Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/13/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/13/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the church, Hope comes in to find Bo. He apologizes for not coming home. He worked all night. Hope asks him if they have any leads. Bo sighs. He has plenty of clues and suspects, but no leads. Hope wonders who would have the guts to do this. Bo tells her it’s tempting to make all the clues disappear. It would be simple enough to let this thing go on unsolved. Hope knows him. He may bend the rules, but he never breaks them. Bo muses. What are the chances that the three shooters fired at the same time? Perhaps they were working together and had some kind of signal. Hope raises an eyebrow. Does he mean a Brady conspiracy? Because she knows no member of this family has murder in their hearts. Bo frets. She heard Roman make those threats. After all of these years of going after the DiMeras, it would be wrong if he had to bring down his own family now.

EJ is wheeled into a hospital room after surgery. As Stefano looks on, Roman enters. Stefano begs for some peace, but Roman tells him it can’t wait. He has official business. Roman needs to speak with EJ’s doctor. Stefano grumbles. Roman doesn’t want justice. It didn’t bother the Bradys to attempt murder in the house of God. If EJ dies, he swears they won’t have a day of peace.

At their apartment, Lucas tells Sami how glad he is she decided to come home. They talk about Will being gone on his latest field trip. Lucas frowns. He feels really badly that he couldn’t be there for Sami at the wedding. She was afraid. If EJ dies, she knows Stefano will come after them. Lucas knows. They’ve done it before. They’ll get through it like they always do-- by staying together and being a family. Lucas dot a sign last night. He was tucking the twins in, and he promised them their mother would come home. And look, Sami is here. Sami sighs. Lucas tells her he is never going to let anyone take her away from him again.

At the pub, Kate and Phillip meet. She tells him she is busy, but sits down in a rush when he waves the gun in her face. He wants to talk about it. Kate hisses “You brought it?” Phillip shrugs. He hasn’t thought of a good place to get rid of it yet. Besides, this little favor of Kate’s could land him in big trouble. Kate insists she had nothing to do with EJ’s shooting, but Phillip is suspicious. Kate is just getting rid of it because the police will suspect her. Phillip reminds her that they won’t unless the lug in his back matches her gun. Does it?

Bo tells Hope he can’t rule out a conspiracy. Sami was standing right next to EJ and she wasn’t harmed. So at least one of the now four suspected shooters had good aim. Hope thinks a cop could have been involved. Bo muses. Like Roman. He took his service weapon, but he has others. Hope wonders where he sits on Bo’s list of suspects.

Stefano wants Roman off of this case. Roman chuckles. He already offered to be taken off and they turned him down. Stefano growls. He is going to dins out if Roman shot his son, no matter what the police do to cover it up. Roman sighs. He’s here to get the bullet they removed from EJ’s back. They are taking it down to ballistics for testing. Stefano asks if they have the gun. Roman clams up. That’s privileged information. Stefano says he has to go be with his son. He walks in to EJ’s room. Dr. Berman comes up. He tells Roman that EJ is still critical. Roman asks about the bulled. The doctor sighs. He’s afraid he’s made Roman’s job much harder.

Sami tells Lucas she couldn’t get through this without him. In fact, she came home because she needed his love and his arms around her. Lucas comforts her. She whines. Stefano wants her to go back to the hospital. He wants her to be there for EJ. Lucas grumps. To hell with what he wants. Sami frets. If EJ dies, they’ll all die, because Stefano will make sure of it. Lucas tells her EJ deserved what he got. Whoever shot him was trying to send a serious message. They aren’t victims anymore. If Stefano comes after them, he’ll get what his son got.

Phillip wants the truth from Kate. If she’s innocent, then why is she so jumpy? She tells him she sort of formed an alliance with Stefano. Now she is caught between him and Lucas. The DiMeras went as far as to shoot up her car, so she bought the gun to protect herself. Phillip asks her if she has fired it. She says she hasn’t. Phillip smirks. Then who did? There’s powder residue all over the handle. She can either start talking, or he hands this thing over to the first cop he sees.

Stefano asks Dr. Berman if EJ has regained consciousness. The doctor sighs. The bullet did a lot of damage. It is lodged in EJ’s spine. He is sorry to tell Stefano this, but his son is paralyzed from the waist down. Stefano wants another opinion immediately. Dr. Berman tells him that is no problem. In the interim, he may consider hiring someone that can help EJ cope with his physical limitations. The will to live is going to be a huge difference in the quality of his recovery. The doctor leaves. EJ calls out for Sami. Stefano tells him he’s here. He won’t leave. EJ asks what happened.

Hope knows Roman would never murder anyone-- not even EJ. Bo hopes not. Right now, Roman is at the hospital, working on the case. Abe trusts him, and Bo has plenty of other suspects. Like Lucas, for instance. He was supposed to be home with the twins, but no one can confirm his presence. Bo thinks he was jumpy and nervous while being questioned, too. Hope sighs. Sami was involved. Of course he was acting nervous. Bo thinks he was hiding something.

Sami relives the shooting and shudders. She can’t get it out of her mind. She thought EJ was dead. And all he was doing was trying to help end the violence. Lucas nukes. She can’t turn EJ into some saint just because he got shot. Sami worries that Stefano will try to come after them if he dies. Lucas grumbles. He hopes Stefano keels over right next to EJ. Sami tells Lucas to stop talking like that. Someone may think he was involved. They want him out of their lives, but not that way. Lucas gets serious. That might be the only way. Anyway, Bo already questioned him. He told him he was here all night with the twins. Sami relaxes. Bo knows Lucas isn’t a killer. Sami doesn’t need to ask him if he did it or not. She knows he loves her.

Hope doesn’t think Lucas would throw away the family he is trying to save. Does he even have a gun in the house? Bo isn’t sure, but he would sure like to search it. He can’t do that without probable cause. All he has now are theories. Hope wonders what his instincts tell him. He tells her someone was threatening the DiMeras with a gun yesterday-- Kate Roberts.

Kate swears she didn’t shoot EJ. She just took some practice shots. She tells him she went out and practiced in the woods. Phillip sighs. Who gave her the gun? Kate’s lips tighten. It was just an old business associate. She refuses to divulge the name. Phillip doesn’t believe one word of this. He snaps at her to call her associate. Phillip hopes she got a thirty day money back guarantee. She’ll need it.

Stefano wants to talk when EJ is stronger, but he insists. Stefano tells him he was shot. Stefano swears he will find out who did this and make them suffer. EJ asks about Samantha. Stefano tells him she is fine. Not only that, but she is now EJ’s wife. EJ struggles. Where is she?

Sami sighs. They can’t keep pretending this wedding didn’t happen. Lucas notices she is still wearing his ring. Should Lucas take it off? She can’t. What if Stefano sees and thinks she is backing out? Sami has to finish what she started. Lucas says she doesn’t. She never consummated the marriage. She can get a legal annulment. Sami won’t do it. Not until the violence ends. Sami tells them this is bigger than them and the DiMeras now. One of those bullets at the church was meant for her.

Hope doesn’t get it. Why would Kate want to end a marriage that kept Sami and Lucas apart? Bo tells Hope what Kate said about threatening EJ and Stefano earlier. She claimed it was personal, but wouldn’t elaborate. Bo says Stefano didn’t support her, but he didn’t insist she was the culprit, either. Hope thinks he must suspect someone else. Bo needs to get his hands on the gun, but Kate claims she threw it in a dumpster somewhere. Hope thinks she doesn’t want to remember. Or maybe she still has it. Bo agrees. Bo thinks that if Stefano can id her gun, they can check the bullets and see if they match. Then if they do, Bo can get a search warrant. Hope thinks they might have her. Bo thinks Hope is a great partner-- in and out of bed.

Kate doesn’t want Phillip involved, but he demands a timeline of her movements. She sighs. She did not want to be shut out of Lucas’ life. EJ told Lucas something that made him angrier at her than he had ever been before. So she took the gun to the DiMeras, but never shot him. She admits she went to the church as well. When she saw them at the altar, she didn’t know which she hated more, so she closed her eyes and aimed. The gun went off accidentally, but she also heard two other shots. She put the gun in her pocket and got out of there as fast as she could. Phillip asks if she shot EJ. She says she knows she didn’t. The last person she was aiming for was Sami.

Sami tells Lucas one of the shooters aimed at her. Lucas knows no one in her family would hurt her. Sami shifts uncomfortably. Maybe one of the bullets missed its mark. Lucas wants her to stay away from the hospital in case the shooter comes back. Right on cue, Stefano calls and asks Sami to come to the hospital. EJ is asking for her. He hopes she does the right thing for her family’s sake. Sami tells Lucas that EJ is asking for her. Stefano wants her at the hospital. Lucas thinks it’s time she put her foot down. If she lets Stefano threaten her and she caves, he’ll keep doing it to coerce her. Sami can’t. Lucas fumes. Does she want a life with him and the kids, or the one waiting for her with EJ?

Hope wants Bo to bring Shawn in on the case. Bo already had Shawn write up a report after Lucas’ questioning. He did a good job, but then he just disappeared without telling anyone. Claire had a minor accident. She was burned. Hope frets. Bo knows the baby is fine, but the point is, Shawn should have found a superior and explained there was an emergency. He has to follow the rules. Hope thinks Bo’s being tough. Roman shows up. He tells Bo the bullet is stuck in EJ, and that looks like that’s where it’s going to stay.

Phillip gapes. Kate tried to murder Sami? Kate meant she aimed at both. First EJ, then Sami. But when it went off, it was pointed in the air. There’s no way it hit EJ. Phillip groans. If the cops find it, she’ll be charged with attempted murder. Phillip thinks it’s nuts. Kate agrees. She should have been happy with EJ, but all she could think was that if he died, Lucas could marry Sami and be happy again. At any rate, she couldn’t go through with it. She loves her kids so much, and gets nothing in return.

Sami kisses the twins and tells Lucas she’ll be back. She’ll always be back. His lip quivers. He hands her a wedding band. He wants her to hold on to it. He promises to tell the twins she loves them when they wake up. They aren’t a family without her, though. She says she is doing this for their family.

Roman tells Bo and Hope that the slug entered his spine, but didn’t quite sever it. Another operation is too risky. Bo curses. No ballistics match. Roman smiles ruefully. Bo needs the other bullets and also Kate’s gun. Roman doesn’t think Bo should waste his time. Kate is no killer. Bo tells Roman she threatened EJ, ten dumped a gun and can’t remember where. Bo tells Roman the judge wants more before he issues a warrant. Maybe an old friend could take Kate home and maybe take a look around. Bo winks at Roman. Roman won’t spy on Kate. Bo will have to find some other way.

Phillip tells Kate her kids lover her, no matter how hard she makes it for them. She grumbles. Lucas doesn’t. Phillip decides he will get rid of the gun for Kate. They never had this conversation. Kate narrows her eyes. How does she know he won’t turn traitor like his brother?

EJ asks Stefano if Samantha left. Stefano assures him she just went to change. She was here while he was in surgery. She is on her way back now. EJ is glad. He heard one of the surgeons talking about his legs. He can’t feel them at all. He looks up at Stefano pitifully. Stefano tells him about the bullet. EJ gets it. He’s paralyzed, isn’t he? Stefano swears they will not give up. Will he walk? Stefano says the doctors don’t think so. EJ winces. Does Samantha know? Stefano says no. EJ asks him to leave. Stefano sighs.

Roman still has feelings for Kate. Bo think he should put them on hold. Roman snaps at him. Hope steps between them. They’re all on edge right now. Roman will not take advantage of Kate. As soon as a judge signs a warrant, he’ll be knocking at her door. But he won’t go through stuff behind her back. Bo can’t believe that after what she did to Sami. Roman says hurting Kate doesn’t help Sami. He asks if he is on Bo’s list of suspects. Bo says Abe is giving Roman a pretty long rope right now. Roman wants to know what he thinks, not Abe. Bo and Hope leave the church. Bo can’t believe Roman protected Kate after what Bo told him. Hope thinks Bo should give it time. If it turns out Kate is guilty, Roman will have to let the chips fall where they any.

Phillip is Kate’s son. He would never turn against her. Kate whines. Lucas hates her. She made an enemy of Stefano too, and if the cops link her to that crime, he’ll kill her. Phillip wants Kate to come clean. She refuses, and Phillip better not say anything either. He’s the one man left she can count on. Phillip softens. He’ll handle it. Kate thanks him.

Sami shows up at the hospital and asks Stefano how EJ is. He tells her he needs his wife…fir the rest of his life. Sami flashes back to her wedding to Lucas and his vows. Back at the apartment, Lucas flips through their wedding album. Stefano expects Sami’s complete devotion. She expects him to end the violence. Stefano tells her that EJ is paralyzed. He may never walk again, so their truce is as fragile as her infant children. Lucas holds a teddy bear and stares. Sami walks into EJ’s room.


Morgan asks Chelsea and Stephanie, “So Cordy's the only way to prove that ford's the campus rapist?” Ford walks up, “What’s up, ladies?”

Sami tells EJ, “The pain that you must be in-- I feel for you. That's all.” EJ grimaces, “Coming from somebody who promised to make my life miserable.”

Kayla says to Steve, “You don't want me to beat around the bush, fine. Where were you when EJ was shot?”

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