Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/19/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/19/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In a parking lot, Belle gets into her car and fumbles with the keys. Just as she gets ready to start the car, Phillip jumps in. Belle rolls her eyes and sighs. He wanted to talk to her, but she hasn’t been returning any of his phone calls. He thinks she’s afraid of what might happen if she meets him. Belle shoots him down. She loves Shawn, and they are getting married tomorrow. He has got to let her and their old life go. Phillip doesn’t want to do that. Besides, he doesn’t think she needs to be marrying Shawn when she is so confused. Belle huffs. She isn’t confused. Phillip is everything she ever--- She breaks off and blushes. He knows she meant to say ‘Shawn,’ not ‘Phillip.’ Phillip smiles. He thinks it’s the most honest thing she has said in weeks.

At the police station, Roman asks Kate if the gun looks familiar. Kate says she has never seen it before in her life. Roman smirks. That’s funny, because her fingerprints are all over it. It has also been recently fired. Kate sweats. She wants to speak with her lawyer right away. Roman soothes her. He just wants to help her. He can do that if she tells him the truth about the night EJ was shot. Kate whines. Why would she ever shoot EJ? He’s keeping her son away from Sami, for God’s sake. Roman ignores her and starts reading her her rights. Kate gapes.

At the pub, Steve roots around behind the bar and finds the gun he hid the day of EJ’s shooting. Just as he pulls it out, Bo walks in and asks what he is doing. Steve stammers. Shawn comes out from the kitchen and tells Steve he found the gun earlier. Steve laughs nervously. It looks like the Bradys have another detective in the family. Bo cuts him off at the knees. He wonders how Steve knew about EJ’s shooting before the information was released to the media. Steve laughs weakly. He has psychic powers. Didn’t Bo know that?

Bo isn’t in the mood for jokes. Did Steve shoot EJ?

In EJ’s hospital room, Sami holds EJ in her arms and asks him what he is thinking. EJ struggles. Sami is hard to get rid of. She pouts. She just wants him to get better. EJ isn’t sure if she should believe her. Sami offers to prove it. She attacks EJ with a kiss.

Roman asks a fellow officer to book Kate on attempted murder charges. Kate flips. She tells Henderson that he’ll regret it if he lays a finger on her. He backs off, and Kate continues her rampage. Roman better get ready to lose everything, because she is suing him and the entire department. Roman asks Henderson to excuse them. He pleads with Kate to tell him the truth. Kate sticks with her story. She didn’t shoot EJ. Roman tells her to prove it by turning over her weapon.

Steve sighs. Bo knows him better than that. Sure EJ tortured him and turned him into a psycho, but that is no reason to shoot him. Bo nods. The gun was clean, but then again, Steve could have taken care of that after the shooting. Steve shakes his head. When would he have had time for that? Bo scoffs. They both know it doesn’t take much time to clean a gun. Besides, why would Steve go to the trouble of hiding a gun that hadn’t been fired? Steve launches into his prepared alibi. He was at the auto parts store during the shooting. Unfortunately, Bo is good friends with Mr. Hayes, the shop’s owner. He’d like to go down there with Steve and review the surveillance tapes from that night. Steve backtracks. He was at the church the night of the shooting. Bo asks him if he went there specifically to shoot EJ. Steve nods. As a matter of fact, he did.

Sami tells EJ both her and her son need him. She is so scared she might lose him. EJ tells her he loves her. If she loves him—Sami interrupts. She never said she loved him. EJ tries again. If she has feelings for him—She stops him again. He is the father of her son. They both need him, and that’s all. EJ sighs. He thought after what happened between them the night of Lucas’ accident, she would never forgive him. She does forgive him now, though, right? Sami fidgets.

Belle sighs. Phillip has to stop doing this. What they had was over. Phillip huffs. He can’t accept that because he knows full well she doesn’t. He knows she has feelings for him. Belle shakes her head. It was just sex. Phillip tells her he’ll leave if she’ll truthfully admit that that was all it was.

Steve runs through his actions the night of the shooting. He did go to the church to shoot EJ, but after the ceremony started, he thought about Kayla and Stephanie. He decided shooting EJ wasn’t worth the risk. He heard three shots but he didn’t see who fired them. But the very fact that EJ is in the hospital ought to exonerate him. He’s way too good of a shot to have missed.

Roman begs Kate to tell him the truth. He swears if she will, he’ll do all in his power to help her. Kate’s lip quivers. She admits that she gave the gun to Phillip. She spoke with him yesterday, and he still had it then. Roman wants to see Phillip. He asks Kate to call him and get him down to the station.

Sami tells EJ that all of the bad blood between them is in the past. EJ wishes he could do everything over again. Sami soothes him. He doesn’t need to say anything. She knows he’s a different man now. He tells her he changed everything for her. Sami corrects him. They have changed each other. She wants him to promise he will get better. EJ stares. She pleads. He has to think of little Johnny and fight for his life.

Bo inspects the gun. He announces that the serial numbers have been filed off. Steve protests. He found the gun that way at the DiMera mansion. That’s where he got it from to begin with. Bo tells Steve it’s time to go downtown. Steve turns to Shawn. Does he think Steve did this? Shawn hopes not, for Kayla’s sake. As Bo takes him away, Steve wonders if Shawn is trying to be a cop or a politician.

Phillip eyes Belle. He wants her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t care for him. Belle huffs. She does care, but she cares about Shawn a lot more. Phillip’s phone rings, and he puts it on ‘silent.’ He reminds Belle Hope already knows her secret. It’s only a matter of time before she tells Shawn or someone else does. Belle tells Phillip the sex meant nothing to her. She really has no problem with Bo and Hope watching her every move. She knows nothing like this will ever happen again. Phillip scoffs. It’s only a matter of time, really. He tells her to go ahead and marry Shawn—as long as she isn’t thinking of Phillip when she lies next to Shawn at night. He gets out of her car, and tells her to call if she changes her mind. Belle sighs.

Sami tells EJ how important it is for him to fight for his life. EJ smiles. Thankfully, she has now given him a reason to live. Sami encourages him. They can make miracles happen together. EJ thinks that the fact that they’re married and she cares for him is a miracle in itself. Sami tells him he is the strongest man she knows. She kisses him and gets up to leave. She really has to go home and be with the twins. EJ wants her to bring Johnny next time. Sami says she can’t bring him to the ICU, but that is one more reason for EJ to get well and get out of here. As she walks out, her smile fades. She tells Stefano she thinks she’ll be sick.

Bo comes into Abe’s office and Roman fills him in on Kate’s confession. He’s still waiting on Phillip to confirm. Bo thinks Kate is one of their shooters. Roman muses. It would explain her rush to rid herself of the gun. Roman asks where Bo went earlier, so he fills Roman in on what happened with Steve. Bo thinks Steve looks pretty guilty right now. Roman stammers. He has to tell Bo that Steve was just protecting him. The gun that Steve hid--was his.

Phillip rushes into the police station. He asks Kate if the police searched her place. His lawyer said everything would be alright as long as they didn’t find a weapon. Kate already told Roman that she gave her gun to Phillip. She smiles. He’s going to help get her out of this mess. Phillip groans. If she did shoot EJ, now he’s an accessory after the fact. She told him the gun went off on accident. Does she know how lame that sounds? Kate huffs. He doesn’t believe her, does he? He thinks she shot EJ.

Sami tells Stefano that she did what he asked. She gave EJ the will to live. Now Stefano has to leave her family alone. He tells her that her family has nothing to ear as long as EJ is alive and happy.

Belle shows up at the pub. Shawn asks where she has been and she says she has been out shopping for a dress for Claire for the wedding. Shawn looks at it and agrees it’s cute. Belle just wants everything to be perfect. Shawn says it will be. She asks about his day, and he tells her about Steve. She hopes he had nothing to do with it, but Shawn doesn’t think it looks good. Shawn tells Belle that when he and Bo confronted Steve, he told them he went to the church to kill EJ.

Steve tells Bo and Roman that after he heard the shots, Roman came out of the vestibule and told him EJ had been shot. Roman explains. He wanted to report the shooting, but he knew it would look suspicious if he showed up at the church with another gun after Bo took the first. Steve hid the gun for him. Roman swears that he didn’t shoot EJ. Bo fumes. He went to the church intending to do so. What the hell was he thinking? Roman wanted to stop his daughter from marrying the DiMera who raped her. Phillip interrupts. Kate said they wanted to speak with him. Bo asks about the gun. Phillip pleads the fifth. If they want to search his home, they had better have a warrant. Otherwise, he and his moter are leaving. They can contact his lawyer if they need anything. Phillip tosses a card on the desk and walks out. Bo rages. He ought to bitch slap that little brat.

Shawn tells Belle that Steve claims the gun had never been fired. Belle wonders if he’ll be questioned. Shawn praises her for thinking like a cop’s wife and then backtracks. He hopes he makes it into the academy. She thinks he will. Shawn grins. He is so glad everything is going right for them right now. They’re getting married, and he’ll start training soon. He stops. Belle is spacing out, so he asks her what’s wrong. Belle says she is just busy. His mom is coming over to help decorate and Claire has a doctor’s appointment. Shawn offers to take her. Belle smiles tiredly. She tells Shawn she does want to marry him. Shawn is confused. Is someone telling her they shouldn’t get married?

Stefano sits by EJ’s bedside as a nurse serves him lunch. They all talk about how his appetite has returned. The nurse adds that his fever has broken as well. Stefano smiles. That is wonderful news. The nurse leaves. Stefano asks EJ what he and Samantha were talking about. She looked like quite the blushing bride when she left. EJ fidgets. She actually admitted she had feelings for him. Stefano doesn’t think he seems happy. EJ says he is in shock. All this time she has said she only wanted marry him to end the vendetta. Now one little bullet rings all of these hidden feelings to the surface? Stefano thinks he has a lot to live for--a wife, son and growing empire. EJ wants to make Sami happy. He never wants for her to be separated from their son. Stefano says they will rear Gianni. He is a DiMera and also part of them.

Shawn thinks Belle must have run into Phillip. She says she is just having pre-wedding jitters and obsessing about her hair, make-up, and Claire‘s outfit. Shawn reminds her that they can elope, but she wants to get married in front of their families. Her nervousness is normal. Shawn tells her he’s going to have Caroline put Claire’s dress on. When Belle sees how pretty she is, she’ll have one less thing to worry about. He leaves. Belle flashes back to Philip telling her to call anytime. She pulls his card out of her purse and stares.

Phillip tells Kate he took care of everything. He referred Bo and Roman to his lawyer. Kate sighs. Now he’s mad at her. He forces a calm exterior. She maybe shot EJ, gave him a gun to hide, and then turned him over to the police. She swears she didn’t shoot EJ and apologizes for confiding in Roman. She thought it was the right thing to do. Phillip groans. If he never heard another woman say ‘sorry,’ he’d be a very happy man.

Shawn brings Claire out in her new dress. Belle gushes. She is so beautiful. Belle can’t wait to marry him. Shawn nods. When they say their vows, his life will finally be complete. She and Claire mean the world to him. Everything will be perfect as long as they show up. Belle’s phone rings. It’s Hope, wanting her to come help decorate. She has to go. Shawn reminds her she is staying the night at his parents’ place, and says he will see her tomorrow. Shawn reminds her again how perfect everything will be. She says goodbye to both him and Claire. Shawn takes her upstairs to change before her appointment. She crumples Phillip’s card into a tiny ball.

Roman knows his lies have out Bo in a bad position. He is going to come clean to Abe. Bo tells him it didn’t happen as far as he is concerned. Roman doesn’t want Bo to put his career on the line. Bo thinks Roman just made a mistake. He didn’t follow through with his intentions, so that’s the end of it. Besides, he needs Roman working this case with him. Steve reminds him Shawn knows about the gun. Bo promises to take care of it. Roman thanks Bo and they get back to work. They know there are three shooters, and Roman thinks Kate is probably one of them. Lucas may be another. Bo nods. He questioned him ,but he wasn’t satisfied with the answers. Steve asks about Marlena, but Roman tells him she was sitting Claire that night. Bo sighs. They have to find these shooters before Stefano does.

EJ is aware of Stefano’s feelings on Samantha’s role in raising their child. Stefano grumbles. He is glad EJ is in love, but he does not want his grandson raised as a Brady. Imagine what would have happened to EJ if his mother raised him. He’d be absolutely useless today. EJ meekly interrupts. Perhaps if Stefano hadn’t raised him he’d be more human. Stefano scoffs. Being human is highly overrated. His grandson is one of them. He must never forget who they are.


A girl tells Phillip, “Buy me a beer and I'll make you forget all about Miss what's-her-name.”

Hope says to Belle, “I know that Shawn wants to spend the rest of his life with you. I need to know for sure it's what you want as well.”

Kayla takes a paper bag from a crying Stephanie. She asks, “Baby, what is it?” Stephanie sobs. Kayla looks inside the bag and gasps.

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