Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/2/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/2/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In her room at the sorority house, a sobbing Cordy confides in Chelsea and Stephanie. Ford did rape her. She thinks it happened in his dorm room, but she isn’t sure. She thinks he must have drugged her.

Morgan walks Ford to his room and turns to leave. She suddenly feels dizzy and asks to use his bathroom. As she walks off, Ford leers and pulls a vial out of his pocket. He asks her if she might have caught the flu. It’s been going around campus. He looks down at the vial and whispers, “Maybe not.”

At the sorority house, Max tries to reach Morgan on her cell phone. He flashes back to the party. Morgan tells him she’ll be fine waiting with Ford. Nick walks up and interrupts his reverie. He asks if Morgan is back. Max says she isn’t. He knew he shouldn’t have left Ford alone with Morgan. Ashley walks by with a busted lip. Max stops her and asks her what happened.

At the mansion, Kate stops EJ. He can’t show up at Steve and Kayla’s and just demand to see his child. EJ isn’t sure what he is going to do yet, but he knows he isn’t going to let Steve Johnson keep his child for the night. Kate tries to stop him from leaving but Stefano halts her. EJ has a right to see his child.

At Steve and Kayla’s penthouse, Steve coos and makes faces at the twins. Kayla talks to

Bo on the phone, and he asks if they need any help. Kayla thinks they have it under control. Besides, Hope and Bo had plans to celebrate Bo’s birthday. Bo hangs up, and Hope comes into the living room with a present for him.

In Santo Domingo, Lucas flashes back to the hospital scenes from last week. He remembers EJ commenting on how different the twins looked. He remembers Sami’s comforting words. He finds the note from EJ in her robe pocket and reads it. Lucas frowns and asks, “When were you going to tell me that EJ Is Johnny’s father?”

Kate glares at Stefano and tells him to let her go. He needs to keep EJ on a short leash or he will get arrested before he ever marries Sami. Stefano waves her off. EJ knows what he is doing. Stefano thinks this news calls for a drink. He has a grandson, and the DiMera name lives on.

Steve and Kayla talk about the twins’ parentage. It kills Steve that EJ might be the father of one or both of them. Steve kisses Kayla. He is so glad she was able to save him so many times. After Benjy died, all he could see was red. He was close to taking out all the DiMeras. And looking at these twins, he sees how it could be easy to fly them off to Santo Domingo to live happily ever after, far away from Stefano. But seeing Kayla love them, he now knows that these kids need their family. That’s what this is all really about.

Bo tells Hope that Shawn and Belle called and cancelled dinner plans. Claire has a cold, so they are staying in with her this evening. Hope wanted to throw him a party, but decided not to after what happened to John. She hands Ciara over to Bo and heads off to the kitchen for Bo’s surprise.

Cordy continues her harrowing tale. She woke up naked in a stranger’s bed the morning after her date. She just knew she had been raped. Chelsea goes to call the police. Cordy begs her not to. Chelsea reminds her that Ford will go to jail. He won’t be able to hurt her or anyone else ever again. Cordy thinks no one will believe her. Cordy hangs her head.

She just wants to go home. Stephanie tries a different tactic. Cordy can help another girl avoid this in the future. Ford will keep doing this until someone has the courage to tell the police about it. Cordy refuses. Stephanie rushes out of the room. Chelsea asks where she is going. Stephanie rushes up to Nick. Where did Ford go? Nick tells her Morgan drove him home. What’s the problem? Stephanie tells him that Ford raped Cordy. Morgan is in big trouble.

Ford hauls an unconscious Morgan over to his bed. He peers down at her and grins, “Looking hot, baby, and you want it. Oh, yeah.”

Max asks Ashley if Ford busted her lip. She blushes. He did get a little too physical, but she handled it. Max wants her to call the cops, but she doesn’t want to. Besides, she already kicked him where it counts. Max reminds her there is a rapist loose on campus. Doesn’t she see the connection? Ashley isn’t sure she should say anything. Max reminds her that Cordy has been acting weird since her date with Ford. Then Ashley was attacked by him, and now Morgan went off with him and is missing.

Chelsea walks up and hears Nick telling Stephanie he has to report this. Chelsea says he can’t, but Nick reminds her he is on staff here. He has no choice. Besides, Ford needs to be stopped. Chelsea tells him they promised Cordy they would keep this a secret. Stephanie isn’t sure they have time to be arguing. Morgan is sill gone. Chelsea thinks. They have to figure out where Ford lives. She asks other party goers, but no one is sure. Someone suggest she try his webcam. Maybe they can figure out where he lives from it. Chelsea asks for the website, but a guy wants to know what the information is worth to her. She offers to kick his butt if he doesn’t tell.

Lucas paces angrily. This is a real nice surprise. He spits with rage. How long has she known about this? She tells him she just found it. Lucas doesn’t care. She should have told him right away. He can’t believe she lied, even for a little while. Sami sobs. This whole thing has been a nightmare for her. Finding out one of her children is a DiMera was devastating. She just wanted to have one last night of normalcy. She was going to tell him in the morning. Lucas thinks that would be one hell of a plane ride home. Sami cries. Her heart is breaking, too.

Stefano wants to toast to his grandson, but Kate isn’t in the mood to celebrate. Stefano tells her they will work something out. She can come visit Gianni whenever she wants. She’ll have to come to Tuscany, as Stefano is taking Sami and Elvis to live in the ancestral home after they are married. Samantha will be a continent away. Kate ahs reason to celebrate.

Kayla gets a picture of Ciara in her costume on her phone from Bo. Steve wonders if she’s thinking about Pocket. Kayla is sure he is happy. Steve heads over to the baby with some powder, but he spills it everywhere. He comes after Kayla with it. She squeals and runs. EJ bursts in and asks them what’s going on. He heard screaming. Kayla goes to call security. EJ stops her. He has proof that he his the boy’s biological father. He knows he should have burst in, but he heard screaming and the baby crying. He urges Steve to look at the DNA results. He has a right to see his son.

Kate asks Stefano if he plans on the child being raised in Italy. Stefano thinks it would be best. They can visit the States any time they want. Kate asks if he has run any of this by Sami. Stefano tells her it doesn’t matter. She will be on Elvis’ arm, following where he leads. Kate laughs. She wishes Stefano luck in telling Sami what to do. He may find how dangerous that can be.

Lucas complains. He knows the DiMeras are having a hell of a party right now. Sami sighs. At one point, they thought EJ was the father of both twins. Lucas grumbles. That doesn’t make him feel better. Why can’t he be a father to Johnny just because he belongs to EJ? Lucas thinks EJ will have equal say in his upbringing. Sami reminds him she is the mother. She has a say, too. Lucas doesn’t think it matters. EJ will teach him all the wrong values. Lucas wanted his children raised side by side. He’s afraid that their daughter will always second guess herself and feel like she deserves the things EJ can give Johnny. Lucas is afraid she could turn out like him.

Cordy cries as Chelsea searches for Ford’s webcam. She wishes she could remember where he lives. Chelsea finds the site and they all watch as Ford starts to take his clothes off. Max says he must have drugged Morgan. The crowd murmurs. Chelsea begs Morgan to wake up. One of the partygoers recognizes the place as Sebastian Hall. Max tells them to call security and rushes off. Chelsea prays he gets there in time.

Hope comes downstairs and tells Bo Halloween wore Ciara out. She’s fast asleep. Bo wants to open his present. He opens it and finds a scrapbook. It doesn’t look like much, but Hope says it took all summer with Caroline and Kayla’s help. Bo flips through it and beams. He loves it. It must have taken a lot of time. She’s amazing.

Sami think they will be lucky if their little girl turns out like Lucas. He meant his drinking. Sami brushes it off. Their kid won’t make the same mistakes they did. They’ll help her avoid them, because face it, she and Lucas have made them all. Johnny will be fine, too. He won’t turn out like a mirror image of EJ because he will have Lucas’ influence in his life. He will be wonderful, just like he is. Lucas sighs. What if EJ won’t let Lucas anywhere near Johnny?

EJ respects the fact that Samantha entrusted Kayla with the twins. He just wants to see his son for a moment, and then he will leave. Steve says no. EJ sighs. He will get to see him sooner or later. What is the difference? Kayla huffs. It won’t be tonight, that’s for sure. She refuses to subject that innocent little baby to his nightmare of a father. He has no idea how to care for or love a child anyway, sow why doesn’t he get out? Steve agrees. EJ leaves. As he walks out, he glares, “I'll be back with a court order.”

Stephanie doesn’t think she can watch this. One of the guys in the crowd says it just looks like two people getting ready to have sex. Chelsea turns on him. Morgan is clearly drugged. Someone else thinks you can’t tell that from the camera angle. Nick tells them they all know Morgan. She’s been drugged. Ford throws something over the camera. Nick tells them they still have audio, though. Billie and Jett show up. Chelsea, Nick and Stephanie fill them in, and Jett hurries off for Sebastian Hall.

Morgan wakes up partially nude. She wonders what’s going on. Ford tells her to go back to sleep. She passes back out. Ford smiles. Max bursts in. He tells Ford to get the hell away from her. Back at the house, the camera is dark, but everyone can hear Ford and Max fighting. Suddenly, Jett shows up and tells Ford to stop resisting. Max rushes over to cover Morgan as Jett handles Ford. Ford rants and raves. His father is a lawyer. Chelsea wonders what is going on. Stephanie chews her nails.

Lucas doesn’t think he and Sami will be able to raise Johnny the way they want. The DiMeras have been itching to get an heir on the throne. They won’t give him up so easily. Sami disagrees. Stefano won’t care about raising him, and he’ll be dead soon anyway. EJ only wants Johnny as a trophy. He’ll show him off for a while and then get sick of it. Lucas doesn’t think EJ will ever sit back and let Lucas raise his child. Lucas worries. Even if he can raise Johnny, he will still be a DiMera. If he’s a good one, he’ll end up trapped on an island like Tony. He could even end up dead like Benjy.

EJ sulks. He tells Kate and Stefano Steve and Kayla wouldn’t even let him see the baby. Stefano takes EJ’s phone and calls for Judge Lowell.

Hope has one last gift for Bo. She opens her robe to reveal a cute nightie. Bo seems interested, but the phone interrupts them. It’s Kayla. She tells him EJ was just there, demanding to see his son. It’s true, too. Kayla saw the DNA results. They threw him out, but he said he was coming back. Should they go to a hotel? Bo says no. He has a better idea.

Cordy’s parents come to the door and ask what is going on. Max rushes in carrying Morgan. She’s still unconscious, and he lays her down on the couch. Jett hauls in a protesting and spluttering Ford. Jett didn’t want to bring him down here, but they need a statement form Morgan, and she is still too out of it. Ford tells them they are wrong for this. Billie advises him to keep his mouth shut. Chelsea calls him a bastard. Ford roll his eyes. He didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, Morgan is going to be embarrassed when she wakes up and finds out they interrupted them in the middle of sex. Chelsea looks around helplessly. Has anyone here been attacked by Ford? Cordy comes forward. She can. She knows he is the campus rapist, because he raped her. The crowd gasps. Cordy’s parents come over to comfort her. Ford calls her a liar. She rushes over and spits at him. Her father grabs her and takes her to her room as Ford yells out that she assaulted him. He didn’t do anything except get it on with a girl that wanted it as much as he did. Chelsea thanks Jett for helping them. He thinks it’s good to win one for once. Morgan wakes up. Max hugs her and tells her it’s alright. Stephanie stares.

Sami swears they will both protect their son from the DiMeras. She wants him to have faith that she can end the vendetta. She wants him to have faith that they will be together when this is all over.

EJ, Stefano, and a man walk down the corridor to Steve and Kayla’s suite. A man in a chemical suit turns them back. The suite has been quarantined. No one is allowed in or out.

The police take Ford away. Billie wants a statement from everyone at the party that has had a run-in with him. She is going to build a case for immediate expulsion. Chelsea asks Nick if he thinks things ill eve be normal again. Nick reminds her the boys are safe with their family and Ford is going to jail. Boring times are ahead. Stephanie asks Max how Morgan is. He says she is fine, but the hospital wants to keep her overnight. He’s going to stay with her. Stephanie huffs. Max asks if she’s ok. She isn’t sure. Two of her sorority sisters were drugged and one was raped. She thinks he should go be with Morgan. She will be fine. Cordy comes over to Stephanie and tells her she decided to stay in school. She and Chelsea were right. She has to stop Ford form hurting someone else. Stephanie smiles. The whole house will be behind her.

EJ thinks there must be a mistake. He was just at this suite. EJ turns to the man. He asks him to do something. This is a trick to keep him from his son. He can’t do anything. He suggest EJ comes down to his office when the suite is safe to enter. The man in the chemical suit asks EJ to leave. He yells, “I'm gonna see my son. You hear me?! I'm gonna see my son.” Stefano comforts him as he leads him away. Steve counts round one for the Bradys.

Bo gets a call from Kayla. EJ left, but he won’t give up permanently. He tells her to have a good night and hangs up. He tells Hope it worked, but they stirred up a hornet’s nest. Bo wishes he could just torch their house with all of the DiMeras inside, but then he sees Ciara and knows he can’t be so vengeful.

Lucas wraps his arms around Sami’s chest and tells her how much he will miss listen to her heart beating. She promises they will always have this. Lucas sighs. No, they won’t. Not like this.


Bo tells Shawn, “You got to know. One more battle with him could cost you the future you want.”

Kayla tells Hope, “Lies are what destroy love.” Hope replies, “Sometimes the truth can be just as deadly.”

Phillip begs Belle, “Look at me, Belle. Tell me to my face the man you want is Shawn.”

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