Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/21/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/21/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Cordy frets about the fliers. Morgan, Chelsea, and Carmen soothe her as they hand them out to girls in the bar. Adrienne walks over and asks who’s running for mayor. Adrienne takes a look at the fliers and whistles. They sure aren’t playing around. Carmen tells her they’re taking justice into their own hands. Adrienne gives Chelsea permission to post some behind the bar. Chelsea wants to start an internet site about Ford. That will really get the word out. Morgan likes that idea. Carmen agrees to look into getting it started. They talk about how they’re going to the mall next. That will really upset Ford. Adrienne brings a round of sodas as the girls continue to encourage Cordy. She asks Adrienne if she can put some fliers up in the bathroom. Adrienne agrees. Chelsea proposes a toast to Ford: May he go down in flames. Ford watches them outside the window and glares.

At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Steve asks a decidedly nervous Stephanie what she’s doing. He asks if he can help her. She says she is just cramming for a biology exam. She passes the pregnancy test to Kayla behind her back. Steve muses. He used to be pretty good at biology, at least when he showed up to class. If Stephanie will get her book for him, he’ll try to help her out.

Shawn shows up at Bo and Hope’s house and gushes over the decorations. He thanks Hope for doing all of it. Just think—tomorrow, he’ll be a married man. He and Belle have finally made it to the finish line.

In his office at Titan, Phillip bickers with someone on over the phone over the cost of an acquisition. Belle walks in and Phillip hangs up. He wasn’t sure she would actually come. Belle smiles ruefully. She isn’t sure this is a good idea, anyway. His secretary is gone, and she can see he’s really busy, so she’s just going to leave. Phillip is glad she came. He offers her coffee, but the phone rings. He gets on and bickers some more about cost estimates and breaking even.

Stephanie doesn’t feel like studying right now. In fact, she would kind of like to talk to Kayla alone, if that’s alright. It’s just girl stuff. He gets it. He offers to go get them both some hot chocolate. He leaves after taking their orders. Stephanie sighs. He knows something is up. Kayla doesn’t want to worry about that right now. There might not even be anything to tell him. Stephanie thought she read the test right, but she isn’t sure. Is she pregnant? Kayla peers at the test. It’s negative. Stephanie lets out a huge sigh of relief. She sobs. She didn’t know how she would take care of a baby, and then she couldn’t figure out the test and Steve confused her when she came out asking for help. Kayla comforts her as she bawls. She’s so glad Kayla was there for her. Kayla is, too. She’s glad Stephanie isn’t pregnant, but that isn’t her only concern. Kayla wants Stephanie to go take an HIV test.

Billie comes into the bar and shows the girls a flier she found on campus. The girls admit to making and posting all of the fliers. Billie frowns. She’s not sure they want to back a guy like Ford into a corner. Morgan tells her that’s exactly what they want. Or, they can back him onto a rooftop. Chelsea grins. Then they can push him off. Billie gets serious. This isn’t a joke. If the girls get in trouble for this, Ford wins again. He’s capable of drugging and raping women. There’s no telling what else he’ll do. Carmen and Morgan tell Billie they’re being careful and sticking together. Billie tells them she and Jett installed more security cameras at the house, too. She asks Cordy how she is holding up. She says she is ok, but she would like Billie to help them put the rest of the fliers up. Billie can’t do that. Morgan and Cordy leave to pick out a jukebox song. Carmen goes to get drinks. Chelsea tells Billie they are all being really careful, but they can’t lock themselves in their rooms because of Ford. Billie knows that, but she still wants Chelsea to move back home—at least until Decker is behind bars.

Hope brings Shawn a snack. Shawn would have moved back home long ago if he had known he’d be waited on. Hope smirks. This is her last night doing it. Tomorrow, it’s Belle’s turn to wait on him. Shawn chuckles. He doesn’t think Belle knows much about waiting on someone. Shawn wants dinner, but Hope isn’t cooking the night before Thanksgiving, so he offers to order out. Hope asks if he is ready to get married. Shawn says he is, but Hope wants to make sure he knows it’s not always this exciting. There are hard times to get through, too. Relationships take a lot of work. Shawn knows. She and his dad taught him that a long time ago. She just wants him to be happy. Shawn smiles. He will be. Belle Black Brady. It even sounds right, doesn’t it? Hope doesn’t think so. Shawn agrees. He doesn’t care what Belle calls herself, as long as she calls herself his wife.

Phillip tells his secretary to hold all of his calls. Belle thinks he’s busy, so she starts to leave, but Phillip stops her. She just wanted to let him know that he was right about Hope. Not only did she tell Bo, but she also told Kayla, who probably told Steve. Phillip smiles. That was predictable. Belle huffs. She just thinks he loves being right. Belle doesn’t think she can get married in front of all those people tomorrow. Phillip comforts her. What happened, happened. She can’t change that now. If she really wants to marry Shawn, then she shouldn’t let other people stop her. She has to do what feels right in her heart. If that’s all, then he has some important work to do. He gets his secretary on the phone and prepares for his next conference call.

Bo comes in with tuxedos. Hope is thrilled he remembered them. Bo frowns. It looks like they started the part without him. Shawn offers him a beer. Pizza is on the way, too. Shawn thanks them for letting him stay the night at their house. Bo warns him Hope will pull out the baby pictures soon. Shawn groans. She already did. Bo asks where Belle is staying, and Shawn tells them both her and Claire are staying with Marlena. Hope asks Shawn to go try his tux on. There won’t be time for alterations tomorrow. Shawn obliges. Bo thinks he seems happy. Hope hopes it will last. She slipped up and told Belle that Kayla knows about her affair with Phillip. She just had to be sure Belle was ready for this commitment. Bo reminds her that this is Belle and Shawn’s decision. They need to sit back and let them make it on their own. Hope sighs. What if Belle hurts Shawn again? Bo knows Belle has loved Shawn most of her life. She isn’t going to break his heart at the altar.

Phillip gets off the phone. Belle huffs. Phillip explains apologetically that the call was important. Belle whines. He told her to call if she needed him. She did, and he told her to come here. Phillip sighs. He didn’t want to be her go-to guy for all her mother-in-law problems. He’s not going to be her guy friend that offers a shoulder every time something goes wrong with the Bradys. Belle practically stomps her feet. Clearly, coming here was a huge mistake. He smiles sadly. Being together is never a mistake.

Stephanie tells her mom she already went to the campus doctor and had a screening. Everything came back negative, but she has to take the HIV test again in six months, just to be sure. Kayla is so sorry. She knows everyone makes mistakes. Stephanie frowns. She should have known better. Why is Kayla letting her off so easily? Kayla was her age once, too. She knows everyone has to live and learn from their own mistakes. Stephanie sighs. Six months is a long time to wait. Kayla promises to be there for the next blood test. Everything is going to be fine. Stephanie sulks. How does Kayla know that? Kayla says she doesn’t, but everything is fine now, and it’s best not to borrow trouble. Kayla is really proud of her. Stephanie doesn’t understand how she can say that. Kayla smiles. Kids hide their mistakes. Adults own up to them. Stephanie handled this situation like an adult.

Chelsea doesn’t get it. If security around campus has tightened, then why does she need to move in with Billie? Billie gestures at the fliers. What does she expect to accomplish? Chelsea wants Ford to be stuck in his room like Cordy is. Billie sighs. And then what? He’ll move on to the next city and terrorize the girls there? Ford stomps in and confronts Chelsea with a fistful of wadded up flyers. He calls her a bitch and asks what the hell she thinks she’s doing. Billie tells him to back off. Chelsea taunts him. She has plenty more to replace the ones he ripped down. Ford snarls. She’s going to find out very quickly how expensive libel suits can be. Billie tells him to get out. Ford chuckles. He doesn’t have to go anywhere. There’s no proof he ever committed a crime. Adrienne comes over and Ford accosts her. She admits letting the girls put the fliers up. Ford gets the attention of the whole crowd. He wants everyone to know these girls are just made because he turned them all down. Chelsea rolls her eyes. The only reason Ford isn’t in jail is because his rich daddy fixed everything for him. Ford tells Chelsea to call off her dogs. He can handle trouble, but can she?

Stephanie tells Kayla she got a call from Chelsea down at the Cheatin’ Heart. Stephanie is going to go meet up with them. Kayla wants her to stay at home over the holiday weekend, but Stephanie already agreed to stay at the house with Cordy. Kayla suggests Stephanie bring Cordy home with her. Kayla asks if Ford is still on campus. Stephanie nods. He is making it seem as if he is the victim. Steve comes in with the hot chocolate, but Stephanie wants a rain check. She leaves. Steve asks Kayla why she lied to him about the pregnancy test.

Bo asks Hope how she left things with Belle. She sighs. She welcomed her into the family, but it was very strained. She thinks Belle will be fine, though. At least she hopes so. Bo thinks she is carrying around a lot of baggage on her wedding night. Hope just wanted to make sure Belle was doing what she wanted to do. Bo asks if Hope is going to hold Belle’s cheating against her. She’s not sure. Will Bo? He isn’t sure either. Hope sighs. She thinks she will hold it against Belle.

Phillip asks Belle if she feels bad for what she did. Belle thinks she should tell Shawn. She can’t face him tomorrow otherwise. She’s confused and ashamed all over again. Phillip asks if it’s because Hope told Kayla about their tryst. Belle shakes her head. It’s because Hope brought it all up again on her wedding night, and Phillip is the only person she can talk to about it. He is her only friend, and that isn’t right. Phillip doesn’t think she is ashamed they made love. She’s ashamed because she can’t stop thinking about it the night before she marries Shawn. Belle swears that isn’t true. Phillip snorts. He gave her his number to talk about their relationship. He thought she called because the wedding was off. Belle huffs and sarcastically thanks him for the support. Phillip nukes. She needs to stop being such a brat. She wants Shawn, but she wants Phillip waiting in the wings, like a little kid who can’t decide which toy to play with next. Phillip is tired of being Belle’s safety net when things go wrong with Shawn. He asks her to leave. He has work to do.

Bo reminds Hope that it was her decision not to tell Shawn. Now she has to move on and live with that. Hope has moved on, but she fears Belle hasn’t. Bo thinks they need to try to be happy. They’re having a wedding tomorrow. Hope fumes. She is sure Phillip is going to try to do something to stop this wedding. Shawn walks in. He tells Hope not to worry. Phillip is never going to hurt him or Belle ever again.

Kayla tells Steve that Stephanie was embarrassed about the test, but it read negative. Steve frowns. Was it Jeremy or Max? Kayla shakes her head. Stephanie told her it was a one-night stand. Steve can’t believe she slept with a stranger without protection. Kayla soothes him. All of her STD tests came back negative, as well. Everything is fine. Steve stomps over to the phone. He’s going to call her. Kayla begs him not to. If Stephanie knows Kayla told Steve, she’ll never trust her with anything ever again.

Adrienne tells Ford to leave under his own power or at the end of her foot. Ford refuses. He taunts the other girls. Before he can start in on Cordy, Chelsea wallops him with a right hook. Ford falls to the floor, blood gushing from his nose. He shrieks. She is going to regret doing that. Adrienne tells him to leave. Ford stands up and yells. He was assaulted. Everyone at the bar saw that. Morgan didn’t see anything. Did anyone else? The bar is dead quiet. Adrienne chuckles. It looks like Ford has a bit of a credibility problem. Ford snorts. This place is a dump, anyway. He wags his finger at Chelsea. This isn’t over yet. On his way out, he bumps into Stephanie, calls her the campus slut, and then asks her to call him sometime. Stephanie recoils in horror.

Kayla wonders if Steve would really want Stephanie coming to him with these kinds of problems. Steve just wants her to know she can come to him if she needs anything. Kayla tells him she was just embarrassed. Steve fumes. He wants the name of this guy. Kayla doesn’t know what it is, and beating the kid up isn’t going to help matters anyway. Steve grumbles. It would make him feel better. Kayla explains. There are some things you tell your mom, and some things you tell your dad. The important thing is that she felt safe enough here to come and talk to one of them about her problems. Steve thinks it’s because of Kayla, but Kayla thinks it’s because of both of them.

Hope gushes over Shawn’s tuxedo. He tells her not to change the subject. Why were they talking about Phillip? Hope asks if he is coming to the wedding. Shawn tells them he was invited, but Belle told him to stay away. Bo asks if he thinks Phillip got the message. He isn’t sure, but as far as Shawn and Belle are concerned, they are through with Phillip.

Belle huffs. If she is such a brat, then why does Phillip put up with her? He sighs. She is better than this. Belle doesn’t think so. “You’re just mad because I chose Shawn.” She’s sorry she hurt him, though. He said he will deal with it. Belle tells him she called him for the last time tonight. Phillip rolls his eyes. He doubts that. She whines. Why is he so mean? Phillip groans. He’ll tell her what’s mean. Mean is coming over here and pretending like he matters to her. She says he does matter. He tells her to go get married and leave her out of it, but when Shawn outs that ring on her finger, it’s over. She smirks. It already is over. Phillip thinks there is more passion in this room than she ever had with Shawn. The walls are down, and she is so close to kissing him that it scares her to death.

Shawn doesn’t want his parents to have to deal with Phillip, but Bo wants to call him and uninvited him from the wedding officially. Shawn wants to do it himself. He can handle Phillip without Bo’s help. Bo wants to field this one. He tells Shawn to consider it a wedding gift.

Phillip thinks Belle lies in bed at night with Shawn and wishes it were Phillip instead. She tells him to stop. It isn’t true, anyway. She has loved Shawn for years. Phillip whispers, “Not like this.” He moves in for a kiss. Belle responds, per usual.

Bo reminds Shawn that Phillip is his brother. He can lean on him a little bit. Hope snorts. He’s the brother that got all of the Kiriakis genes. Bo nods. And the money, too. Shawn wants to be the one to draw the line with Phillip. Bo thinks he can do it tomorrow at the wedding. Phillip is too unimportant to uninvited, and if he shows up, they’ll have a good old-fashioned brawl. Hope nixes the idea. She will call Phillip and deal with this herself.

Billie tends to Chelsea’s swollen hand. Chelsea doesn’t know how guys knock each other out all the time. Billie wants her to go to the doctor, but Chelsea thinks she’s fine. Nothing appears to be broken. Morgan comes over with fresh ice and tells them Cordy is upset. Billie thinks they need to stop the campaign. Chelsea whines. If they stop now, Ford wins again. Billie has an idea. She is going to try to plant an undercover operative to follow him around. Chelsea rolls her eyes. Even if they catch him doing something wrong, his dad will just buy his way out again. Billie wants to talk to Abe, but Chelsea knows he can’t do anything. Ford’s dad has the D.A. in his pocket. They can’t quit now.

Steve and Kayla kiss and talk about Stephanie. Steve thinks she has a lot of growing up to do. Kayla wonders if he was telling the truth earlier about the pregnancy test. He says he was. If Kayla was pregnant, he would be all for it. Kayla wonders how he would feel if he had a choice in the matter. He tells her he wants to have another baby. She’s sorry she lied to begin with. He says it’s ok as long as she doesn’t make a habit of it. Steve thinks they need to practice having a baby—a lot. They both love each other. They kiss.

Cordy asks Chelsea about her hand. She whines. She wishes she would be strong like the rest of the girls. Stephanie thinks she is strong in a different way. She knows Cordy planned on spending the holidays at the house, but Stephanie wants her to join her family for the weekend. Cordy doesn’t want to impose, but Stephanie insists, and she relents. Morgan, Cordy, and Carmen leave to go pack a bag for Cordy. Stephanie and Chelsea stay behind. Billie thinks they are pushing Ford too far. Stephanie thinks if they stop now, he will hurt someone else. They all saw how crazy he got. She flashes back to Ford raping her. She thinks the next girl might not be as lucky as Cordy.

Phillip’s secretary rings his office with a call from Shawn. Shawn tells him not to come to wedding. He’s not welcome. Also, Shawn doesn’t want him to send any gifts or cards either. Phillip understands. Shawn threatens. If Phillip tries something, he and his family will be ready. Phillip rolls his eyes. He tells Shawn he gets it and wishes him luck. He hangs up and turns, but Belle is already gone. Phillip rushes out the door and stares.


Doug asks Lucas, “Does this little cutie have a name yet?” Lucas replies, “I guess now is as good a time as any to make the announcement.”

Shawn tells Max, “This is the one thing that I did get right.”

Marlena places a necklace around Belle’s neck as Hope looks on. Marlena says, “This is about the commitment that you and Shawn have in your lives now, which is love and fidelity.” Hope frets.

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