Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/7/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/7/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Kate finds Phillip working in his office. He gets off the phone and complains about all the work that backed up in his absence. She asks if he regrets giving Tyler up. Phillip sighs sadly. He thinks it was the right thing to do. Kate commiserates. At least he still has Claire. Phillip tells her Belle told him not to come around any more. Shawn is jealous, so she is pushing him away. Kate thinks Phillip had to know this would happen. He sulks. Belle loves him. She is just staying with Shawn out of guilt.

At the pub, Shawn looks eagerly at a shocked Bo and Hope. He asks if they’re going to say anything about his impending marriage. They both say they are shocked. Hope shifts uncomfortably. She thinks this is terrific. Bo agrees. They offer half-hearted congratulations. Bo grins widely at Belle and welcomes her to the family. He asks Shawn to join him downstairs at the bar for a drink and a father-son talk. Bo and Shawn leave. Hope turns on Belle. She’s impressed. Belle fidgets. It was all Shawn’s idea. She knows it’s sudden and impulsive, but she couldn’t say no. Shawn would want a reason. Hope sighs. That’s what lies do best—they grow.

At Lucas and Sami’s apartment, Sami turns EJ down flat. She can’t marry him tomorrow. She needs more time. EJ sighs. All the arrangements have been made. All she has to do is show up at the church. In 36 hours, they’ll be husband and wife.

Bo chats with Shawn at the bar. He wanted to talk to him. Maybe now isn’t the best time to get married. After all, Shawn is focusing on his career and getting a permanent place to live. Shawn doesn’t get it. Last week, Bo was hassling him to make an “honest woman” out of Belle. Bo just wants to make sure this is best for everyone. Shawn sighs. He knows the timing isn’t perfect, but he is afraid that if they keep waiting for everything to be perfect, they will never get married. Bo thinks they might want to wait. Sometimes people get caught up with emotions and make snap decision they can’t take back. Shawn knows something is on Bo’s mind. He tells Bo to stop beating around the bush and tell him what’s going on.

Belle tells Hope there’s no need to lie anymore. She cut Phillip out of her life. Hope doesn’t want to lecture Belle. She just doesn’t want her marrying her son out of a sense of guilt. Belle loves Shawn. She just wants to make him happy. Hope tells her that is why they have decided not to tell Shawn. Belle nuked. Bo knows?! Now he hates her, too. Hope tells her she can’t risk her marriage keeping a secret like that. She promised she wouldn’t tell Shawn, and she hasn’t. She and Bo both know to judge Belle on how she acts in the future, not on her past mistakes. In the end, Belle has to want this marriage as much as Shawn does. Hope is not convinced of that.

Kate is confused. How does Phillip know that Belle loves him? Has something happened? Phillip fidgets and lies. He says nothing has, yet. Kate reminds him Belle left him for Shawn. Phillip sighs. He knows, but there is still something there between him and Belle. She won’t admit it, but there is. He thinks Belle is staying with Shawn because he is Claire’s father. Kate stops him. He can’t do this again. The last time Kate tried to convince Belle she was in love with Phillip, it blew up in both of their faces. If Phillip really loves Belle, he will accept her decision to be with Shawn. Phillip smirks. Does Kate mean the same way she respects Lucas’ decision to be with Sami?

Sami tells EJ a marriage that soon is impossible. Lucas wonders if this is how the whole marriage will go. Will EJ just lay down the law and expect Sami to follow suit? EJ was hoping it would be an equal partnership. EJ gets that Sami doesn’t return his feelings. But he has agreed to marry her to help her family. That doesn’t make him a bad person. Lucas snorts. All EJ cares about is getting Sami into bed. Sami stops them. She needs at least two weeks to settle in and get the twins acclimated to a schedule. EJ says they don’t have that time. His father has taken a turn for the worse. He’s going back to Italy, and he has demanded to see the wedding before he goes. They have to do it tomorrow.

Kate tells Phillip the Sami thing is completely different. Look what she did to Austin. She will destroy Lucas if Kate doesn’t step in. Phillip thinks he’s pretty happy, apart from the DiMeras interfering in his marriage. Kate huffs. Sami is probably in love with EJ. She should be. They are two of a kind. Phillip thinks she has changed. Kate disagrees. No one does an about-face that quickly. Phillip leans back. So she is saying she can interfere in Lucas’ life, but not his? Kate is trying to protect Lucas. Phillip is just selfishly interfering in someone else’s relationship. He is the head of a major corporation. The last thing he needs is to get caught with another man’s wife in his arms. Phillip leans forward. That’s just it. He’s going to make sure Belle never becomes Shawn’s wife.

Belle assures Hope she wants nothing more than to become Shawn’s wife. She had one weak moment, and she told Phillip that it could never happen again. It doesn’t matter whether he accepts it or not. She’ll never betray Shawn again as long as she lives. Hope wants to believe her. She wants Belle’s word she won’t hurt Shawn again. Belle swears on her life. Belle thanks her. She asks Hope if she thinks Bo will keep her secret. Hope sighs. She thinks Bo will do whatever is best for his son.

Bo swears he isn’t beating around the bush. He just wants to make sure that this is what Shawn really wants. Shawn knows it’s more than that. Is this about the academy? Bo says no. Shawn will make a great cop. Shawn frowns. Then this must be about Belle. Bo tells him he is just worried because he and Belle have both been married before. Shawn reminds Bo that he wasn’t meant to be with Mimi any more than Belle was meant to be with Phillip. What is Bo afraid is going to happen if he marries Belle?

Lucas tells Sami she doesn’t have to do this today or any other day if she doesn’t want to. It is still her choice. EJ tells them Stefano is excited about the wedding. He’ll be quite angry if it is postponed. Lucas agreed to the divorce, but he doesn’t like the idea of Sami marrying EJ right away. EJ groans. Must he remind Lucas of the vendetta and what happened to John? Lucas turns to Sami. The DiMeras have attacked her step dad and his mom. They are being manipulated, and they’re letting it happen. EJ tells them this has been going on since before they were all born. It isn’t a conspiracy on EJ’s part. Sami frowns. The vendetta is real, but it’s all going to be over with tomorrow. Lucas rages. He guesses she ought to start getting ready for her wedding. He storms out. EJ tries to apologize, but Sami cuts him off. EJ doesn’t want to argue. He wants to celebrate the beginning of a new time for their families. He wants his son—now.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas confronts Stefano. He is forcing Sami to marry his lunatic son. Stefano knows all of this. When she and Elvis marry, the feud will be over forever. Lucas doesn’t believe a word Stefano says. EJ is just like his father. He will do anything to get what he wants. Lucas can’t believe Stefano would agree to sacrifice Kate after all she has done for him. Stefano seems confused. Lucas reminds him he sent his goons after Kate the other night. Stefano denies it. He would never hurt Kate for any reason. If he wanted someone dead, they would be. End of story. He asks about the attack on Kate. Lucas brushes him off. Stefano can go to hell. Lucas will figure this out himself. He stomps out. Stefano chuckles. He thinks someone needs to teach that little pip-squeak some manners.

Kate begs Phillip not to waste his time. Belle and Shawn’s marriage is a foregone conclusion. Phillip isn’t so sure. They have been back from Tinda Lao for months. He thinks someone’s not ready, and it isn’t Shawn. Kate isn’t sure. Belle’s hesitation to marry Shawn doesn’t mean she’s in love with Phillip. Phillip sighs. He has a meeting to get to. She only came to tell him the news about Sami, Lucas, and EJ. Phillip can’t believe it. She finally got what she wanted. Phillip tells her to enjoy her victory. It has even given him hope.

Shawn asks Bo if there is some reason he shouldn’t marry Belle. Bo tells him Belle will make a great wife. Shawn thinks he can’t ask for better. Bo chuckles uncomfortably. Shawn knows there’s things he needs to work on to get his life straight, but he just feels like he can do anything with Belle by his side. Shawn wants to toast to his beautiful bride--the next in a long line of Brady women.

Belle knows they only want what’s best for Shawn, but what if Bo tells. Hope nods grimly. There’s no guarantee he won’t tell. Trust is very important to him. He could be telling Shawn right now. Instead, Bo walks in with Shawn and asks where the wedding will be held. Shawn says he hasn’t quite figured that part out. Belle asks where they were. Shawn says they were just talking. Bo gave them his blessing. Hope doesn’t think he needs a formal blessing, but if so, she gives hers as well. They all hug. Bo and Hope stare at each other.

Sami brings out Johnny. He just woke up, so she’d rather he didn’t hold him. He begs. She relents. Sami gets serious. From here on out, this isn’t about them. The most important thing in the world is this child. And what her son needs is to be with his sister. EJ says it is alright for tonight, but tomorrow, the three of them will start off on their lives together, as a family. EJ coos at the baby and tells him they will all live happily ever after.

Lucas bursts into Phillip’s office to find Kate on the phone. Kate tells him Phillip is gone. Lucas is here to see her. Stefano told him he had nothing to do with Kate’s attack. Kate supposes that could be true, but Stefano is hardly reliable. Lucas believes it. Kate isn’t a Brady. There is no vendetta against her. She snorts. John wasn’t either. Besides, she was married to one. Lucas narrows his eyes. He thinks this has her and EJ’s names all over it. Kate snorts. She has no motive. Why would she do such a thing? Lucas isn’t sure of that yet. Maybe she wants him to go through with the divorce. She resents that accusation. Lucas takes out his phone. He calls EJ, who answers immediately. Lucas tells EJ that Kate just admitted that she and EJ faked that attack on her. EJ scoffs. It was all Kate’s idea. Lucas grins and hangs up. He shakes his head. Kate betrayed him again. She’s done some unbelievable things, but this takes the cake. How could she team up with Stefano and EJ against him? How could she? She is using Sami’s guilt over John to drive her into EJ’s arms. Kate tells him the divorce was Sami’s idea, not hers. Lucas only agreed to it because he wanted to protect Kate. He can’t believe how stupid that was. Kate sobs. She only did it because she cared about him. Lucas rages. He doesn’t want to hear it. Kate tries another tactic. She was afraid for the Bradys. She knew Sami had to marry EJ to stop the feud. Lucas laughs. Kate doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself. Kate tells him she cares for her family very much. She doesn’t want to see any of her children caught in the crosshairs over this feud. Lucas tells her he hopes she is happy. She got what she wanted. He divorced Sami, but Kate can kiss him and her grandchildren goodbye--forever.

EJ thinks Johnny is beautiful and special. He can see it in his eyes. Sami wants to know why Lucas called him. EJ deflects the question. He tells her Lucas called with the usual threats and accusations. Sami isn’t buying it. She heard what EJ said. Was he talking about Kate? EJ shrugs. She will have to ask Lucas. He really wishes Lucas could appreciate the sacrifice they are making her family. EJ is breathless with excitement. They will be a real family, the three of them, and it’s all beginning shortly. Sami asks what he knows about family. She’ll find that all out tomorrow. Maybe he will surprise her. He leaves. Sami sighs. This is not what she wanted. A vision of Colleen appears. She smiles at Sami She thinks Sami is getting exactly what she wants. They both know it.

Bo and Hope walk downstairs and sit at a booth. Bo can tell Belle knows he knows. She looked on edge while they were upstairs. Hope tells him Belle was afraid he would tell Shawn. Bo wonders if Shawn is pushing marriage because he senses something is wrong. Hope isn’t sure. She hopes not. She told Belle that if she didn’t avoid Phillip she would tell Shawn everything. Belle swore up and down she would. Bo asks if she believes her. Hope sighs. She thinks Belle believes it. Bo came close to telling Shawn. He hopes they’re doing the right thing. So does Hope.

Belle frets. Shawn was gone a long time. Is he sure Bo is ok with them getting married? Shawn thinks they were both just in shock about the timing. Belle smiles. Thanksgiving will be here before they know it. Shawn tells her that his parents love her and support them. On Thanksgiving he’ll be thanking his lucky stars for Belle. Belle smiles. She’ll be giving thanks for him. They hug.

Sami tells Colleen she is wrong. She loves Lucas. She only feels disgust for EJ. Colleen tells her if that were true, nothing on earth would persuade her to marry him. Sami scoffs. Does she doubt her commitment to ending this vendetta? Colleen thinks it helps console her. She came to help Sami see she doesn’t need excuses and lies. Sami can’t believe this. Colleen helped start the vendetta. Colleen wants to make sure Sami ends it the right way. Sami wonders what was so special about Santo. Why did Colleen turn her back on her family for him? Colleen tells her it’s the same things Sami finds attractive in EJ. Danger. Desire. Freedom. Sami frowns. It isn’t like that for her. Colleen thinks she is wrong. She and Sami are more alike than it seems. She wants her to look in a mirror, then look inside herself and ask which man she wants to be with.

EJ goes to the mansion to tell Stefano the wedding is all set for the next day. Stefano is glad. He wants to hear about his grandson. EJ gushes. He us the most perfect, beautiful baby in the world. Stefano wants to see him, but EJ tells him he agreed to let the boy spend one last night with his mother and sister. Stefano grumps. The boy needs his father. EJ reminds him it is just one night. Stefano doesn’t want anyone to get in the way of the boy’s destiny. Even Stefano’s own father had no scruples about taking him from his own mother. He wants Gianni taken to Italy immediately to be raised there. EJ can’t do that to Sami. Stefano scoffs. He can’t be raised by Bradys. All they can teach him is buffoonery and weakness. The sooner EJ realizes that, the better.

Belle and Shawn kiss. He loves her. She loves him, too, even though he smells like beer. He goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth, as Belle thinks about her encounter with Phillip. Right on cue, Phillip calls. She asks what he wants. He needs to talk to her. It can be a public place. She tells him this has to stop. Phillip sighs. He can’t stop thinking about her. She tells him she is getting married on Thanksgiving. Shawn comes out and she hags up. She tells him it was a wrong number. Shawn ambles over to her. He’s glad, because he doesn’t want any distractions. Phillip stares out of his window and grimaces.

Lucas bursts into the pub and tells Bo and Hope things aren’t going well. EJ has set the wedding for tomorrow. Bo and Hope gasp. Lucas nods. Sami is going to go through with it, too. They have to stop her. Bo isn’t sure. Sami is pretty determined. Lucas just wants them to promise to be at the wedding. He needs all the Bradys there. Sami is getting herself an intervention.

Sami sighs. She doesn’t feel anything for EJ. She has said as much a million times. Colleen tells her she’ll have to face the truth soon enough. She’ll face it every time she goes to bed and wakes up-- the man Sami can’t live without. Sami screams at her to shut up and leave her alone.

EJ reminds Stefano Sami is the woman he loves. They will raise their child together, but Stefano has nothing to fear. He will be a DiMera through and through, and Stefano will be around to make sure of it. So, none of this talk of his of going home to Italy. Stefano chuckles. He is leaving after the ceremony. He cannot wait to see Tuscany again. Stefano is proud of EJ, and Santo would be too. He has made it possible for his grandfather’s soul to rest after all these years. However, EJ’s work is not done. The future of the family rests in EJ’s hands and little Gianni’s hands. EJ must never forget that.


Kayla asks Bo and Hope, “Sami is marrying EJ tonight?” Roman adds, “Without letting me know.”

Lucas tells Sami, “Our future is over forever.”

Kate yells at Stefano, “You betrayed me -- you and your lying son.” EJ interrupts, “Can we do this later? I really don't have time now.” Kate pulls a gun and shouts, “You make time.”

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