Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/1/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/1/07


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The Halloween party at the sorority house is in full swing. Chelsea comes downstairs dressed as a devil. Morgan comes up behind Max, dressed as a 1960’s flight attendant. She flirts with Max. Chelsea walks over to a scowling Stephanie. She says Morgan and Max may as well have come dressed as bride and groom. Stephanie gobbles candy. Chelsea thinks she’s going to make herself sick. Stephanie rants. Who does she have to look good for, anyway? Chelsea isn’t sure they’re in a relationship. Stephanie huffs. She checked Morgan’s Myspace page. She went from being “single” last week to being “in a relationship” this week. Chelsea can’t believe Stephanie has stooped to cyber-stalking. She really needs to get over this. Chelsea presses for answers about what Stephanie did the night before. She says she met up with a guy, but refuses to say more. She is really trying to move on, but it’s hard. She feels like she has no control over her own life. Anyway, she got a job at the Heart, so she’s hoping Max won’t suspect that it’s a setup. Max comes over. They joke about his costume. He came as a bar tender. He asks Stephanie about her new job at the bar. Chelsea excuses herself. Max wonders why Stephanie didn’t tell him. He is really excited they’ll be working together.

In Santo Domingo, Sami and Lucas chat on their hotel room balcony. Sami frets about the babies. She knows she has called Steve and Kayla too many times checking on them. Lucas can’t believe how wealthy their lawyer his. His watch must have cost ten grand, easily. Sami thinks the “drive-thru” divorce business is sad. Lucas agrees, especially when the two people getting divorced still love each other. Sami reminds him this is just a piece of paper. It means nothing. Lucas frowns. It means something, alright. It means EJ and the DiMeras won.

EJ and Kate meet at the hospital. He is worried Sami changed her mind about the divorce. Kate tells him she and Lucas already flew to the Dominican Republic. She called him here because the DNA results on Sami’s twins are finished.

Sami reminds Lucas of a romantic movie they watched together. The immigrant girl falls in love, and wants to marry. A priest tells the couple they have been living in sin, but she insists they are married in their hearts. Just because something is intangible doesn’t mean it isn’t real. She feels that way about Lucas.

EJ hops up and down in excitement. Does she have good news? Is he the father of the twins? She hands him the paper. EJ laughs aloud joyfully. He has a son! He’s a father now.

Chelsea asks Carmen if anyone has seen Nick. Nick walks up dressed as an angel. He thinks they make quite the couple. They kiss. Nick was supposed to take the kids trick or treating tonight. They were going as a double helix. They had the costumes all ready. Chelsea comforts him. They are with their parents. At least this story had a happy ending. Nick agrees. He flirts. He wants to know if she has ever been “touched” by an angel.

Morgan goes into Cordy’s room. She wants her to join the party, but Cordy isn’t in the mood. Morgan tries to persuade her to have a good time.

Ford hits on his latest girl. She isn’t interested, but Ford presses her. Max groans. That idiot needs to be kicked out. Stephanie tells him not to bother. Ford isn’t worth the trouble. Stephanie is sorry she didn’t tell him about the job. She hopes it won’t be too awkward to work together. Max doesn’t see why it would be. They’re friends. Isn’t that what she wanted? Morgan interrupts. Did she miss anything?

Kate tells EJ to keep his voice down. They aren’t even supposed to know about this. EJ grins. Now he and Samantha share a bond that really cannot be broken. They will be married, and raising their child together. It’s everything he ever wanted. Kate tells him not to forget the girl is Lucas’. EJ knows. He thinks that if Samantha can open her heart to his son, then she will be one step closer to opening her heart to him as well. Kate tells him not to make the same mistake she did—underestimating Sami and Lucas’ bond. Besides, Sami and Lucas are in a pretty romantic locale. They may decide not to go through with the divorce after all.

Lucas sighs. Romantic movies always end happily. This was supposed to be their year, and look what happened. Sami doesn’t want to talk about the divorce or EJ. She wants to enjoy their romantic room. Lucas isn’t in the mood. Sami thinks she knows how to fix that, but a knock on the door interrupts them. It’s a courier from the lawyer. He has papers they need to sign so their application can go before the court. Lucas looks at Sami helplessly. He thinks this is crazy. There must be another way.

Morgan wants to know what they were talking about. Max lies. He tells her they were talking about Stephanie’s race car outfit. Stephanie cocks an eyebrow. She plays along, and tells Morgan she decided against her own flight attendant uniform from the summer. Slone comes up and tells Morgan they have to do something about Ford. He has been hitting on every girl in the house and they are starting to get some major complaints. Max wants to get rid of him, but Morgan offers to go talk to him instead. She leaves. Stephanie wonders why Max didn’t want Morgan to know they are working together. Max fidgets. She knows they dated for a while and he doesn’t want her to freak out. Stephanie asks if he told he about the cave. Max says he didn’t. Stephanie huffs. Is Max afraid that Morgan will think there is something going on between the two of them?

EJ is so ecstatic about that baby that he isn’t worried about the divorce right now. He has son. Speaking of which, where are the twins? Kate has no idea. EJ wants her to do a little investigating and find out where they are. It’s in both their best interest. EJ heads off to give Stefano the good news.

Lucas asks the courier to excuse them. He reminds Sami of the trip to Australia they were planning for their anniversary. Now that won’t happen. She promises nothing will change just because if EJ. They will still take all the vacations they planned. Lucas shakes his head. EJ will never let it happen. He’ll lock her up if he has to. Lucas mutters. He swore he would kill EJ if he married Sami. Sami tells him not to talk like that. She knows what it’s like to be on death row. She cant make her family go through that twice. Lucas grumbles. It’s just hard for him. She says it is for her too. They just have to take it one day at a time.

Max says they are friends. isn’t that what Stephanie wants? She agrees. He wants to make sure she’s ok with him seeing Morgan. She is, but she didn’t think Morgan was his type. She can’t even drive a stick shift. Max is teaching her. Stephanie’s face falls. It must be serious. He says its only been a couple of weeks. She is happy for him. He kisses her on the cheek and walks off. Chelsea comes up and comments on the kiss. Stephanie says it doesn’t mean anything. It’s going to be sheer torture for her, though. Chelsea doesn’t understand. Stephanie whines, “Max was one of the good guys, and I let him get away.”

Nick stands in front of a group of sisters. He challenges them to get water from a saucer into a glass without touching the saucer. Carmen takes the challenge.

Stephanie stares at Max and Morgan and complains. Chelsea asks her to stop. Stephanie says she actually likes Morgan. She’s supposed to be stuck-up, but she isn’t. Chelsea reminds her a lot of girls probably think Stephanie is stuck-up, too. Chelsea thinks she needs to play the field a little. Stephanie thinks she sounds like her mom. I mean, is Max really the only guy for her? Stephanie thinks she needs some air.

The courier leaves with the papers. Sami thinks they are doing the right thing. They’ll be back together soon. She knows it. Lucas sighs. He’s going to miss her face. Sami tears up. He wants to make this night as romantic as possible. They’ll have room service, and she can have champagne, since she hasn’t had any in so long. Sami loves him. He loves her, too.

EJ walks into the mansion to find Stefano listening to classical music. He tells him the results are in. He officially has a grandson. Stefano chuckles, “Bravo, Bravo.”

Ford slurs, “I like you, max. We need to hang out more.” Max grimaces. Morgan brings Ford coffee. He’s had enough beer for one night. Ford drops the coffee cup. He tries to leave, but Morgan stops him. She takes his keys. He’s not driving anywhere. He protests. He lives six blocks away. Morgan tells him he can walk, then. Chelsea threatens to call her mom, head of campus security. Ford remembers Billie. He grins foolishly. They should definitely call her. Chelsea rolls her eyes and pulls Max aside. She asks him what he thinks about Stephanie. He wants to know if Stephanie asked her to talk to him. She says no, and she cant know they are talking about this, either. He thinks she is great. Chelsea brings up the cave. She doesn’t know details, but she knows it was more than that. Max says they are just friends now. Its what Stephanie wants. Why does Chelsea even care. She wants Stephanie to be happy. The doorbell rings and Chelsea goes to answer it. Cordy’s parents are there to pick her up. They don’t want to come inside, so Chelsea offers to go get Cordy. Stephanie joins her. As they walk through the living room to her room, Max and Ford argue about whether or not Ford can drive home. The girls tell Cordy her parents are here. She hears Ford hollering for his keys outside and sobs. Chelsea urges her to tell them what is going on.

Stefano doesn’t think Sami is happy about the test results. EJ ells him she doesn’t know yet. EJ is thrilled. All of his dreams are coming true. And now he has a wedding to plan. EJ pours a drink. While he was at the hospital, he heard the stem cells from the umbilical cord are being stored. He toasts Stefano, “So, appropriately enough, to your good health.” Stefano asks if he has a name. EJ tells him Samantha wants to call him Johnny. Stefano will call him Gianni. It’s powerful name, and will fit him well when he takes over the DiMera empire. EJ wants Stefano to be a mentor to his son, just like he was for EJ. Stefano smiles. He looks forward to it.

Lucas and Sami lie in bed and kiss. He tells her he spotted some massage oil earlier. Would she like one? She agrees. As he gets up to get it, someone slides a note under the door. She picks it up and groans. What does EJ want? The note tells her that the DNA test confirms he is the father of her son.

Max and Morgan watch over a drunken Ford. Nick comes up. One of the partygoers needs a jump for her car. Can Max help? He agrees after asking Morgan if she will be ok, and he and Nick go off together. Morgan does not want to baby sit Ford all night. He tells her she can give him his keys or give him a lift. She grudgingly agrees to give him a ride home. When she goes to get her coat, Ford pours something into her glass. She comes back, drains the cup, and leaves with him. Max comes back inside shortly after and looks around in confusion.

Stephanie pokes her head outside Cordy’s door and tells her Ford is gone. Chelsea urges her to talk. Chelsea swears it wont leave this room. Cordy sobs. Ford raped her. Stephanie and Chelsea gawk.

Stefano makes more plans for Johnny/Gianni. He wants him to grow up in Italy, of course. That is a place with culture. Stefano wants to meet him, as well. It needs to happen as soon as possible. The doorbell rings. EJ lets Kate in. He assumes she has news on where his son is. Kate tells them both the twins are with Steve and Kayla. Stefano and EJ gape. Stefano cannot believe his grandchild has been left in that man’s care. EJ frowns, “Not for long, father. Not for long.”

Lucas comes back with the oil. He tells her how nice it smells. He stops. Sami is as white as a ghost. Is she alright? She says she is. her hormones are just kicking in again. He gets her to lie down and prepares t give her a massage. He rubs her shoulders. He wants Sami to think about happy places and happy times. Sami cries quietly.


Stefano tells Kate, “I have a grandson, and the DiMeras live on.”

Stephanie asks Nick, “Where did Ford go?” Nick says, “Morgan drove him home.” Stephanie’s eyes widen, “What?” Nick asks, “What’s wrong?” Stephanie panics, “Ford raped Cordy. Morgan's in big trouble.”

Ford leans over an unconscious Morgan and leers, “Looking hot, baby. You want it.”

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