Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/26/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/26/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the sorority house, Stephanie and Chelsea lug stuff towards the house. Stephanie complains about Nick not being able to help them. Chelsea is excited about moving in. Not many freshmen get to live in the house. Stephanie isn’t sure if she can deal with Morgan. Chelsea thinks she means she can’t deal with Max and Morgan. They go in together.

Inside, Ford chats up Max as a party is in full swing around them. He wants him to come to their next party. There are usually tons of hot chicks there. He eyes Morgan. “Of course, not as hot as you.” Morgan smiles stiffly. Chelsea and Stephanie interrupt. Morgan tells them there are two available beds. One upstairs is a single, and the other is in Cordy’s room. She doesn’t mind having a room mate, so they can decide where they want to stay. Chelsea volunteers to bunk with Cordy. Morgan tells them to hurry, as she wants them to meet a few people. Chelsea makes a snarky remark about Stephanie having to haul her stuff up the stairs.

At the hospital, Kate stares through the nursery glass at the twins. She thinks they’re perfect. She turns to Lucas with tears in her eyes. They are her grandchildren. She begs him not to keep her away from them.

In Sami’s hospital room, EJ knocks and enters. She tells him Lucas is the twins’ father, no matter what he thinks. He sighs. He just thinks his paternity is a possibility. Besides, they look nothing alike. She wonders why his fancy boarding school didn’t teach him the difference between identical and fraternal twins. EJ is just saying her son looks like him. Sami tells him to shut up. They need to get something straight.

Stephanie helps Chelsea unpack. She thinks max and Morgan are getting pretty serious. Chelsea groans. She really does not want to analyze their relationship. She already told Stephanie that she needs to talk to both of them if she has feelings for Max. Stephanie changes the subject. She wishes they could be room mates. Stephanie thinks. What if Cordy took the single upstairs? Then they could share this room. Chelsea thinks it’s a great idea. She’ll talk to Cordy tonight. Since unpacking is boring, they decide to join the party in the living room.

Max asks Morgan if Chelsea and Stephanie are moving in. She says they are. She owes them big for all the money they made at the auction. She turns on him suspiciously, “What's going on? Is there something that I should know about?”

Kate thanks him for staying with her. Lucas shrugs. Nothing has changed. She is still out of his life. Kate sniffles. What about the twins? Is she forbidden from seeing them, too? Lucas avoids the question. He tells her one of them might be EJ’s. She reminds him DNA does not make a parent. Lucas is the one that will be raising them and loving them, not EJ. Lucas tells her Bo came by earlier. They think they have the guy that hit John. Andre’s old cellmate did it. Kate can’t believe it. Sami was right about the DiMera connection, but she isn’t so sure Stefano did this. He could have killed John years ago if he really wanted to. He just liked playing mind games with him. Lucas thinks it was different this time. Stefano was trying to send Sami a message. It worked, and now she is pushing him for a divorce. Kate should be very happy. Kate sighs. Actually, she isn’t.

Sami says her son looks nothing like EJ. EJ just wants to make sure they’re getting tested. She never said that. They already had one DNA test done. It said Lucas was the father, and she’s convinced that’s true. EJ reminds her they will married soon, providing she doesn’t back out. She sulks. She is being forced not to back out. She found out Andre’s old cellmate was responsible for John’s death. EJ hadn’t heard, although it would explain the grimy man Bo had him meet earlier today. He has never seen the fellow before in his life, but he can’t speak for his father in the matter. Sami imagines how giddy he must be having her under his thumb. EJ just wants to make the best out if this. He knows it isn’t possible for her to love him, so he just wants to be good friends. She doesn’t want to be friends or anything else with him. She hopes he’s ready for the marriage from hell.

Max already told Morgan all there was to know about him and Stephanie. She narrows her eyes. She thinks he was staring at her pretty intensely. He denies it. They dated a while back, but it’s over. They’re just friends. Stephanie was madly in love with a guy that treated her like crap. Morgan asks if they are still dating. Max tells her he left town. Morgan smiles. She gets it. Stephanie is single and Max is single, too. Max wants to know what she would say if he told her he didn’t want Stephanie back. Morgan thinks she would want to hang with him…exclusively.

Stephanie goes upstairs to look for something in her room. Ford comes over talk with Chelsea. She asks about his date with Cordy. He thinks she has serious issues. He took her to a fancy place, she took two bites of her dinner, and wanted to leave. Chelsea thinks she may have been sick. Ford shakes his head. He just thinks she’s weird and insecure. Ford has the feeling Chelsea is the kind of girl that would stay until the end of dinner, and maybe even dessert. Chelsea collapses in hysterics. Is he serious?

EJ reminds her this marriage is simply in place to end the vendetta. He really did not want it to be like this. Sami snorts. What did he expect? Them to fall in love and live happily ever after? He shrugs. It isn’t completely unreasonable. She says it is. EJ can accept that, but she needs to remember that they are both making a sacrifice to end this feud. EJ isn’t entirely happy having to marry a woman that hates him. Her threatening him with this marriage from hell makes it seem like she isn’t taking this seriously. Does she really want her family to have to suffer again?

What really gets Lucas is that he spent most of his life trying to please his mom, but she never let him make his own decisions. He would have been married to Sami for years now if it weren’t for her. She knows she made mistakes. Lucas tried to forgive her, but how did she repay him? Buy getting involved with Stefano, the man causing him the most grief. He’s already filled out the forms. He is changing his name. He is sorry, but she forced him to choose between her and being a good husband and father. He is choosing Sami and the kids. She sobs. It doesn’t have to be this way. She loves him. She will stop talking to Stefano, and she will prove she had nothing to do with forcing Sami to marry EJ. Lucas tells her it’s too late. She breaks down. She can’t lose him. Lucas’ eyes turn to steel. She already has.

Sami welcomes the real EJ back. She recognizes implied threats anywhere. EJ is just reminding her what happened the last time she ignored the vendetta. Does she want him to lie and tell her everything is alright, and that his father will give up? They both know that isn’t true. She asks why he is there. He wants to make sure she is truly committed to ending this war. His father made a promise, and he will never walk away, no matter how much Sami wants him to. It’s her decision, but she needs to choose wisely.

Chelsea guffaws. That has got to be the cheesiest thing she has ever heard. He reminds her a lot of Jeremy Horton. Ford asks who that is. She says it doesn’t matter, but for the record, they are not happening. Ever. She walks off. Ford glares.

Max wonders if Morgan is asking him out. She says it depends on whether or not he is available. He says he is. She thinks he needs to talk to Stephanie, just to make sure they’re on the same page. He sighs. Stephanie chose Jeremy, and Max thinks he’s choosing Morgan. She giggles. He can do better than that. He gets serious. Her family is wealthy. What would they think? She admits they would hate it until they saw how happy he made her. She thinks he can make him happy too. They agree to see each other exclusively.

Chelsea tries to stop Cordy as she rushes through the living room. Ford butts in and asks Cordy for a dance. She freaks and screams at him, “Don’t touch me!” She rushes off to her room, with Chelsea chasing. Morgan comes over and demands to know what Ford did to her. He just asked her to dance. That girl is psycho. Morgan glares. It’s guys like him that give the Greeks a bad name. Chelsea comes back. Cordy won’t come out. Stephanie, Morgan and Chelsea all go into her room. Cordy sobs on the floor. Morgan ask her what is wrong. She’s just tired. Chelsea asks her if something happened on her date. Cordy ignores her. She’s just tired of this place. Stephanie suggests she lighten her course load. Cordy said she did. She went to the registrar and dropped all of her classes. She is leaving. The girls gape.

Kate sobs. A nurse comes out with the twins. She was hoping Lucas could take them to Sami for her to practice feeding them together. She will stop by and pick them up later. Kate smiles. He will be a wonderful father. She is very proud of him. She turns to go. Lucas tells her to wait.

EJ hates to pressure Sami, but arrangements need to be made for their marriage. They need to do it as soon as possible. She just gave birth to twins, and she needs to recuperate. It will take time to divorce Lucas. They may have an annulment, but the state is a different thing entirely. EJ agrees. She can fly down to Santo Domingo. It will only take 24 hours if they go there. When she is ready, he will make the arrangements. She says she will never be ready, so he better go ahead and make them. She’ll talk Lucas into going.

Ford sits down next to Carmen and whispers in her ear. She scoffs and walks off. Max walks up. He sees Ford isn’t having luck with the ladies. Ford was just trying to be nice, just like with Cordy. He only went out with her because of that auction. She was crazy. Max asks if he’s sure he isn’t talking about himself. Ford says no, his game is tight. It’s just that sorority girls want to play with fire without getting burned. He winks and walks off.

Morgan can’t believe Cordy is leaving. She has the highest GPA in the house. She is sorry, but she has to get away for a while. Stephanie asks if this is about guy. Chelsea wants to make sure this isn’t about Ford. She says no and it isn‘t. . She just needs some time alone. Morgan tells her they are sisters for life. They will stand by whatever decision she makes. They’re going to miss her. Chelsea thinks they should do something for her, like a party or something. She tells them she has to pack, and her parents are coming to get her tomorrow night. She doesn’t want help, she just wants to be by herself. They walk out. Morgan shakes her head. Something’s not right. They cant do anything tonight, so they’ll leave it alone for now. Chelsea thinks.

Sami tells EJ she can’t have Lucas’ babies one day and fly off for a divorce the next. EJ reminds her a normal divorce will take months--months that her family will remain at risk. Sami thinks Stefano will accept it if they simply set a date. EJ disagrees; Stefano will think she is stalling. Time is of the essence. Lucas comes in with Johnny. Sami nukes. She tells EJ not to set foot near her child. He retreats into the corner. She asks Lucas where Johnny’s sister ran off to. Kate comes in with her on cue and hands her to Sami. She thinks hr babies are gorgeous. Lucas thought it would be alright if she spent some time with them. Sami nods She’s glad. Kate and Sami talk about how the boy looks just like Lucas. EJ thinks the girl is as beautiful as Sami. Lucas asks him why he’s even there. EJ slinks out. He’ll be in touch. Lucas asks what that means.

Morgan tells a group of sisters to be around for Cordy when her parents come pick her up. She also wants everyone to tell her how much they’ll miss her. Chelsea asks Ford if he knows why Cordy is dropping out of school. Ford thinks it’s for the best. She needs meds. Chelsea thinks she was just fine at the auction. Ford walks off. Max walks over. They both agree Ford reminds them of Jeremy. Stephanie walks over. They all talk about how sad it is Cordy is leaving. Stephanie thinks is afraid of something. Morgan walks up and joins in. Max vows to protect them. That is the kind of guy he cannot stand. Morgan is so glad she has a knight in shining armor. Stephanie storms off. Chelsea follows her. She has to tell Max how she feels. Stephanie tells her to stop. She deserves better. Besides, doesn’t Chelsea have a new best friend to talk to, named Cordy? She stomps out. Chelsea chases after her.

Lucas asks Sami what she has to do. Sami squirms. She doesn’t want to talk about it right now. She wants to talk about their family. Lucas thanks her for the twins. They are so beautiful. Lucas know thy have tough times ahead, but he wants her to know her happiness and the happiness of these kids is what is most important to him. Sami sobs. She tells the twins Lucas made her cry, but in a good way. Kate decides to leave. She thanks them for letting her spend some time with the twins. Sami tells her to stay a little longer. They would like it.

Outside the room, EJ spies. He grins, “Well, isn't that lovely? On the other hand, that gives me a wonderful idea.”

Chelsea tries talking to Cordy again. She goes in with the ruse that she lost her mp3 player, but she tries to get Cordy to tell her what’s gong on. She tells Cordy Ford hit on her. Cordy freaks. Chelsea sighs. She knows something happened on the date. What was it? Doesn’t she think leaving school is a little extreme? Cordy folds her arms. She knew the mp3 player was an excuse. Chelsea apologizes. They are all just worried about her. She appreciates it, but she does not want to talk. Chelsea tells her she will be around if she changes her mind. She walks out and tells Morgan she had no luck. Morgan think they should try her again tomorrow. Morgan asks about Stephanie. Chelsea tells her she went home because she wasn’t feeling well. Carmen shrieks, “I said, NO, Decker!” Max rushes over to intervene. Carmen tells him Ford won’t keep his hands off her. Max threatens him and he leaves. Chelsea gets a call from campus security. She left her lights on. She thanks them. Morgan wants Max to accompany her, but she says she is parked right out front. Morgan tells Max this has been a weird night. She wants Max to go after Chelsea, just in case. He agrees.

Outside, Chelsea fiddles for her keys in her purse. A black gloved hand clamps over her mouth. Her screams are muffled as she is dragged off.


Billie tells Morgan, Nick and Max, “That was Jett. No one from our office called Chelsea. She was set up.”

Sami tells Lucas, “You agreed that I had to marry EJ.” Lucas retorts, “Well, I take it back. I don't agree to anything.”

Kate tells EJ, “EJ, no. This time you're on your own.”

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