Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/14/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/14/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the campus administration building, Chelsea lurks outside the dean’s office. Morgan walks up and apologizes for being late. Chelsea tells her the meeting has been pushed back a half hour. The dean is in his office with her mom and Jett right now. Chelsea asks how she’s feeling. Morgan is fine now that the drug Ford gave her is out of her system. Too bad there’s no way to prove he did it. Chelsea stammers. Actually, she was talking to her mom, and it seems there’s no way to prove Ford did anything to Morgan. Morgan sighs. It looks like Cordy is the only one who can prove Ford is a rapist. Morgan hopes she shows up. Where’s Stephanie? Chelsea tells her she’s in the hall on the phone with her mom.

Kayla asks Stephanie about the hearing. They’re waiting for Cordy to show up. Kayla knows this can’t be easy for her. She’s really proud of Stephanie for being so supportive. It’s that important Cordy surround herself with people who make her feel safe. Kayla asks if Stephanie saw Steve last night. She didn’t. Kayla tells her she’ll call hr back later. She goes in to the church and finds Steve crawling around examining the carpet. She asks him what he is looking for.

Kate shows up at Lucas’ apartment. He tells her he wants the gun he gave her back now. She fidgets. She got rid of it. Why does he want it? Lucas doesn’t want the police finding it and tracing it to him.

In EJ’s hospital room, Sami stands in the doorway and asks him how he feels. He wonders what she is doing here. She tells him she was worried about him. EJ sighs. He can’t move his legs. Sami soothes him. Maybe it isn’t permanent. EJ would rather she didn’t pretend to care.

Steve tells Kayla he’s scoping the place out. She asks if he is helping with the investigation. He says he isn’t officially. What’s he doing then? Doesn’t he know he can tell her anything? Steve seems confused. Why is she beating around the bush? What’s going on? She asks him point blank where he was when EJ was shot.

Stephanie frets about Cordy’s absence. Chelsea wants to go call her, but the dean comes out. He already knows Morgan, so Billie introduces him to Stephanie and Chelsea. Neither Ford nor Cordy have showed yet. The girls are surprised he is attending, but the dean reminds them how serious the charges are. He is allowed to have his day in court. The rules state that both parties will present their case to him. Then he will act as a judge and hand down a decision. He also expects everyone to act professionally, despite the nature of the case. They all agree rather meekly. The dean sternly reminds them a young man’s future is at stake. He walks off. The girls fret. Billie tells the dean can be abrasive, but he does things by the book. Stephanie whines. What if they can’t convince him that Ford should be expelled? Morgan says they will. Ford shows up and winks, “Want to bet? What’s up, ladies?”

Sami says she does care. She was terrified when EJ was shot. She didn’t know if he would make it. EJ grumbles. Part of him didn’t. She understands that he is angry. What can she do to help. EJ turns his face away. He tells her to leave. She’s not going to do that. She came here to say she is sorry. She feels for him. She knows the pain he’s going through now is awful. EJ thinks that’s rich coming from someone that wanted to make him miserable. Now he’s in hell, and she must be enjoying every second of it.

Kate gapes. He doesn’t want the gun traced to him? Does he think she shot EJ? He asks if she did. She denies it. He wants his gun back, then. She doesn’t have it anymore. He wants to know where it is. If she refuses, he’ll tell Bo she had a gun the night EJ was shot. Kate relents. She gave the gun to Phillip. She thought the police would question her or want to see it. The police already know about the gun. She threatened EJ and Stefano with it. She was angry with EJ at the time, and she just lost it. Lucas wonders if she did this. Sami was grazed by a bullet also. One of the shooters either had bad aim, or Sami was a target. Did Kate try to shoot her? Kate wonders how he can even ask her that. Kate rages. It’s no secret she disliked Sami. Maybe she was a little happy when Lucas divorced her. But she will not allow him to stand here and accuse her of trying to kill Sami. Kate turns to go, but Lucas stops her. She isn’t going anywhere.

Sami wanted their marriage to be miserable. She never wanted anything like this to happen. It’s horrible seeing him like this. EJ grumps. Why doesn’t she just get out then? Sami sighs. She won’t do that. He probably won’t believe this, but she stayed with him after he was wounded. She held him in her arms while they stabilized him, and she waited with Stefano to hear his prognosis. She thought he might need her, but that was stupid. EJ doesn’t want her pity. He never dreamed he would spend his wedding night dead from the waist down. Sami says it’s too soon to be sure anything is permanent. He knows it’s true. He smiles sadly. She doesn’t need this burden. She has twin infants and a teenager. He wants her to go be with Lucas.

Ford groans. This better not take long. He has a hot date tonight. Billie tells him to cancel it. Chelsea jumps in. He needs to start packing too, since the dean will be kicking him off campus shortly. Ford feigns confusion. He didn’t do anything wrong. Morgan lays into him. He drugged and attacked her. Ford can’t believe she is doing this. She went to his room willingly enough. She can’t prove he drugged her, anyway. Chelsea tells him they all saw him on the webcam. Ford rages. Who is the dean going to believe? The son of a board member, or a bunch of stuck-up sorority chicks? He’s going to ask that the dean revoke their charter after he’s exonerated. Jett advises Ford to sit down and shut up. Chelsea tells him he won’t be so smug after the hearing. He wonders what her problem is. Does she not like guys with a backbone? Stephanie flashes back to Ford raping her. She tells him to get off of her. Jett tells Ford he’s not helping his case. Ford goes on. That’s right, Chelsea already has a boyfriend; sweet little Nick. Chelsea lunges at Ford. Jett and Billie hold her back. Morgan can’t believe she trusted and defended Ford after Max warned her. She thinks he is nothing more than a spoiled brat who has to rape girls since he can’t win them with looks and personality. Billie tells Morgan to stay focused. Ford is just trying to rattle them all before the hearing. Jett tells Chelsea to stay cool, too. They can’t do anything that will make Ford look good. Chelsea sighs. She will try to ignore him. She just wishes Cordy would get here. She’s the only proof they have that Ford is a rapist.

Steve tells Kayla he was at an auto parts store. She wants a receipt, but he tells her they didn’t have the fan belt he needed. She hopes he asked someone to order it. He didn’t. Why does it matter? She was hoping someone there would remember him. She believes him, of course, but Bo will want proof he wasn’t at the church. Steve frets. What if he can’t get proof? Will she still believe him then?

Sami gapes. EJ wants her to go home to Lucas? What about the vendetta? EJ waves his hand at her. He’ll talk to Stefano and let him know it’s what he wants. She can’t believe he would do that for her. He gestures wildly. He has nothing to offer her. Can she not see that? His life is over. But hers doesn’t have to be. Sami tells him not to talk like that. He’s just in shock from having to process all this so quickly. EJ sighs. He loves her too much to saddle her with someone whose life is effectively over. He waves her away. “Go home. Go be with Lucas. Go and be happy.”

Kate looks Lucas in the eyes. She swears she did not try to shoot Sami at the church. Lucas seems to accept her denial. But he wants her to call Phillip and get his gun back. Kate thinks he probably already got rid of it. Lucas says that’s fine, but he has to know for sure. If the cops find out he bought two guns the night EJ was shot, he’ll go right to the top of the suspect list. Kate asks Lucas if he did it. She won’t blame him. God knows, EJ has hurt Lucas enough in the past to deserve it. Kate won’t hesitate to help Lucas cover it up. She’s done it for him in the past, and she will now, too.

Ford smirks and tells the girls their Halloween party was great, but the earth day event they did was lame. He only ever went to those things for the hot chicks. Billie nukes. Only losers and sociopaths drug and rape women. Many of them might be scared of Ford, but Billie isn’t. If he says one more thing to these girls, Billie will remove him from the building herself. Ford’s father breezes in and introduces himself. He’s also Ford’s lawyer. He tells Billie to be ready to pack up her desk if she throws Ford out.

Lucas tells Kate to get out. She whines. If he shot EJ, she’ll take care of it, just like she did before. Lucas remembers. He regrets that day with every fiber of his being. After Franco, why would he ever let Kate cover something up like that again? Kate hangs her head. She’s not proud of it, but she would do it again in a second. She would do anything to keep him safe. If he shot EJ, she’ll give up everything she has to protect Lucas.

Sami doesn’t want EJ to make any hasty decisions. He just needs some rest. EJ sighs. This isn’t going to just go away, like a headache. She needs to go be happy with Lucas. If he wants her to be happy, then he needs to quit feeling sorry for himself. It’s not like him to give up without trying. EJ flings the covers off and points at his legs. Look at him! He’s trying, ok! Nothing happens! Sami sighs. She hates to be the one to tell him this, but she wasn’t attracted to his legs that night at the pier. It was his charm and charisma that won her over. EJ remembers dancing with her that night. Now it will never happen again. She begs him not to give up. He tells her he has nothing to live for. Sami reminds him he has a son. EJ feels sorry for himself. He can’t help him ride his bike or practice football. Lucas can, so she needs to go be with him instead. Sami thinks he doesn’t care what she wants, or he would fight to get better. EJ rages. He screams at her to get out. She agrees to leave. EJ glares, “Don’t ever come back.”

Ford is so glad his dad is here. He should have heard these girl’s ridiculous accusations. Ford thinks they might actually believe they’re true. Morgan grumbles. It’s the truth, not an accusation. Ford’s father, Crawford, greets the dean. They’re on a first name basis. The dean wants to speak with him privately for a moment. Chelsea walks by Ford and stomps on his foot. Ford cries out. The dean says he won’t tolerate that kind of behavior in his office. Billie apologizes. The dean wants to start the hearing soon, but Cordy isn’t there yet. Chelsea calls Cordy and gets voicemail. She begs her to hurry. They really need her.

Kayla thinks someone in the store will remember Steve because of his eye patch. Does she remember their vows? He does. He promised to love her forever. Kayla nods. He also promised never to lie to her. She’s going to ask him one more time. Did he shoot EJ?

Kate tells Lucas she will tell the cops she shot EJ if he wants her too. Lucas shrugs her off. They are both suspects. That’s why they need to take a few precautions. They don’t need to be seen together, which is fine by Lucas, because he can’t stand Kate. She huffs. He called her here. Besides, he never told her whether or not he shot EJ. He says she never told him whether or not she shot at Sami. Right on cue, Sami walks in. Kate leaves. Sami asks Lucas what that was all about. He changes the subject. What is she doing back here? She can’t keep bouncing back and forth between here and the hospital. Sami breaks down. She won’t be going back to the ICU. EJ is dying. Lucas snorts. After everything he’s done, why does she even care?

Chelsea frets. She can’t reach Cordy. Stephanie reminds her she promised to be here. Chelsea is worried. Ford was acting pretty smug and cocky, like he knew something they didn’t. Meanwhile, Billie assures the dean Cordy will show. Crawford fumes. He cancelled six appointments to defend his son against these groundless accusations. The dean jumps in. If Cordy doesn’t show up in ten minutes, he will have to assume she changed her mind about pursuing the subject, and the case will be closed. The dean apologizes and heads into his office with Crawford and Ford. Billie mutters, “Is it also university policy to schmooze with the defendant's father?” Morgan tells the girls not to worry. Cordy will show up.

Sami reminds Lucas that their family will be in even more danger if EJ dies. She feels sorry for him. He just found out that he will never walk again. He just accepted it. He isn’t even going to try. Lucas is sorry, but he just doesn’t have any sympathy for that idiot. Sami says it isn’t like him. She showed him a picture of Johnny, and EJ just told her to come home to Lucas. Lucas smiles. That’s just what he wants to hear. Sami thinks the situation is serious. EJ could die if he loses the will to live. And if he does, Stefano will hold them responsible. If he lives, they have a better chance staying together as a family. Lucas snorts. EJ sent her home. Lucas thinks they should write him a thank you note and move on. Sami groans. The first thing Stefano will do when EJ dies is come after Johnny, rip him away from his sister, and raise him as a DiMera. Is that what Lucas wants?

Stefano sits by EJ’s bed and tells him to quit sulking. He isn’t the first man to be confined to a wheelchair. He needs to act like a DiMera and stop indulging in self-pity. EJ sighs. He will never dance again. EJ goes limp. The machines hooked up to him beep loudly and urgently. EJ convulses. Stefano freaks. “What's the matter? Elvis. Elvis, please. Please. No, please, please. Look at me. Elvis, look at me.”

Steve agrees to tell Kayla the whole story on the way home. Kayla refuses to stop questioning him until she gets some answers. Steve swears he didn’t shoot EJ. He was at the auto parts store. Kayla backs off and agrees to leave. Steve goes to warm up the car. On the way, he flashes back to EJ’s shooting. After shots are fired, he hides his gun in his jacket and flees the church. Steve comes back to the present and tells Kayla to come on.

Billie sends Jett back to the security office. This could take a while, and someone needs to watch the store. Jett leaves. Ford comes out of the dean’s office and smirks. In another minute, this will be over and they’ll all owe him a huge apology. Just as the dean gets ready to announce time is up, Cordy rushes in. Billie wants a few minutes to speak with her before the hearing. Crawford rages about it, but the dean allows it. The guys all go back in his office so the girls can have some privacy. Chelsea notes that Cordy is shaking. Cordy quivers. She can’t do this. She can’t testify against Ford. Morgan soothes her. Everything is going to be alright.

Lucas wants Sami to lie down for a nap, but she can’t sleep now. He insists. He starts to tuck a blanket around her when one of the twins bawls. Lucas rushes off to the bedroom to tend to them. Sami settles in on the couch. Colleen appears. She tells Sami she was right about EJ. He has lost the will to live, and Sami is the only one that can bring him back from the brink. She knows what she has to do. In the bedroom, Lucas cuddles one of the twins and coos.

Stefano calls out for a doctor. They need some help in here. Dr. Berman comes in, gives EJ a cursory examination, and then asks Stefano to leave. Stefano’s not leaving until he figures out what is going on. The doctor yells out for a crash cart. Stefano mumbles, “Oh, Elvis, Elvis.” EJ holds a picture of Sami and Johnny. The doctors work on him as he convulses.


Lucas tells Phillip, “Give me back the gun so we can move on.” Phillip replies, “The gun is gone.”

Sami tells Colleen, “I don't care about EJ.” Colleen smiles gently, “Now is not the time to be deceiving yourself.”

Cordy tells Morgan, Chelsea, and Stephanie, “You guys have no idea.” Stephanie says, “Actually, I do.” The others gape.

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