Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/15/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/15/07


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Outside the dean’s office, Cordy tells the girls she can’t testify. She came here, and thought she could do it, but now she can’t face him. The dean comes out and asks to start the hearing. Billie pleads for a few more minutes. Carmen and Sloan show up. Cordy whines. She has really let them all down. Chelsea and the other girls think she shouldn’t let Ford intimidate her. Chelsea kind of knows what she went through. When she worked at the hospital, an older doctor took her out to dinner and tried to take advantage of her afterwards. Meanwhile, Stephanie flashes back to Ford raping her. Chelsea had a really hard time sleeping and trusting people afterwards. It helped a lot when she reported it. Cordy asks if anyone believed Chelsea. She says they did, and the doctor was fired. Chelsea knows it feels like the odds are stacked against her, but Cordy has to try.

At her apartment, Sami tells Colleen to go away. Colleen won’t leave until Sami promises to be true to herself. Sami is the only one who can get through to EJ and make him listen. Sami already tried. He wouldn’t listen. Why is he even her responsibility? He doesn’t want her around. He told her to go home to Lucas. Colleen tells her it’s a load of rubbish. EJ wants her.

In EJ’s hospital room, Dr. Berman asks a nurse to escort Stefano out. Stefano protests, but the doctor tells him he doesn’t want to be here. Stefano wanders out as a team works on EJ. Stefano sits in the waiting area and prays to God to save his son. Tony walks up and smirks, “What makes you think he's going to listen to you?” Stefano sighs. EJ is not well. He needs their prayers. Tony thinks he needs a real father. Dr. Berman comes out. They are stabilizing EJ’s fever and trying to bring down the infection with antibiotics. If it works, he has a good chance of pulling through. He leaves. Stefano curses and moans. Why is Elvis surrendering? He has given up hope. That is why Stefano called Tony. He can help restore Elvis’ will to live. Tony thinks this is Stefano’s job. After all, he was the one that almost destroyed EJ’s life. Stefano says Elvis has to take over the empire. Tony asks if he means the vendetta. Stefano sulks, “To hell with the vendetta.” Tony scoffs. If he had said that years ago, EJ would be fine right now. Kate rushes over. Stefano is glad she is here. He wants her to talk to Elvis. Stefano has tried, but he won’t listen. Kate thinks this is a job for Sami. Stefano doesn’t want to hear her name. She is Elvis’ wife, and she walked out on him. Kate thinks she is the last person EJ wants to see right now. She held a gun on him. Stefano thinks this is a way she can redeem herself. Kate agrees, but tells Stefano not to blame her if he dies. Tony smirks. How does it feel to be in the twilight of your life and realize what a complete fiasco it is?

Sami doesn’t think EJ wants her. If he did, he would have wanted her to stay. She is finally through with EJ, and it’s what they both want. Colleen tells her to stop fooling herself. She is afraid of what she feels for EJ, that’s all. Sami doesn’t think Colleen knows her. Colleen smiles sadly. They are two peas in a pod. Sami waves her off. She wants her to go away. Colleen won’t leave until Sami listens, so Sami walks over to the CD player and blasts it. Lucas comes barreling out of the bedroom and tells her to keep it down. He sees her peaked face and backtracks. Is something wrong? Phillip shows up just then. Lucas takes him out in the hallway to talk. Colleen twists the knife and asks Sami if she could live with herself if EJ dies.

Outside, Phillip asks Lucas what’s going on. Lucas tells him Kate said he had her gun. Lucas needs it back. Phillip’s not giving him anything until Lucas tells him why he wants it.

Morgan and Carmen encourage Cordy. She can’t let Ford get away with this. Billie stops them. Cordy needs to make this decision on her own. However, they do have reason to believe Ford has done this before. He’ll keep doing it until someone comes forward. Cordy doesn’t think this is fair. If there are other girls, why don’t they do something? Chelsea thinks that if somebody with Cordy’s reputation told the dean what happened to her, he would have no choice but to believe her. Cordy saw how close the dean is with Ford’s dad. He’ll never believe her. Cordy makes more excuses. Her family doesn’t have any money to fight this, and everyone will stare at her in school. The girls work on her. Stephanie’s uncle is a lawyer. He might take the case free of charge. Morgan jumps in. The other students won’t be staring at her. She didn’t do anything wrong. Cordy sighs. Why is she even trying to explain this? None of them know what she is going through. Stephanie pipes up, “I do.” Chelsea whispers, “OMG.” Stephanie says it happened to her mom a long time ago. She had the same concerns Cordy had, but she pressed charges anyway. Carmen and Sloan want her to take a stand against Ford. She can’t be a victim anymore. Cordy nods. She’ll do it. Just then, Ford pokes his head out of the dean’s office. He glares at Cordy. She moans. She just can’t do this.

Sami tries to convince herself Colleen is a figment of her imagination. Colleen sighs. Part of Sami wants her to be here, or she wouldn’t be. Part of her wants to help EJ, too. Now is not the time to be deceiving herself.

Lucas tells Phillip the gun belongs to him. He gave it to Kate for protection, and now he wants it back. Phillip wonders if Kate had anything to do with EJ’s shooting. Phillip looks closely at Lucas. Maybe she’s even protecting someone. Lucas tells Phillip he was babysitting the twins during the wedding. He really doesn’t have time to argue about this. He just wants the gun back. It will be better if he gets rid of it. Phillip says it looks like he did Lucas a big favor, then. He already got rid of the gun.

Kate walks into EJ’s room and tells him he gave Stefano quite a scare. She is really sorry for threatening them the day before. She was very upset, but she would never hurt EJ or Stefano. She hopes he knows that. She wishes she could do something for him. EJ whispers. He has something he wants Kate to bring him.

The dean comes out and tells them time is up. Cordy has had plenty of time to prepare herself for the hearing. Billie grumbles. Cordy was fine until Ford intimidated her. He stood in the doorway and stared her down. The dean wasn’t aware that he did that at all. Billie thinks it sounds like the dean has already made up his mind. Crawford thinks he has already wasted enough time here this morning. If no one will testify against Ford, then they cannot have a hearing. Morgan glares. She would be more than happy to testify against him.

Sami insists that she doesn’t have feelings for EJ. Colleen notes that she is still wearing her wedding ring. Sami claims it’s stuck on her finger. Colleen knows Sami doesn’t want EJ to die. Sami doesn’t know what she is supposed to do. It’s not as if she has some sort of control over EJ. Colleen wants her to go to him and tell him she loves him. Sami thinks she’s crazy, but Colleen tells her that if EJ lives, Stefano would be grateful for the rest of his life. Is that not worth three little words?

Kate tells EJ she can get Sami on the phone if he wants. EJ doesn’t want her. Her father told him to take the things he wanted. He took Samantha, and look what happened. He can’t force her to love him. Kate wants to try to get Sami down her, but EJ stops her. He wants his father. Stefano’s the only one he can count on.

Morgan tells Crawford that Cordy isn’t the only girl his son attacked. She wants to testify, if that is ok. The dean finds this all highly unusual, but he invites Morgan into his office for a chat before the hearing begins. Cordy thanks her. Morgan says it’s nothing. Sisters have to stick together. Chelsea, Sloan, and Carmen agree to go with Morgan for support. Stephanie wants to stay outside with Cordy. Stephanie tells Chelsea to make sure Ford doesn’t walk.

Sami refuses to lie to EJ. Colleen reminds her she is doing all this to protect her family. Sami does want that, but she isn’t going to tell EJ she loves him when she doesn’t. Even if she did tell him, he wouldn’t believe it. He knows she loves Lucas. Colleen tells her to quit making excuses and o to EJ. Sami can’t. Colleen reminds her that lying to EJ won’t change her feelings for Lucas. Or is that the very thing she is afraid of?

Phillip tells Lucas he tossed the gun in a lake. Lucas curses. Phillip doesn’t get it. Wouldn’t Lucas have done the same thing? Phillip thinks he wants it to see if it has been fired. Lucas tells Phillip about the bullet hole in Sami’s dress. He fears that she may have been a target. Phillip asks if Lucas thinks Kate did that. Lucas doesn’t know what to think, but this is killing him. He needs to know if that gun was fired.

Stephanie asks Billie if they have a chance. Billie isn’t sure. Stephanie whines. This is so unfair. Why do guys always get away with stuff like this? Billie sighs. It’s just that date rape is hard to prove. Prestigious universities like this one usually want to keep this kind of stuff swept under the rug. Stephanie sighs. The dean and Crawford are going to rip Morgan apart. No wonder Cordy didn’t want to do this. Billie wants her to stay there and be string for Cordy. Billie has to go check on Jett.

Morgan rehashes her story before the dean and Ford’s father. They had a party, but Morgan drank soda all night. Ford was drunk and threatening to drive, so Morgan took his keys and drove him home herself. He drugged her drink and then tried to rape her. Crawford scoffs. So, supposedly, Ford was so drunk he could barely stand, but he suddenly sobered up enough to drug and rape Morgan? Morgan glares. Obviously, Ford was faking being drunk to get her over to his place. Crawford reminds her she has no proof Ford drugged her drunk. Morgan tells him everyone at the party saw Ford trying to violate her on his webcam. Crawford says they already have testimony from one of the partygoers. The young man stated that he saw nothing that couldn’t be construed as consensual. Chelsea says that’s a lie. Crawford grins. If there’s anyone that can swear under oath that Ford attempted to rape Morgan, he would love to see them come forward. But no one will, because it is all a lie.

Tony wants Stefano to admit it. If he hadn’t been so blinded by revenge Elvis would be fine. Stefano groans. He knew it was a mistake calling Tony. He isn’t even a DiMera. Kate comes out and tells Stefano that EJ wants to see him. Stefano rushes into EJ’s room. He tells Stefano he loves him, but he can’t live like this. He needs Stefano’s help. Stefano agrees. EJ wants him to get him a gun. Stefano gapes.

Lucas asks Phillip if Kate’s gun was fired. Phillip doesn’t want to say. But this could get complicated. If the DiMeras consider a suspect, she needs protection. Phillip isn’t sure Lucas can do that.

Sami tells Colleen that saying “I love you” isn’t some miracle cure that can save a dying man. Colleen says it will, since EJ is willing himself into his grave. As the phone rings, she tells Sami she is EJ’s only hope. Sami answers. It’s Kate. She’s at the hospital, and Sami has to get down there right away. EJ is dying.

Crawford and Ford come out of the dean’s office smiling. They leave. Stephanie is in shock. They let Ford go? Sloan dejectedly tells her that Crawford twisted everything Morgan said to make it look like Ford was the victim. Morgan sighs. She was apparently drunk and chasing Ford, so the dean said the charges were without merit. Ford is free to go. Chelsea fumes. This is far from being over. They’re going to make sure that everyone on campus knows what Ford Decker did. It’s time for retaliation.

Phillip refuses to tell Lucas anything about the gun until he promises he will stick up for Kate. Lucas won’t make any promises. Phillip tells him he’ll never find out if that gun was fired. Lucas smiles. He thinks he already has a pretty good idea as to whether it was fired or not. Phillip stops him. He knows he and Kate don’t exactly get along, and most of the time she deserves what she gets, but not this time. He begs Lucas not to sell her out. Sami comes out. She has to run some errands. Lucas asks her how long she will be gone, but she brushes past him without a word.

Sloan doesn’t know if it will work. They couldn’t convince the dean Ford was a rapist. Why would it work on someone else? Chelsea mobilizes the sisters. They need a picture of Ford, some paper, and a laser printer. They’re going to post flyers all over campus. If people don’t know he’s a rapist now, they will by tomorrow. They’re reluctant. They could get into trouble, or even kicked out of school. Chelsea keeps urging. If they stick together, people will have to listen to them. They have to do this for Cordy. They all huddle and put their hands in the middle. Stephanie flashes back to Ford raping her.

Lucas has to go inside with the twins. Phillip wants to know if they’re cool. Lucas says he would never deliberately hurt Kate, but if she put a bullet in EJ, there’s nothing either one of them can do for her.

Stefano come out of EJ’s room and tells Kate and Tony Elvis is in there asking for a gun. It’s not right for such a young man to be in despair. When he finds out who did this, God help them. Tony advises him to look in the mirror the next time he wants to go after someone. Stefano snaps, “Get the hell out of my sight.” Tony rolls his eyes and tells Kate to give Elvis his best. Sami rushes in. Is it true? Is EJ dying? Kate tells her EJ has a serious infection. It’s touch and go right now. Stefano grumbles. It isn’t the infection. He’s lost his will to live. Sami wants to see him. Stefano cautions her not to upset Elvis. She goes inside and apologizes to EJ for fighting with him. He tells her to get out of here and go be with Lucas. He is the one she loves. Sami swallows. What if he’s not?


Bo asks Kate, “I want the truth this time. Where the hell is the gun?”

Shawn comes upon Steve rooting around where he hid his gun. Shawn says, “Hey, Steve.” Steve coughs and backs away guiltily. Shawn asks, “What's, uh, what's going on?”

Lucas tells Billie, “Give me the name and the number of a good lawyer you know.” Billie gapes, “Why do you need a lawyer?” Lucas snorts, “Just trust me.”

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