Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/29/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/29/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the sorority house, Max asks Morgan for news on Chelsea. She hasn’t heard anything. Nick shows up. He got Max’s message. What’s going on? Max gulps. They think Chelsea is missing. She went out to her car, and no one has seen her since. Morgan says it could be serious. Someone was raped on campus a few days ago. Nick freaks. He’s calling Billie. They have to find Chelsea right away.

In Sami’s hospital room, Lucas cuddles her and asks what she is thinking about. She sighs. She loves her life. She wishes it could be like this forever. Lucas prays every time he wakes up that Stefano is dead. Sami wishes he were, too. But since he isn’t, she has to marry EJ as quickly as possible. Lucas suggests they string him along for a while. Maybe he will die. Sami stops him. They can’t. In fact, as soon as she is released, they have to fly down to Santo Domingo for a quickie divorce.

At the hospital nursery, Kate flashes back to Lucas disowning her. She sighs and stares at the twins. She tells them their daddy is very mad at her right now. She promises to spoil them just like she did their father if things work out. EJ comes up behind her, smirking. Which father is she referring to? She asks him what he wants. He needs a bit of her time. He loved her performance yesterday. She knows that kid looks nothing like Lucas, yet she lied and said he did. Kate glares. She wants him to stay away from Sami, Lucas, and their twins. EJ just thinks she is saying that because she is afraid of losing Lucas. What if EJ could promise her that he would giver her her son back?

Max fills Billie in on what happened the last time they all saw Chelsea. Billie can’t believe she walked to her car alone. Max says it was parked right out front, and even so, he followed her out shortly after. She was already gone by that point. Billie calls Jett to confirm campus security called Chelsea. Billie asks if anyone was angry with Chelsea, or if she looked upset. They all say no. Nick thinks they need to organize a search. Max agrees. Morgan has Carmen get on the phone and call everyone they know. Billie gets off the phone with Jett. No one called Chelsea from there. She was set up.

Lucas thinks Sami must be joking. She isn’t. You can get a divorce in 24 hours in the Dominican Republic. Lucas fumes. He knows EJ set this up. Sami says it doesn’t matter. Lucas knew this day would come. There is nothing they can do about it. Lucas thought he had more time. He was expecting the divorce to take months. Sami reminds him he agreed to this. Lucas puts his foot down. He is changing his mind. He will not grant Sami a divorce.

Kate is suspicious. EJ only likes to help himself. EJ chuckles. He wants to help Kate, but of course she will have to do something for him in return. He needs her to convince Lucas to divorce Samantha. Kate sighs. She’s tried and failed for years. EJ thinks they can succeed if they both work on it. EJ just isn’t sure that Sami will divorce Lucas if he doesn’t agree. Kate doesn’t see what either she or EJ can do to make that happen. He tells her that if she uses her influence to get Lucas to grant the divorce, he will promise that Lucas will forgive her. All she has to do is trust him.

Morgan and Max work on the search effort. Billie tells them the police are on this as well. Billie is heading down to the station to see how things are going. Morgan and Max agree to search the north side of campus. Nick and another girl will search the south side. Carmen plan to stay at the house in case she comes back. Nick tells Ashley to wait with Carmen. He will search the south side alone. Billie gets ready to leave, but asks them to call if they find out anything. Ford comes is. He tells Max this better be good. Max tells him Chelsea is missing. Does he have any idea where she might be?

Kate goes over and shushes a crying Johnny. EJ thinks she has a way with kids. Kate reminisces. When Lucas was a baby, her voice would calm him, but that’s all. Now he can’t stand to look at her. EJ reminds her there is a fine line between love and hate. He thinks this situation is only temporary if she would let him help her. She can’t even get him to talk to her. How will she convince him to grant the divorce? EJ is confused. She was just in Sami’s room. Kate says it was a one time deal. She was allowed to see the twins, and that’s it. EJ tells her that is great. He has opened the door to reconciliation. If he really wanted nothing to do with her, he wouldn’t have allowed her one visitation. She refuses to slam that door shit by trying to get him to leave Sami. EJ swears it will work this time. Kate shakes her head. EJ is on his own this time.

Lucas says he has finally come to his senses. He is worried Stefano will demand a grandchild. Sami reminds him they will be living in separate rooms outside of the mansion. Lucas thinks EJ will just barge in. Sami promises to keep the door locked. Lucas grumbles. He thinks EJ and Stefano set this up so she would marry EJ. Sami disagrees. She thinks it is clear from Santo’s letter that these were his wishes. When will Lucas realize how dangerous Stefano is? Lucas says it is about time he proves that he is dangerous, too.

Ford squirms. Why is Max asking about Chelsea? Did she say something about him? Are they accusing him of something? Max says they aren’t. He and Chelsea left at around the same time, so they were hoping he had seen her. Ford hasn’t seen her. What happened? They fill him in. Nick starts off to look for Chelsea. They all agree to call each other if they hear anything. Nick’s phone rings. It’s Chelsea, and she is in big trouble.

Lucas says the DiMeras don’t play by the rules, so he won’t either. He is going to protect his family, no matter what. They have to stop rolling over for EJ. Sami says she is going to beat Stefano at his own game by marrying EJ. He is love with her, and she is going to use that to destroy him and his family.

EJ sighs. This is not like the Kate he knows. The only thing she cares about is scoring points with Lucas and spending time with her grandchildren. EJ can’t believe she doesn’t care. Kate reminds him that if Sami has made up her mind, Lucas won’t be able to change it. EJ frets. Lucas has a lot of clout with her. Kate smirks, “That's called love. I don't think that's something you're familiar with.” EJ knows what it is. It makes people do crazy things. He draws back. Is he threatening her? He says no. He just wants her to know he will be very disappointed if she won’t help.

Chelsea begs Nick to listen to whatever this guy says. Said guy gets on the phone. He’s going to give Nick an address. He had better listen carefully if he wants to see his girlfriend alive. If Nick calls the police, he’ll kill her.

Ford wants to know what Max’s problem is. He has been on his case all night. Max jumps on him. He groped Carmen. He’s lucky Max only kicked him out. Ford glares. Max is lucky he didn’t wipe the floor with him. Max would love to see him try at another time. Ford promises he will. He tells Morgan he’s leaving.

Sami tells Lucas that since EJ is in love with her, she has a huge advantage over him. She’ll run him in circles, and before long, he’ll be begging her to leave. Lucas disagrees, per usual. EJ will coerce her and never let her go. Lucas won’t let that happen. He refuses to grant her a divorce. Sami frowns. She is doing this, with or without him.

Kate tells EJ to buzz off. She knows she can win Lucas back, and working with EJ will only jeopardize that. She watches in horror as a nurse switches the twins’ name signs. She removes the “Roberts” placard, and replaces it with one that says “Horton.”

Morgan and Max return. They had no luck in their search, and the girls at the house haven’t heard anything either. Max tells them the police need someone to come down and tell them what Chelsea was doing before she disappeared, so he is heading off to do that. Morgan wants to come too, but Max tells her to rest. Morgan frets. She doesn’t know what she will do if something happens to Chelsea. Max tries to calm her. She asks him what is problem with Ford is. He thinks it is suspicious that he got defensive when they asked him about Chelsea. He doesn’t trust him, and he thinks Morgan shouldn’t let him in the house.

Nick enters a dilapidated building. Artemis and DeMarquette run up. He asks how they got there. They tell him they found the address in the apartment, and took a cab to get there. They used to take cabs in Vegas all the time. Artemis reminds Nick he left the address out for them. Nick knows he did. He tells them they need to sit in the corner and be quiet. They can hide behind the couch until Nick tells them it is ok to come out. They run and hide as a man comes out. Nick wants proof Chelsea is alright. We hear her calling out for help. Nick rushes the guy, but he stops him. If he tries that again, Chelsea is dead.

Lucas doesn’t think a quickie divorce is the answer. The DiMeras don’t know what he is capable of, and he refuses to let them harm anyone else in their family. If Sami loves and respects him, she will let him protect his family.

Kate sobs. Lucas has officially obliterated any trace of her from his life. She didn’t think he would change his name. She thought he said it just to hurt her. EJ grins. What does she have to lose now? If she helps him, she can get her son back in her life. Kate considers.

Nick asks the guy what he wants. He wants to exchange the two boys for Chelsea. Nick refuses. The man knows they are at home. Nick says they are with a sitter. The man sighs. Nick disappoints him. He thought he cared about his girlfriend. Chelsea shrieks. She calls out for Nick. Nick sweats.

Kate gives in. She will help EJ. EJ promises Lucas will come running if she helps with Sami. Kate asks how they will accomplish this. EJ tells her it’s simple. He’s going to hurt Kate.

Lucas is not going to let EJ have his way with Sami. She just has to trust that Lucas can handle this. Sami reluctantly agrees. Lucas beams. He swears he will protect her. He tells her to rest. He will take care of everything.

Morgan can’t ban Ford. It would have to be voted on by the whole house. Besides, his family is wealthy, and they have donated a lot of money to the school over the years. She can’t give him any ammunition to talk trash about the sorority. Max grumbles. If he lays another hand on a girl, Max will take care of him himself. Max has to leave. Morgan tells him to hurry back. They have to find Chelsea. Max agrees. They kiss.

Nick and the man roll around on the floor, exchanging punches. The boys come over and yell at the man to stop hitting their dad. The man’s eyes gleam. The boys were here all along! Nick groans. He tells the boys to run as fast as they can. The man tries to chase them, but Nick pulls him down to the ground. He gets up, punches Nick, and pushes him into a dark room. Chelsea is inside. He rushes to her, but she stops him. She’s standing on a bomb. If she moves, it will go off.

Kate tells EJ to forget it. He isn’t hurting her. EJ stops her. He just needs to make it look like she is in danger. It will show Lucas that the DiMeras are serious about coming after their family for not adhering to the terms. Kate isn’t sure Lucas will care. They’ll set something up, and she will tell Lucas she is afraid for her life. She sighs and agrees, on the condition that Lucas will never know the truth. He has to make some arrangements. He will call her when he is finished. He promises her this will be fun. He leaves. She whispers, “I have to do it. I have to do it... so that we can be together.”

Sami dreams. In the dream, EJ rattles off a list of names of people in her family. She walks into a darkened morgue. Bodies lie on tables under sheets. Sami cries out for Lucas. A figure in a cloak and hood approaches. Sami tells it to stay away. One of the bodies sits up. It’s John. She reminds him he is dead. He drones, “We're all dead, Sami.” Sami looks at the tags on the other bodies. One says Hope Brady. Another says Marlena Evans. Sami doesn’t understand. Who did this? John tells her she did. She cries. She promises she will stop this from happening. John urges her to hurry. All the bodies sit up. The hooded figure approaches. It’s EJ, in horrifying corpse make-up. Sami shrieks. Lucas wakes her up. It was just a dream. She panics. She’s getting the divorce, and nothing he says can stop her.


Kayla tells Stephanie, You can't really fix things with him if he doesn't want to fix them.” Stephanie replies, “Or with him and Morgan in front of my face.”

Ford taunts Max, “You're not getting any from Morgan, so you got to take it out on me? That's a shame, Max.” Max attacks.

Chelsea sobs as Nick looks on, “You have to help me. I don't want to die.”

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