Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/12/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/12/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Belle soothes Claire. She wishes her daddy would call, but since he hasn’t, they will have to take a cab home. Phillip steps in. He wants to give them a ride and stop off for ice cream on the way. Belle turns him down. Phillip has to stop doing this. He seems confused, “Stop doing what?” She huffs. She wants him to stop using Claire to get to her.

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, Bo tells Lucas Sami will be fine. EJ might not make it, though. Lucas asks where Sami is, and Bo informs him she is at the hospital. Lucas grumps. Of course, she is with her husband. Bo wants to know where Lucas was during the wedding. Lucas huffs. Does Bo think he shot EJ? Bo fixes him with a thousand-yard stare, “You tell me, man. Did you?”

At the mansion, Kate bursts in looking for Stefano. Rolf checks her bag. After her last visit, he is taking precautions. Kate sighs. She guesses Stefano told him. Now Rolf thinks she shot EJ, but it isn’t true. If she had wanted him dead, she would have shot him in private, not in public at the church. Rolf wants her to leave. Kate gets nasty. What is he going to do, call Roman? Rolf obviously thinks she shot EJ. If that’s so, then what is stopping her from shooting Rolf? Rolf rolls his eyes. She can stay. He’ll be in the parlor. Kate sighs and looks at a painting of Stefano. Under her breath, she swears she didn’t shoot EJ.

At the hospital, Sami suggests that Stefano go home and get some rest. Stefano doesn’t want to leave EJ’s side at a time like this. Sami reminds him he has been ill. EJ wouldn’t want him to suffer a setback. Stefano can’t believe she is already making decisions for EJ. Hasn’t she done enough to him? Sami frowns. She had nothing to do with the shooting. Stefano rages. Her and her family had everything to do with it. Sami thinks EJ has made plenty of enemies. Any of them could have pulled the trigger. Stefano thinks the Bradys had the best motive. Is that why she showed up dressed in black? Did she know her family would try to kill Elvis? Sami married EJ to protect her family. For Stefano to think she had any part in this is absurd. Stefano tells her most parents would do anything to protect their children. Certainly, a father would do anything. Sami freaks. Is he suggesting her father had something to do with the shooting? Stefano nods. Roman is at the top of the list of suspects. He has plenty of motives after what Andre did. The latest blow, that EJ fathered Johnny, may have been enough to push him over the edge. Sami knows her father isn’t a murderer. Stefano wants her to remember what he said about fathers protecting their children, and the lengths they’ll go to to do it.

At the church, Roman flashes back to EJ’s shooting. Abe interrupts. He thought Roman had the night off. Roman says he did, until he heard EJ got shot. He thought he would check in and see if they needed any help. Abe asks if he was at the ceremony. Roman grimaces. He had no desire to watch his daughter marry a man he despises. Abe gets serious. He asks where Roman was at the time of the shooting.

Lucas tells Bo he can’t be in two places at once. At the time of the shooting, he was here watching the twins. Bo asks if anyone can back that up. Lucas tells him Billie came by about half an hour after EJ was shot. Bo asks if he minds if they check on the babies. Lucas doesn’t, as long as Bo doesn’t wake them up. Lucas fidgets. Bo is making him nervous. Doesn’t he believe his alibi? Bo wants to, but he just isn’t sure yet. He wants some proof Lucas was here all night. Lucas sighs. There is no way he would walk out on his kids and leave them all alone, just to go shoot Sami’s husband. Bo jumps on him. EJ was shot right after he and Sami were pronounced man and wife. How did Lucas know that, unless he was there?

Sami snorts. She knows Stefano would love to blame this on her father, but unlike him, her father is a decent and honorable man. He would never murder someone. He takes his responsibility as a police officer seriously. Stefano chuckles. Except for when it comes to the Bradys, that is. Then his interpretation of the law gets a bit funny. What if he had come upon Samantha and Elvis the night their son was conceived? Her father would have been angry enough to kill that night. Sami laughs. Had Roman killed EJ then, no jury would have convicted him. It’s the very definition of justifiable homicide. Stefano snaps his fingers. So Roman WOULD commit murder if it was justified? Sami didn’t mean that. She meant to say that there are others that want EJ dead. Stefano knows EJ’s only enemies in town are the Bradys. EJ is fighting for his life right now. Sami better pray he survives.

Roman would be glad to answer Abe’s questions, but he doesn’t think he can be o much help. Abe just wants to run through his movements this evening. Roman tells them about Bo and Hope’s intervention at the church. They talked to Sami, and she shot them down. Afterwards, he went to the pub. He was going to “tie one on” but Bo sent him home. Afterwards, he went home. Abe asks if anyone can verify his whereabouts. Roman groans. Abe knows he loves alone. Abe asks about his gun. Roman tells him Bo took it. Justin, the new forensics guy, comes up. Abe fills him in. There were three shots fired. Only one hit the victim in his lower back. There was no exit wound, and bullet casings were found in three separate locations. Since they were of three different calibers, it looks like they are dealing with three different shooters. Justin asks about the slugs. One is still in the victim, of course, but they haven’t been able to locate the others. Abe tells him no one saw the shooters either, but everyone heard three separate shots. Justin wants to see where the casings were found. Another cop leads him away. Abe tells Roman he doesn’t have to stick around. Roman makes him promise to call if any new information comes in. Abe walks off. Roman flashes back to Father Kelly pronouncing Sami and EJ man and wife.

Phillip sighs. Does Belle really think he is using Claire to get to her? When he was a kid, he wiped out on his bike. His dad took him to get ice cream afterwards. Since it is one of his nicest memories, he wanted to recreate it for Claire with her mom and Uncle Phillip. Since ice cream is out, is it alright if Phillip takes her by to see her Aunt Sami? Belle didn’t know Sami was here. Phillip fills Belle in. EJ was shot at their wedding. He guesses it must be pretty bad, since Sami is here with him. Belle relents, but she warns Phillip that Claire is very perceptive. Phillip agrees to be careful and walks off. Belle tries to call Shawn again, but his phone is still at the station. She tells him what she heard about Sami’s wedding, and promises to be home soon.

Lucas tells Bo he thought Sami and EJ were married because he assumed the worst. Bo asks him when Billie was here. He tells Bo she showed up at around 6:30, but she can’t verify he was here between 6:00 and that time. Bo asks if she said anything about Kate. Apparently, Kate showed up at the mansion earlier in the day, threatening EJ and Stefano with a gun. Lucas can’t believe it. Bo asks him if he has any idea why she would pull such a stunt. Lucas has no idea, but he certainly doesn’t believe a word Stefano says. Bo asks him if Lucas knew Kate owned a gun. Lucas had no clue. Shawn comes back from checking on the twins and tells Lucas how beautiful they are. Bo apologizes for the interruption. He and Shawn leave. Bo wants Shawn to go back to the station and file a report for him. Insides, Lucas takes the gun out of the box in the bureau and stares.

Sami admires Claire and chats with Phillip. She tells him EJ is in surgery now, but he could come out if it paralyzed. Phillip smiles. He is living proof that there us always hope for the maimed. Belle comes over, and Sami fills her in about EJ’s surgery. Belle asks her if she has told Marlena yet, but she says she hasn’t. Sami doesn’t want her to have to go through something like this, especially so soon after John died. Phillip offers to watch Claire if Belle wants to spend time with her sister. Sami says it is alright. She already called her dad, and he is on his way. Phillip, Belle, and Claire leave. Roman shows and flashes back to the shooting for a third time. This time, we see him point the gun, but he does not fire. He hears three shots, looks around, and runs off. Meanwhile, Sami notices her wedding ring and freaks out. As she tries to pull it off, she runs into Lucas.

Stefano shows up at the mansion and lays into Kate. His son is in surgery. Whatever she has to say better be important. Kate apologizes. Stefano did not like receiving Rolf’s call about her. What did she have to say that needed a face-to-face meeting?

Sami asks about the twins. Lucas tells her Chelsea is watching them. Lucas came to bring her back home. Sami tells him she can’t go. EJ is in surgery. If she left, it would set Stefano off. Lucas tells her to forget about Stefano. He can figure out who did this on his own.

Kate wanted to talk to Stefano to let him know she had nothing to do with EJ’s shooting. Stefano frowns. So that is why she was here earlier, waving a gun around? Kate admits she was upset, but she had no intention on pulling the trigger. Stefano grabs her throat. Was she the one who did this? She shrieks. She swears she had nothing to with this. Stefano lets go. If she is lying, her troubles are just beginning. Does she realize where she would be if he hadn’t turned her life around? Kate hasn’t forgotten. Why would she ever hurt Stefano after he has been so good to her? Bo walks in. Is this bad time to talk?

Sami tells Lucas that Stefano thinks her dad shot EJ. Sami is sure he couldn’t have, though. Lucas asks if she knows who did. She doesn’t, although she would have been worried if she didn’t know Lucas was home with the twins during the ceremony. Lucas fidgets. Bo asked him the same thing. Sami freaks. Bo considers Lucas a suspect?

At the police station, Shawn finally picks up his voicemails from Belle.

At Shawn and Belle’s room above the pub, Belle and Phillip talk about how quickly Claire went to sleep. Phillip thinks she’ll want that ice cream when she wakes up. Belle needs some too; ice cream or a dirty martini would do just fine. Phillip’s eyes light up. If she wants, they could go get a drink sometime and see where it leads them. Belle wonders what he is suggesting. Meanwhile, Shawn listens to the message where Belle tells him she and Claire are still at the hospital. Phillip tells Belle it will be alright as long as they go somewhere where no one knows them. Belle sighs. Why is he doing this to her? He loves her. He knows she feels something, too. She felt in bed with him. She can’t deny it. Belle says it was a mistake. He needs to leave. Bo and Hope would kill her if they knew he was here. Phillip thinks she is afraid of how she feels. Belle nukes. The only feelings she has are anger and guilt. She wishes she could change things. Her entire future is at stake. Phillip says his is, too. He can’t lose her again. Belle tells him it will never work. He needs to move on. He can’t keep coming over here to see Claire. Phillip sighs. She was his daughter for a year. He still loves her, and he feels like he is losing both of them. Phillip moves in for a kiss and Belle responds. She breaks it off after a few minutes. She wants him to leave. He agrees, but first, he gives her his private line. Nobody answers but him. If she ever needs to talk, she can call anytime. He drops the card on the table and leaves. Belle sighs, picks it up, and bursts into tears.

Stefano asks Bo what he wants. Bo didn’t expect to see Kate here, but he actually came to talk about her. He heard she made some pretty serious threats against the DiMeras earlier. Kate gapes. She did no such thing. Who told Bo that? Stefano chuckles. She had better get herself a good lawyer. He goes to leave. He has to get back to the hospital now. He is sure Bo has all he needs to find the culprit. Kate tells Bo he is wasting his time, but he presses on anyway. He asks her where she was between 6:00 and 6:30. She took a drive. She swears she didn’t shoot EJ. Bo needs to backtrack. Where did she get the gun?

Lucas pulls Sami’s arm. They can discuss this in the car. The vendetta is over. Sami married EJ. She is free to do what she wants. Sami protests. She has to stay with EJ. Lucas tugs. No, she doesn’t. Sami stops him. She has to pretend she cares. She made an agreement with Stefano. She doesn’t like this anymore than Lucas does, but Stefano is convinced that her presence will give EJ a reason to live. Lucas considers. What if he dies. Sami sighs, “Then God help us all.” Lucas hopes he burns in hell. Sami tells him to keep his voice down. If he is a suspect, the cops may have someone tailing him. Lucas snorts. Like who, the deputy commissioner? Right on cue, Roman walks in. He asks how Sami is holding up. She smiles wanly. Not that well, actually. Lucas fidgets. He’s going to go home and check on the babies. As he leaves, he asks Roman to talk some sense into Sami. Roman waits for him to go and asks Sami what that was all about. She tells him Lucas wants her to come home. She has to stay here with EJ, though. He’s not doing well. Sami tells him it was awful. She looks at him closely. Was he the one that shot EJ?

Bo asks Kate again where she got the gun. She tells him she bought it off the street for protection. Bo wonders why she threatened the DiMeras with it. Kate replies loftily, “It was a personal matter.” Besides, she wasn’t threatening anyone. Bo wants to know what the matter was about, but Kate refuses to say. Bo relents. He asks her where the gun is now. She decided she didn’t want it anymore. You know, someone could get hurt. Bo muses. She seems quite the responsible citizen. What did she do with it? The responsible citizen tells him she put it in a dumpster. It was in an alley, somewhere. Bo frowns. That really narrows it down. She apologizes. Bo thanks her for her cooperation and tells her not to leave town. She looks pretty guilty at this point. Kate gapes.

Belle hears Shawn coming up the stairs and stuffs Phillip’s card in her bra. Shawn rushes in and asks about Claire. Belle tells him about the accident with the coffee. Claire is going to be fine. Belle feels terrible, but Shawn wants her to let it go. Claire is a toddler. They have accidents. It happens. Shawn wishes he could have been there for both of them. Belle changes the subject. Did they find out who shot EJ? He says no, but his dad let him fill out the report. Belle thinks that sounds official. She’s really happy for him. Shawn is glad. Police work is what he knows he wants to do. Shawn notices Claire’s new teddy bear. Shawn launches into a volley of questions. Where did she get it? Who gave them a ride home from the hospital? Was it Marlena? Belle fidgets. Shawn fumes. It was Phillip, of course.

At the station, Bo asks Abe for an update on EJ. Abe tells him he is hanging in there. Abe asks him about taking Bo’s gun. Bo tells him he still has it. Roman was pretty upset about handing it over. Bo saw that he was upset about Sami, though, so he knew the temptation was there. Bo knew he had to remove it by taking is weapon. Abe reminds him Roman has other guns. Bo asks if Roman is a suspect. Abe says no, at this point. Bo nukes. At this point? Abe knows Roman would never do this. Abe knows. In fact, he wants Roman to work beside them on this case. He asks Abe if he has seen Shawn. Abe says he left a little while ago. Bo wonders where he went. Abe doesn’t know. He didn’t tell anyone he was leaving. Bo curses, “Damn it, Shawn!”

Shawn rages. Belle couldn’t find him, so she called in backup? Belle falls apart. Phillip was there when Claire had the accident. He gave them a ride. What was she supposed to do, turn him down? Shawn calms. She’s right. It was the best thing to do. Belle wishes he wouldn’t worry. She has made things very clear to Phillip. Shawn thinks that Phillip doesn’t get the message. Belle tells him she turned Phillip down for ice cream. She told him he couldn’t use Claire to get to her anymore. Shawn can’t believe it. Did she tell him about the wedding, too? Belle averts her gaze. She says she told him. He took it pretty well. He knows she loves Shawn. Shawn is glad, because he doesn’t want anyone kissing her mouth but him. They hug and kiss. Belle flashes back to making love to Phillip.

Outside the mansion, Kate calls Phillip and asks him if he got rid of the gun. Phillip wants to know why she had it. Kate reminds him they had a “no questions” policy. He asks if she heard that EJ was still alive. Kate rolls her eyes. Phillip doesn’t think it’s safe to talk. He will call her first thing in the morning so they can arrange to meet. She insists she has nothing to say. Phillip tells her he can talk to her or the cops. It’s her choice. Kate sighs. Phillip says he will see her in the morning.

Back at the apartment, Lucas wraps his gun in bubble wrap and packs it in a box. A delivery guy shows up at the door. Lucas hands him the package. The guy looks at it. He asks Lucas if he realizes he is sending this to himself. Lucas knows. It’s a practical joke. The delivery guy shakes his head and leaves. Lucas exhales heavily.

Roman asks Sami why she would think he shot EJ? She doesn’t think that’s answer. He tells her he didn’t do it. She sighs with relief. She’s sorry she had to ask. Stefano kept blathering about fathers and how they would do anything for their children. Roman leans down, “What the hell is this?” He finds a bullet hole in the hem of Sami’s dress. Maybe EJ wasn’t the only one who was supposed to die tonight. Sami pales.


Bo tells Hope, “I'm really trying hard--” Hope interrupts, “There is not a member in this family who has murder in their heart.”

Stefano tells Roman, “There's not a Brady on this earth that will have a moment of peace.”

Sami tells Lucas, “If EJ dies--” Lucas interrupts, “Then that's one less psycho in this world we got to worry about it.” Sami says, “No, we’re all going to die.”

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