Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/20/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/20/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Stephanie comes in and calls out for her parents. She pulls a pregnancy test out of a paper sack and reads the instructions on the back. Kayla walks in and Stephanie shoves it back in the bag. She thought nobody was here. Kayla tells her that her car is in the shop. She reaches for the bag. If that’s candy, then Stephanie had better share. Stephanie stammers and tries to stop her, but Kayla wrenches the bag away from her. Stephanie sobs. Kayla asks her what’s wrong. She peers inside the bag and gapes. “Uh-oh. Oh, sweetie.” Stephanie bawls.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Phillip sits alone. A girl comes up and asks to sit next to him. She makes small talk and finds out Phillip runs his family’s business. The girl flirts. She wishes she had a family business that would fall in her lap, too. Phillip turns on her. For all she knows, he owns a string of car washes. The girl shakes her head. She can see he’s

big money. She asks him the name of the girl who has him drowning his sorrows. Maybe he can buy her a beer and she can help him forget all about Miss what’s-her-name.

Belle walks into to Bo and Hope’s house to find the living room set up for the wedding. Belle is shocked. Hope beams. She wanted to surprise Belle. She tried to add as many personal touches as possible. Belle thinks it’s beautiful. She doesn’t know why she did this. Hope is all innocence, “Why wouldn’t I?” Belle breaks down, “Because I don’t deserve it!”

Lucas comes into his apartment to find Sami alone. She tells him the twins are asleep and asks about Will. She wanted them to all have dinner as a family. Lucas nukes. This isn’t TV land. That’s not them anymore. Sami just wants them to try and be normal, but Lucas says that is impossible since she married EJ. Will won’t be coming home to eat her cooking anymore. Sami is confused. What does he mean? Lucas tells her their son is on his way back to Zurich. Sami freaks. They were supposed to talk about it first! Will just left without saying goodbye? Lucas tells her that Will talked to him. Lucas was the one that put him on the plane.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she is three days late. Kayla muses. Stephanie has been under a lot of stress. That can throw off a woman’s cycle. Stephanie sighs. Kayla doesn’t get it. She tells her that the night she came home upset about Max, she met a guy. Kayla remembers. They made out. Stephanie says it went farther than that. Kayla gapes, “With no protection?” Stephanie barrels on. She’s worried about pregnancy and STDs. She ruined her whole life just because she was upset with Max. Kayla soothes her. She is getting ahead of herself. She hasn’t even taken the test yet. Kayla wants her to go ahead and take it. Steve isn’t home, and Kayla promises to support her every step of the way. Stephanie smiles gratefully. They take the test out of the box and head into the bedroom.

The girl wants Phillip to head to a private table with her. Phillip smirks. He wonders if he can choose, or if she prefers the one she’s already broken in. He’s sure he’s not the first guy. The girl huffs. She thought he was a gentleman. She leaves. Max walks up and comments on Phillip letting that one get away. He frowns. He isn’t interested. Max knows he’s single, so why not test the waters? Phillip sighs. What happens if he takes on of these girls home and he needs help with his leg? She’ll suddenly remember she has to go feed her cat. Max thinks he should use his war record to get girls. He can tell them about his purple hearts. Phillip tells Max to shoot him if he ever uses his war record to get lucky. Max doesn’t think Phillip is giving girls enough credit. Belle never had a problem with his leg. Phillip smiles. Belle is the only woman who sees him for who he really is.

Hope brings Belle a cup of tea. Hope tells her she has loved Belle ever since she was a little girl. And finally, she and Shawn are getting married. Belle feels like they already are. Hope thinks it’s because they live together and share a child. Hard times have brought them closer together, but it has also driven them apart. Belle loves Shawn, but does she love him enough? Belle swears Phillip is out of her life. Hope sighs. Why did she turn to Phillip in the first place? Hope knows Shawn wants to spend the rest of his life with Belle. She just wants to make sure that’s what Belle wants, too.

Sami can’t believe Lucas would let Will leave without telling her goodbye. He says she wasn’t there, but she insists she was coming back. Lucas nukes. He knows she wasn’t running errands. She was with EJ. Sami sulks. He was just shot. Lucas tells her EJ has his own family to look after him. Sami’s family is the one feeling abandoned. Sami insists that she didn’t abandon Will, but Lucas says Will knew she was with EJ. He’s old enough to know that that means. Will thinks she is ruining their family. Sami reminds Lucas they already talked about this, and he defended her last time. Lucas says he will always do that, but he won’t deny Will’s feelings. He feels hurt and betrayed. Lucas didn’t want to hurt Sami, but she wasn’t here, and he can’t keep making excuses for her. He has to protect his family, too. Sami says she didn’t have a choice. Lucas tells her neither himself or Will believe that. Will left her a note, though. Lucas goes to check on the twins and Sami reads it alone. Will tells her he wants his mom back. They used to all have fun together. He hopes they can again, one day. Sami rages and throws the note at Lucas, who has just emerged from the bedroom. He should have let her talk to Will first. What difference would one day have made? Lucas tells her it was Will’s choice. He didn’t want to see her.

Phillip tells Max that Belle is special. She never looked at his name or his money. She took the whole package. Max wonders why she is marrying Shawn instead of Phillip then. Phillip grumbles. Things got messed up. Max thinks Phillip needs to move on and find another girl. Phillip sighs. He never had to explain himself to her. Max thinks Phillip isn’t over Belle yet. Phillip stares. Since Max is standing up for Shawn tomorrow at the wedding, Phillip thinks he had better stop talking about Belle.

Belle tells Hope she made her choice, and it was an easy one to make. Shawn is the man she wants to be with. What happened with Phillip was a horrible mistake. Hope didn’t mean the problem was Phillip. It’s just that she knows Shawn was the one pushing the wedding date. She is just afraid Belle agreed to quickly out of guilt. Belle tells her she will always feel guilty, but she and Shawn have been engaged for months. Hope sighs. She just wants to make sure Belle isn’t settling. That wouldn’t be fair to her or Shawn. Belle gasps. Does Hope want her to cancel the ceremony? Hope isn’t saying that, but if that is what Belle wants, Hope will do everything she can to help her bow out gracefully. Belle thinks. Is Hope saying this because she is concerned, or because she doesn’t want Belle to marry Shawn?

Steve comes into the apartment, calling Kayla. She comes out of the bedroom and he attacks her with kisses. He was thinking about their plans for the rest of the week and thought this might be their last night alone until the weekend. He takes her over to the couch, but Kayla stops his advances. Stephanie is here. Steve heads off to the bedroom to greet her, but Kayla stops him. She warns him not to go in the bedroom.

Morgan walks into the bar and shows Max the flyers she and the sisters made. It has a rather creepy shot of Ford with the word ‘rapist’ emblazoned across the front. Max says there’s no mistaking it’s him. He thinks the dean ought to be shot for letting him walk. Is this their way of getting back at Ford? Morgan nods. All of the sisters are busy posting the flyers all over campus. She frowns. Her dad wanted her to get a pistol and a carrying permit, but she knows she could never shoot a person, not even scum like Ford. Max frets. His dad is a lawyer. They could be sued for libel. Morgan tells him they already talked about it. Chelsea agreed to take the heat for that one, if it comes to it. But the girls would be happy to see Ford in a civil suit. Maybe then, all of the facts can be heard fairly. Max asks about Cordy. Morgan says she has agreed to stay at the house, but she is taking all online courses now. She won’t leave her room. She won’t press charges, and Morgan doesn’t have enough evidence to do it herself. Max warns her to be careful. If they corner Ford, he could be dangerous. She smiles. She feels so safe around him. The closer, the better, you know. Phillip interrupts. He needs a beer. Max thinks he’s had enough. He’s cutting him off.

Hope swears she has no agenda. She just wants to make sure Belle does what is best for everyone; she’s not trying to sway Belle to make one decision over another. Hope knows that Belle is the woman Shawn adores. She wants nothing more than to see the two of them and their daughter made an official family. She just has to be sure Belle wants that, too. Belle swears she and Phillip are through. Her future is with Shawn and Claire, and she means that with her whole heart. Hope seems relieved. She was almost sure this was what Belle wanted, but then after she spoke with Kayla yesterday, she thought she would just make sure. Belle nukes. She told Kayla? Who else has she told about Belle and Phillip?

Lucas tells Sami that Will isn’t a kid anymore. He had to respect his wishes. Sami grumps. Doesn’t she deserve respect? Lucas sighs. Will knew she would have a total meltdown and try to make him stay. He didn’t want to see her that way. Lucas deals a low blow. Will needed him, and he was here. Sami was with EJ. Lucas guesses EJ needed her more than Will did. Sami narrows her eyes. She had no idea her son needed her, because her partner kept it from her. Lucas rages. Partner? Is that what he is to her now? It doesn’t feel that way. Sami asks him if he really thinks she is leaving him for EJ, or does he just not love her enough to wait for her?

Steve wants to know what’s wrong with Stephanie. Kayla has that mamma-lion-protecting-her-cubs look about her. Kayla sighs. It’s just something personal. Steve wonders if she is still having problems with Max. He has been so busy with EJ and Sami’s wedding that he hasn’t even checked in with Stephanie. Kayla tells him Stephanie is just frazzled from school. Steve moves in for some more kisses. As he does, the pregnancy test box falls on the ground. Steve picks it up and eyes Kayla. Is she sure there’s nothing he needs to know about Stephanie?

Morgan asks Max if he has plans for Thanksgiving. Her parents are coming up from Bermuda, and she wants him to join them for dinner at Chez Rouge. Max pales. She wants him to meet her parents? Morgan laughs. He acts like she invited him to a hanging. She just thought that a single guy like himself might want some company over the holidays. Max tells her he’s related to half the town. His family is having a wedding and a turkey dinner tomorrow. Chelsea and Stephanie will be there, too. Stephanie’s cousin is the one getting married. He hopes Morgan isn’t jealous. She smiles. She’s just jealous that Stephanie gets to spend time with him and she doesn’t. She wishes him a happy thanksgiving and leaves. Phillip asks Max to add something a little stronger to his drink. Max refuses. He wants to call Phillip a cab. Phillip chuckles. He has a driver waiting outside. He smiles wanly. It’s another Kiriakis success story.

Belle whines. Hope promised she wouldn’t tell. Hope corrects her. She promised she wouldn’t tell Shawn, and she hasn’t. Doesn’t Belle also feel the need to confide in friends when she’s figuring things out? Belle doesn’t have any. She spent the last year of her life trying to put her family back together. Hope blows her off. She doesn’t need to defend what she did to Belle. They have both made choices.

Lucas tells Sami that he is there for her whenever she needs him. Sami sulks. He sent Will away to spite her. He just needs to admit that. Lucas swears he did it for Will’s own good. It’s just temporary, anyway. Sami thinks he hates her. Lucas says he doesn’t. Did she read his letter? Will loves her. He just can’t stand seeing her hurting herself this way. Lucas knows Sami’s son belongs to EJ, but he vows to protect his daughter. Sami says they will protect their children together. Lucas wants that to be true, but he isn’t so sure these days. He wants a lawyer to draw up papers awarding him full custody. Somebody has to take care of their baby girl, and Sami has chosen EJ. Sami nukes. She can’t believe he wants to separate the twins. He will not allow his daughter to be raised as a DiMera. If Sami loves him, she’ll sign the agreement. Sami refuses. She just lost her son. She’s not signing her rights to her daughter away, too. Lucas huffs. If she wants full custody, that’s fine by him. But she has to stay her and forget all about EJ.

Kayla tells Steve not to jump to conclusions. Steve freaks. What else is he supposed to assume other than that their little girl is pregnant? He wants to talk to her, but Kayla stops him. She tells him not to make a huge mistake. The pregnancy test isn’t Stephanie’s. It’s Kayla’s. Steve’s jaw hits the floor.

Max apologizes to Phillip. Legally, he has no choice but to cut him off. Phillip groans. He tells Max he has seen the future. Max wants stock tips, but Phillip meant his future. It stinks. Phillip has everything a guy could ask for, money, power, and respect. But his bar stool next to him is empty, and only one woman can fill it. Despite all of his money and power, he can’t have her. SO here’s to all the things in life that money can’t buy.

Belle has never felt so alone in her whole life. Kayla probably told Steve, so now Belle’s wedding will be full of people judging her. Hope sighs. She promised not to tell Shawn, and she kept that promise. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. Belle is marrying her son.

Kayla explains. She was a little late this month, so she bought a pregnancy test. They aren’t pregnant, though, so he can breathe easy. Steve sighs with relief. So Stephanie is ok? Kayla says she is. She is just a little frazzled. He asks Kayla if she is disappointed with the results. Kayla fidgets. She’s fine, really. Steve tells her that if she really wants another baby, he would be ok with that.

Max is sorry, but he can’t feel sorry for Phillip. Not when his plans for the evening include being driven home in a limo to watch the rooms in his house spin with the million dollar antiques. Max is working his butt off to get out of debt, so he’ll gladly trade positions with Phillip. Phillip sighs. He knows he is lucky, but sometimes luck comes with a price. Max still wants his brand of luck. Phillip sulks. He’s only saying that because his girlfriend is gorgeous. Max doesn’t sympathize. He used to be lonely too. He lived in a refrigerator box. Phillip would trade everything he has to be with Belle.

Belle wants to thank Hope for arranging the wedding and keeping her secret from Shawn. It means more to her than she knows how to say. Hope is sorry Marlena couldn’t be here, too. Belle thinks the fact that Hope still has any respect for her is amazing. Hope tells Belle she is more like her real daughter than a daughter-in-law. She and Bo are thrilled she and Shawn are getting married here tomorrow. Belle chuckles. You can’t get much more ‘Brady’ than having a reception at the pub. Hope agrees. And if things get busy and she forgets to say so tomorrow, she just wants to welcome Belle Brady into the family. Belle smiles.

Sami thinks Lucas is crazy. Does he know what she went through divorcing him to marry that criminal? She did this to save her family, and she’ll be damned if she walks up to EJ and tells him she changed her mind. Lucas sticks to his guns. He refuses to allow his daughter to be raised by a DiMera, even just half the time. The war is over. Sami can choose to keep fighting, but she is not taking his daughter with her. Sami begs. Will is already gone. How can he take her daughter, too? She is just trying to do the right thing. Lucas knows, but it is killing both himself and Will. Sami understands his concerns, but making her sign an official document makes her feel like Lucas doesn’t trust her. Lucas says he doesn’t trust EJ, and she shouldn’t either. Lucas hands Sami a card. It’s the number for a family lawyer. He wants Sami to call, and they will try to work something out amicably. He’s not trying to be bad guy. He just wants to protect what is left of his family.

Kayla wonders how she got such a sweet husband. He makes her so happy. And the pregnancy test was just that—a test, not a wish. Steve just thinks they have had a lot of fun with Pocket and babysitting Ciara and Sami’s twins. He just doesn’t want her to think he would be disappointed if she was pregnant. In fact, he would be all for it. Stephanie emerges from the bedroom with the test in her hand. She asks Kayla to confirm that it says what she thinks it says. Steve gapes.

Belle flashes back to Phillip telling her she can’t marry Shawn while she is confused as to who she wants. She remembers him telling her to call his private line anytime. At the bar, Phillip leaves Max a large tip. He deserves it for listening to Phillip run his mouth off all night. Phillip’s phone rings. It’s Belle. She tells him she needs to see him. Phillip tells her to meet him at his office. She should take the private elevator in the building.


Stephanie tells Kayla, “I can't tell Papa about this.” Kayla replies, “We don't even know if there's anything to tell him.”

Shawn tells Hope, “By this time tomorrow, I'm going to be a married man.”

Phillip tells Belle, “I'm glad you came.” He kisses her.

Chelsea toasts a sister, “Here's to Ford Decker. May he go down in flames.” Ford stares through the window at her.

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