Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/9/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/9/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Bo walks into the police station to find Shawn filing papers. He makes a joke about Shawn remembering his alphabet. Shawn tells him he has a lot of messages for Roman. Bo tells him Roman is taking a personal day. Shawn seems surprised he won’t be attending Sami’s wedding. Bo tells him he fears for EJ’s life if he does. Shawn can’t believe Sami has agreed to marry that scumbag. Bo sighs. They can’t convince her otherwise, either. He asks how Shawn’s first day on the job is going. Shawn tells him about the filing. Also, a drunk came in singing “I Got to Be Me.” Also, some prostitutes. Some of them looked young and scared. Bo tells him this job can get you down. People can do pretty terrible things to themselves and each other. Shawn thinks it was a pretty busy night. Bo chuckles and tells him to wait for the weekend. And remember—he won’t always be at the bottom of the food chain. But while he’s still a grub, he can refill Bo’s coffee. Shawn rushes off to do so. Bo takes out Roman’s gun. He flashes back to taking it from Roman.

At the pub, Belle sits with Claire. Shawn calls and tells her how great it feels to be at work. Since his mom and dad have been here for so many years, it really feels like coming home. She is still worried for his safety. Shawn tells her that John didn’t die because of the cops. In fact, they were the ones that caught the guy that did this. Shawn is becoming a cop so he can speak for victims like John. Belle asks Claire if she would like to say hello to her daddy. As she hands Claire the phone, Phillip walks in with a toy for Claire. She rushes up to him and says, “Hi, Daddy.” Belle stares. Shawn looks at the phone and asks, “Belle? Claire? You there?”

At St. Luke’s, Sami walks down the aisle. Several hands point guns at EJ and Stefano from the shadows. She reaches the altar. EJ asks her if she is alright. She is, so the ceremony begins.

Shawn calls Belle back. He gets her voicemail and leaves a message. He takes Bo his cup of coffee, but it’s short on sugar. Bo grimaces. Shawn will learn the coffee around here needs all the help it can get. Shawn tells him he lost Belle’s call. He hopes everything is alright. Bo doesn’t think anything could be wrong. They have set a wedding date. Everything is smooth sailing from here on out. Bo asks if Shawn confronted Phillip about the letter. Shawn fidgets. He decided not to say anything. Bo is confused. What changed Shawn’s mind?

Belle rushes over to Claire and suggests she finish coloring. Phillip beams. Claire still sees him as her daddy. Belle snaps. She was on the phone with Shawn when Phillip came in. She is just confused. Phillip tells Belle he brought Claire’s toys from the mansion. Belle sighs. She thought they agreed that he should see less of Claire. Phillip says she decided that. He doesn’t think it’s fair to punish Claire for what happened between them. Belle snorts. Claire will get over it. Belle tells him she needs to study for a test. Phillip gets it. She wants him to get lost. That is fine, but he wants Belle to know he won’t lie to Claire. When she wonders why he was ever around in the future, he’s going to tell her the truth.

The priest begins reading the vows. He asks EJ if he will take Samantha to be his wife. He will. EJ places the ring on Sami’s finger. The priest then asks Sami if she will take EJ as her husband. She hesitates. EJ prompts her to say “I do” to save her family. Sami meekly agrees. She places the ring on EJ’s finger. The guns hone in on EJ. Father Kelly pronounces them husband and wife. Stefano claps. EJ goes to kiss Sami, but she backs off. He rolls his eyes. This is just customary. Shots ring out. EJ falls to the floor. Sami shrieks for someone to help them. Stefano shouts out for someone to call 911. EJ looks at Sami and chokes. He is so sorry. Stefano gathers EJ into his arms. He begs him to hold on and keep breathing.

Belle tells Phillip that she has to take Claire up for her bath, but she appreciates the toys. Phillip didn’t just come over for that. He also wanted to apologize. She says there is no need. They were both in that bed. Phillip knows he has been trying to push Shawn’s buttons for a while now. He doesn’t blame her for wanting him out of her life. Belle sighs. They were all such good friends. She wishes it hadn’t turned out this way. Phillip reminds her he and Shawn are in love with the same woman. She wants them all to be friends, but it just isn’t possible. Phillip tells her he doesn’t want to be her friend.

Bo wonders why Shawn changed his mind about confronting Phillip. Shawn grumps. Bo was the one that advised Shawn to let it go. Does Bo have a problem with Phillip now? Shawn just wants to let it go. Everything in the letter was true, and besides, if he goes after Phillip, it will just make things worse. Bo beams. It looks like Shawn is learning from his old man’s mistakes, after all. A cop rushes in and tells them there has been a shooting at St. Luke’s. Bo agrees to let Shawn tag along, but he needs to stay out of the way. Shawn asks about Roman, and Bo tells him they will call him from the car. They rush out. Shawn leaves his cell phone behind.

Medics work on EJ as Stefano hovers and frets. The medic assures him they are doing everything they can to save EJ. Father Kelly tells the police he heard three distinct shots fired. The cop finishes talking to the priest and walks off, telling the medics to let him know if EJ regains consciousness. Stefano nukes. Why is he walking away? He has to find out who did this. The cop tells him they are working on it. In the meantime, they need to take a statement from Stefano. Stefano wants them to quit wasting their time and catch the shooter. The cop informs him Detective Brady will head up the investigation. Stefano needs to talk to him. He rages. The Bradys are the ones who did this! Stefano turns back to EJ, who appears to be waking up. Stefano rushes over and comforts him. He tries to talk to Sami, but she shushes him. He needs to save his strength. EJ whispers that he can’t feel his legs. Stefano yells out for the medics. One of them comes over and examines EJ. They will have to x-ray him before they know more. Stefano sighs and sits in a pew. Sami joins him. She tells Stefano that she and EJ are married now. He promised the vendetta would be over if she did so. So it’s really over now, right? Stefano considers. He said that? Sami huffs.

Belle sighs. Why does Phillip have to make this harder? She doesn’t want to cut him completely out of Claire’s life, but she will have to talk to Shawn about it first. Phillip sighs. He already knows what Shawn will say. He storms off. Claire screams. Belle rushes over to find her on the floor. A broken pot of steaming coffee lies next to her. Claire cries.

Lucas returns to the apartment and relieves Emily, his babysitter. He tips her generously and thanks her for coming on such short notice. After she leaves, Lucas pumps his fist and shouts, “Yes!” He walks over to a cabinet, takes out a bottle, and sniffs the cap.

Stefano hisses at Sami. She vowed to be EJ’s wife until death parted them. Elvis will not die today. Not on his wedding day. He’s won’t allow it. Sami scoffs. It is out if his hands at this point. Stefano knows. It is in her hands. She is the only one that can give EJ the will to live. If she will promise to be the wife Elvis deserves—in every way—then Stefano will keep his promised to end the vendetta. He sails off, “I will see you at the hospital, Mrs. DiMera.”

Belle soothes Claire. Phillip comes rushing in. He was just coming back for his jacket. He comforts Claire and tells her that her daddy is here. Belle cries. She should have knows Claire would go right for her toys and upset the pot. Phillip rushes off for ice. He’ll take Belle and Claire to the emergency room. Belle hugs Claire and tells her everything will be alright.

A knock at the door interrupts Lucas’ thoughts. It’s Billie. She came to tell him she heard about a shooting at Sami and EJ’s wedding. Lucas knows already. Sami is fine, but EJ might not make it. Billie is suspicious. How does he know this? Lucas tells her he was at the wedding. He couldn’t stay here while his wife married another man. So he asked Roman, Bo, Hope, Kayla, and Steve to stage an intervention for Sami at the church. Roman called and told him they had no success. Sami was determined to go through with the wedding. He called a nurse to watch the twins, and headed down to the church. By the time he got there, it was too late. The priest pronounced them man and wife, and then three shots rung out. EJ went down like a ton of bricks. Billie asks him what he did. He sighs. He made sure Sami was alright, and then he left. If Bo and Roman had known he was there, they would have arrested him for the shooting of EJ Wells.

The camera pans up from a pool of blood in the sanctuary. Sami sobs. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Bo and Shawn come in. He tells he is going to call Roman shortly. Is there anything Bo can do? Sami mumbles. Can he make it yesterday? A cop comes up and tells Bo they know there were three shooters, but they have no idea who any of them were. EJ is in bad shape. The hospital will know more. Bo tells him to investigate in the routine manner. He needs to make sure someone checks all the dumpsters in a ten mile radius, and also canvass the area for witnesses who may have seen a car or person speeding away from the area. The cop asks if he knows who did this. Bo chuckles. He doesn’t know anyone who didn’t want that son of a bitch dead. He asks Sami where Stefano is. She tells him he went to the hospital. Bo wants to take her to her grandparents’, but Sami refuses. She has to go to the hospital. She is his wife. She has no choice. Bo tells her to stay there and rushes off. Shawn wonders if she is sure she is up for this. Sami sighs. This day was supposed to mark the end of the vendetta and all the hospitality. Now it has started all over again. Shawn thinks whoever did this is purposely targeting the Bradys. Sami disagrees. A Brady did this. And the last shot hasn’t been fired yet.

At the hospital, a doctor tells Belle she did the right thing covering Claire’s burn with ice. The burns are not that bad. They may blister slightly, but that can be taken care of with band aids and antibiotic ointment. As the doctor listens to Claire’s pulse, Belle frets to Phillip. She feels like a bad mother. She goes off to call Shawn and gets his voicemail. She tells him she is at the hospital with Claire. She had an accident, but she is fine now. Kate shows up and asks about Claire breathlessly. Belle assures her that Claire is fine. Phillip insisted on coming because Claire was very frightened. She just got burned with some hot coffee. She’s fine. Kate came because Titan told her Phillip was here. She needs to talk to him right away.

Billie brings Lucas a cup of coffee. She asks if he needs a lawyer. He says no, as long as no one finds out he was at the church. He assures her he did not shoot EJ. In fact, the guy might be dead. This could be the happiest day of Lucas’ life. Billie tells hi not to say that. Lucas wonders why. Everyone knows he hates the guy. Billie nods. Good thing they also know Lucas isn’t a cold-blooded assassin. She frets. Has he ever threatened EJ in public? Lucas nods. He has plenty of motives. His wife was marrying EJ today. Billie says he may have a motive, but he has no means. He doesn’t even own a gun. Lucas fidgets. That’s true. Sami never wanted one in the house. Billie adds that he does have opportunity, since he was at the church. Lucas reminds her no one knows it but her. Billie wants him to tell Bo and Roman. If they find out from someone else, he will just look guilty. Lucas grunts. If he tells them, they will wonder why he was there. Billie wonders the same thing. Lucas thought that Sami might change her mind and come running to him. Billie tells him he has nothing to hide. He needs to start acting like it. Lucas relents. He agrees to call Bo. Billie has to go back to campus, but she wants Lucas to call her if he needs anything. She leaves. Lucas walks over to the chest of drawers and opens it. He pulls the gun out of its box.

Sami asks Shawn to do her a favor and call Lucas and tell him what happened. Shawn thinks she should do it. Lucas will be relieved to hear her voice. She sighs. He will want her to come home, and she can’t do that right now. She just wants Shawn to tell Lucas she loves him and will see him later. A cop walks over to Bo and tells him they found three spent bullet casings. The thing is this—they were found in three different locations. Bo asks if the shots were fired at the same time. The cop nods. All of the witnesses pretty much agree on that point. Bo sighs. So they are looking for three different shooters and three different guns. The co asks if Bo thinks it was a conspiracy. Bo doesn’t. This looks like three amateurs that all wanted the same thing—to see EJ Wells dead. The cop says they have one possible suspect. Stefano DiMera was carrying on about Kate Roberts pulling a gun on himself and EJ earlier in the evening. Bo tells him to find Kate. He needs to talk to her right away. Bo walks over to Shawn and asks if he’s ready to go back to filing. Shawn laughs. He is having a goodtime tagging along. He tells Bo about calling Lucas for Sami. Bo nods. He’s looking for Kate, as well. This shooting may turn out to be quite the family affair.

Steve comes into the pub and hides his gun on the liquor shelf. Caroline comes out and startles him. He was just here to get a beer. Caroline tells him about the shooting at St. Luke’s. She heard about it on the radio. She’s terrified it might be Sami. Steve tells her not to worry. It was EJ that got shot, not Sami. Caroline gasps. How does he know that? Steve fidgets and chugs his beer.

Kate rushes up to Phillip. Thank God he is here. She needs him to get rid of something for her. She hands him her gun. Phillip hisses. What the hell is she doing with this? She tells him not to ask any questions. She needs him to get rid of it. He takes it. What kind of trouble is she in? Kate rushes off without answering. She really appreciates this.

Belle tells Claire how proud she is of her. Her daddy will be so glad she was brave. Claire calls out for her daddy. Phillip comes over and offers to give them a ride back to the pub. But first, he wants to take Claire to get ice cream.

Bo and Shawn knock at Lucas’ door. Lucas shoves the gun back in the box and shits the drawer. He answers the door. Bo needs to talk to him. They tried to call, but got no answer. Lucas tells them he has been busy with the twins. Bo tells him EJ got shot at St. Luke’s. Lucas feigns concern. Is Sami ok? Bo says she is. Elvis, on the other hand, might not make it.

At the hospital, Sami and Stefano lean over EJ as his monitors beep. EJ struggles to speak to Sami. He wants her to love him as much as EJ would. Sami sighs. That is no way to talk. EJ will be fine. He’ll get to see little Johnny grow up. Stefano soothes him. Elvis will be fine. He is not going to lose him or his grandson. A doctor comes in and tells them the operating room is ready for them. He wheels EJ out. Sami asks how EJ is doing. She’s kind of his wife. The doctor tells her he lost a lot of blood. There is also injury to his spinal cord. Stefano tells the doctor to do whatever it takes to save Elvis. He agrees to do everything possible. Stefano frowns. If Elvis dies, this vendetta will continue until the last Brady on earth is dead. Sami reminds him that isn’t what he promised. Stefano doesn’t care. He’s promising now. If Elvis dies, the Bradys will follow. He storms off. Sami stares.


Bo asks Lucas, “Where were you during the wedding?” Lucas asks, “You don't think I shot EJ?” Bo says, “You tell me, man. Did you?”

Belle tells Phillip, “You have to stop doing this.” He asks, “Stop doing what?” She snaps, “Using Claire to get to me.”

Abe asks Roman, “Partner, exactly where were you when the shooting went down?”

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