted to loan her the ruby she and Shawn found in Puerto Rico. This can be her “something borrowed.” Belle smiles and reminisces. She and Shawn shared their first kiss in Puerto Rico. Her phone rings and she rushes for it, thinking it’s Brady. Instead, Phillip is in the other end. Belle hangs up and slams the phone down. Marlena asks her what’s wrong.

At their apartment, Steve finishes helping Steve with his tux. Stephanie thinks they both look great. Kayla asks her if she’s sure she doesn’t want to come. Cordy can come along, too. Stephanie just wants to stay here, and besides, she thinks the whole family thing is a little too much for Cordy to handle right now. Kayla promises to bring some turkey home. Steve makes Stephanie promise to call them if she changes her mind. As they leave, she asks them to tell Shawn and Belle congratulations. They leave. Stephanie sighs heavily.

Max tells Shawn he has the rings, so he shouldn’t worry. Chelsea comes in and asks for a moment alone with Shawn. She is so happy for him, but she can’t help but think about the people that should be here today—especially the one that isn’t here because of her. Shawn tells her the forget-me-nots are not only Belle’s “something blue.” They also signify that they will never forget either John or Zach. He hugs Chelsea.

Belle stares guiltily as Sami comes to the rescue. She bets Belle just got cut off. Belle’s phone rings again. She answers and pretends it’s Mimi. She asks for a little privacy, and the others leave. Sami reminds her Johnny is sleeping. Belle waits for everyone to go, and then tells Phillip they aren’t doing this today. He asks for five minutes, but she refuses. She is getting married today, and nothing he could say could possibly stop that. She hangs up. Hope comes back in to get her purse. Belle says it’s ok. Mimi had things to do, so they are finished. Hope eyes her suspiciously. She wants the truth. Who was really on the phone?

In the living room, Lucas holds his daughter as Julie and Doug gush over her. Alice really wanted to be here today, but she promised Jack and Jen that she would spend the holidays with them in London. Doug asks Lucas if the baby has a name yet. Lucas figures that now is as good a time as any to announce the news. Her name is Alice Caroline Horton. Everyone can call her Ali for short. Julie thinks it’s perfect. Sami overhears and walks over. She looks at Lucas confusedly, “Lucas?”

Stephanie tells Cordy they are going to have a real girl’s day out. They’ll do manicures, facials, pedicure; the whole works. Cordy doesn’t want to, but Stephanie thinks it’s a good idea. Cordy doesn’t need a makeover—it’s just a little boost to make her feel better. Cordy doesn’t know why she cares so much. Stephanie tells her they can’t let Ford win. She’s not talking about the case anymore. She can’t let him change the person she sees in the mirror every day. If she does, then she’s let him take everything from her.

Sami drags Lucas outside, but he would rather discuss this in private. Sami rages. It’s too late for that. He already named their daughter without consulting her. Not only that, but he sent Will away and had custody papers drawn up for Ali. Lucas sighs. Will decided to leave on his own. He refuses to let his daughter be raised by a DiMera, and if he had any claim on Johnny he’d feel the same way about him. Sami doesn’t think this is the time or place to talk about this. She heads back inside, but lets him know she loves the name, for what it’s worth.

Belle swears it was Mimi on the phone. She was really busy, so she just wanted to wish them both her best. Hope tells Belle that she’ll prepare everyone downstairs for the ceremony if she is sure she is ready. Belle says she is. Hope leaves. Belle sighs.

Steve comes up to Shawn with a box. It’s from his other grandfather. Shawn opens it to find a watch. The card from Victor reads that he hopes Shawn will accept the watch as a gift. In spite of their past differences, he sends Shawn and Belle his best wishes. Steve thinks this may be Victor’s way of offering an olive branch. Shawn agrees and puts the watch on. Julie walks over to Marlena and tells her the mother of the bride is wanted upstairs.

Billie walks up to Phillip at the bar. He wonders why she isn’t at the wedding. She wanted to spend some time with him. She knows he is still in love with Belle. It must be hard to know she is re-marrying today. Phillip snorts. It would be, if he thought she would really go through with it. Phillip tells Billie that Belle will be thinking of him when she walks down the aisle. Billie wants to know how he knows that.

Belle and Shawn’s wedding begins. Sami comes down the stairs and walks down the “aisle” in the living room. Chelsea brings Claire down. She strews flowers down the aisle and she and Chelsea sit in the front. As the wedding march starts, Marlena walks Belle down the stairs. As they approach the aisle, Belle catches sight of Shawn’s new watch from Victor. She flashes back to Phillip’s watch getting stuck in her hair. It’s the same one. Tears roll down her face as she remembers making love to Phillip.

Billie worries that Phillip tried to ruin Shawn and Belle’s wedding, but he assures her that he just sent Belle a little reminder. She wouldn’t take his call, so he had no other choice. Billie says he is starting to scare her. He sounds more and more like Victor every day.

As Belle cries, Marlena totally misconstrues the situation and offers her words of comfort. She knows she is upset about her daddy, but he is right here. He would be so proud of his baby girl right now. Belle agrees to walk on. Marlena takes her up to Shawn and kisses her. She tells her to be happy. Belle whispers to Shawn about his new watch. He smiles proudly. It’s a gift from Victor. The priest begins the ceremony.

Cordy and Stephanie both examine nail polish colors and debate about where one of them is too “Goth.” Someone knocks at the door. Stephanie gets up to answer it. She wasn’t expecting company. She peers through the peephole. She gasps. It’s Ford Decker. Cordy freaks. Ford starts screaming. He knows that little bitch is in there. If she doesn’t open up, he’s going to break the door down.

Shawn begins reading his vows. They have been in love since high school. He knows things haven’t exactly gone perfectly since then, but the one constant has been his love for her. He’s everything she needs and he can’t imagine life without her. He places the ring on her finger. Belle begins her vows. She tells Shawn about the purity rings Marlena found. They are a commitment from this day forward that their love will be pure. Shawn stops her. It always has been pure. Belle sobs. She can’t do this. The crowd gasps. Belle bawls. She is so sorry, but she can’t. Shawn asks her what is wrong. She quiets a bit. She meant that she has her whole speech memorized. If Shawn keeps interrupting her, she’s going to forget the whole thing. Shawn chuckles. He just wants her to say what is in her heart. She is so glad he never gave up on her. When they almost lost Claire, Shawn stepped up to the plate and proved that he loved them, and also that her dad wasn’t the only hero in her life. She knows he is at peace now, because his daughter is in good hands. Belle pledges to be a loving, faithful wife. She places the ring on Shawn’s finger. The priest pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss and the audience applauds.

Phillip thinks the wedding must be over by now. Billie wants him to let it go, but he can’t. He knows Belle still loves him. Billie might be satisfied with spending the rest of her life alone and miserable, but Phillip isn’t. He is going to fight.

Ford threatens to break the door down. Cordy sobs. Stephanie yells that she already called security. They’ll be here in less than a minute. Ford tells her he’s leaving, but he want her to know that if she keeps posting fliers, or telling people about their night together, he’ll make sure the whole town knows what a lying whore she is. Stephanie frets.

Marlena comes to the DiMera mansion. Stefano wonders what took her so long to show up. He congratulates her on her daughter’s getting married one after the other. She must be proud. Marlena snorts. She would hardly consider Sami’s wedding a happy occasion. Stefano nods gravely. EJ getting shot spoiled everything. He asks why she is here. Marlena has come to ask for Sami’s freedom. They both know this marriage is a sham. Sami just wants to protect her family. Stefano finds that quite funny, as he just overheard Sami saying she was head over heels for EJ. He pours some liquor into a tiny glass and offers to toast Marlena. She glares.

Billie rages. Well that is it. Since he thinks so little of her, she’ll leave. For the record, she is single, but she is also sexy and fabulous. Not having a man in her life doesn’t make her miserable. She could use a little romance, sure, but she’ll wait until the time is right. Lucas comes in with Ali. He tells Phillip to scoot. The wedding is over. Phillip asks if they got married. Lucas nods. They did, and Shawn will be furious if he sees Phillip. Phillip drains his glass and slams it on the table. He’s out of here. Lucas sighs. He hopes Phillip understands. He grins. He sure does. He has to wait for the time to be right. He stalks out. Billie rushes after him. She tells Lucas to have a happy thanksgiving on the way out.

The wedding guests crowd into the pub. Maggie tells everyone the bar is open as she heads into the kitchen to check on dinner. Stephanie calls Kayla. She needs to talk, but she doesn’t want her dad to know. Kayla tells her she will be home in ten minutes. Stephanie tries to stop her, but Kayla hangs up and rushes out the door.

Belle and Shawn hug outside the pub. He asks if she’s ready for their big entrance. She is, but first, she wants him to get rid of that watch. She doesn’t want to e reminded of the time, because she never wants this day to end. They kiss as Belle slips the watch into Shawn’s pocket. They head inside afterwards, and Max announces them to applause.

Marlena knows that Sami only loves one man, and that’s Lucas. Stefano tells her he heard Sami made a touching declaration to the contrary the night before. Marlena thinks she was forced into it, but Stefano tells her Sami has a mind of her own. Marlena reminds him she had a mind of her own too, and Stefano forced her to do some pretty despicable things. Marlena sighs. She wants him to leave Sami alone and take EJ back to Italy. If he ever truly cared for her, he will do this. Stefano tells her she meant the world to him, so he will do her this favor—for a price. Marlena asks what that price is. He wants the same thing he has always wanted—his queen of the night. Marlena snorts. Has this been his plan all along? Stefano chuckles. He had no way of knowing she was coming over today to negotiate. He loves her and wanted her. He gave up all hope, but now that the chance is there, it’s impossible not to try to make it a reality. Marlena reminds him she hasn’t said yes yet. He tells her she has to decided what is more important—her love for her daughter, or her hatred for him.

Doug calls for everyone’s attention. Shawn, Sr. is fine. Caroline called to let everyone know that he just had a small bout of indigestion. Julie jokes she can believe it. He was tasting everything. Doug makes a speech. He tells them how happy they are to celebrate the wedding of Shawn and Belle. It reminds the whole family the tragedies and joys they have gone through. They’ve welcomed two new members into the family. As the camera pans to Steve, Doug says that another member of the family rejoined them against all odds. He mentions John, and how much all of them miss him. Belle’s addition to the family is only that much more special. As Doug speaks, we see Belle and Shawn dance. Kayla sits on the couch in her apartment and comforts Cordy and Stephanie. Doug says that together they can make their family whole again. Lucas and Sami meet on the dance floor and share a slow dance.

Stefano tells Marlena that she, his queen, has brought him joy. Marlena tells him that he has also made her his killer. He has put a darkness in her soul, and when it comes out, it will come out with a vengeance. He tells her she’s a witch and that she isn’t finished with him, and she leaves. Outside the door, she stares wildly.

Belle and Shawn talk to Steve. He congratulates them. They have a nice little family. They thank him for it. If it weren’t for him, they would have no family. Upstairs, Hope talks to Bo. She is glad his dad is ok. She spies Belle’s phone. She goes to check her voicemail, but stops. Does she have the right to do that? She hesitates, then decides she does. She knows Belle is hiding something. Hope dials voicemail and listens. Phillip tells Belle he knows she loves him. He knows it now, and he knew it last night when she was in his arms. She can’t let him go, and he knows she will never be able to. Hope gasps.


EJ tells Sami, “Samantha, you're the reason I'm not dead, darling.’

Hope tells a shocked Marlena, “She and Philip are still seeing each other. They're still in a relationship.”

In bed, Belle tells Shawn, “I love you, and I never want to lose you.” Shawn replies, “That's one thing you don't have to worry about.”

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