Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/16/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/16/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Kate sails in complaining about having to come down there. Bo assures her he just has a few more questions to ask her. He goes over her story so far. She threatened the DiMeras, then hid the gun in a dumpster, but she doesn’t know which one. Kate nods. All dumpsters look alike. Bo smirks. They searched every dumpster within a fifteen mile radius of the mansion. They found a whole lot of garbage, but no gun. He wants her to tell her story again, but he wants the truth this time. Where is the gun?

At the pub, Caroline comes up behind Shawn Douglas and startles him. She wonders if he is nervous about the wedding. He says he isn’t; in fact, he’s the happiest groom in the world. He’s sorry they will be having a wedding instead of traditional dinner. Caroline is very excited to host the party. She’d give up a year’s worth of holidays to do it. Caroline tells him everyone will come here after the ceremony. She has already prepared a beautiful centerpiece. She and Shawn go off to see it. Shawn comes back a few moments later to find his keys. He sees Steve rooting around the bar, looking for the gun he hid there. Shawn greets him. Steve coughs and fidgets. Shawn asks him what’s going on.

At Lucas’ apartment, Billie shows up to find him alone. She came by to see the twins. She wonders how Lucas is holding up. He offers both good and bad news. She needs good news, so he tells her about EJ wanting to die. Sami is supposed to be out running errands, but Lucas is pretty sure she’s with him. Billie thinks she might have wanted to say goodbye. Lucas tells her they already said their goodbyes. Billie adds that Sami was there when EJ was shot. It was a traumatic experience. Lucas rages. He doesn’t buy it. Billie thinks surviving a crisis creates a connection between two people. She wishes she could do something. They hug. Billie reminds him he still has a beautiful daughter. Lucas nods. Without both her and Will, Lucas couldn’t make it. Lucas tells Billie there is something she can do for him. He needs the name and number of a good lawyer. Lucas is going to sue for sole custody of his daughter. He’s going to have to raise her alone.

In his hospital bed, EJ’s eyes widen. Is Sami saying that Lucas isn’t the one she loves? Sami shifts uncomfortably. She doesn’t want to talk about herself. She’s here to make sure he doesn’t give up. EJ grumps. He is dying. She should be happy. She’ll finally be free of him. She Can’t believe this is the same man that stormed into Salem. He has had everything handed to him his whole life, and when things get a little tough, he what, gives up? EJ sighs. He guesses so. Sami reminds him that many people live rich and full lives in wheelchairs. EJ snaps, “Don't you understand? If I have to live like this, i really don't want to live.”

Bo tells Kate to start talking. If he gets frustrated enough to get a warrant, he’ll tear her place apart. Kate scoffs. He doesn’t have probable cause to get a warrant. Bo has two witnesses and a victim she pointed a gun at earlier. Kate doesn’t think a jury would believe anything EJ or Stefano said. Can she leave? Bo needs information about the gun. She swears she left I in a dumpster. Or at least she thinks that’s the truth. Bo jumps on her words. Kate whines. She can’t remember what she was doing because she was panicking. Talking about this now is getting her overly emotional. Bo rolls his eyes. She hasn’t gotten emotional since she found out the tooth fairy wasn’t real. This is her last chance to talk. Kate sticks to her guns. She doesn’t have it, or know where it is.

Steve laughs awkwardly. He was just getting himself a drink behind the bar, but then he remembered he was driving and can’t have a drink, anyway. He tells Shawn he can’t wait to her him say his “I do’s” and scoots out of the bar. Outside, he calls someone on his cell phone. He tells them that he couldn’t get the gun because Shawn came in. He promises the person that he will get it later.

Billie didn’t know Lucas and Sami were arguing over custody. Lucas says they aren’t. In fact, they have suggested a few scenarios, including Johnny living next door, and their daughter staying here with Lucas. Billie thinks it may be the best solution. Lucas worries that EJ will have to move to a more handicap friendly location. Billie though EJ was going to die. Lucas is pretty sure he’ll live just to tick him off. Billie asks if he thinks Sami will try to take their daughter. Lucas shakes his head. He doesn’t know what Sami is thinking anymore. Even if she wouldn’t cross that line, EJ would. That’s why Lucas has to get this in writing and stamped by a judge. He will not let his daughter grow up under the DiMera roof.

Sami tells EJ he sounds pathetic. EJ wants her to get out. He doesn’t need her pity. He knows she is only here because his father either promised her something or threatened her. Sami tells him that she hasn’t talked to his father, but he doesn’t believe her. Sami refuses to leave and allow him to die. He asks why not. She huffs. She cares about him. She’s not going sit here and do nothing, if only for his son’s sake. Is he really going to abandon his son because he is too busy feeling sorry for himself to care?

Shawn stands by the bar and thinks. “What were you looking for, Steve?”

Kate insists that she has told Bo everything she knows. Roman walks up and asks how it’s going. She begs him to call off his brother. She’s answered his questions a thousand times. Roman tells Bo Abe has it. Kate asks what Abe has. Bo tells her she has on last chance. She smirks. She doesn’t know anything. She could lie and waste his time, but she won’t do that. Bo sends her off to wrote up another statement. After she leaves, Roman tells Bo Abe is outside Kate’s apartment with the warrant. Roman is going to go give him a hand. Bo tells him to tear the place apart. He kind of promised Kate he would. Roman promises they’ll be thorough and leaves. Shawn calls Bo. Bo tells him he has something to tell him, too. He’s heading over to the pub now. They’ll talk when he gets there.

Billie thinks the twins are gorgeous. Lucas sighs. He is frightened for them. Maybe the whole situation with Sami is out of his hands, but he can be there for his daughter. He wants to protect her. Billie agrees to get him a list of names of top lawyers on one condition. She wants him to think before he does this without Sami’s knowledge. If she finds out he did this behind her back, it will just make her think he doesn’t trust her and drive her to side with EJ. Lucas is sick of paying the price. Sami said she only married EJ to end the vendetta, but there is no one left to fight the Bradys. Sami is still with EJ, even now. That’s why he wants a lawyer to formalize everything. And if Sami thinks he doesn’t trust her, that’s good too, because he doesn’t anymore.

Sami demands to know what is the matter with EJ. He has a son to think about. EJ grumbles. They will just fight over him all the time, anyway. Sami sighs. She made that mistake once already. She used to trash Lucas in front of Will all the time. She swore she would never do that again and she meant it. Perhaps Lucas and she won’t be able to-- She breaks off. She just means she isn’t sure what the future holds for them. EJ stammers. Is she saying there is a chance for them? Sami can tell him one thing for sure. She can never be in love with a man who loves to wallow in self-pity. Nobody loves a loser, and that is exactly what EJ is right now.

Bo shows up at the pub. He and Shawn chit chat about Claire, and then get down to business. Bo goes first. He heard Shawn got so freaked by Belle’s message that he took off from the station without telling anyone. Shawn hangs his head. Belle didn’t say how bad it was, just that Claire was in the emergency room. Bo gets it, but all the review board will see is that he didn’t act like a cop. In this job, the public comes first, and friends and family have to wait until you can be relieved. If he can’t make that adjustment, he can’t be a cop.

Billie backtracks. After what EJ put Sami through, she doesn’t think Sami would ever side with him. Lucas doesn’t want to think that, but on the other hand, he sees something between them. He knows she loves him, but there’s something else with EJ. Billie asks if it’s enough that she loves Lucas. Lucas shakes his head. If EJ pulls through, she’ll be next door tending to him all the time. Lucas doesn’t think he can take it. Billie suggests he can try thinking Sami is doing this for her family. Lucas grumbles. The only thing he knows is that his wife is spending her life with another man.

Sami can’t believe EJ won’t even try. He throws off the covers and shows her his still limbs. He tells at her that he’s trying right now. Nothing is happening. Sami thinks he can lead a long, successful life if he would only stop pitying himself. EJ doesn’t want to love like this. Sami pulls the ‘ abandoning your son’ card again. EJ doesn’t think it matter. Johnny will never remember him, anyway. Sami groans. She wants him to just try for Johnny. That’s all she asks.

Bo explains to Shawn that being there for the community is what the job is all about. Shawn isn’t denying that he made a mistake. It will never happen again, and e swears that if he had been a real cop and on duty, he never would have left. Bo reminds him people there still depend on him. Shawn nods. He wants to earn his keep just like Bo, Roman, and Abe did. When Shawn is at the station, it’s like being home. He knows this is what he wants to do, so he hopes Abe isn’t too mad. Bo thinks he’ll overlook it if Shawn has learned his lesson. Shawn tells Bo he has something to say, too. Shawn tells Bo he got Steve snooping around the back of the bar. He looked guilty, and then he poured a drink, changed his mind, and left. Shawn thought it was suspicious and looked around. He thinks he found what Steve was looking for. He lays a gun on the counter.

Billie wonders why Lucas is talking to her, and not Sami. He has. She has heard this a million times before. He just wants his life back. Billie thinks Sami will stay his ex-wife if he hires a lawyer behind her back. But it’s his choice. She’ll fax the list of names, but he wants him to think long and hard before he makes that call.

EJ appreciates what Sami is trying to do, but he wants her to stop. It’s really heroic. Sami tells him his son needs him. There’s nothing heroic about it. Even if EJ did believe her, which he doesn’t, he loves her too much to watch her waste her life on half a man. Sami tells him he is the only man that can be a father to his son. Being a man doesn’t mean running away from your responsibility. EJ is not going to saddle either her or their infant son with an invalid. He won’t allow it.

Bo tells Shawn he was smart to keep his own prints off of the gun. Bo asks him what made Steve so suspicious to him. Shawn doesn’t know. He talked to him about the wedding, but something just seemed off. Bo grins. It’s pure instinct, and you can’t teach that. You either have it or you don’t. It looks like Shawn has them. Bo is proud of him. Shawn frowns. He thanks Bo, but he hopes this isn’t what it looks like-- that Steve shot EJ.

Sami thinks there’s something wrong with EJ besides his legs if he wants to die just so he won’t burden Johnny. He is still the same man that always gets what he wants. EJ sighs. No matter how much he wants to, he can’t fix this. Sami vows that he won’t fight alone. She will be there to help him. He chuckles. Does she expect him to believe that? Anyway, she is very strong, but he doesn’t think she is tough enough for a life with him. She insists they can do this together. If he wants a miracle, they’ll make one. EJ grins. That was a nice pep talk, but they both know the truth. She needs to go back to Lucas and forget about him.

Shawn asks Bo if he thinks Steve is involved. Bo doesn’t know what to think, but it doesn’t look good. However, they need to keep this quiet. Shawn asks if Bo is sending the gun to the lab. Bo muses. If Shawn didn’t see Steve put the gun back there, he may have been telling the truth. They have to know for sure, and Bo thinks he has a way to do that.

Lucas leaves Sami a message. He wants her to call him when she gets it. A cops shows up at Lucas’ door with Will. He and bunch of his buddies were caught drinking. Since it’s the first offense, they can let him off with a warning. Lucas thanks him and drags Will inside. What the hell is wrong with him? Will shrugs. He had a few sips with some friends. No big deal. Lucas nukes. Alcoholism runs in their family. Will is at risk, and Lucas doesn’t want to see him go through that. He is sorry for yelling, but Will is really scaring him. Will sulks. He wants to go live with Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie. They already talked about it and Lucas said it was ok. Lucas’ face crumples. Why does Will want to leave? Will sighs. At least when he is there, he doesn’t have to watch his mom wreck his life and his dad’s life, too. He hates it.

Sami encourages EJ. He can do this. He just has to want it. EJ groans. He just wants her to leave. Sami doesn’t care. Doesn’t he remember how selfish she is? She’s staying and he can’t make her leave. EJ laughs. He thought she only married him to save her family. Sami tells him he made her angry--angrier than she has ever been. But all that changed when he got shot. EJ pleads. Why is she doing this? He knows she never cared for him, and never will, so why doesn’t she just leave?

Roman walks in Abe’s office to find Kate pacing. She can’t believe he left her here in this tiny room for hours. Roman has good news for her. They just finishes turning her place upside down. Kate curses Bo. He told her they wouldn’t go through her stuff if she wrote out a statement. Roman tells her not to worry. Everything was put back in its rightful place--except one thing. He slams a gun on the desk. It looks to him like her statement might need a few changes before it’s logged.

Steve comes back to the pub. Shawn greets him. He wanted to surprise Kayla with two bowls of chowder. He was hoping Shawn could get some for him. Caroline comes out and Shawn gives her the order. She tells him she’ll need his help, so they both head back to the kitchen. Steve makes a beeline for the spot he hid the gun in. Bo walks in and asks Steve what he’s doing.

Lucas thanks someone on the phone and hangs up. He sighs heavily and tells Will he found a private school in Switzerland that will accept his credits. He can graduate on time. Will thinks that’s great. Lucas wants Will to know that nothing that has happened is his fault. He’s a great kid, and Lucas and Sami couldn’t love him anymore. Lucas knows it’s tough growing up and he needs a stable home. He liked living with Carrie and Austin, right? Will did. Lucas is going to miss him. Will says he will miss him, too. He tells Will to pack and say goodbye to his friends. He’ll arrange a plan ticket for him. Will doesn’t know what he wants or what to wish for. He just knows that he wants his family to be alright. Lucas says they are a family and always will be. He promises o figure out a way to make this all ok.

EJ grumps. He is tired and he doesn’t feel good. He thinks his fever is coming back. Sami hovers over him and checks. She isn’t sure, but maybe she should call a nurse. EJ tells her to go and get the nurse. He pleads with her not to come back after she does so. Sami grumps. Is he lying about the fever to get rid of her? He rolls his eyes. She climbs into bed with him and puts her arms around him. If he is going to will himself dead, he’s going to have to do it in her arms.


Phillip tells Belle, “If you can lie next to him at night and not think of me, then go ahead-- marry him.”

Bo says, “We got to find these shooters before Stefano does.”

Kate asks Phillip, “You don't believe me, do you? You think that I shot EJ.”

Bo tells Roman, “He said he was at the church just before the shooting.” Roman interrupts, “Bo, Bo.” Bo asks, “What?” Roman says, “It's my gun.”

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