Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/30/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/30/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the sorority house, Cordy prepares to move out. Max offers to help her. He tells her how much everyone is going to miss her. Ford barges in, hoping to party. His girlfriend shushes him. Ford calls out for some scotch or champagne. He thinks Cordy needs some. Max tells him to leave her alone. Ford apologizes.

In their penthouse, Steve and Kayla chat. Steve can’t sleep. He’s been thinking about like and loss. First John was killed, and then Benjy, and then they lost Pocket. Steve has had enough of people they love being taken away from them. Kayla promises he will never lose her. A loud thud interrupts them. Steve goes to check it out.

In a dark room, Nick cries out to Chelsea’s kidnapper. He demands he leaves the kids alone. He sees Chelsea and rushes towards her, but she stops him. She’s standing on a bomb. Nick thinks. He has to save Chelsea before he helps the kids. He quickly tries to multiply speed by mass to outsmart the bomb. Nick knows this is a land mine, and he also knows what type it is. He thinks he knows how to keep it from triggering, but he’s afraid he might be wrong. Chelsea begs. He has to help her now.

As Kayla prepares to dial 911, Steve comes back with their “thief,” Stephanie. She apologizes for coming so late. She just wanted to crash in her old room. Steve asks what’s wrong. She says it’s her. Her life is a mess. She came here tonight because she has no place else to go. She sobs. Kayla comforts her.

Ford isn’t surprised Cordy doesn’t want to party. He suggests making mimosas. Max thinks he needs to go to bed. Ford snaps. He didn’t know Max was their new house mother. He wants to go up to Amy’s room, but her room mate is sleeping. Ford wouldn’t mind a threesome. Amy gives him a dirty look. Ford heads off. Cordy comes back out. She asks if Ford is gone. Max says he’s in the kitchen. They need to talk.

Nick lugs an old TV over. He is going to try to replace her with an equal weight. That way, the mine can’t trigger. She frets. What if this doesn’t work? He swears it will. On the count of three, she will step off, and Nick will push the TV over the mine. Nick starts counting.

Steve thinks this problem sounds like girl talk. He head off to the living room to let Kayla handle things. Stephanie is glad he left. She doesn’t want to sound like a tramp in front of her dad. She went to a party and let a complete stranger make out with her. She was ok with it, too. Kayla says if that were true, she’d be in his bed instead of here. She wants Stephanie to tell her what she has gotten herself into.

Cordy tells Max this is none of his business as he helps her pack her things. Max just thinks this sudden move has a lot more to do with Ford Decker than with school. He tells her he is a good listener. She brushes him off. There is nothing to talk about. Max takes a box out to the living room for her. He runs into Ford. He demands to know what he did to Cordy. Ford thinks it’s a shame that Max isn’t getting any from Morgan, and has to take it out on him. Max throws him on the couch and yells at him to do himself a favor and stay down.

Chelsea tells Nick to wait. If this doesn’t work, she wants him to know she’s glad he was in her life. She’s also sorry she dragged him into this. He promises they will make it through this. He counts to three, and slides the TV over as Chelsea steps away. It works. Chelsea sobs. She’s going to be sick. Nick instructs her to take deep breaths. Someone starts pounding on the door. Chelsea tells him they’re here. What are they going to do?

Stephanie sobs. She did it to get back at Max. Kayla thought she was moving into the sorority house today. She said she was, until the “Max and Morgan” show started. Stephanie thinks she will end up hurting him. Kayla gently reminds her that this is Max’s problem, not hers. Stephanie can’t fix things with him unless he wants them to be fixed. Stephanie sighs, “Or with him and Morgan in front of my face.”

The pounding continues. The bomb starts beeping. Umar Abhud bursts in. He yells at them to get down and stay down. All three of them lie there until the beeping stops. Umar checks it out. He tells them the bomb was never activated. Whoever did this wanted to scare them. Nick frets about the boys. Umar assures him they are safe. Nick wants to see them now. He tells him to wait. Later, cops mill around the scene. He asks one of them about the boys, but the man evades the question. Nick freaks. He tells Chelsea he can’t get anyone to give him any answers. Billie and Jett show up. As Billie comforts Chelsea, Nick fills them in on the details. Jett tells him the kids are being debriefed right now. The feds are with them, but Jett will try to find out more if he can. Umar comes over. Nick wants his kids. Umar has brought them. Artemis and DeMarquette run over. He hugs them. He is not happy that they followed him there. Umar tells him they would have been taken from his apartment otherwise. He asks the kids to go sit in the police car. Their father is not really dead. They had to pretend he was for his safety, but he has now been granted political asylum. The kids can go back to their parents now. Billie demands to know who kidnapped Chelsea. Umar tells them it was one of the boys’ father’s political enemies. They have been apprehended, and all is well. Nick wants to talk to the boys before they are returned to their parents. Chelsea lets him handle this on his own. The boys need to talk to their “daddy” alone. Nick tells the boys how amazing they are. They really taught him a lot. He tells them to keep learning and asking questions. They get to go home now, so they’ll be out of his crummy apartment. They ask if Nick is coming, too. He isn’t, but he promises to visit. He tells them to call him if they ever need anything. He will always be there for them. They all tear up. They will miss Nick. He’ll miss them, too. He gives them high fives. They leave with Umar.

It’s morning in Salem. Morgan comes downstairs to find Max sleeping on the couch. She kisses him. He asks where she was last night when he came back. She tells him that she and Ashley went out looking for Chelsea again. She tried to wake him up with kisses, but it didn’t work. He flirts. She should have tried harder. He suddenly remembers Chelsea and frets. Morgan tells him she got a text message from her last night. She didn’t give any details, but she is ok and staying with her mom for now. Max tells her he decided to stick around since Ford was in the house. Cordy was acting strange, so he wanted to keep an eye on things. Morgan thinks he is harmless, but Max isn’t so sure. He thinks Ford is the reason Cordy is dropping out.

Kayla hands Stephanie some aspirin. She tells her she doesn’t have to move into the sorority house if she doesn’t want to. Stephanie shakes her head. She can handle this, and she’s going to start by not making out with a different guy every night. Kayla thinks she will meet someone new. Stephanie doesn’t want another guy. She wants to shower and change before she leaves. She thanks Kayla, and promises to call the next time she comes over so late. Kayla leaves to see about a page from the hospital. Steve asks Stephanie if everything is alright. She sobs. She is so sorry for being such a terrible daughter. Steve asks if it has anything to do with Max. If so, he thinks he can help. Stephanie says no way. His little “sit-downs” are scary. Steve assures her. He says Adrienne needs some help at the bar. If she is interested in working side by side with Max, she just needs to let him know. He can arrange it.

Morgan tells Max how hard Cordy’s course load is. Max just thinks she has been acting different since her date with Ford. Morgan thinks she might be embarrassed. She thinks Max is sweet for worrying. He isn’t trying to be sweet. He is afraid Ford attacked her, and he could do it again.

Jett tells Chelsea he missed her. They make small talk. He’s sorry he hasn’t seen her around campus. He thought maybe they had a chance. She was great with him when he got shot. She tells him it’s just her schedule. She didn’t mean to blow him off. He wants tp take her out to dinner. She tells him she needs a second. She goes over to Nick. They talk about the kids. It’s hard to lose them. He wonders why they never told him about their past. She takes his hand. She was wondering if he could take her back to the sorority house. Jett interrupts and says he can do it. It’s ok. Nick needs the distraction. He goes to get the car. Jett ask about her and Nick. Chelsea admits it has been on and off for a while. Last night he showed her what kind of guy he really is. Billie comes over. She tells Chelsea her dad said to warn her never to go out alone again. Chelsea promises she won’t. Nick is going to take her back to campus. He won’t leave unless she is safe. Billie tells her never to scare her like that again. She leaves. Jett asks Chelsea if dinner is out. She tells him she will call him.

Stephanie doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She’ll just have to watch him flirt with a bunch of girls. Steve thinks Max will realize the right girl is standing right next to him. They’ll just make it seem like this was all Adrienne’s idea so Max won’t get suspicious. Stephanie blubbers. She just feels so bad for the way she treated them over the whole Jeremy thing. She wishes she could be more like her mother. She would never make such bad decision. Steve reminds her that her mom made a lot of mistakes to get to be the woman she is today. Kayla comes back in. Steve goes off to make coffee. Kayla wants to put her two cents in too. She thinks Stephanie needs to let Max go. She needs to start over with someone new.

Back at the sorority, Nick and Chelsea sit on the couch. She thinks China Lee was pretty smart to leave the boys with Nick. Nick thinks she has been quiet. She tells him she was thinking about last night, and about all the other times he has saved and protected her. She says he is a hero, and she loves him.

Billie and Jett return to house Chelsea was held in. He asks if there’s a chance for some sleep. She says no, since it’s Halloween. He sighs. Work is his life, anyway. Billie asks why. He asks her if Chelsea has said anything about him. He feels like he ticked her off or something. She thinks he needs to talk to Chelsea. She offers to buy him breakfast.

Max and Morgan come in and tell Nick and Chelsea to come up for air. She asks if he has something better to do. He does. He follows Morgan upstairs. Chelsea wants Nick to stay, but he has to go home and face the apartment. She invites him to a party at the house that night. She’s going to be dressed as a devil. He chuckles. Maybe they can break a few commandments.

Kayla thinks she needs to concentrate on her studies anyway. Stephanie can focus on boys later. Steve comes back and jumps into bed. He tells Stephanie Adrienne needs help at the Cheatin’ Heart if she is interested. Stephanie considers. She has gone through a lot of savings. The tips would be great. Stephanie goes to shower. Kayla thinks this job opening where Max works is suspicious. She thinks Steve is a hopeless romantic. Steve grins He just wants his daughter to be happy. Steve asks what she was crying about. She tells him kids just make mistakes. Steve smiles, “I can tell you one thing that wasn't a mistake. Us.” They smooch and dive under the covers.

Outside Stephanie sobs, “You'll never forgive me, max... not after last night.”


Marlena tells Bo, “I could use some help with something.” Bo says, “Anything. You know that.” Marlena replies, “I'd like you to stop this wedding from happening.”

Sami asks Belle, “How are the wedding plans coming?” Belle says, “It's actually why I came to talk to you.” Sami asks, “It's that bad?” Belle whimpers, “I slept with Phillip.”

Kate warns EJ, “If Lucas finds out about this…” EJ interrupts, “Kate, Lucas is not going to find out about this.”

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