Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/5/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/5/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Bo and Hope’s house, Hope and Kayla go through some of Stephanie’s old clothes and reminisce. Hope remembers Stephanie wearing one of the outfits on the Fancy Face—Shawn Douglas went overboard that night. Kayla thinks most of this stuff will look better on Ciara than it did on Pocket. Hope asks how she is doing. Kayla says having Sami’s twins was a nice distraction. The quarantine they set up scared EJ off, but they “lifted” it when Sami and Lucas showed up to pick up the babies. Hope can’t believe Sami is still going through with her crazy plan. Kayla thinks Sami is doing this because of John. His death really hit her hard. Maybe Sami doesn’t realize what she is getting herself into. Hope sighs. Maybe she thinks her love for Lucas can withstand anything. After all, Steve and Kayla withstood quite a lot—all in the name of love. Since Sami and Lucas have been honest, they can make it. Lies are what destroy love. Hope thinks the truth can destroy love as well.

Phillip knocks at Shawn and Belle’s door above the pub. He wanted to take Claire out, but Marlena has her for a few days. Phillip wants to talk, but Belle tells him to leave. He thinks everything has changed since they made love. Belle huffs. The only thing that changed is that she hates herself. Phillip doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Belle harrumphs. He should try telling Hope that.

At the police station, Commander Flynn asks Shawn what kind of cop he is as Bo looks on. Does he do everything by the book like Roman, or is he a rule breaker like his old man? Shawn isn’t sure. Flynn tells him the trustees took exception to his defying a court order. Shawn tries to explain the extenuating circumstances, but Flynn won’t hear it. Bo wants Shawn to explain his side of the story to the board, but Flynn says it is too late. The board has already ruled. Shawn will not be a part of this year’s graduating class.

Kayla wonders what Hope meant by saying the truth can sometimes destroy love. Hope walked in on something at Belle and Shawn’s place. It was pretty bad. She slept with Phillip. Hope didn’t catch them in the act, but Phillip had just left and it was pretty obvious what had happened. Hope was so angry and disappointed. Kayla guesses she hasn’t told Shawn. Kayla thinks it is natural to want to protect you children, but isn’t Hope afraid this will get out anyway? Hope has considered talking to Marlena, but she has her own problems to deal with. Kayla thinks Bo has a right to know, at least. He hates secrets, anyway. Kayla isn’t even sure this marriage is what Belle wants if she is cheating. Hope disagrees. Belle swore she wanted Shawn, and sleeping with Phillip was a one-time mistake. Hope sighs. She really does need to tell Bo. Kayla stops her. Telling him could be the worst mistake she could make.

Bo can’t believe this. He wants to use his clout to help Shawn, but Flynn thinks it may hurt him. Bo’s tactics have brought some serious heat on the department for years. But Shawn is suffering because of his own actions. He ticks off the various charges: defied a court order, stole a truck, allowed a mentally unstable man to drive you to the Canadian border, public drunkenness, boarded a boat using false documents, assaulted a ship's officer, and jumped ship with your minor child, who could not swim. Shawn tries to explain, but Flynn cuts him off. The circumstances don’t matter. A potential police officer can’t go around taking the law into his own hands. It looks bad to the public. Bo asks if Shawn will be considered for the next semester’s class. Flynn tells him the trustees know about the Kiriakis’ had in this entire custody dispute, so they are willing to reconsider his application at the start of the winter semester. But first, he needs to show that he has matured. Bo suggests he do busy work around the station—phone calls, filing, etc. It will show that he will do the grunt work and maybe earn some points along the way. Flynn asks about his bruises. Shawn lies and tells him another guy started the fight, but he finished it. Flynn excuses himself. Bo jumps on the phone with Abe. They have to get Shawn started so he has a chance of getting in the academy next year. Shawn stops him. He can’t wait that long. He needs a job now. Bo offers to give him some help, but Shawn refuses. He needs to care for his family on his own. Too bad Phillip ruined his chances.

Belle tells Phillip Hope came in after he left and figured out that they slept together. She tried to deny it, but she just looked guiltier. Phillip doesn’t think they did anything wrong. In fact, he wants to make love again. Belle is aghast. She promised Hope that she wouldn’t. Mostly, though, this is about Shawn and her commitment to him. She doesn’t want Phillip coming back here for Claire or for her either. Phillip says he will go, but first he wants Belle to look him in the eye and tell him that Shawn is the man she wants.

Bo reminds Shawn that he has no proof Phillip did this. Suspicion is one thing, but proof is another thing entirely. Shawn needs to start thinking like a cop. Besides, the letter didn’t ruin his plans, it just put them on hold. Shawn protests, but Bo stops him. He has two choices. He can prove to the board he has what it takes, or he can continue this childish game with Phillip. He can’t do both. Shawn whines. He can’t ignore the fact that Phillip always tries to make him look bad. Bo sighs. Shawn needs to know one more battle with Phillip could cost him his future he wants.

Kayla thinks all hell will break loose if Bo finds out what happened. Hope agrees, but she still has to tell him. She learned her lesson about keeping secrets the year Zach died. Kayla is worried this will destroy Shawn. She thinks Hope should give Belle another chance. She is young; she just needs to get Phillip out of her system. Hope frets. What if that isn’t what Belle wants?

Belle tells Phillip she wants Shawn. Phillip doesn’t believe her. If she meant it, she would have slammed the door in his face. They had a great marriage, and they went back to it by making love. Belle tells him all of that is over and done with. Sleeping together was a huge mistake she won’t repeat. Phillip sighs. Pretending these feelings aren’t real won’t make them go away. Belle huffs. He has to go. Shawn will be back soon. Phillip wants to stay and say hello. Belle thinks it’s a bad idea. She goes into the bathroom to change, but leaves the door halfway open. Phillip soaks in the view. She raves about Phillip using her grief to get her into bed. He grunts. They both know this was much more than just a roll in the hay. Belle comes out. Phillip kisses her. She flashes back to making love to him.

Hope sighs. She knows she needs to enjoy all of Ciara’s moments now, because kids grow up so fast and then have adult problems. Shawn has already had his share. That’s why Kayla thinks Hope needs to keep Belle’s affair a secret. It’s more about saving him from himself than keeping him from heartache.

Shawn fumes. He knows Phillip did this. Now he has to go home and break the bad news to Belle, when they are supposed to be celebrating. The holidays are coming up, too, so the timing is bad. He’d love to rip Phillip a new one. Bo reminds him doing that won’t score any points with Belle. Plus Phillip will press charges, and any shot Shawn has of getting in the academy will be gone. Shawn thinks his chances are poor anyway. Bo tells him he has no business being a cop if he feels that way.

Belle can’t believe Phillip kissed her. He doesn’t play fair. Phillip always thought they were better at love than war. He just wants her to admit there is something going on here without her using Shawn as a defense. Belle scoffs. She can live without Phillip. She holds up a picture of Shawn and Claire. What she can’t live without, is this.

Kayla thought Shawn and Phillip had a friendly rivalry. Hope tells her it hasn’t been friendly for quite a while. Hope knows Shawn will be devastated when he finds out. Kayla thinks it might turn physical. Caroline told her the two of them were fighting so badly that one of them would have ended up in traction if she hadn’t stepped in. Imagine what will happen if Shawn finds out about this.

Phillip wonders if he is supposed to feel guilty. Belle snaps that that isn’t possible for someone without a conscience. How many times does she have to tell him what they did was a mistake? Phillip reminds her of all the good times they had while they were married. Belle reminds him all that changed when she found out Shawn was Claire’s father. They would still be together if Phillip hadn’t walked out on her. Phillip sighs. He almost came back, but he didn’t think it would be fair to her. When he found out about Claire, he was a wreck. He wasn’t thinking clearly. Belle whines. She really could have used his support back then. He reminds her she ran away and moved in with her parents. Belle lies. She wanted him to chase her there. When she didn’t throw his arms around her, she felt like he just wrote her off then and there. It really hurt her feelings that he sent divorce papers through Lucas, too. Phillip tells her he didn’t pursue her because he was under the impression that she wanted Shawn. Belle huffs. She never said that. The reason she is with Shawn today is because he was there to support her after the paternity results came out. Phillip wishes he would have known. Maybe it isn’t too late to make things right. She whirls on him furiously. If he really loves her, then he will get the hell out of her life.

Bo tells Shawn he can’t make a good cop as long as he makes things personal. Besides, Shawn is playing judge and jury with Phillip with no proof. This is not something a good cop does. Besides, the letter itself didn’t ruin Shawn’s chances. It was what was inside the letter that got his application rejected. Shawn knows all of it should have been included in his original application anyway. If he hadn’t defied a court order, Phillip would have nothing to hold over his head right now. Flynn is giving him another chance to prove himself, and he needs to take it. If he grinds Phillip’s face into the ground, and his future is ruined, he has no one to blame but himself. Bo understands how Shawn feels. He was a hothead, too. But his pop made him see he couldn’t walk around with such a huge chip on his shoulder. He wants to pass some of that good advice down to Shawn. Shawn agrees. He heads off to tell Belle the news about the academy.

Phillip thinks Belle is being dishonest about her feelings. When he was a soldier, he was always told your life flashes before your eyes when you’re seriously wounded. Phillip didn’t see his whole life. He only saw Belle. He learned you have to take life one day at a time. He can’t spend the rest of his watching her waste her life on Shawn. Hope calls Belle. She needs Phillip to leave, or Hope will figure out he’s her by the guilt in her voice. What happened between then was just sex. She felt bad for him about Tyler. That’s all. Phillip scoffs. What they had wasn’t mercy sex. She reached out for him. That isn’t charity. When it comes down to him and Shawn, Belle wants him. He knows it.

Hope sighs. Belle didn’t answer. She worries she is with Phillip. Kayla stops her. She only gave Belle the benefit of the doubt because she trusted her not to do this again. Hope isn’t sure. Kayla reminds her that all of them are pulled in two different directions at one time or another. Belle says she made a mistake. Kayla is sure she meant that. Hope still doesn’t like keeping secrets. Kayla wants her to have faith that Belle will steer clear of Phillip. Besides, Shawn is a match for Phillip any day of the week. Hope isn’t sure. Phillip throws his money around a lot. Kayla reminds her that Shawn is going to be working at the police department soon. Then he and Belle can get their own place. Who knows? Maybe another baby will come along, too. She doesn’t think there is any way Phillip could keep Shawn from being a cop. Bo walks in and tells them someone did, though. The board gave Shawn the boot over the contents of the letter sent to them. Shawn is going to get another shot in January, provided he doesn’t blow it by going after Phillip again. Bo had to talk him down from doing it a few minutes ago. Kayla has to go to work. She’ll be in touch. After she leaves, Hope decides to come clean with Bo. She makes him swear not to fly off the handle, and then she divulges that Belle slept with Phillip. Bo’s jaw hits the floor.

Belle rolls her eyes. Phillip’s ego is amazing. She was with him because her father died and she needed comfort. That’s all. Phillip gently reminds her that is what people in love do for each other. What happened between them wasn’t comfort in a friendly kind of way. Shawn walks in and greets Belle.

Bo can’t believe Belle would do such a thing. Bo rages. He told Shawn not to go after Phillip over the letter, but he didn’t know about this. Hell, he should go after Phillip himself. At any rate, Shawn has to know the truth. Hope stops him. She is afraid that Shawn might kill Phillip. Look what he did over the stupid letter to the academy. It will be even worse if he finds out Phillip slept with his fiancée.

Belle asks how everything went with the academy. Phillip starts to go, but Shawn stops him. He rages. Doesn’t he want to hear all about how Shawn was rejected from the academy based on an anonymous letter? Phillip groans. If he had wanted Shawn out, he would have written a check and told them to cut him a favor. Phillip doesn’t “do” anonymous. Belle tries to stop him, but Shawn barrels on. He tried t let this go, but Phillip keeps playing dirty. It’s time he did something about it. Phillip bickers and stomps out. Belle yells at Shawn to quit it. She was the one that sent the letter, not Phillip. Shawn gapes.


Lucas tells Sami, “I don't know how to let you go. I can't. I don't know how to do it.”

Morgan tells Max, “That's why I'm here -- to give you a chance to say, ‘I told you so.’”

Chelsea asks Jett, “Something wrong?” He replies, “You could say that. We got a problem with Ford Decker.” Nick asks, “What kind of problem?” Jett sighs, “He may end up getting away with rape.”

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