Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/31/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/31/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Marlena meets Bo and Hope. Bo goes off to get drinks while the ladies chat. Marlena is doing as well as can be expected. She’s up and breathing. She tells Hope she has put together a scrapbook of pictures of John and the family. Hope offers to help, but Marlena wants to do it alone. She stopped by St. Luke’s on the way here to pray no one else in the family is hurt.

At the hospital, Sami gets ready to check out. Lucas tells her he is going to prepare breakfast in bed for her at home in the morning. Sami is distracted. She tells him she already called the airline, so it depends on where breakfast is. He seems confused. She reminds him they’re flying to Santo Domingo tonight to get the divorce.

On a country road, EJ meets Kate. Kate frets about being exposed. EJ swears Lucas will never find out about this. She isn’t sure this will eve work. EJ thinks it will, but if it doesn’t, she can come by and visit his son whenever she wishes. She can be his eccentric aunt or something. Kate seems less than thrilled. EJ chuckles. She asks what kind of supplies he brought. He pulls out a gun. He brought the lethal kind. This beauty is completely untraceable. If Kate will kindly step away from the car, EJ will demonstrate. Lucas will think an assassin was hired to take Kate out. EJ riddles her car with bullets. Kate yelps.

Lucas thinks they should have discussed this first. She reminds him they have argued this to death. She has to marry EJ, but Lucas isn’t going to lose her. She is in love with him. He just needs to let her prove it. Belle comes in and asks Sami what she has to prove. Sami sighs. This is bad timing. Belle tells her it’s nice to see her, too. Her twins are gorgeous. Lucas goes to check on the babies. He and Sami will finish their discussion later. Belle gives Sami a gift. She bought the twins onesies. She asks Sami what’s wrong. Sami tells her she is having a tough time convincing Lucas she’s not leaving him for EJ. Belle thinks Sami would be upset if Lucas left her for another woman. Sami would kill her. But she doesn’t want to talk about that. Sami wants to talk about Marlena and the wedding plans. Belle actually came to talk to her about the wedding. She needs some advice. Sami thinks she must be pretty hard up if she’s coming to her for advice. It must be pretty bad. Belle sighs. It’s worse. She slept with Phillip. Sami’s jaw hits the floor.

Marlena is trying hard not to feel sorry for herself, but she does feel very bitter. She just misses the little things, like watching TV with John and falling asleep on his shoulder. Hope swears they will catch his killer. Marlena already knows who did this. If Hope were smart, she would pack up her family and move. Hope says her family is here. Marlena disagrees. Her home is as far away from Stefano as possible. If she had gotten John out of here, he would be alive. Hope reminds her John lived life on his own terms. Bo comes back and chimes in. He was fearless. They can’t run. If they do, Stefano wins. Marlena thinks she sounds a lot like Sami. Speaking of her, Marlena could use some help in that department. Marlena wants them to help her stop the wedding.

EJ admires his handiwork. Kate wants a new car. EJ promises to get one for her. They go over her story. She was driving along when another car pulled alongside her. EJ coaches her. She slows down, sees a gun, and panics. She can’t see the driver’s face, but she ducks, anyway. Shots ring out, the window breaks, and the car speeds off. EJ wants her to call 911, but Kate has a better idea. She will call Roman in hysterics. He will pass the news along to Lucas. She’ll even beg him not to call Lucas, but she knows he will, anyway. Kate frets. What if Lucas doesn’t show up? EJ knows he will. No matter how upset Lucas is, he still loves Kate. Kate thinks that this needs to look more authentic. She wants EJ to cut her forehead with a piece of glass. He agrees and gently draws the glass across her forehead. Kate gasps and bleeds. He offers to wipe some of it away, but she refuses. This has to look real. If Lucas doesn’t buy it, she will lose him forever.

Hope is sure that Lucas will never agree to the divorce. Marlena fills them in about the trip to the Dominican Republic. She is positive Sami will eventually wear him down. Her mind is already made up. Marlena sighs. John’s death is driving this, but he would not have wanted Sami to make this sacrifice. In fact, he would have found a way to stop the wedding. Bo nods. Then they will do this for John.

Sami can’t believe Belle slept with Phillip. Where did it happen? Belle tells her. Sami can’t believe she slept with Phillip in the bed she shares with Shawn. Sami thought she was over Phillip. She thought they got divorced because Belle didn’t love him. Belle thinks he has changed. He really cares about her. She cares about him, too, but she is in love with Shawn. What happened with Phillip was a stupid mistake that she will never repeat. Sami think she needs to tell Phillip that. Also, she has to make sure Shawn never finds out. She tells Sami someone else knows about this. Hope figured it out, and Belle could not deny it. She swore she wouldn’t say anything as long as Belle stays away from Phillip. Belle sighs. She really wants to have a family with Shawn, but Phillip doesn’t want to let her go. Sami is worried. What will happen if she and Phillip are stuck together again in a hotel room or something? She just wants to make sure Belle knows what she really wants. Belle wants Shawn, but she also wants to keep Phillip as a friend. He and Claire are close. Sami stops her. Shawn is Claire’s father, not Phillip. And Phillip is now her lover, not her friend. And unless Belle wants this to turn into a full-blown affair, she has to lay down the law. Otherwise, she will lose Shawn for good.

Marlena knows Sami loves Hope. Maybe she will listen to her or Bo. Bo says they will find another way if Sami refuses to listen to reason. Marlena isn’t sure what alternatives there are. Hope assures her. They will worry about that later. Bo is going to try talking to Sami first. He has to leave, but he promises to call as soon as he talks to Sami. Marlena tells Hope not to take the sound of her husband’s voice for granted. Hope is so sorry. Marlena frowns. She has thought of one way to stop the wedding if Sami won’t back down. Hope doesn’t see another option outside of kidnapping her. Marlena does. They’ll have to kill EJ Wells.

In the alley by Kate’s car, the cops swarm, taking pictures and collecting evidence. Roman wants to take Kate to the hospital, but she refuses. The cuts are superficial. The medics said she would be fine. Roman looks at the evidence and mulls things over. If the cars were traveling at the same speed, like Kate said, then why are the casings all next to her car, instead of behind it, or still in the shooter’s car? Kate shrugs. She just slammed on the brakes and ducked. Roman asks how low she ducked. He points out a bullet hole that flew through the driver’s seat. Kate tells him she got under the dash, pretty much. Lucas shows up. Roman called him. Roman tells him they aren’t sure what is going on yet. They’re investigating right now. Kate tells him she will be fine. She just got cut with a little glass. She didn’t think Lucas would show up.

EJ strolls into Sami’s room. He didn’t expect to see both beautiful sisters at once. EJ was sorry to hear about her father’s accident. Sami glares. He knows full well that it was no accident. She wants him to leave. Lucas will be back any moment. EJ can’t believe she hasn’t heard. He only caught half of the conversation, but Lucas got a phone call about Kate and some kind of emergency situation. Sami freaks. She has to call him. The last time he ran off after Kate in an emergency, he almost died. EJ thinks he was on the phone with Roman. It’s probably legitimate. EJ asks her if she is still planning on going to Santo Domingo tonight. She says Lucas won’t, but EJ thinks today might be the day he changes his mind.

Lucas asks if Kate is sure she is alright. Roman tells them they are wrapping things up. The tow truck is on its way. Lucas frowns. They know who did this, and they know why. Roman assures him. They will make sure his mother has police protection. Kate refuses it. Roman brushes her off. He might need her to come down and answer a few more questions. He leaves. Lucas wants to know what she is doing out in here in the middle of nowhere. She was just taking a drive to clear her head. Lucas thinks. The guy must have followed her from town. Kate isn’t even sure it was a man. Lucas snorts. The DiMeras must be getting desperate. Kate isn’t close to being a Brady. She says Lucas is. Anyway, he should be with Sami right now, not her. She will be fine. Lucas pulls a gun out and hands it to her. He tells her to use it if she has to.

Hope tells Marlena that it’s human nature to want revenge. Marlena says it’s more than that. Ever since John’s death, all she has done is fantasize about killing EJ. She knows it’s natural, but she felt the same way when John was shot last year. If she had acted on it, he would be alive today. EJ is the heir to the empire. If he dies, the DiMeras effectively die with him. Hope thinks this is a natural part of the grieving process. Marlena continues. She has really thought this out. She could easily kill EJ and plead insanity. Just look at the circumstances. A grieving widow with her children in danger… and she kills in a fit of rage. Hope tells her to stop this. She is not a violent person. Besides, EJ’s death would just incite more violence. Marlena disagrees. Stefano would give up if EJ weren’t around. The DiMeras only know one kind of justice. She’s hoping to find the courage to give it to them.

Belle tries to excuse herself, but Sami stops her and kicks EJ out. Belle thinks there is a weird vibe in the room every time those two get together. Belle asks if Sami sis sure she doesn’t have feelings for EJ. She says no, besides loathing and disgust. Belle will think about what Sami said. She also has a bunch of Claire’s old baby clothes, if Sami wants them for the twins. Sami is so excited their kids can grow up together. Belle frowns. She isn’t sure how great it will be with EJ in the picture. Sami reminds her she has to marry him to keep the whole family safe. Belle leaves. Bo knocks and enters. He just saw her mom at the pub, and she wanted him to do her a favor. Sami sighs. Let her guess. Bo has come to knock some sense into her. Bo says he is supposed to keep her from marrying a DiMera.

Kate gasps. Where did Lucas get a gun? She can’t take it. Lucas tells her not to argue. He’ll get another gun. They need to protect themselves, and if this is the only way to do it, then so be it. Kate doesn’t think she could shoot Stefano or EJ. Lucas tells her to quit arguing and put the gun in her purse. She does so, reluctantly. Kate wants him to know she is sorry for all those things she said to Sami. Lucas needs to go back to her. Sami needs him. Lucas will give her a ride home. She smiles. She may have screwed up a lot, but she didn’t screw up with Lucas.

At the mansion, EJ tells Stefano he has good news. Lucas is close to agreeing to the divorce. Stefano tells Rolf to prepare the villa. Perhaps EJ and Sami can honeymoon in Italy. Stefano is so glad this is coming to fruition while he still has time left. EJ thinks he has many years ahead of him, but Stefano disagrees. He tells him to talk to Rolf about it. EJ has more good news. They are redoing the DNA test. It looks like the little boy may be EJ’s. Stefano grins. He may have a grandson after all. His stem cells can save Stefano’s life, and the family itself from extinction. EJ and Stefano have so many dreams for the DiMera heir, but for now, they agree to keep it to themselves. Rolf comes back in. They have a visitor. Kate hurries in. Stefano asks her about her face. She tells him she got into a minor traffic accident. Rolf wants Stefano to rest. It is of the utmost importance. Stefano begrudgingly agrees and tells Kate he will see her alter. He leaves. Kate tells EJ everything went as planned with Lucas. She should not have doubted him. He is a wonderful son. EJ says Stefano just saying the same thing about himself. Kate grimaces. He isn’t half the man Lucas is. EJ wants to move forward. Soon, he will be married to Samantha. Kate isn’t sure. Lucas will be hurt. He tells her every game has winners and losers. This is checkmate for Lucas, but Kate needs to smile. This is what winning feels like.

Sami goes through her argument with Bo again. If she refuses to marry EJ, the whole family will be at risk. Bo thinks EJ himself could be responsible for all of this. How can she know this and still marry him? She thinks EJ’s love for her will give her the upper hand. Bo say that won’t work with Stefano, but Sami isn’t planning on letting him anywhere near her or her kids. One he is dead, she will go back to Lucas. EJ might put up a fight, but he isn’t a sociopath like Stefano. She wants Bo to support her and understand she is doing this to protect them all. Her mind is made up. Bo wonders what he should tell Marlena. Sami suggests telling her she is a grown woman who can make up her own mind about things. Lucas comes in. Bo asks about Kate. He says she is fine, and asks for time alone with Sami. Bo leaves. Lucas tells Sami that Kate has a few bumps and bruises, but is fine, otherwise. He tells her she has been right all along. They have to fly to Santo Domingo for a divorce as soon as possible.

Bo shows back up at the pub to find Hope sitting alone. He asks about Marlena. She went home. Bo says he had no luck with Sami. She thinks she can control EJ with his love for her. Hope sighs. Sami is dreaming. Bo says it’s time to come up with that alternative method. Hope tells him about Marlena’s murderous EJ fantasies. She was probably venting, but Hope never heard her say things like that before. Bo thinks she won’t do anything. She’s not violent. But Bo would understand if she did take the law into her own hands. In fact, vigilante justice may be their only way out.

Lucas did a lot of thinking after he dropped Kate off. He didn’t know what he would tell Will if something happened. Sami thinks they can fight the DiMeras together. Lucas is afraid of losing her, but Sami promises that won’t happen. If Lucas agrees to do this, Sami has to do a favor for him in return. Lucas wants EJ to look like an idiot. He wants to be able to take Sami away whenever he wants, and meet her whenever he wants. Sami smiles. She swears they will be together forever. Lucas asks her if she is sure it is safe for her to fly. She says the doctor said it was ok, and Steve and Kayla agreed to watch the twins while they are gone. Lucas helps her pack .She thinks he is the best “almost ex-husband” a girl could ask for. Lucas loves her.

EJ thinks Kate and Lucas will be going out to dinner before she knows it. She isn’t sure, but he did give her another gift. She pulls out her gun. EJ thinks that’s interesting. Can she use it? EJ hopes it’s simply a token of affection. Kate mutters, “Oh, well, if Lucas ever learns the truth and I find out that you're responsible, you're going to find out what a good shot I really am.”


Kate tells EJ, “The DNA results are in on Sami's twins.” EJ asks breathlessly, “Am I the father?”

Morgan comes up to Max and Stephanie, “I was wondering where y'all ran off to.” Max greets her. She asks, “So, what'd I miss?”

Lucas asks Sami, “What if there was a way to make E.J. Wells disappear forever?”

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