Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/24/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/24/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Belle and Shawn’s room at the pub, Phillip tells Belle to say the word and he will walk out. She shuts the door, and tells him she couldn’t bear it if he left. They kiss.

At the pub, Shawn asks Hope what she doing there. She tells him she brought Ciara to see her grandparents. She eyes him. Is something wrong? He tells her he went to the police station. Hope interrupts him, gushing. Is he getting ready for the big day? Shawn frowns. There might not be one. His acceptance has been postponed. Shawn doesn’t want to talks about it. He’s going upstairs.

Phillip and Belle kiss. Clothes fly. He tells her he’s wanted this for so long. He lays her down on the bed.

Hope wants to talk. Maybe it isn’t as bad as he thinks. He tells her it’s about the court order he violated running with Claire. His case is being reviewed by the board. Hope says he knew he would have a background check. Shawn says it didn’t come up there; someone tipped the department off. He thinks that someone was Phillip.

In Sami’s hospital room, Lucas admires the twins. He can’t wait for them to grow up so he can tell them what a great job their grandma did delivering them. They both talk about how terrific they were. Sami really appreciated Lucas’ counting. He promises to be there for all of her deliveries. Sami doesn’t want to talk abut having more kids, she wants to pick a name for their little girl. Sami likes “J” names. They throw around Jane, and Jezebel, but reject it since she was a biblical temptress. Sami hopes she looks like Lucas. She hopes what EJ said about the babies looking different doesn’t bother Lucas. They’re fraternal twins. They aren’t supposed to look alike. Lucas frets. What if EJ is right? What if they have different fathers?

Outside Sami’s room, EJ tells Kate he thinks the twins have two different fathers. She doesn’t think so, since neither of them had horns or a tail. Besides, a DNA test already concluded that Lucas was the father of both. If that’s true, EJ wonders why Marlena is talking to a lab technician.

Across the room, Marlena asks a lab technician if there were any problem with Sami’s test. The woman tells her not to worry. Fraternal twins are rare as is. Each one having a different father is even more rare. She would be more than happy to run the test again, however. Marlena isn’t sure it will go over well with her daughter.

Hope reminds Shawn that Phillip tried to get him a job before. Why would he sabotage this? Shawn says it’s all because of Belle. He tells her about seeing them in the church. It was almost as if he were interrupting something. The camera pans in on Belle and Phillip making love upstairs. Hope stops Shawn. Belle just lost her father. She understands the concern about Phillip, but he wouldn’t take advantage of Belle at a time like this. Shawn scoffs. Of course he would. Hope reminds him it takes two, and Belle loves him. Shawn is afraid she loves Phillip, too.

Sami reminds Lucas they already had a DNA test done. Lucas reminds her Nick screwed them up. Sami thinks his mom had something to do with that. She doesn’t want to talk about EJ. He is ruining their babies’ birthday. Lucas peers at them. Maybe they do look alike. Sami tells him EJ is just trying to cause trouble. If he keeps pushing, they’ll push back.

EJ tells Kate it may be father’s instinct, but he knows one of those kids is his. Now he and Samantha will be bonded for life. Plus, they’re getting married. Kate scoffs. It will never happen. EJ thinks Lucas will be a distant memory once Samantha finds out one of the children is his. Marlena interrupts. He rapes her daughter and then gloats about it. He has some nerve. She slaps him. Damn him for causing her family so much pain!

Hope doesn’t think Belle would have agreed to marry Shawn if she were still in love with Phillip. Shawn trusts her. He doesn’t trust Phillip. Shawn says the commander wouldn’t divulge who ratted him out, but he knows it was Phillip. Hope sighs. Belle doesn’t care if he is a garbage man. She loves him, no matter what. Shawn says his lack of a job makes Phillip look better. He probably paid the commander off. Hope frowns. Not a chance. Shawn is reaching. Hope thinks that if he doesn’t lay off with the accusations, all Belle will see is his insecurities. He doesn’t want that.

Marlena tells EJ he’s lucky it was only a slap. She’d just as soon kill him as look at him. She wants him to stay away from Sami, Lucas and those twins. EJ finds it odd she said “those” twins instead of “their” twins. Doe she have doubts? Marlena says she doesn’t. He asks why she spoke with that lab tech. She tells him it’s none of his business. He insists it is. Even Marlena must admit there is a possibility he fathered one of them. EJ offers a sample, then retracts. Sami and Lucas are probably organizing it .Marlena thinks not. He knows she must be curious too. She tells him all she sees in front of her is an insecure little boy. He’s going to fall hard when he finds out you can’t force people to love you. She storms off.

Lucas thinks they should get another test. They need to know for sure. Marlena comes in. Sami wants her to convince Lucas not to have the test done, but Marlena agrees with Lucas.

Shawn would rather Belle think he was jealous than a wimp. He can’t keep letting Phillip go after her with no repercussions. Hope laughs. What is he going to do, beat him up? Shawn considers. Hope tells him not to think it. Belle would hate it, and the academy would never let him in. Hope thinks Shawn just needs to be honest with Belle. He wants to go see her upstairs, but isn’t sure if she’s there. Hope says her car isn’t in the parking lot. Shawn thinks that’s weird. She was supposed to come straight here. Hope saw Phillip’s car. Maybe he gave her a ride home. Shawn fumes.

Phillip and Belle romp. One of them kicks a vase over. Belle sits up quickly after it shatters She throws on a bathrobe and tells Phillip he has to get out of there. This never should have happened. He thinks she wanted this as much as he did. She tells him she’s engaged. He needs to leave. Phillip knows she wouldn’t have done this if it didn’t mean anything. She glares. It was just sex. That’s all. It will never happen again.

Sami tells Marlena they already took a test. Lucas is their father. Marlena just wants to be sure. Sami accuses her of taking EJ’s side. Either that, or is she admitting the lab screwed up again? She just think things with twins can be complicated. Sami doesn’t want them poked with needles. Marlena reminds her the test involves a cheek swab. Sami folds her arms. She said no and she means it.

EJ sarcastically thanks Kate for the support. She reminds him Marlena lost her husband. EJ had nothing to do with it. She glares. He better hope that is true, or she will kill him herself.

Shawn stares out the window and nukes. It IS Phillip’s car out there! Hope tells him to take it easy. He has got to calm down before he storms up there, or he’s going to say something he regrets. Shawn frowns. He regrets not taking care of this sooner, that’s all.

Belle wants Phillip to leave. Shawn could be home any minute. He can never find out about this. She doesn’t even understand why he is doing this. He walked out on her over a year ago. He take her face in his hands. It was the biggest mistake he ever made. He can see she isn’t happy know. She says she is. He asks why she isn’t married, then. He tells her he will not be sorry for what they did, and he will never stop fighting for her. He leaves. Belle cries.

Marlena reminds Sami that heaven forbid, the babies could become ill. Not being sure about their genetic background could be a huge mistake. Sami thinks she is awfully adamant about this. Marlena admits the lab tech saw some discrepancies and thought they should rerun the test. Sami thinks the timing is suspicious. Lucas agrees. Marlena promises the test will be done under the tightest security. Sami doesn’t care who the father is. As far as she is concerned, Lucas is. Lucas switches sides. He agrees with Sami. And if EJ wants to take them to court, let him. They’ll fight. Lucas wont let him break up his family.

Shawn asks Hope is she thinks something is going on upstairs. She doesn’t, but he ends to calm down. Smoke comes out of Shawn’s ears. He’ll be calm by the time he gets up there.

Belle contemplates the broken vase, rips the sheets off the bed, and sobs. She wails, “I’m so sorry!”

Marlena asks for time alone with Sami. Lucas gently reminds her Sami doesn’t want the test. Marlena knows. Lucas heads out to the cafeteria. He runs into Kate outside. She wants to see the twins. He asks if EJ went home. She says of course not, he just went to go get tea or something. He asks her if she put EJ up to that comment about the twins. She scoffs. That’s ridiculous. He doesn’t think so. In fact, he thinks she is helping EJ with his plan to marry Sami. She would love one or both of those babies to be his. Kate gapes. Those are her grandchildren he’s talking about. He reminds her of what happened with Nick. Kate stammers. Nick admitted himself he had nothing to do with it. He thinks she would do anything to break him and Sami up, including losing her own grandchildren.

Marlena tells Sami they can do the test without EJ knowing. Sami doesn’t think that is possible. Marlena tells her to look at the bright side. Maybe EJ will lose interest if neither child is his. Sami tells Marlena to keep dreaming. She’s going to be married to the guy and stuck with him until Stefano dies. Marlena says if that true, then she has nothing to lose by doing the testing.

Phillip comes downstairs and greets Shawn. Shawn glares. What is he doing there? Hope excuses herself. Phillip explains that Belle’s car wouldn’t start. He smacks Shawn on the shoulder. If he was good at that stuff like Shawn, he could have fixed it himself. Shawn wants to know what he was doing in their bedroom.

Hope chats with Ciara. They are going to see what Belle is doing. Hope knocks and gets no answer, so she pushes the door open. The sheets are piled on the bed. Belle is sobbing and sweeping up broken glass.

Kate tries to convince Lucas that she loves his children and wants to spend with them. She gives him a present she bought. They’re two silver rattles. He can have them monogrammed after they choose names. Lucas shoves them back in the bag. He hopes he saved her receipts. He doesn’t want her buying his kids anything. He wants to know she found out Sami was in labor. Did EJ tell her? She admits he did. He accuses her of freeing EJ from the cuffs at the pub. EJ walks up. Lucas ask if they carpooled. Now they can carpool home. EJ thinks there is a celebration to be had. Lucas rages. There is, but not for EJ! He is the father of those twins, and Sami is not going to have another DNA test. EJ asks him if he is sure about it. Lucas starts yelling. EJ needs to leave. EJ gestures to the nurses and techs in the room. Lucas is making a spectacle of himself. Lucas rolls on. EJ is crazy if he thinks he’s going to marry Sami and raise his kids. Lucas will kill him before that day comes.

Shawn demands to know what happened upstairs. Phillip is a gentleman. He walked the lady to the door. Shawn is suspicious. It took a long time to do that. Phillip is leaving. Shawn rages. Ever since Tinda Lao, Phillip has made a point to spend extra time with Belle. He tried to take advantage of her by searching for his son. Phillip explodes. He didn’t. She helped him because she is a good person. Shawn agrees. She is. Shawn demands Phillip stay away from her. Phillip laughs. Belle is miserable. And if Shawn would pay attention to her, he would notice that. Now it’s Shawn’s turn to want Phillip to leave. Phillip tells him he knows what Belle wants and Shawn doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. He’s sorry, but him and Belle will always love each other. Shawn’s head explodes.

Belle looks up guiltily. Hope came to bring a toy for Claire. Belle thanks her. She broke a vase earlier, and she has been trying to clean it up. Hope says it looks like she has been crying. Belle says it’s been like that all week. She pretty much cries all the time, for no reason. She misses her dad. Hope narrows her eyes. She loves her son, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to protect him. Belle backs into the corner and whimpers, “Ok.” Hope glares. She wants to know what happened between Belle and Phillip in this room. And she wants to know now.

Lucas threatens to kill EJ with his bare hands. He warned EJ to stay away, and he didn’t listen. Lucas glares. He means it. With. His. Bare. Hands.

Sami chats on the phone with Eric. A nurse comes in to take the DNA samples. Sami isn’t sure. Marlena asks the nurse to wait outside. Sami isn’t sure. Lucas wasn’t on board. Marlena says not taking this test wont resolve anything. It will just make things worse. Sami is scared Marlena assures her. If EJ has fathered one or both of the babies, they will deal with it. Sami agrees to let the nurse come back in. Marlena gives her some instructions. The test must be performed by two people. They are never to leave the sight of the technician until they are delivered. Marlena will walk the nurse down to the lab herself to ascertain the swabs make it there safely. Sami hopes they get the answers they are looking for.


Abe makes a call as Roman and Bo look on, “Yeah, send a squad car over to pick up EJ Wells.”

Hope glares at Belle, “You didn't just cheat on Shawn? You didn't just have sex here in this room with Phillip?”

Shawn and Phillip trade barbs. Shawn rants, “I'm done with you.” Phillip hisses, “No, Belle is done with you.”

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