Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/6/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/6/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Max and Stephanie tend bar. A guy winks snidely and asks Stephanie for a virgin sex on the beach. She goes off on him, so Max helps him. He grins at Stephanie. Any time she needs help, she just needs to ask.

Across the bar, Nick shows off a ball invitation to Chelsea. Artemis and DeMarquette are the sons of an ambassador. He is holding a ball in Nick’s honor. He wants to know if Chelsea wants to go. She kisses him as an answer. Jett interrupts. He is sorry, but they have a problem with Ford Decker. He might get away with rape.

At their apartment, Sami and Lucas talk about EJ. Sami wishes she could have seen his face when the cops set up that fake quarantine at Steve and Kayla’s. Lucas grumps. Sami wants him to focus on their beautiful children for right now. Lucas fumes and walks off.

Shawn rages about Phillip playing dirty. Belle stops him. She is the one that wrote the letter to the academy, not Phillip. She had just lost her dad, and the thought of Shawn becoming a cop and dying killed her. She knew she couldn’t take losing someone else she cared about.

At their house, Bo nukes over the news of Belle’s affair with Phillip. Bo can’t believe he just lectured Shawn about not going after Phillip. Hell, Bo would like to take him down himself. Shawn has to know the truth. Hope stops him. Look at what he did to Phillip when he thought he sent the letter to the academy. She is afraid Shawn will kill Phillip if he finds out he slept with Belle. Bo refuses to keep this is a secret. Hope tries to make excuses. Maybe Belle wasn’t thinking straight. Her father had just died. If Shawn finds out, he will throw a lot more than punches at Phillip. It would kill any chances that he may make it into the academy. Bo fumes. He just cannot believe Belle would betray Shawn this way. Hope sighs. Doesn’t Bo see now that they can’t tell Shawn? Bo disagrees. He thinks they have to tell him.

Shawn rants. He cannot believe Belle killed his career behind his back. She cries. She had just buried her father. She was a mess when she wrote that letter. She wishes she could take it back now. Shawn tells she can’t. He thought she was the one person he could trust. He is really disappointed. She snivels. She didn’t want him to die. Shawn groans. He applied in the first place to make their lives better. Why didn’t she just tell him about her concerns? She was afraid he would hate her, and it looks like she is right.

Chelsea sighs. Ford Decker’s rich parents bailed him out of jail. Jett tells her it gets worse. His father is a top lawyer with lots of connections. Jett tells them the D.A. is probably dropping the charges right now. Jett wanted them to know there is going to be a lot of pressure on the dean of the disciplinary board. Cordy needs to be ready for the hearing. At this point, it’s her word against his. Morgan doesn’t have a case, because Ford never attacked her. Anyone could have drugged her drink. Since Ford insists everything was consensual, and since Morgan can’t remember anything, Cordy is the key in the case. Her testimony is all they have.

Stephanie doesn’t know how Max remembers how to make all these drinks. He tells her he’s brilliant. Since she is gorgeous, they make two great bartenders. She tells him she has a few tricks up her sleeve other than looks. She shows him how to tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue. Max marvels. Morgan walks up. Max greets her and hands the bar over to Stephanie. He walks off with Morgan. Stephanie huffs.

Sami begs Lucas to forget about the DiMeras for once. She just wants to focus on the twins right now. Lucas fumes. He cannot let her walk out the door and become Mrs. EJ Wells. That doesn’t sound like a great future to him. He just doesn’t know how to let her go. He can’t do it.

Max tells Morgan he has been trying to call her. She knows. She hasn’t called back because she was embarrassed. He warned her about Ford, and she took him home anyway. Max comforts her. Everyone thought he was drunk. She sighs. She just came by to give him a chance to say “I told you so.”

Jett tells them Billie is afraid for all of the girls on campus. If Cordy folds, Ford won’t stop attacking people. Cordy wasn’t his first victim, and she won’t be his last, either. Chelsea understands. They just have to make sure Cordy shows up for the hearing and tells the truth. Jett nods. Jett tells Nick he was impressed with the way he handled Artemis and DeMarquette. He leaves. Chelsea beams. She is impressed, too. Nick says it is about time, since he has the looks, the body, and the girl. She smiles. He would have the girl if he would shut up and kiss her.

Of course, Shawn could never hate Belle. He hugs her. There is nothing she could do that he wouldn’t forgive. Belle stares guiltily. She whimpers. She’s so sorry.

Hope wants Bo to think, but he refuses. Shawn has given up so much to be with Belle and Claire, and this is how Belle repays him? By sleeping with Phillip? Hope thinks she has learned her lesson. Bo disagrees. They can’t trust her. After all, they trusted her to never cheat on Shawn, and she did anyway. Hope is just worried Shawn will be lost without Belle. It could destroy his life. Bo thinks it’s better than Phillip telling Shawn. Bo is sure he will, and that will be worse. No Kiriakis will get away with this. Hope reminds him they are talking about Phillip and Shawn. Is this about Shawn, or is it really about Bo? Bo considers.

Belle’s thoughts wander off as Shawn tells her he loves her. He asks what she is thinking about. She says she still feels badly about sending the letter. Shawn understands, but she needs to know that Shawn is doing this for his family, just like Belle is going to be a nurse for the same reason. Belle smiles. She can handle it. If being a cop is what Shawn wants, she will stand behind him. Shawn figured out what she was thinking about earlier. She was thinking that they both proposed, but they aren’t married yet. What does she say; should they make this official? Belle gapes.

Max tells Morgan he’s not the “I told you so” type of guy. Morgan sighs. She could have been smarter about the whole thing. Max doesn’t agree. She can’t walk around brandishing mace every time she talks to a guy. Max is just glad she didn’t get hurt. Morgan tells him people actually believe Ford’s story. Max wouldn’t believe the things people are saying about her and Cordy. Max thinks Cordy is going to need all the help she can get. Morgan knows the sisters will stand behind her. Max has to go back to work, but Morgan wanted to give him a kiss first. He asks what it is for. She tells him it’s for being a man—a real man.

Stephanie tries her hand at making Fuzzy Navels. Ford barges into the bar and demands a drink. Nick and Chelsea watch from across the room as Stephanie tells him off. They don’t serve pigs here. Several of the Alpha Chi Theta sisters speak up and cheer Stephanie on. Ford scowls. She is a wage slave, and she had better get his drink like he asked. Max rushes over and relieves Stephanie. He gets in Ford’s face. They will not serve him here. Ford whines. Max tells him to go call his rich daddy and complain. Max doesn’t have time for this. Ford can either walk out of the door under his own will, or Max can throw him out. It’s his choice.

Sami reminds Lucas this isn’t about him losing her now. She is doing this so they can be together forever—far from fears of the DiMeras. For right now, EJ just has to be a small part of their lives. A knock sounds at the door. It’s EJ. He has selected three places for their honeymoon, and he wanted to check with Sami to see which she prefers. Lucas glares. EJ coughs. He knows this is highly inappropriate, but it won’t happen again. Sami tells him she isn’t going anywhere. She has newborn twins to take care of. EJ tells her he has arranged for a nanny to accompany them. She tells him he’s out of his mind. Lucas tells her to think about it. It’s a nice trip. They might as well get all they can out of the DiMeras while it’s still possible. What are the suggestions? EJ tries Tuscany. Lucas smiles at EJ. Sami has fair skin, and the twins can’t be in the sun at all. That one is out. What else does he have?

Ford smirks. He doesn’t take orders from grease monkey grunts like Max. Max goes after him but Nick stops him. Ford is clearly baiting him. If he takes a swing, Ford’s dad will make sure he serves time for assault. Max doesn’t care. He goes after Ford again. Ford backs off. He doesn’t have time for this anyway. He has a big meeting with the disciplinary board. Bit no one needs to worry. He’s not going anywhere—especially to jail. He smiles smugly and leaves.

Bo refuses to sit back and watch Victor’s son make a fool out of Shawn. He’s protecting his family, that’s all. Hope has already thought this through. She wanted to tell Shawn the truth too, but she knew it would destroy him. Bo thinks he is tough, but Hope isn’t so sure. He is not quite an adult yet. Doesn’t Bo remember all the dumb mistakes he made at that age? He does. He gets that Hope wants him to keep his mouth shut, but it won’t be easy. Plus, he will never be able to look at Belle the same way again.

Shawn wonders if Belle changed her mind about getting married. She tells him it hasn’t seemed right. They’re in debt, she started school, her dad died, and they live over a pub. Shawn knows he’s going to find work soon. Belle agrees to try and find a pert-time job between classes. Shawn reminds her their wedding doesn’t have to be a huge affair. Family is what is most important. Belle sighs. She wishes her dad could be there. Shawn says he will. Belle fidgets. She isn’t sure the time is right. Shawn says he won’t push her. If she’s having second thoughts, no big deal. Belle says she isn’t. Shawn tells her he will wait--until Thanksgiving. No one will be traveling between then and Christmas. It’s perfect. She doesn’t think so. They can’t afford a honeymoon. Shawn jokingly suggests the backseat of a car right here in Salem. Shawn begs her to make him, Claire, and their moms happy. Won’t she please marry him? Belle flashes back to Hope telling her she has to cut Phillip out of her life if she wants Hope to keep her secret.

Sami asks a disgruntled EJ about the third destination. He tells her it’s Paris, but he’s sure she doesn’t want to go spend time with any smelly Parisians. Lucas looks at a brochure and rips it up. Sami laughs. She’s sorry he feels that way. She’d love to go to Paris one day. Lucas chimes in. He would too. EJ frowns. He wanted to do this civilly, but apparently that isn’t possible. He snaps at Sami to bring his son to him--now.

Max asks Stephanie if she is alright. She tells him she went blank when she saw Ford. She didn’t know what to say. Max tells her she was perfect. He thinks she deserves the night off. He can cover for her. Stephanie shakes her head. She doesn’t want Adrienne to think she cant handle a guy who’s had a few. Max will handle it. Stephanie thanks him. They hug.

Chelsea looks around and smirks. Ford sure sucked the life out of the party. Morgan frets. She should have done something, but she just froze when she saw him. Chelsea comforts her. She is going to try to liven things up in here. Chelsea gets on stage and tells the crowd there are goodie bags with tons of environmentally safe products inside. They’ve been provided as a thanks for all the hard work they did cleaning the lake and planting trees. Plus, all the Greeks pledged to bring energy consumption on campus down by ten percent. Chelsea beams. They did it.

Belle shakes her head. It is too soon for her mom. She wants her smiling at their wedding. Plus, she is afraid Bo and Hope won’t want her marrying Shawn after they find out about the letter she sent. Shawn tells her he won’t say anything. He tells her he has another shot at the academy in January. He thinks he’ll look more stable if he’s married. He pleads. This is their ever after. So marry him, already.

Sami squirms. The twins are asleep. EJ rolls his eyes. After the nonsense last night, he had his lawyers draw up some papers. She and Lucas need to have a look at them. Lucas smirks. A court order, so what? What judges did EJ pay off this time? EJ snaps. Just get him his son. Lucas tells him the baby isn’t going anywhere. Sami agrees. EJ sighs. Look at the court order. It clearly states the child is going with EJ. Lucas tells him to leave. Sami tells him to be reasonable. He lives three feet away. He smiles. So will she, soon enough, along with their son. Sami wants to handle this as calmly and positively as possible. She refuses to traumatize her children, so they can’t rush this. EJ reminds her babies don’t care what apartment they live in. He is talking about their future. His future, hers and their son, is what’s important. There’s no lingering or looking back. What she sees here today, is effectively gone, as far as she is concerned. Lucas scoffs.

Hope talks with Ciara as Bo comes out of the shower. She jokes with him about the stories she was telling Ciara about Bo growing up. Bo laughs. He can’t decide which of them is more beautiful. Shawn calls. She listens, then tells him they will be right over. She tells Bo they have to go. Shawn has news he can’t tell them over the phone.

Bo and Hope knock at Belle and Shawn’s door. Shawn answers. They hope nothing is wrong. Shawn tells them he has great news. Guess who is getting married Thanksgiving Day? He know it has taken forever, but they are finally getting married. He wanted to see their faces when he broke the news. Bo and Hope gape. Belle squirms.

EJ knows Sami has a lot on her plate, so he wanted to go ahead and arrange the wedding. Lucas scowls. EJ needs to giver her a break and a chance to catch her breath. Sami sighs. Her step dad died, she had twins, and then flew off to divorce Lucas. She just needs some time to adjust. EJ sighs. This was her choice, not his. He knows scheduling a wedding is difficult, so when he found out the church had a cancellation, he jumped at the chance. Sami asks when. EJ shifts uncomfortably. This may come as a shock, but they will be man and wife tomorrow night.

Stephanie and the other girls dance. Max and Morgan practice tying cherry stems in knots with their tongues over at the bar. Stephanie sees Ford leaning in the doorway. She flashes back to him ripping her clothes off as she struggled. Stephanie’s lip quivers.


Belle says to Hope, “I'll make him happier than anybody else ever could.” Hope replies, “Which is exactly why we've decided not to tell him.” Belle freaks, “Bo knows?!”

Shawn asks Bo, “Why don't you just come out and tell me what's on your mind?”

Phillip tells Kate, “Belle isn't Shawn's wife, and I intend to make sure she never will be.”

Stefano tells Lucas, “If I wanted somebody dead, they would be.”

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