Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/8/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/8/07


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Kayla and Steve rush into the pub and confront Bo, Hope, and Roman. She cannot believe Sami is marrying EJ tonight. Roman adds that Sami never even told him. Bo jumps in. EJ figured he wouldn’t waste any time since Sami and Lucas got divorced. Hope thinks Sami was too scared to say no. Roman shakes his head. Has she even considered what this will do to her mother so soon after John’s death? They have decided not to tell Marlena. She has too much on her plate at this point to worry about Sami. Hope tells them Lucas wants to enlist them all to help Sami. Bo adds that they are supposed to stage a pseudo intervention. Steve reminds them they have all tried to talk some sense into her before. It hasn’t worked. Hope agrees. This time, they have to be a lot tougher. Kayla and Steve agree to do all they can. Hope wants to formulate a game plan. What will they say? Roman grumbles. He doesn’t want to say anything. He plans on marching in St. Luke’s and dragging her out by her hair. Hope thinks that would be a huge mistake.

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, Lucas leans over the crib and chats with the twins. They are staying home tonight because their mom has to go out. Sami comes out dressed completely in black. Lucas thinks she looks like she’s going to a funeral. Sami says she feels like she is—hopefully the last funeral she ever has to go to. She reminds him how much she hates to do this. It’s awful. Lucas thinks it’s awful to have to see her marry another man. At least he gets to spend a night alone with the twins—his last night. Sami tells him they will be together all the time. She will be right down the hall. Lucas grumps. She will be married to EJ, though. Sami sighs. They have been over this a million times. Lucas knows. He keeps telling her the same thing—if she does this, their future is over forever.

At the mansion, Stefano compliments EJ on his suit. He looks just like his grandfather. Stefano is so proud. Stefano sees they have finally ensured their future and the next generation. Stefano knows how happy EJ is, but he also wants him to remember the great responsibility on his shoulders. EJ promises to raise a son worthy of the name and empire he will inherit. Stefano will see to it that Samantha doesn’t interfere. Kate bursts in, cursing them both. They have both betrayed her. How dare EJ tell Lucas the attempt on her life was staged? EJ promised Lucas would never find out. EJ whines. He doesn’t have time for this. Kate pulls a gun on them, “You MAKE time.”

Roman rages. Hope urges him to keep control of his temper. Roman can’t. His daughter is getting ready to marry that scum EJ Wells. Roman doesn’t know what to do, with the DiMeras forcing her to marry him. Hope reminds him they aren’t forcing her, they are simply manipulating her. Sami is convinced she is doing something noble to make up for all the wrongs of the past. Roman doesn’t get it. They all forgave her a long time ago. Hope sighs. Sami never felt like she measured up to Carrie or Belle. This is her way of showing she does. Roman relents. How do they convince her? Kayla thinks they need to let her know that by choosing EJ, she will be pushing the family away that she wants to protect. Bo agrees. But they need the one person whose attention and approval Sami craves above all—Roman. Roman agrees, but if this plan fails, he’s going to Plan B—shooting EJ dead.

EJ tries to calm Kate. Stefano wants to discuss this. Is she out of her mind? Kate sobs. She and EJ had a deal. She played her part and lied to her son about being a would-be target. EJ chimes in. Kate did a great job. Kate groans. Now Lucas knows she lied, thanks to EJ. She trusted him, and he stabbed her in the back. EJ soothes her. He didn’t do it on purpose. Stefano tells her he had no idea she and EJ had set this up. So when Lucas confronted him, he told the truth. EJ defends himself. Lucas called and told him Kate had already admitted the truth. He didn’t see any point in denying it. Kate huffs. “He tricked you, imbecile.” Stefano chuckles. Perhaps Lucas is cleverer than they give him credit for. At any rate, he is divorced from Sami. Isn’t that all Kate wants, anyway? Kate says he hates her. Stefano tells her it’s just temporary. Lucas disowns her and then takes her back all the time. The binds between mother and son are difficult to break.

Sami instructs Lucas on how to warm the baby bottles. She gets ready to leave. She asks if he has anything to say. Lucas grunts. What should he say? Have a nice life? See you around the building? Will walks in and interrupts. He looks at Sami’s dress. Is she really going through with marrying a criminal? She thought he was ok with it. Will grumbles. He changed his mind. At first he thought it was some heroic deed, but now he sees how stupid it is. Sami tries to explain everything to Will, but he isn’t impressed. Are they supposed to stand by and watch as she marries a guy that raped her? Lucas tells him it’s enough. Will tells him not to worry. He’s out of here, anyway. He wants to go live with Carrie and Austin in Switzerland. Sami reminds him he just got home. Will knows. He loves his mom, and he can’t stand to see her married to EJ. They all agree to talk about this later. Will leaves. Sami thanks Lucas for defending her. Lucas shrugs. Nothing has changed. He just didn’t want to freak Will out. Sami wants to try to talk Will out of going, but Lucas thinks it is for the best. Carrie and Austin have a stable home for him. She can’t argue now. She has to go. Lucas tries one last time to talk her out of it, but she won’t listen. She cries, takes off her wedding ring, and leaves.

EJ tells them it is time he got to the church. He doesn’t want to keep his bride waiting. Stefano reminds him that Samantha is lucky to have him, even if she doesn’t yet realize it. EJ gets ready to leave, but a recently disarmed Kate asks for her gun back. EJ is going to hold on to it. Kate tells him she has calmed down, and Stefano makes EJ return her weapon. EJ unloads it first, just to be safe. He warns her about running around with loaded weapons. EJ tells her to cheer up. She lost a daughter-in-law and gained a son. He leaves. Kate groans. Lucas will never forgive her. Stefano thinks he will. Eventually, he will see that Samantha has loved Elvis all along. He will realize how foolish he has been. He will then know that Kate has been right about Samantha all along, and he will forgive her. She has to let him figure this out for himself. In the meantime, a show of sincere sympathy might help. Today is bound to be one of the darkest days in his life.

At St. Luke’s, Sami lights a candle and prays aloud. She is so confused. She is pretty sure she is doing the right thing and that her actions will save her family. But what if she is wrong and the twins are raised apart, against her wishes? How does she know what the right decision is? Another vision of Colleen appears. She tells Sami she knows what she is doing. Besides, the real question isn’t what she is doing, but why she is doing it. Sami groans. Just because Colleen was in love with a man that deceived her doesn’t mean that Sami is. Colleen loved Santo because she could be who she really was with him. She didn’t have to lie or pretend, and while she didn’t see the truth at first, Santo always did. Sami says her heart belongs to Lucas. Colleen says it may now, but one night, she will find herself wanting EJ and going to his room. She can only deny it for so long. Sami yells at her to shut up. EJ walks in and asks who she is talking to. Sami starts. She says she wasn’t talking to anyone.

Steve has an idea. Perhaps they can deport EJ back to Italy. Bo sighs. They have already thought of that. Unfortunately, both Stefano and EJ are here legally. Steve grumps. They’re both murderers. Bo reminds him there is no proof of any of that. Hope says their only hope is to talk Sami out of the marriage. They get ready to leave. Roman tells Bo he will be along shortly. After they leave, Roman checks his gun.

EJ thinks Sami looks beautiful. In Spain, brides wear black as a symbol of their devotion to their husbands until death. He’s glad she made it. Sami reminds him she had no choice. He sighs. He knows this is difficult. She snaps. How dare he pretend to care or have compassion? EJ tells her she is free to return to Lucas. She tells him as soon as her family is safe, nothing will stop her from doing so. Until then, she’s ready to get married to EJ.

Kate knocks at Lucas’ door. He isn’t thrilled to see her. She came over to apologize. She thinks they need to put their differences aside for today. Lucas snorts. Her apology is not accepted. He has forgiven her a million times, and he refuses to do it again. Kate pleads. There has to be something she can do. She’ll do anything. Lucas wheels on her. “Stop the wedding. Stop Sami from marrying EJ.”

EJ means it. If she doesn’t want to do this, then EJ wants her to go home. He knows this is difficult for her. She tells him she just needs some air. As she rushes out, she runs into Roman, Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla. Roman tells her they need to talk. Sami gapes.

Kate thinks stopping the wedding is impossible. Sami will never listen to Kate. She is just concerned with saving her family. Lucas tells her to try EJ. She says she isn’t close to EJ. There’s nothing she can say to change his mind. So, as Lucas can see, this marriage would have happened with or without her involvement. Lucas is sorry, but that’s the deal. If she wants him in her life, then she has no choice but to stop this wedding. He slams the door in her face.

Sami tells them she doesn’t have time for this. Roman tells her to forget about marrying EJ. It isn’t going to happen. Bo tells her the DiMeras will be more dangerous if she married them. Kayla chimes in. They will all stand by her. If they stick together, DiMeras can’t hurt them. Bo asks her to call this off—if not for them, then for Marlena. Sami is doing this for her mom and John. She will understand. Hope tells her she isn’t helping. Marrying EJ resolves nothing. They all take turns attacking. Sami shouldn’t leave Lucas and Will this way. They all promise to stand behind her and protect her. Roman begs her to leave with them now. Sami faints.

EJ tells Stefano that Sami is in the vestibule, talking to her family. Stefano tells him to go after her before they all talk her out of it. EJ chuckles. They may try, but they will not succeed. He and Samantha are getting married tonight. She has everything staked on being her family’s savior. She won’t give that up no matter what. EJ will be there for her the way her family won’t be. He will be strong and sensitive, and in time, he will win her trust. Stefano adds, “And her obedience.” EJ nods, “Of course.”

Lucas coos and tells the babies he loves them. A knock sounds at the door. Lucas has arranged for a young woman named Emily to baby-sit. He is so glad she could come on such short notice. He tells they have just had their bottles, so they should sleep for a while. She goes of to wash her hands. Lucas takes a pistol out of a locked box. He puts the gun back in the box, hides it in a drawer, and then hides the key. He looks in the mirror and walks off.

Sami comes to and tells everyone she is fine. Kayla thinks it is obvious she can’t marry EJ. She is much too upset. Sami sighs. She is asking for her family’s support here. It would be appreciated. Bo tells her they can’t support her. Roman tells her she can either be a DiMera, or a Brady. She cannot be both. Sami gasps. Are they saying they are turning their backs on her? They just want her to think about the consequences of her actions. Hope says they will stay all night if they have to. She says her mind is made up. Roman begs her one last time to trust her family and do the right thing. Sami huffs. She is choosing EJ, and no one is going to stop her.

Sami walks back into the sanctuary. She apologizes to EJ for looking like such a mess. He beams. He thinks she looks beautiful. She tells him she has to finish getting ready and heads to the back of the church.

Bo comforts Roman. They did their best. Kayla is sorry too. Roman thanks them. They did the best they could. Steve tells him this isn’t over. Roman agrees. Bo thinks Roman should go home. Marlena and the twins are going to need him. Roman vows not to let any of them down. Bo smiles. He wants Roman to hand over his weapon.

Steve tells Kayla he’ll be home soon. He has a few stops to make. Kayla frowns. She hopes one of those stops isn’t St. Luke’s. He promises. He just got Kayla back. He won’t risk their relationship. She tells him they did all they could. He agrees and kisses her goodbye.

Bo says Roman taught him well. When emotions run high, people tend to lose their heads. Roman complies readily. He leaves. Hope is surprised. She has never seen Roman like this. Bo nods. He’s really on edge. Outside, Roman pulls a gun out of his sock and looks at it.

Stefano comments on the flowers. EJ asks if he has the rings. He does. A woman in black comes in and sits in the back pew. EJ asks who she is. Stefano doesn’t know. In Italy, you see women like her all the time. They sit in church all day and pray. Stefano asks about Sami. EJ tells him she is fixing her face. Stefano worries. EJ shouldn’t have let her go. The Bradys don’t give up that easily. EJ looks round to see the woman in black has vanished. He wonders where she went as Sami begins to walk down the aisle. As she goes, she passes the woman in black. The woman fits her hand inside a glove. She clutches a gun. As Sami approaches the altar, the camera pans to three different hands--all holding guns pointed in EJ’s direction.


Bo tells Shawn, “Your Uncle Roman is taking a personal day.” Shawn asks, “He's not going to the wedding?” Bo says, “I'd fear for Junior's life if he did.”

The priest drones, “Do you take Elvis to be your husband for better or worse, to love and to cherish until death do you part?” as the gloved hands hone in on EJ with their guns. Just as the priest says, “You may kiss the bride,” several shots ring out.

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