Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/23/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/23/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At St. Luke’s, Belle stops kissing Phillip. They can’t do this. It’s wrong. Shawn walks in and asks what’s going on.

At the pub, Abe tells Bo that they ran the serial number off of the headlamp. It belonged to a silver sedan last sold in Chicago to a man named Harry Jenkins. The guy is clean. Bo muses. Maybe the DiMeras hired a man that had never made a hit before. Or maybe it was just a random hit and run. Abe wonders if he really thinks that. Bo says he doesn’t, but it would get the pressure off of Sami to marry EJ.

At a nearby table, EJ thanks Lucas for agreeing to meet him. He reminds Lucas of the time when the twins’ paternity was in question. EJ promised to allow Lucas to raise his children. He was even reassured by how Will turned out. Lucas doesn’t get it. He is the father, so what is EJ talking about? EJ thinks that it is only fair that he honor the same commitment Lucas made. When Samantha becomes his wife, he wants them to all raise the twins as a team. Lucas grins, “Cold day in hell.” EJ huffs. He only has the children’s best interests in mind. Doesn’t Lucas want the same?

In Marlena’s bedroom, Sami holds her stomach and groans. She tells Marlena it‘s too soon. Marlena soothes her. Twins usually come early, and their last ultrasound showed fully developed lungs. Sami groans. She meant that they aren’t ready for the babies. The nursery isn’t done, and they haven’t baby proofed anything. Marlena wants her focused on the twins. They will call the doctor in the way to the hospital. Sami puffs. There isn’t time. The babies are coming now.

Bo asks if they have an address on Jenkins. Abe tells him they have a post office box, so Bo agrees to have it staked out in case he shows up. His phone rings. It’s Commander Flynn. He wants Bo and Shawn to come down to the station to discuss something. Bo hangs up and explains to Abe. He did not like the way Flynn sounded.

Belle tells Shawn she was just here to light a candle for her father. He asks about Phillip. She tells him he is here for his own reasons. He decided to give his son up for adoption. She hugs him. She’s glad he’s here. Nothing seems the way it should. He gently reminds her she was always John’s princess. How could anything seem normal? She tells him to take her home. She needs to be with him and their daughter. Phillip stares.

EJ cannot imagine Lucas fighting for custody. Samantha would never forgive him for putting her and the twins through a long court battle. Lucas sneers. She will only be his wife in name only. After Stefano dies, she’ll pack up and bring the kids home to him. EJ says that would happen in a perfect world, but they don’t live in one. Lucas scoffs. What, does he think she’s going to get Stockholm syndrome and fall in love with him? EJ grins, “Like Beauty and the Beast, eh?” Lucas tells him Sami is beautiful, and the rest pretty much sums EJ up. Lucas sighs. Why did EJ call him down here for this fishing expedition? EJ says he just wanted to reassure him. Lucas cuts him off. EJ called him down here to stick it to him, but he picked the wrong day.

Sami huffs and puffs in bed. Marlena tells her the paramedics are on their way. Sami frets. She doesn’t think they will make it. Marlena say it is alright. She will deliver them if they cant get here. Sami is doubtful, but Marlena said she had to do her rotations in O.B. She is prepared. She tells Sami to keep breathing and stay calm while she gets a few things ready.

EJ sighs. Lucas misunderstands him. He just wants him to know he’ll raise these children as if they were his own. Lucas nukes. Is that one of his lines now? His phony sympathy for John makes Lucas sick, especially after he shot he man and put him into a coma. EJ rolls his eyes. That rumor needs to be put to rest. No charges were brought. Lucas smirks. It must have drove him crazy when John didn’t die the first time. EJ tells Lucas he really doesn’t care what he has to say, but one day these things could really cause Lucas some suffering. Lucas thinks that sounds like a threat. EJ says it isn’t. Lucas asks what he’s going to do, shoot him? Or lock him in a another truck? Sami calls Lucas and interrupts. She tells him she is in labor. Her mom went off to boil some water, but she really needs him. He tells her he is on his way. He hangs up. EJ demands to know what is wrong with Samantha.

Outside the sanctuary, Belle shivers and Shawn offers her his coat. Phillip spies on them from around the corner. Shawn can’t imagine how she is feeling right now. She sighs. It just doesn’t seem real right now. She misses him so much.

Bo stops Lucas from rushing out the door. He tells them Sami is in labor. Bo offers to grab some cigars, but Lucas has to leave. He asks Bo and Abe if they can do him a huge favor.

Sami grunts and strains as Marlena coaches. Sami was really looking forward to the epidural. She had Will naturally and did not want to repeat the experience. Marlena smiles and tells her to focus her breathing. She can do this.

Bo tells Lucas he is happy to help and Abe congratulates him. Lucas turns to EJ and smiles. He guesses he heard about Sami. EJ did. Why is Lucas still here? Lucas wants to call a truce. He holds out his hand. EJ beams, but when he reaches for it, Lucas snaps on a pair of cuffs and attaches EJ to a nearby booth rail. Lucas tells him he’ll be back with the key on the twins’ eighteenth birthday. He leaves. Bo and Abe laugh. EJ tugs on the cuff and scowls.

Sami huffs and puffs. Marlena assures her the medics are on their way. Sami says they have to wait until Lucas gets here. She told him to come over. Marlena checks her and says she is dilated seven centimeters. They should see a head crowning soon. Sami shrieks. She needs Lucas, NOW.

Shawn asks Belle if she found some comfort in coming here and lighting a candle for her father. She spaces out and flashes back to her kiss with Phillip. Shawn stares. She snaps out of it and admits she was thinking about Phillip. She feels bad that he decided to give up his son. Shawn asks why he did. She thinks he isn’t ready to be a single parent. Shawn grumbles. Why did he come running to find Belle? Belle says it was just a coincidence. They were two people grieving for different reasons. Shawn’s phone rings. Its’ Bo. He wants Shawn to meet him at the station and it can’t wait. Shawn says he will. He wants to take Belle home first, but she has her own car. Shawn says he will be home soon. He has great news for her. He walks her out.

EJ tells Bo and Abe they have had their fun. They really need to let him go. This is a criminal offense. Bo asks him where his sense of humor is. EJ grins, “It left the building.” Is Abe going to stand by and let this happen? Abe says there isn’t a law against practical jokes. EJ moans. This isn’t a joke. Samantha is in labor. Bo smirks. That has nothing to do with him. EJ reminds him they’re getting married. Bo smiles. He just forgot, that’s all. He asks Abe for the key. Abe says he forgot it. Bo doesn’t have it either. Bo and Abe light up. They know who has it. Lucas does. Bo says since he’s a tough guy, he can tough it out. EJ asks for bolt cutters. Bo says it isn’t a hardware store. Besides, after the hit on John, he needs to get used to wearing shackles for along time.

Sami groans and asks for Lucas. He rushes in and kneels by her side. Is she ok? She tells him she’s just great, apart from feeling like she’s splitting from the inside. Lucas asks about the medics. Marlena tells him they’re all at a five car pileup, but they are trying to get here as soon as possible. Lucas chides Sami. She was supposed to wait for him. She tells him to tell that to the twins. She is so glad he made it in time for them to be born. Marlena announces one of the twins is crowning. She tells Sami to get ready to push hard with the next contraction. Lucas and Marlena count as Sami grunts and strains. Marlena has the head out. She tells Sami to get ready to push once more, and hard, to get the shoulders out. Sami pushes. Marlena fumbles around under the blanket and brings Sami’s baby boy out. She hands him to her. Sami smiles. Lucas is so proud of her.

Phillip prays alone at St. Luke’s. He tells the lord that he has asked a lot out of him. He kept him alive on the battlefield. Phillip has to believe that was for a reason, and the reason is Belle. He can tell she isn’t totally committed to Shawn. Phillip just wants a second chance to be as happy as he was when he and Belle were married. If there’s anything that can be done, Phillip would be grateful. Belle interrupts. Her car won’t start. Can he help her?

Shawn meets Bo at the police station. Bo tells him Commander Flynn wanted to see them. Flynn approaches. He greets them both, then tells them Shawn’s enrollment in the academy has been postponed pending further review. Shawn’s jaw drops. It was brought to Flynn’s attention that Shawn violated a court order earlier this year. Shawn grimaces. His fiancée’s ex-husband tried to take their child. They fled the country to escape him. Flynn says that is all well and good, but he still defied a court order. Flynn doesn’t think he is cut out for the Salem police department.

Phillip walks Belle up to her room above the pub. She thanks him for helping with the car. She almost had it towed to Max’s, until she remembered there was no such place anymore. She apologizes for the mess. He says it is alright, as he isn’t really company. She starts to make the bed.

Bo wants to know who brought the court order to Flynn’s attention. Flynn clams up. He isn’t at liberty to say. It doesn’t matter anyway. Shawn himself admits that the accusation is true. Shawn doesn’t think this is fair. Some anonymous person told him this story without any of the background information or extenuating circumstances, and now all of a sudden, he isn’t right for the academy. Flynn tells him his case will come up for review, but it’s a serious crime. Bo tells Flynn no charges were filed. Shawn’s record is clean. Flynn says it will be for the board to decide. Bo rages. He has a right know who black balled his son! Flynn tells him to hold his horses. Shawn’s rejection is far from guaranteed. He’ll call when he finds out more. He leaves. Bo tells Shawn not to worry. They will fight this. Shawn shakes his head. He’s going to fight this alone, and he’s going to start by doing something he should have done a long time ago.

Belle struggles with the sheets. Phillip tells her a good nurse needs to know hospital corners. He demonstrates. He finishes. He jokes, “And here I am turning your place into a barracks. No wonder you left me.” Belle says she is proud of his service. He knows. He also knows it’s always been about Shawn for her. He’s still in love with her. She thinks he needs to leave. He asks her if she is afraid he will kiss her again. Or is she afraid she’ll like it? He wants her back.

Kate walks into the pub and sees EJ struggling with his cuff. She thinks he’s in quite a fix. He tells her that her grandchildren are being born as they speak. Does she happen to have any bolt cutters? She says she hasn’t any. How did this happen? He fills her in. She breezily tells him to call a locksmith. She has to go see her grandchildren.

Lucas is so proud of Sami. They admire their son. Sami asks Lucas if it is alright if they name the baby John. Lucas thinks it’s a great idea. Sami introduces John Roman to Marlena. She thanks them with tears in her eyes. Sami gasps. More contractions hit. Lucas takes the baby and Marlena readies herself to deliver her granddaughter.

EJ thinks he has a right to be there when the babies are born. He’s going to be raising them, so he should be there from the start. Kate scoffs. EJ sulks. Ok, maybe he just doesn’t want them to bond with the twins. Kate says they already have. She’s off to the hospital. EJ tells her that isn’t where the babies are being born. EJ says he will tell her if she helps him. He yanks at the cuff one last time and the rail gives way. He smiles, “Never mind. Let's go there together, eh?”

Sami shrieks. Marlena urges her to let the contraction work for her. She counts with Lucas. The head of the baby is out, but Marlena warns Sami not to push anymore. She just needs to breathe. Sami flips. She demands to know what is going on. The cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck. Marlena is handling it. She urges Sami to breathe and stay calm.

Bo asks Shawn what he’s going to do. Shawn knows who narked on him. He walked in on Belle and Phillip at the church. Bo says nothing would have happened. Shawn disagrees. Belle looked guilty, and Phillip was just standing there. Bo reminds him Belle is grieving. Shawn tells Bo abut Phillip giving his son up for adoption. Shawn isn’t happy about it. He figured Phillip’s kid being around would end his obsession with Belle. Bo says they are engaged. He thought this was over. Shawn says it isn’t, because Phillip wants Belle back. Bo thinks he’s afraid Belle will give in.

Phillip takes full blames for their marriage falling apart. Belle says she loved him when she married him, and they were good together, even through all the scary stuff with Claire. Phillip says it was clear she and Shawn had feelings for each other. He’d have to be blind not to see it. Phillip says it was easy for him to block Shawn out, but he should have called Belle on her feelings. Then she would have had to tell the truth. Belle reminds him that their marriage would have ended that much sooner. Phillip thinks they might have worked it out. She disagrees. She had a child with another man. Phillip knows he walked away, but it was the worst mistake he ever made. He hopes it isn’t too late to fix what happened. She reminds him she is engaged. He really needs to leave. He begs her to listen. He knows he has acted like a jerk the past year, but he knows he’s right this time. She wants him back .Why is she fighting it?

Sami asks what is going on. Marlena tells her she is trying to unwrap the cord from the baby’s neck. Sami has to relax. Sami freaks. She tells her mom to cut her open, or do anything she has to do. She just wants her baby saved. Lucas freaks too. No cutting. Marlena tells them both to calm down. She has freed the cord. She tells Sami to give her a good push. She does, and Marlena fumbles around. The baby cries. Marlena tells them she is going to be just fine. She’s perfect.

Belle tells Phillip what they are doing is wrong. Phillip isn’t talking about some affair. He loves Belle, and he wants her to admit she loves him back. Phillip thinks their relationship ended the wrong way. They never got a second chance. Belle moans. She can’t do this right now. Phillip knows his timing is lousy. Belle says he is just confusing her. She kissed him back because she feels safe with him. But she loves Shawn. Phillip thinks that if all she needed was Shawn, she would have slapped him instead of kissing him back. Belle can’t do this. It isn’t fair to Shawn. Phillip loves her more than his life. He wants to make love to her. She needs him to leave, now. He stands up. He has walked out of her life and he will do it again. She is the only one that can stop him.

Sami and Lucas coo at the babies. Sami talks about how tiny and perfect they are. Lucas agrees. They thank Marlena. She really saved the day. They can’t wait to go home and show the babies to Will. A knock sounds on the door. Kate and EJ waltz in. Marlena asks them how the hell they got in there. Kate said they came to see the babies. EJ doesn’t want to cause trouble. Marlena glares. She tells him to have the good manners to get out of there.

Shawn tells Bo tat Belle is really fragile right now, and Phillip is using that to get to her. She knows Phillip wants her back, but she still feels guilty. Bo asks if its because they way they ended things? Shawn says no, it’s because she thinks Phillip is some poor little rich kid no one understands but her. He gets a lot of mileage out of that one, but it’s going to stop from now on. He is not going to let Phillip play on her sympathies anymore. Shawn says this academy thing was the last straw. Bo asks what he’s going to do. Shawn thinks its time Belle knows what Phillip is all about. Shawn is going to find him and force the truth out of him.

Phillip tells Belle to say the word, and he’ll be out of her life for good. She walks over to the door, shuts it, and says softly, “I don't want you to leave. I couldn't bear it if I never saw you again.” They kiss passionately.

Marlena doesn’t understand why EJ is still standing there. He says he was just going, but he wanted to point out one funny thing. He sees Samantha in both babies, but they clearly have two different fathers. He walks out. Kate tells Lucas she knows he is still mad at her, but she wants them to know she is so happy for them.


Shawn tells Hope, “I broke the law, and someone tipped them off.” Hope gapes, “Shawn, who would do that?”

Belle and Phillip fall onto a bed, kissing.

EJ tells Marlena, “There is, nonetheless, a possibility that I fathered one of those babies.” Marlena frowns, “I wouldn't buy any birth announcements quite yet.”

Lucas asks Sami, “What if he's right? What if they have different fathers?”

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